Problem in reports

Hi experts,
What i want is i want i shall give a input to one form and a corrosponding report will be generated using oracle report.But when i am sending the data to the report via parameter but i can not able to see any thing.
I ahve defined the parameters in the Report but then it is opening another form .
can you please tell me how can i simply passone parameter via from to report and one report will be generated.

pl_id paramlist;
empnumber emp2.empno%type;
deptnumber emp2.deptno%type;
mgrnumber emp2.mgrno%type;
pl_id := Get_Parameter_List('tempdata');
IF NOT ID_NULL(pl_id) then
end if;
empnumber :=:block12.text_item13;
deptnumber := :block12.text_item14;
mgrnumber := :block12.text_item15;
Add_Parameter(pl_id, 'p_empno', TEXT_PARAMETER, to_char(empnumber));
can you please tell me how can i produce the reports because i am sure this code is right but when it is going to
report side i am little bit novice in that sector.
So it will be better if you tell me thec procedure in a step by step format.
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  • Problem refreshing reports with params in the Interactive viewer from ASP

    I have a problem getting reports to refresh by clicking the Interactive Viewer's refresh button and reusing the supplied parameters. I am seeing this exact same problem on both V9.2 and 11.5 unmanaged RAS servers.
    I am using the following  function code to set the reports parameters:
    Public Sub PassParameter(param_index, param_value, param_is_multi,param_range_kind)
        Dim param_old ' parameter field in the report
        Dim param_new ' parameter field that will replace old parameter
    Dim paramValue ' discrete parameter value
    Dim aValues
    Dim rValues
    Dim iLoop
    Set param_old = clientDoc.DataDefinition.ParameterFields.Item(param_index)
    Set param_new = objFactory.CreateObject("CrystalReports.ParameterField";)
    If param_range_kind = 1 then
    Set paramValue = objFactory.CreateObject("CrystalReports.ParameterFieldDiscreteValue";)
    paramValue.Value = param_value
    Set paramValue = objFactory.CreateObject("CrystalReports.ParameterFieldRangeValue";)
         rValues = split(param_value, "|")
    paramValue.BeginValue = rValues(0)
    paramValue.EndValue = rValues(1)
    paramValue.LowerBoundType = 2
    paramValue.UpperBoundType = 2
    end if
    param_old.CopyTo param_new
    if param_is_multi = 0 then
    param_new.CurrentValues.Add paramValue
         aValues = split(param_value, ",")
       For iLoop = LBound(aValues) to UBound(aValues)
    param_new.CurrentValues.Add Trim(aValues(iLoop))
    end if
    clientDoc.DataDefController.ParameterFieldController.Modify param_old, param_new
        ' Clean up
        Set paramValue = Nothing
        Set param_new = Nothing
    End Sub
    and then redirecting to another ASP page to invoke the viewer (the report "clientDoc" object is passed to the viewer asp page a s a session variable). The code of the viewer page is:
    Response.ExpiresAbsolute = Now() - 1
    Dim clientDoc
    Set clientDoc = session("clientDoc")
    Dim ObjFactory, RptAppSession
    Set ObjFactory = CreateObject("CrystalReports.ObjectFactory";)
    Dim viewer
    Set viewer = ObjFactory.CreateObject("CrystalReports.CrystalReportInteractiveViewer";)
    viewer.PageTitle = "Interactive Report - " & Request("rptnam")
    viewer.IsOwnForm = true
    viewer.IsOwnPage = true
    viewer.HasRefreshButton = true
    viewer.EnableParameterPrompt = false
    viewer.ReuseParameterValuesOnRefresh ; = true
    viewer.HasExportButton = false
    ' viewer.HasPrintButton = false
    viewer.ReportSource = clientDoc.ReportSource
    Dim BooleanSearchControl
    Set BooleanSearchControl = ObjFactory.CreateObject("CrystalReports.BooleanSearchControl";)
    BooleanSearchControl.ReportDocument = clientDoc
    viewer.BooleanSearchControl = BooleanSearchControl
    viewer.ProcessHttpRequest Request, Response, Session
    If I set viewer.EnableParameterPrompt = false then I get an erro upon clicking the viewer's refresh button (error is: Missing parameter values. webReporting.dll error '8004100e' ), but if I set viewer.EnableParameterPrompt = true, then I get the automatically generated prompts appear but they are all empty. Either way, RAS doesn't remember the supplied parameters. I know the parameters are being read by RAS as the report's contents prove this fact, but they are not remembered after refreshing. If the automatically generated prompts are filled in and submitted, subsequent refreshes work correctly.
    How do I get the report viewer to reuse the parameters that have been set programmatically after a refresh? BTW, changing my implementation to anything other than using ASP against an unmanaged RAS server is not an option at this time.
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Dave,
    I don't have a "nice" set of code lines but below hard codes one parameter name and value:
                ISCRParameterField newParameterField = new ParameterFieldClass();
                newParameterField.ParameterType = crParameterFieldTypeEnum.crParameterFieldTypeReportParameter;
                newParameterField.Name = "YourParamName"; // you can make a collection here
                newParameterField.ReportName = "";
                newParameterField.Type = CrFieldValueTypeEnum.crFieldValueTypeStringField;
                newParameterField.AllowMultiValue = true;
                newParameterField.AllowCustomCurrentValues = true;
                Fields parameterFields = reportClientDocument.DataDefinition.ParameterFields;
                ISCRField existingParameterField;
                RowsetMetaData rowsetMetaData = new RowsetMetaDataClass();
                Fields fields = new FieldsClass();
                ArrayList defaultValues = new ArrayList();
                reportClientDocument.DataDefController.ParameterFieldController.SetCurrentValue("", @"YourParamName", @"YourParamValue");
    Thanks again

