Problem in processing incoming IDOC

Hi All,
I have a problem while processing Incoming IDOC in the system.
While I try to process and FI IDOC (without purchase order) in the system, by giving the appropriate GL account and cost centre where the document should get posted to (in transaction WE19), I find that the system creates the IDOC successfully with status 53. However, it creates a parked document in the system for the vendor.
When I try to post the document through transaction FBV0, the system asks for a cost centre. Can you please clarify, why the system is asking for a cost object though it is given in WE19 transaction. Ideally while processing the IDOC the system should post the document directly as it has all the relevant details in the IDOC right?
(Just for info, I have given the GL account details in segment E1EDP19 with qualifier 002 and the cost centre in segment E1EDP30 with qualifier 045)
Expecting your help in this regard.
Nagarajan N

You can use WE19 to debug the Idoc FM.
Check this link if it is helpful:
Debugging Idocs

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  • Problems with processing outbound IDocs in background processes

    Hello everybody,
    I have a question for working with ABAP-PSS Ports.
    The behvaiour is that I want to send master data, for example customers, to a function module. This function module works like an converter which process and writes the files in the filesystem.
    Following situation:
    - I have defined a partner System with different message types, for example DEBMAS and everthing what is necessary to replicate data to partner systems.
    - I have defined also a Port like ABAP-PPS Port for calling my own function module.
    - If I runs the program I process only 50 Idocs per process because otherwise i can happen that there are to many look entries in the system and the job crashs. (For example all customers are around 50000 Idocs).
    Now my problem is that the worker for processing idocs starts each process in the foreground and in parallel.
    But this is very strange! Because then all dialog processes are reserved and the system will be very slow!
    How can I configure the Port or what have I to implement in my fucntion module to start processing in background (this is the very important point) and maybe allow the program only to use one or two process at the same time?
    I have found on the function module EDI_DOCUMENT_CLOSE_PROCESS which I the parameter "Background". What thas this mean? I have set B for this but it has no effect!

    I know that for inbound interface it is possible to define if in foreground or background and if parallel processing is allowed.
    Who knows how I can do this also for outbond?

  • Problem with HR inbound IDoc

    I have a problem with processing inbound IDocs from an external payroll system to infotype 0008.  The process is quite simple; salary changes from the payroll system is recorded to the corresponding employee's infotype 0008.  When testing I noticed that that the new record is recorded as is.  For example if there is already an existing record with the validity dates 01.01.2010 - 31.12.9999 and the new record in the IDoc is 01.01.2011 - 31.12.9999, the new record is written as is.  I would expect the system to delimit the old record correctly - similar to what would happen if you maintain records online.  There is no error checking or any kind of processing done by the system. 
    I did some debugging and found out that the function module linked to process code HRMD writes the information directly to the database.  If this is a standard way of doing this, it is really unusual.
    Has anybody else encountered this?  Any pointers?
    Edited by: Theo Droste on Jan 20, 2011 11:56 AM

    This is correct, the ale programme writes the data directly to the database, I have faced this isssue on occassion. I once raised an oss message on this as well, and sap confirms this is what happens. If it is a sap to sap ale, it somehow seems to work, - this could be because the outgoing idocs are created by sap itself  but if it is a non sap to sap ale the onus is on us to ensure that the external system sends the correct data to sap in the way we intend it to be displayed.
    that is how it has been in my experience. It is unusual, but apparently not impossible. Please let us know if you find out anything different.

  • Incoming IDOC-Segment missing

    Hi, Friends,
    I have a strange problem.
    The incoming IDOC in idx5 list miss a segment although the meta data is renewed.
    Could sb. help?
    Thanks and Reguards

    Hi Krishna, Hi Jakub,
    I tried both. But it remains.
    Still strange is, the ALEAUD idoc with Z-Segment containd in E1PRTOB-Segment produced by the sending system contains some E1STATE segments. But the number of ALEAUD idocs recieved in IDX5 list is the number of the E1STATE segments in sending system. And every recieved ALEAUD idoc contains only one E1STATE-Segment
    Why is it splitted? and where?

  • Terminated by user problem in  incomming  idoc while creating the sales ord

    This is a file to idoc issue.
    Idoc basic type: ORDERS03
    When an SO is created by an incoming idoc, problem comes with status u201Cterminated by useru201D with 51 status.
    When we tried to post this issue in BD87 t.code the document posts with out any issue.
    We are not able to create this issue in Quality box as well,
    Experts let us know if you have ever faced such problem in user system.

