Problem with Export Project as New Library

Getting some behavior from Aperture that I do not understand.
I am running Aperture 3.5.1 on OSX 10.9.1 on both a MacPro and a MacBookPro(Retina). 
Both machines are believed to be completely up-to-date software-wise (no indication in App store that software updates are available.  i don't know how else to look.).
I imported (Nikon D800) raw images from an SD card to MacBookPro Aperture Library (which contains few images), performed adjustments (and "shared" some with my SmugMug account).
Then I selected the Project that contained my images, chose File, Export, Project as New Library (in order to move the adjusted images to my MacPro, where my "real" Aperture Library resides).  (first time i have attempted such a workflow).  I selected all 3 options (Copy originals . . ., Copy previews . . ., Show alert) and clicked Export Library.
I copied the resulting file to my MacPro.  After choosing File, Import, Library (in Aperture on the MacPro), I see it "Merging", and then the project in question appears in the Library on the MacPro.
The problem is that each image has a message at the top of the Adjustments pane:  "This photo was adjusted using an earlier version of Apple's RAW processing", and they all come into the receiving library with no adjustments, and no previews - not even the built-in preview that a raw file should carry (the images show in the viewer as _really_ flat, gray - very strange, i have never seen this appearance before, though I routeinely use raw format).
Trying to troubleshoot, I went back to the MacBookPro and closed Aperture, then double-clicked the Library on the desktop that had resulted from the export process (containing only one project).
Same situation.  All of the images think they were processed on older raw processor (even though this library is being opened on the same computer that did the processing).
Any ideas?  Is this a bug, or have I misunderstood the point of exporting Projects?

There have been two problems, reported, when exporting projects as library:
In earlier versions of Aperture the exported library did not include all images, if images had been imported from Photo Stream. I cannot reproduce this bug any longer with Aperture 3.5.1.
The export could go wrong, if the aperture library needed repairing.
Have you tried the Aperture Library First Aid Tools,to fix a possible library curruption?
See this link:  Aperture 3 User Manual: Repairing and Rebuilding Your Aperture Library
Before trying to rebuild, make sure, your backup of your Aperture library is current and in a working condition.
I see a progress bar and the .exporting library is created in the desired location.
Finally I decided to watch a project closely as it was being exported as a library and I noticed that the file size jumps up an down. I'm not an expert on how export works, but it would appear that each exported photo is overwriting the previous one.
What is the desired location? Are you exporting to your internal system drive or to an external drive? If external, how is the drive formatted?  Such overwriting of files could be caused by incompatible filesystems creating conflicting pathnames. Make sure, the destination is a filesystem formatted MacOS X Extended (Journaled).
-- Léonie

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    I am going through my only library now and trying to better organize everything.  I am grouping my images into projects by year then cleaning up each year.  As I finish a year I use the Export to New Library option to create a library for each year.  My question is when I do this and I tell it to Consolidate Masters into exported library does it create copies of the images in the new library as well as leaving a copy in the original library?  My goal once I get this completed is to delete the original library but I certainly don't want to lose any of my images.  Just looking at file sizes for the libraries I can see that the main library never gets smaller and the new libraries don't really seem large enough to contain everything.

    To be honest a 6 year old machine with 4gb of memory and 300gb of disk running Lion and Aperture  is not going to give you the greatest performance no matter how you split the library.
    You're going to need more disk, What's your backup procedure now? The best performance will be had by getting an external disk putting the masters on it as referenced and having the library on the internal drive.
    More memory would be nice but a 6 year old iMac, I think, is maxed out at 4. You'll need to keep other programs running to a minimum when you're working with Aperture.
    How much free space is on the internal drive? That will be an issue also. If even with the masters relocated to an external drive cause the internal drive to fill up you'll need to move the library off the internal. If you do that you'll want to go with a FW drive. As long as only the masters are on the external you can get by with a USB but once the library goes out there you're really want to look at FW.
    Hope this helps, post back if you have more questions