  • Mailing Problem in Reports Writer 3.0 (URGENT)

    I 'm facing mailing problem in Reports Writer 3.0.
    All Reports files (.rep) are stored on NT Server(in a particular
    dir) and I have full permission (on that dir).
    After running the report, when I try to send mail then it gives
    the following error
    REP-4203: Error occurred while sending a mail message.
    REP-4221: Cannot access attachment file.
    So pls. suggest me.

    This is the wrong forum for reports issues - particularly for such an old version :-) However, you'll have to write a user exit to do that kind of stuff. And no don't ask me how, it was all too long ago, but there should be a section on that in your manual.

  • Problem in reports 6i  while using delimiter option.

    I am facing problem in report writer while using delimiter option.
    Report summary
    In my report I am having two queries in data model and two different repeating frame for each in layout.
    These quires are called based on the user parameter. That means if user parameter is 1 then query 1 is called and the report is kick off and same for query 2 when user parameter is 2).
    Problem Encountered
    Both these reports are running fine while using pdf option to generate report .
    While using delimiter option only one of the query is able to generate report (based on which ever is created first and rest will give 0 byte file).
    I have also trapped it while using messages and it is logically flowing fine.
    I think report writer does not support such scenario.
    please expedite on this.

    There are no such limitations with Reports. If I understand properly, you run the Report twice, in each run, you are trying to execute different query, and you generate two dilimited Reports output files? This should work fine. Try out the latest Reports 6i patch-10 for this. You can even approach Oracle Support with your testcase. FYI, with Reports 6i patch-11, a new feature "dlimited data" is introduced which will give delimited output with a data dump i.e it would not be dependent upon the Reports layout. You can probably try out this new feature also.
    Rohit Hi Rohit,
    Thanks for the information.
    well I am generating single output file on each run .
    the problem is somewhat funny.
    I have build query2 in data model after query1.
    query 1 is giving me correct output both in .PDF and delimiter version.
    But query2 is giving me 0 byte file for delimiter version although in .PDF it is running fine.
    When I took out query2 to another module it is running fine for both.
    I hope this make sense.
    Moreover if u still not clear about the problem and thinks that u can help me out please send me ur mail id so that I can send you the RDF copy.

  • RAXINV - Strange problem in Report Builder

    I'm having a very wierd problem in Report builder I'm simply trying to add two additional columns to the AR Invoice report (RAXINV) so that they get included in the XML output. This report has a main query called Q_INVOICE which is basically a dummy query to set the column aliases and at the end of the query it does a UNION with the user parameter &common_query.
    So, what I have done is gone into the common_query parameter and added the two extra dummy columns before the FROM statement (I've tried adding at different places but always the same result). Once that is done I've then gone into the Q_INVOICE query and added the same two columns. When I hit the OK button to update the query is when my problems start.
    There is a group in the report called G_ORDER_BY that has the field ORDER_BY in it. After clicking ok to update the query the G_ORDER_BY now has a field called BILL_CUST_NAME1, but the XML tag is still saying ORDER_BY. This happens to many fields in the report (the names are changed/corrupted) and as such the report is now useless as it won't compile.
    I have no idea why this would happen and I've never seen anything like this before.
    Can anyone provide any help on this ? I've logged an SR on this too but wanted to try here also incase someone had already crossed this problem.