    "Terminated by user" means what it says. Someone has physically interrupted processing of the IDoc. That's all there is to it.

  • Problem with processing edited inbound idoc

    i am editing an inbound idoc as a result it goes to status 69.
    Then to process this IDoc through program 'RBDAPP01', i am changing the status of the idoc to 64 through IDOC_STATUS_WRITE_TO_DATABASE'.
    But after that when i am calling transaction for RBDAPP01 passing the idoc number it gives me a message 'IDoc is still being processed' and the status is 64.
    Any help on the same is highly appreciated.

    Hi Anand,
    If you have custom program written, please add FM <b>DEQUEUE_ALL</b> at the end of FM IDOC_STATUS_WRITE_TO_DATABASE. This will prevent overflow of the lock table for large number of IDOCs prior to call program RBDAPP01.
    If you run manually via SE37, please ensure you are completely out from FM IDOC_STATUS_WRITE_TO_DATABASE. Then you can run program RBDAPP01. Please use program RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS to convert IDoc status.
    Hope this will help.
    Ferry Lianto
    Please reward point if helpful

  • Error while processing inbound Idoc (HRMDA_07) with FM IDOC_INPUT_HRMD

    I have a inbound Idoc of type HRMD_A (basistype  HRMD_A07) which is processed by Function module (FM)  IDOC_INPUT_HRMD with  proofing. After processing an Idoc the status Monitor for ALE messages (BD87) tell me that my Idoc has status 53, which should be the result i would like to have.
    Unfortunately when i go to transaction PA20 and check the infotypes, i see that infotype 0302 isn't created. When analyzing this problem i see that during the processing the Infotypes are posted with HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA (dialog mode is 0 and luw_mode = 0 from include LRHA2F02 FORM save_pa_pb_infty)  When this is done for infotype 0302 sy-subrc <> 0 the message is A complex application error has occured. This error message is placed in Export parameters
    Return and Return1
    of HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA. When the program returns to the calling Form it checks if there is message of type E in HR_RETURN (see below) :
                pernr                          = ins_objects-objid       "#EC DOM_EQUAL
                actio                           = 'INS'
                tclas                           = tclas
                dialog_mode               = dial_mode
                luw_mode                  = '0'
                no_existence_check = $cross
                no_enqueue              = $cross
                return1                       = return
                hr_return                    = hr_return
                proposed_values    = proposed_values.
            REFRESH proposed_values.
         IF hr_return-msgty = 'E'.                           "note 984409
          CLEAR protocol_error.
          protocol_error-msgty  = hr_return-msgty.
          protocol_error-msgid  = hr_return-msgid.
          protocol_error-msgno  = hr_return-msgno.
          protocol_error-msgv1  = hr_return-msgv1.
          protocol_error-msgv2  = hr_return-msgv2.
          protocol_error-msgv3  = hr_return-msgv3.
          protocol_error-msgv4  = hr_return-msgv4.
          READ TABLE t_hrobjinfty WITH KEY objid = hr_return-pernr
                                           infty = hr_return-infty
                                           subty = hr_return-subty.
          protocol_error-segnum = t_hrobjinfty-segnum.
          protocol_error-routid = 'create_prf_pa_pb_object'
    As mentioned above, the error message is only placed in the parameters Return and Return1  and not in HR_RETURN.please read the first reply

    I think you have preety much done from your end itself .
    Could you please tell me what you got in this parameters:
         protocol_error-msgty  = hr_return-msgty.
          protocol_error-msgid  = hr_return-msgid.
          protocol_error-msgno  = hr_return-msgno.
          protocol_error-msgv1  = hr_return-msgv1.
          protocol_error-msgv2  = hr_return-msgv2.
          protocol_error-msgv3  = hr_return-msgv3.
          protocol_error-msgv4  = hr_return-msgv4.
    It may help us to track down the issue in more better way .

  • Problem with non-updated idocs

    we have a problem after upgrading from 3.5 to 7.0. Lots of extractors end
    in an error-message concerning non-updated idocs. Every day several
    extractors have this problem. This are not always the same extractors. As
    a result we must repair many extractions manually.
    I know the procedure of how to repair, but I want te know how I can prevent
    extractors from running into this problem in the first place.
    Any suggestions?
    This is the problem-message that we get...
    Non-updated Idocs found in Source System
    IDocs were found in the ALE inbox for Source System that are not updated.
    Processing is overdue.
    Error correction:
    Attempt to process the IDocs manually. You can process the IDocs
    manually using the Wizard or by selecting the IDocs with incorrect
    status and processing them manually.