  • Problems with exporting project incorporating still images

    I'm using iMovie 11 with Snow Leopard in my iMac. I've made a movie incorporating nonHD footage and requiring 4:3 aspect ratio.The project also includes still pictures that introduce the old movie footage itself. I find I can get better overall quality exporting the completed project as a QuickTime movie rather than sending it directly to iDVD or using the "Export movie..." option. However, when I export as a Quick Time movie, although the old movie footage itself shows up exactly the way it should, the aspect ratio of the still pictures preceding the old movie footage has changed. When I use the "Find Info" option I notice the dimensions for the Quick Time movie are shown as 480 x 720 while the dimensions for the version I shared using "Export movie..." option are 480 x 640. I'm imagining this has something to do with the changed aspect ratio of the still photographs, although I should say that the movie that follows the introduction using the still pictures appears identical in both options. I would like to retain the quality of the "Export as Quick Time movie..." option while retaining the proper aspect ratio of the still pictures. When I run the project in the project browser, the still imagery looks fine; it's only when it's exported as a Quick Time movie that the aspect ration changes. Thank you.

    What you might want to try is to set the cropping attribute in iMovie for those pictures to the 'Fit' option. To do that on a single image, click on the gear icon in the Project Browser for that picture and choose 'Cropping, Ken Burns and Rotation'. In the Preview window there's 3 buttons that allow you to set how the pictures are displayed. Fit|Crop|Ken Burns. in order to maintain the aspect ratio of the videos versus the pictures set the button to 'Fit' and see if it looks different in the final output to QuickTime. Fit will add black bars to the sides or top of the image to match the aspect ratio of the whole video. The other option, Crop, will cut off the sides or tops as needed to fill the whole video frame with the picture (no black spacer bars necessary).
    Double-check your iMovie Project settings under the File Menu > Project Properties and make sure your aspect ratio is reflected there properly. Also make sure your QuickTime export settings indicate a frame size that is in the 4:3 ratio (as opposed to the 720x480 closer to 3:2).

  • PREMIERE PRO CS5.5 Gamma problem while exporting project to mjpeg A or B

    Dear Sir,
    I'm in a big ****. I've directed and edited 1h documentary for Finnish television, also, the technical specs requested by the TV Channel is all production Broadcast masters must be encoded with Apple ProRES codec or MJPEG A or B.
    As i'm working on PC (win7), the ProRES codec doesn't exist on PC system, so i've done the export to MJPEG. The problem is i have a different gamma level when i watch the final export with Quicktime or VLC. Of course i can adjust the level in those players, but it doesnt effect the file. When i import the Qt file into a Premiere sequence, the gamma level is still **** and different from my original level i have from my timeline and preview window. If i export the project to H264 1920x1080p25, then the gamma is perfect with Qt, VLC and WinMedia player. But the TV station don't wanna work with H264. Deadline is on next monday, and i can't send a Qt MJPEG file with wrong gamma !!!Any chance to find a solution to fix it ??? After reading different forum, i can see this problem exist since many years and never been solved.
    What can i do ??

    Things is my prpject includ few effect plugins i bought, so what ever i could find a mac, not your i could export xml project to finalcut with plugins it dont have
    Sent from my iPad.
    Le 31 mai 2013 à 15:20, Fuzzy Barsik <[email protected]> a écrit :
    Re: PREMIERE PRO CS5.5 Gamma problem while exporting project to mjpeg A or B
    created by Fuzzy Barsik in Premiere Pro - View the full discussion
    If it were me, I wouldn't encode to MJPEG.
    So as to encode to ProRes on Windows you can utilise any solution based on ffmpeg/ffmbc or better yet find a Mac with Final Cut or Compressor installed for delivering critical work.
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  • The timesheet creation failed, because of problems with the project I server or with data validation

    One of my user is facing issue in creating new time sheet,
    "The time sheet creation failed, because of problems with the project server or with data validations".
    This issue is coming to only few members out of 10000 members.
    Note: For the same user, can able to do in other machines. only the problem in his machine. Have ran the office diagnostics, but still the problem persists.
    Is any add-on's/any settings need to update in IE. Could any one please help me on how to fix this issue?
    Many thanks in advance.