    Not sure if its relevant or not, but I just fixed this issue, you need to change your query in three places, common_query parameter, build_query program unit and the main query itself in report editor.

  • Sign problem in Report

    Hi Folks,
    I  have a problem in reporting.
    We are getting a data from flat file and loaded in to ICELIM cube and later that will pull into Managerial Consolidation Cube.
    P99T is account member and its ACCTYPE is EXP and its a parent member.
    We created a one report based on ICELIM cube its showing negative values for the member P99T. Created another report based on Managerial Consolidation Cube, Here the same member showing Positive values. 
    Can any one please let me know what is the problem is?
    I need Positive values in Both reports.
    G. Saida Reddy

    Hi vadim,
    Thank you for you response,
    Recently I take over this project, Previously one guy is handled all those things.
    But if "Descendants of P99T is Applicant count=EXP(ACCTYPE), FT=EXP(ACCTYPE), Applicant Rate= EXP(ACCTYPE)" then P99T is meaningless - how can you aggregate count, FT and rate????
    Can you please let me know the what is the exact point your are saying from above.
    we have positive signs for base members of  ICELIM and Managerial Consolidation.
    Now it is not possible to change moving data from ICELIM to Managerial Consolidation.
    can you please let me now the issue for sign in the report?
    G. Saida Reddy

  • Problem printing report

    I have a small problem printing reports which exist of 1 page.
    1st report is printed OK
    2nd one is bad
    3rd one is bad
    4rd one is bad
    5th is OK again... and so further.
    When I choose a different printer, all prints are OK. When I print from another PC on the same printer, all prints are OK.
    I assume some settings are disturbing the prints; can anyone suggest where I should take a look?

    are you using a dot matrix printer or a laser printer?

  • Problem running reports

    I finally configured and was able to start the reports server on my Solaris box. The listener is running. When I run a report, either by command line using rwrun60 or from a form using RUN_REPORT_PRODUCT, the report kicks off without error but will not finish. I have to kill the process, and no output results. I had no problems when running from NT, so I'd bet the problem is in the configuration not the report itself. Any ideas?

    I'm still working this problem.
    I have a printer configured, and have no problem generating report in character mode and send directly to printer.
    I did have to add localhost access to Xwindows with
    $ xhost +localhost
    Now I have valid display value.
    Unfortunately, still having the same problem. rwrun60 kicks off, but gets hung. I have no problems running forms on the this server. Any other ideas?

  • Soritng problem in report

    Hi all
    I have a problem in report runtime decision.
    I have created a report say report1....and on runtime i decide its runtime sorting order by passing a column value
    through my USER PARAMETER to the ORDER BY clause.
    But the problem is that the data model has its own BREAK ORDER as well for each column.
    How can i change that property at runtime.
    Kindl guide me if any one knows the solution.
    Qaiser Qayum Malik.

    Pl see this thread:
    Order By within repeating frame
    By the way, break order decides the sorting order ONLY if the report has break-groups. If your report has a single group, the order by clause should work.

  • Problem for Report Generation Toolkit for excel 2000

    Hi all,
    Now I am Developing my program with Report Generation Toolkit 1.1.0 and Labview 7.1.
    In my computer I am using Excel XP, and there is not any problem. But when I build to
    a exe file, and use in a computer with Excel 2000, it didn't work.
    And I try to check the source file in this computer, I found that there any some connection
    error. And this is caused by the active X class. As I know Excel 2000 is using Microsoft Excel
    Object Library 9.0, but i cannot find it in the list of active x. So it is using Microsoft Excel Object
    Library with a very old verison. So in the property node there are missing functions, such as the
    UsedRange in _Worksheet in the However, In VBA, I can find the 9.0 Library.
    Is it the problem of 9.0 library? How can I solve the problem? How can I upgrade the library to 10.0?

