Problem with Mac OSX version of Microsoft RDP Client 8.0.10 (Build 25189) connecting to Linux host running XRDP

I have an issue when using the Microsoft RDP client on Mac OSX 10.X when connecting to a Linux host running the XRDP service(XRDP host is authenticating to an AD DC).
Exactly the same connection parameters work when connecting to the XRDP host from a Windows server using the local Microsoft RDP Client and the same authentication credentials, so I am confused as to what might be creating the issue.
I have also checked that I am able to connect from my Mac to the remote linux box that is running the XRDP service, by using another App on OSX called CoRD. This also connects without issue. 
Are there any differences in the way the Mac version of Microsoft RDP authenticates compared to its Windows counterpart?
Any advise appreciated. Happy to provide any logs.

As this case has been quiet for a while.I need to close the case and will mark it as Answer. If you still have any issue,I suggest you ask in a new thread. 
Thanks for your Support & understanding!
Dharmesh Solanki
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    Hello @Kennynic!
    Thank you for posting on the HP Forums!
    I would be happy to provide some help regarding your Officejet 8620 and installing the software on the Mac.  The first thing I suggest is to ensure all the HP Software is removed from the Mac. I suggest uninstalling the HP Software.  After the software is uninstalled I recommend performing a "repair disk permissions" on your Mac. A repair disk permissions is a utility built in the Mac operating system designed to locate and resolve issues or errors that may cause complications when re-installing. After the repair disk permission is complete restart your Mac and try adding the printer again.
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    Please post back and let me know how everything goes!
    I work on behalf of HP.
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    Support for HD among a few other items along with QT 7 which comes with Tiger means sincerely that one set of applications/OS is not going to be stable.
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    Go to Solution.

    Hi bassist71,
    You may actually do the setup manually. It's done by accessing the setup page of the route through and configuring the settings according to your Internet connection type. If you have a Cable connection, you may check this link, If you have a DSL connection, check this out,

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    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Hello Ray1536dnf,
    Thanks for the post.  WIth this one, scanning being a more complex process than printing we may have some other issue here.  I might suggest taking a look at the below document specifically solution three, assigning a static IP.  Good Luck!
    I worked for HP but my posts and replies are my own....Thank you!
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    Hi, michele -
    That disk is of no use - it has drivers for OS 9 and earlier, which are useless in OSX.
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    This behavior was also in Lr4 and maybe Lr3.  The swiping with the magic mouse is oversensitive in a few other programs also.   It is pretty annoying but I have finally got used to being careful with the swipe in Library on the big photo.  I would think Adobe could adjust the speed for this but Apple should allow the user more options in the mouse settings panel.  Apple seems to be going in the negative direction of letting the user customize the interface as they keep taking more setting features out.  In their typical arrogance, it seems that they think Apple knows best and the users can just deal with it.

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    ok i use an edirol fa-66 , the problem is a random one , sometimes when i play music with itunes , logic or even the preview mp3 feature , the sound go downsampled and then stops, the only way to return is turn off and turn on the audio interface. I had this problem time ago only with logic 9.0.2 but with the version 9.1.1 everithing got right. Now with osx 10.6.4 the problem come back on all the audio programs (not only logic),so i have returned to 10.6.3, everithing works fine.
    in 10.6.4 there is something wrong with the core audio that is incompatible with edirol fa device.
    maybe with osx 10.6.5 apple can resolve this?
    i'm thinking to buy a motu device (they have their driver and don't use core audio)


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    I checked everywhere and I could not find any threads about this problem, so I'm asking here, in the official support forum.
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    USB 3.0 is an international standard. Yes, it's compatible with OS X 10.9.x
    Reviews on Amazon from other iMac users have been positive.
    Just like with USB 2 hubs, some devices aren't happy sharing.
    I can't tell for sure it's the hub's fault. You need to try other combinations of connection.

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    I didn't get the answer after one day and one night, so I had to post another one to catch people's attention.
    Ok, I have figured out the issue by myself. The solution Carolyn said in my another posting is wrong (or at least not detailed enough), I followed her instruction and got disk error message. I was so worried that I'll need to reinstall the system. My experience is that never use Disk Utility on your startup disk unless you start up from installation disk.

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    And I don't have ad blocking installed or activated.


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    Duplicate post; see:
    had a windows computer with my element 7.  Now just bought a Mac OSX   version 10.9.2 what would be the best photoshop elements for this machine.  I did download elements 12 from Apple store but kept getting incompatible message when trying to open a phot

  • I have a IMac - Mac OSX version 10.4 and présently i see only verticals lines on my dashboard and my mouse still mouving but with a little square with vertical lines at the right. This appen when i was talking with a friend on Skype. I need help to unlook

    I have a IMac - Mac OSX version 10.4 and présently i see only verticals lines on my desktop and my mouse, i mean the arrow and still mouving but with a little square with vertical lines at the right. This appened when i was talking with a friend on Skype, by error i did click on the video and slowly the vertical lines appeared and covered all ma desktop. Since then, it still there and the only things i see it is the vertical lines and the arrow with the little square.
    How can i fix this problem ?
    En français: j'ai un IMac - Mac OSX version 10.4 et présentement je vois seulement des lignes verticales sur mon bureau et ma souris c'est-à-dire la flèche, bouge mais il y a un petit carré avec aussi des lignes verticales à sa droite. Je pense que ce bug est survenu lorsque j'étais sur Skype avec une amie et que par erreur j'ai cliqué sur l'image de la vidéo et peu à peu les lignes sont appurues et tout l'écran est envahie par ces lignes.
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    Réjeanne Blouin

    Hello, sounds like Video card  and/or heat problems.
    Have you blown the dust out lately? Let it cool for an hour or so.
    Get Temperature Monitor to see if it's heat related...
    iStat Menus...
    And/or iStat Pro...
    One way to test is to Safe Boot from the HD, (holding Shift key down at bootup), run Disk Utility in Applications>Utilities, then highlight your drive, click on Repair Permissions, Test for problem in Safe Mode...
    PS. Safe boot may stay on the gray radian for a long time, let it go, it's trying to repair the Hard Drive
    Reboot, test again.
    If it only does it in Regular Boot, then it could be some hardware problem like Video card, (Quartz is turned off in Safe Mode).

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