    I would check the compatibility settings in IE etc, or try another browser (chrome, safari etc.)
    Ben Howard [MVP] | web |
    blog | book

  • I'm having problem with exporting video from premiere pro cc 2014

    I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 and I'm having problem with exporting video.
    When I click Export and media, the window for exporting appears and it starts exporting video.
    But after a few minutes, it looks like it has completed exporting video and says there's a bug in exporting.
    It literally says it has a problem with compiling, but I don't know what the real problem is.
    I tried many things like restarting computer and Premire Pro but it's no use.
    But it works when I use Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 for exporting video.
    If anyone knows any possibilities about why this problem happens, please let me know.

    I'm having a similar issue.  When I go to export my project, I add it to the render queue, set it up with the h.264 settings that I've used with countless past versions of the program, and then hit render.  Randomly, at some point in the process, the render just stops and the ETA just keeps climbing.  I actually had to save an XMF file of the CC 2014 project and bring it into the previous CC version of Premiere just to finish it.  Even a clean re-install of CC 2014 doesn't work.

  • Problem with Exporter for MS Access 3.2 in SQL Developer

    I have problem with exporting tables and data from MS Access to XML with Exporter for MS Access 2000.
    This error ocurr: 'Error #5 - XML Exporter'
    When I use Exporter for MS Access 2002 this error ocurr: 'Error #3478 - XML Exporter'
    Any leads how to solve this problem ?

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    SQL Developer
    Please, stay tune there.

  • Problem with exporting a report to excel vial citrix server

    We are encountering a problem with exporting a report to excel through ALV local file icon.A spread sheet is downloading only one row (From header) instead of many rows from the ALV output .  
    Above is working fine for the GUI installed on my PC, but not throgh the Citrix server.
    Can any body have idea on above mentined?

    I understand that you're trying to download the file to a local computer  through Citrix. In this case you need autorizations in Citrix for your user ( CItrix user)

  • Problem with exporting devices to non-global zone

    I've problem with exporting devices to my solaris zones (i try do add support to mount /dev/lofi/* in my non-global zone).
    A create cfg for my zone.
    Here it is:
    $ zonecfg -z sapdev info
    zonename: sapdev
    zonepath: /export/home/zones/sapdev
    brand: native
    autoboot: true
    limitpriv: default,sys_time
    ip-type: shared
    dir: /sap
    special: /dev/dsk/c1t44d0s0
    raw: /dev/rdsk/c1t44d0s0
    type: ufs
    options: []
    physical: ce0
    match: /dev/lofi/1
    match: /dev/rlofi/1
    match: /dev/lofi/2
    match: /dev/rlofi/2
    name: comment
    type: string
    value: "This is SAP developement zone"
    global# lofiadm
    Block Device File
    /dev/lofi/1 /root/SAP_DB2_9_LUW.iso
    /dev/lofi/2 /usr/tmp/fsfile
    I reboot the non-global zone, even reboot global-zone, and after that, in sapdev zone, there is no /dev/*lofi/* files.
    What i do wrong? Maybe I reduce my sol 10 u4 sparc instalation too much.
    Can anybody help me?
    Thanks for help,

    I experienced the same problem on my system Sol 10 08/07.
    Normally, when the zone enters the READY state during boot, it's zoneadmd will run devfsadm -z <zone>. In my understanding this is to create the necessary device files in ZONEPATH/dev.
    This worked well until recently. Now only the directories are still created.
    It seems as if devfsadm -z is broken. Somebody should issue a call to sun.
    As a workaround you can easily copy the device files into the zone. It is important not to copy the symbolic link but the target.
    # cp /dev/lofi/1 ZONEPATH/dev/lofi
    Hope this helps,
    Konstantin Gremliza

  • Problem with Exporting Data to Excel

    Hi Everyone,
    I have problem with exporting the data to a excel file. I am using a XP
    system in German which uses comma "," as the decimal point , and I also set
    "Use localized decimal point*" under the FronPanel Options to be true. But
    the exported excel file can not recognize (or just ignore) the comma for a
    whole column (flow rate), for examle "1,234" (1.234 in non-german system)
    would be 1234. But if I open its text file where the data came
    from by calling Excel directly, there will be no problem. Is this a bug of
    LabVIEW, or I forget some settings?
    Thanks a lot!
    P.S: The LabVIEW version is 8.2.1 and the Office version is Office2007.