    Hi Mike,
    Since my program is for all the staff in office, everyone may use it.
    I cannot call the whole office to upgrade the excel to XP.
    And I think Report Generation Toolkit is alway support Excel 2000,
    since the old version of it is not support for Excel XP.

  • Date range query  problem  in report

    Hi all,
    I have created a report based on query and i want to put date range selection but query giving problem.
    If i am creating select list selection then it is working fine means it will display all records on the particular date.
    But what i need is that user will enter date range as creation_date1,creation_date2 and query should return all the records between these date range. i want to pass it by creating items, i created two items and passing creation_date range to display all records but not displaying and if not passing date then should take null as default and display all records
    Here is the query:
    /* Formatted on 2006/12/10 20:01 (Formatter Plus v4.8.0) */
    WHERE (tsh.status LIKE :p23_status_sp OR tsh.status IS NULL)
    AND (tsh.machine_type LIKE :p23_machine_type_sp)
    AND ( tsh.machine_serial_number LIKE
    TO_CHAR (:p23_machine_serial_number_sp)
    OR tsh.machine_serial_number IS NULL
    AND ( TO_CHAR (tsh.failure_date, 'DD-MON-YY') LIKE
    TO_CHAR (:p23_failure_date_sp)
    OR TO_CHAR (tsh.failure_date, 'DD-MON-YY') IS NULL
    AND ( TO_CHAR (tsh.creation_date, 'DD-MON-YY')
    BETWEEN TO_CHAR (:p23_creation_date_sp)
    AND TO_CHAR (:p23_creation_date_sp1)
    OR TO_CHAR (tsh.creation_date, 'DD-MON-YY') IS NULL
    AND (tsh.issue_date LIKE :p23_date_of_issue_sp OR tsh.issue_date IS NULL)
    AND ( LIKE :p23_country_sp OR IS NULL)
    AND ( tsh.local_report_number LIKE TO_CHAR (:p23_local_rep_num_sp)
    OR tsh.local_report_number IS NULL
    AND ( tsp.part_number LIKE TO_CHAR (:p23_part_number_sp)
    OR tsp.part_number IS NULL
    AND tsh.machine_type IN (
    SELECT DISTINCT machine_type
    FROM trx_sales_dept_machine_list
    WHERE sales_department_id IN (
    SELECT DISTINCT sales_department_id
    FROM trx_user_sales_department
    WHERE UPPER (user_name) =
    UPPER ('&APP_USER.'))
    AND SYSDATE >= valid_from)
    AND tsh.sr_header_id = tsp.sr_header_id
    can any one tell me wat is wroung in this query.
    Any other way to write this?
    Thank You,

    Hi User....
    Here is some date range SQL that my teams uses with some success:
    For date columns that do not contain NULL values, try this (note the TRUNC, it might help with your "today" problem).
    The hard coded dates allow users to leave the FROM and TO dates blank and still get sensible results (ie a blank TO date field asks for all dates in the future.
    decode( :P1_DATE_FROM,
    decode( :P1_DATE_TO,
    For date columns that contain NULL values, try this (a little bit trickier):
    decode( :P1_DATE_FROM,
    decode( :P1_DATE_TO,
    decode( :P1_DATE_FROM,
    decode( :P1_DATE_TO,
    Note the 30-DEC-3000 versus 31-DEC-3000. This trick returns the NULL dates when the FROM and TO date range items are both blank.
    I hope this helps.
    By the way, does anyone have a better way of doing this? The requirement is given a date column in a database and a FROM and a TO date item on a page,
    find all of the dates in the database between the FROM and TO dates. If the FROM date is blank, assume the user want all dates in the past (excluding NULL dates). If the TO date is blank, assume that the user wants all of the dates in the future (excluding NULL dates). If both FROM and TO dates are blank, return all of the dates in the databse (including NULL dates).

  • Problem with Report on Multiprovider

    Hi All,
    I am getting key fig value more than the expected value in the report output, Report is on Multiprovider, I have checked in to cubes, values in the cubes and reports are same,
    I have checked in TR and UR there is no routines, But Data source is enhanced in the R/3 and extracting the data to BW.
    How to find why we are getting more values in the report   :?:
    Plz give some inputs to solve this problem.