    It has been happening on our env as well (BI 7.0 SP 12), time to time one load or the other gets into this problem and it waits yellow for few hrs before turning red.
    I can correct the IDOC and move on or run the load again it works fine.. but the process chain gets held up not going to the next stage for hrs..
    any resolution on your problem..

  • Can't find "Map as process incoming argument" functionality in BPM Studio

    ALBPM Studio 6.0.4 on Vista Home Premium and working through the tutorial.
    No issues until I tried to create the instance variable in Activity 3 of
    Here is an extract of the step:
    7. Select ExpenseReport, and click OK.
    The variable type is changed to ExpenseReport.
    8. Still in the Variables window (see image below), right-click on the report instance variable, and click Map as
    process incoming argument ( ).
    This allows the process to receive an expense report object (as created by the Create Expense Report global creation
    activity) into the report instance variable.
    9. Save your changes.
    I do not see this capability called "Map as process incoming argument" in step 8 above.
    Can someone assist, please?

    Ok, figured out the problem - tricky at least for me.
    Coming into this set of steps, I had the ExpenseReport Catalog showing. Once I closed out the Catalog and am looking at the ExpenseReport Process, I see the noted icons in the Instance Variables pane.
    This was the key.

  • Incoming IDOC Error "No batch input data from the screen SAPMV45A 4001"

    Hello ,
    The Incoming IDOC with Message type 'ORDERS' is triggering the error message "No batch input data from the screen SAPMV45A 4001" with message no 00344 . There is an SAP note 785000 to handle this type of error message which has been already implemented. Still we are encountering few IDOC error's  at the time of sales order creation. The IDOC reaches status 51 throwing the error which is again reprocessed through BD87 .
    We are unable to replicate the similar scenerio in Development & Testing systems as it works fine.
    Can any one kindly advise how to eliminate the error "No batch input data from the screen SAPMV45A 4001" message at the time of Incoming IDOC processing.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards

    Dear Sateesh
    Check this link where the same topic was discussed
    [ VA01/VA02: batch-input error in IDoc processing|]
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • How to park invoice ( Incoming Idoc )

    I have a requiremnt where i need to park the incoming idoc(INVOIC01).
    I am using the standard program
    I made the copy of this FM into a Z Function Module and
    passing RBSTAT_NEW = 'A'
    which is for parking and this is giving errors.
    Kindly give me the solution to this problem.
    Thanks & Regards

    would try with example from include LFMYC_CCLF16:
    **--Enable message handler
            i_rbkpv           = l_f_rbkpv
            i_xupda           = 'D'
            i_simulation      = l_simulation
            i_rbstat_new      = '2'
            ti_drseg          = l_t_drseg
           te_errprot        = l_t_mrm_errprot
            invalid_status    = 1
            update_impossible = 2
            error_message     = 3
            OTHERS            = 4.
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.           "MM document parked?
          l_f_return-id         = sy-msgid.
          l_f_return-type       = sy-msgty.
          l_f_return-number     = sy-msgno.
          l_f_return-message_v1 = sy-msgv1.
          l_f_return-message_v2 = sy-msgv2.
          l_f_return-message_v3 = sy-msgv3.
          l_f_return-message_v4 = sy-msgv4.
    *----- write message into message text field
          MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4
                INTO l_f_return-message.
          APPEND l_f_return TO c_t_returns.
        ENDIF.                   "MM document parked?
    Please let me know whether is worked for u not?a

  • Processing incoming EDI 820

    Hi all.
    I have a question,  we will like to sort incoming IDOCs coming into SAP? Does anyone know where and or if its possible to sort IDOC's by Plant.
    Is this process configurable?

    TCODE : WE02 is to get the IDoc details.
    In WE02 screen there is a field with the 'Direction' - INBOUND / OUTBOUND.
    You can track all incoming IDoc with the direction INBOUND.
    Tracking plant wise : Based on the configuration done in the system it depends, i mean, if your client has maintained the seperate interface Id for each plant - it is very easy to track by the interface Id with the help of the message type.
    Just check with the ABAPer - what are all the message types used in this regard and what are all the interface id' used.