    Hi Le,
    Sound familiar; here in The Netherlands we have the same problem.   That is why we use the English versions for XP and Office.
    I don’t quite understand how you interface to Excel. Directly with ActiveX or through a CSV file.
    Can you explain a bit more ?

  • URGENT : Problems with exporting a translated application

    Hi ! I have a problem with exporting a translated application. Effectively, I exported both applications (The normal and the translated version). I want now to apply the translation XLIFF. I want to know if it is possible to apply my old XLIFF file. The problem is that I can't select the same ID for my application.
    I really have problems!
    Anyone can help me ?

    When I import the translated version, the translation works a little bit. Effectively, all my reports appear but there is no item that appears.

  • Anyone else having problems with popups since the new security upgrade? can't get rid of them

    anyone else having problems with popups since the new security upgrade? can't get rid of them

    You may have inadvertently installed adware. You do not need to download or install anything to fix it. It ought not to be related to any Apple security update.
    For a description of how this may have occurred, how to avoid it in the future, and for Apple's recommended actions read How to install adware. Apple's instructions are linked in the Recovery Procedure near the end of that document. Read and follow them carefully. Pay particular attention to the easily overlooked passages directing you to restart your Mac when required.

  • Problem with export files

    I have got the version 5.3, original.
    I have a problem with export files. After work with a lot of picture in dng format, I try to export all picture in jpg format, but the number of pictures exported are less than the original number.
    Thank you in advance

    There is nothing you are doingt wrong, the web people need to check their Flash stuff, most importantly realyl include al lthe files you provide them with. there's a reason why it spits out 4 files...

  • How can I fix this problem with exporting Pages files?

    I'm having problems with exporting Pages files to Word or PDF (I haven't tried the other formats). Whenever I try to export the Page file, I get one message like this: "The document "XXXXXXX" could not be exported as "YYYYYYY". This problem started after the last Pages update, before that it was working fine. I restarted the computer, updated the OS, but the problem hasn't been solved.
    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
    Thank you in advance!
    Best regards,

    Computers are made of parts made by humans and assembled by humans of materials that are not perfect.
    For example, a display cable that was accidentally pinched during assembly would pass quality control testing with flying colors and would not fail until the lid had been opened and closed several times.
    Likewise a display might not fail until powered on and off a few hundred times.

  • Summary: Problem with export (maybe...terminated sucEE to XE issues exp/imp

    Summary: Problem with export (maybe...terminated successfully with warnings) and import (IMP-00022: failed to process parameters)
    I used PL/SQL developer to make a parameter file (initially I used it to export, then I just stole the file to try again). It contains 100 tables from a single schema.
    Export from prod DB using exp parfile=test.par: Connected to: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Production
    With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options
    Export done in WE8MSWIN1252 character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set
    server uses ZHS16GBK character set (possible charset conversion)
    About to export specified tables via Conventional Path ...
    . . exporting table     CONTRACT_INFO         12 rows exported
    EXP-00091: Exporting questionable statistics.
    'Export terminated successfully with warnings.' !!!I want to import into the cs2_user schema (same privileges as on the production DB) trying:impdp 'sys as sysdba'@danieldb schemas=cs2_user dumpfile=test01tables3.dmpThat gets the error: UDI-00014: invalid value for parameter, 'attach'
    I then thought maybe you have to use imp/exp or impdp/expdp instead of a combination (exp + impdp) so I tried: imp 'sys/admin as sysdba'@danieldb touser=cs2_party_owner file=test01tables4.dmpbut then I just get: IMP-00022: failed to process parameters
    Anyone see why its all failing? :s

    you must input SID name into single-quotes like:
    C:\Tools\Oracle\product\10.2.0\db\NETWORK\ADMIN>expdp 'sys/[email protected] as sysdba'
    Export: Release - Production on Thu Feb 9 13:46:16 2012
    Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates.  All rights reserved.
    UDE-06550: operation generated ORACLE error 6550
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 11:
    PLS-00201: identifier 'SYS.DBMS_UTILITY' must be declared
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 11:
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored

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