    I have checked data in the Multiprovider, In the MP contain KF (No of days) values high (more then 365 days), that’s the reason am getting KF values high in the report,
    Actually report is used for analyzing the Premise (Char) values w, r to Number of days for one fiscal year, but report is showing Number of days more than the 365 days on one fiscal year .
    Can any one plz advice why we are getting No .of days more then 365 days?

  • Problem with Report and distribution file

    I have a report that create the paycheck for my customer's employe.
    My first group on the report is the email adresse of the employe, so i can cut the report end send it by mail to the said employe.
    95% of the time it's working perfectly. But when i encouter a blank adresse or simply no result (no line return by the query)
    then the report execute, and crash giving me this error.
    access control disabled, clients can connect from any host
    REP-0177: Erreur au cours de l'exécution sur serveur éloigné
    Paramètre de référence 'REFADRCOU' non valide dans la liste de diffusion
    Sorry i did not find the equivalent in english. It say that the email field (REFADRCOU) that i am using for the TO is invalid and make the whole report crash.
    I'm not sure how i could deal with this.
    I had a idea of executing the query before report, in the afterpform, and if i have no result, add a blank line with select XXX from dual for exemple so it would have at least 1 row and won't crash. but it's not very elegant.
    Any idea or suggestion on how i could handle this problem.

    Thanks for answering.
    I solved the problem.
    First I stored the file into a string variable.
    And on that variable I do
    some processes. (Analyze the read
    bytes and add more text to the original file)
    Before I did that processes on
    .Text property on the object.

  • Problem with reports in excel (using text_io)

    we are using Report Builder with Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release in a client/server evironment. I'm using 'TEXT_IO' to write the report output to a csv file.
    The process runs ok but the only problem is that the first line of every page (other than the first) gets repeated.
    can anyone out there tell me how to get over this problem.
    Thanx in advance

    1. You first need to create a package in your report
    PACKAGE conv_text IS
    procedure fopen(fname varchar2);
    procedure fclose(fname varchar2);
    procedure fwrite_c(fname varchar2,
    var_c varchar2);
    procedure fline;
    PACKAGE BODY conv_text IS
    o_file TEXT_IO.FILE_TYPE;
    filename VARCHAR2(50);
    procedure fopen (fname varchar2) is
    filename := fname;
    o_file := TEXT_IO.FOPEN(filename,'W');
    procedure fclose (fname varchar2) is
    procedure fwrite_c (fname varchar2, var_c varchar2) is
    procedure fline is
    2. In the "before report trigger" open the csv file (make sure the folder exists on the client m/c)
    3. In the innermost frame(use the following,for all the fields u want in ur csv file) :
    filename VARCHAR2(50);
    filename := :filename;
    4. In the after report, close the file
    good luck and let me know if get thru with the problem of the repeating record.
    [email protected]

  • Performance problem in Report

    Hi Guys,
    I have a problem with performance in report, not exactly in report but in one of filter of it, I have a vision that the name is "Input a cliente", i can surf in everthing, i can filter other visions in report but when I try to make a filter using "Input a cliente" i can't do this because the screen don't open for me and some minutes after appear the message "Time out", somebody have this problem in the report?

    Hi KJ, I have a lot of record in the info provider....because all of my customer are there and I have a lot of customer.....when I trie do do the drill down I search in the customer hierarchy, so I have too record to look, its the reason that I can't to make a filter in this vision, I need to know how Can I solve this problem, can yo help me?

  • Performance Problem in Report built on a DSO

    Dear All,
    we had a report created on the top of the ODS(0sd_o06) with selection criterion as profit center,now when we click the profit center varible entry to see the selection, a window pop up and it is there for 30 mins after that only we can make any selection ,request you to tell me the solution to improve the performance of the variable input.
    I had chked all the parameters and implement it but no improvement
    1)the sid generation check box is ticked.
    2)the oprofit_ctr is already set to read data from Master data for filter value selection.and about navigational attribute we are using only four navigational attribute.
    3) turn on the cache in RSRT for the query built on DSO.
    4)Index is also created in the dso, Plzz help to improve the performance.

    I believe your problem is with variable selection of 0profit_c... that values are shown after 30 mins for selection. Settings at ODS / DSO will not help.
    You need to look at the setting of list of value of this field and then if need be create idexes etc on that particular infoobjects. I remember there are settings like all the values, values in DSO etc. try those may help.

Maybe you are looking for