  • Processing ABAP Idocs in SAP Java AS CE 7.1 web service client applicatin

    I am trying to build a Java web service client which would call a web service in a non-SAP system.  I am trying to send  Idocs from the back-end CRM system to my Java web service client using a Jco RFC Provider.  I have already created the RFC Destination on the ABAP side to send my Idocs to my Jco RFC Provider program on the Java side.  The connections between the ABAP and Java are working fine.  My question is how in my Java web service client do I pick up the IDoc sent from ABAP to the Jco RFC Provider? 
    Please let me know if more clearification is needed

    I do receive the IDoc with the SAP Java AS "RFC Jco Provider" component I created, and in my Java application I created a class for "IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUSBean" which has a method "processFunction(Function function)" and in that method I can do function.write("filename.xml") and it writes out an xml document of the Idoc sent from the ABAP server.  I can further process the Idoc by pulling field values from the xml structure.  However, my problem is I am now trying to write a second Java application to do the same thing but with a different Idoc type.  I created a a second RFC Jco provider(listener) on the server but the Idocs still flow through the first Java application, which is an undesirable affect.  I got this idea from this document originally "", and it works fine until now when I'm trying to add a second application to do similar work.  This is makeing me wonder if I should have even done the first one this way?  Bottomline is what tell the RFC Jco provider(listener) on the Java server which application to send the Idocs too?

  • IDoc ?? must be processed before IDoc ??? can be

    Hi all,
    I am trying to run IDOC of message type VLCCPO, Basic type VEHCLE01
    I am getting the error "IDoc 123 must be processed before IDoc 456 can be" (VELO158)
    but my problem is that IDOC 123 is already deleted.
    Thanks naama

    Implement the note 1450511 Error VELO158 in IDoc Processing (Basic type VEHICL

  • How to keep incoming IDoc-No.?!

    Hi, i am a freshman and i need some help!
    Because we send IDoc from R/3 to R/3 across XI we want to have the same IDoc-No. in receiver system like it was given in sender system.
    We already activated the checkbox "Apply control record values from payload" but when we check in IDX5 the inbound and outbound idoc-no. differs.
    I read that this should be possible to achieve that the inbound and outbound no are the same! How can i achieve this solution?!
    Can u help me!?

    Ok, now i want to do a RFC-Lookup to the Table IDXRCVPOR for getting the original incoming IDoc-Number.
    I use this code in field-mapping:
    String DBTABLE = a[0];
    String lookUpField = d[0];
    String WHERE_CLAUSE = b[0]+" = "+"'"+c[0]+"'" ;
    String sapClient = "100";
    String hostName = "server";
    String systemNumber = "00";
    String userName = "USER";
    String password = "PW";
    String language = "EN";
    JCO.Repository mRepository;
    JCO.Client mConnection = JCO.createClient(
                   systemNumber );
    // connect to SAP
    // create repository
    mRepository = new JCO.Repository( "GenericRFCMappingLookup", mConnection );
    // create function template to select data from any table
    JCO.Function function = null;
    IFunctionTemplate ft = mRepository.getFunctionTemplate("RFC_READ_TABLE");
    function = ft.getFunction();
    // Obtain parameter list for function
    JCO.ParameterList input = function.getImportParameterList();
    // Pass function parameters
    // set import parameters table name and RFC
    input.setValue( DBTABLE, "QUERY_TABLE");
    input.setValue( "," , "DELIMITER");
    //Fill the where clause of the table
    JCO.ParameterList tabInput = function.getTableParameterList();
    JCO.Table inputTable = tabInput.getTable("OPTIONS");
    mConnection.execute( function );
    //Find the position of the field that has to be lookedUp
    JCO.Table lookupFieldPos = function.getTableParameterList().getTable("FIELDS");
    int pos = -1;
    for (int i = 0; i < lookupFieldPos.getNumRows(); i++)
              if (lookupFieldPos.getString("FIELDNAME").equals(lookUpField))
              pos = i;
    //Get the exact lookupvalue from the position obtained above
    JCO.Table valueSet = function.getTableParameterList().getTable("DATA");
    for (int i = 0; i < valueSet.getNumRows(); i++)
              String resultSet [] = valueSet.getString("WA").split(",(?=(?:[^\"]*\"[^\"]*\")*(?![^\"]*\"))");
    But when i try a test in mapping i am getting this error:
    Runtime exception during processing target field mapping /SYSTAT01/IDOC/E1STATS/DOCNUM. The message is: Exception:[$Exception: (104) RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: A dynamically specified column name is unknown.]
    Can somebody help me again?!

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