Problems installing/updating Flash Player

I am currently running Windows 7 64bit
I noticed that my web browser would hang when playing certain flash based adverts on web pages. I wasn't sure of this was a Firefox 4 problem or a Flash problem so thought to re-install flash player in the first instance and go from there
In add/remove programs I noticed that the version installed was but in the addons section in Firefox it was showing as
Anyway, using add/remove programs I uninstalled Flash Player and rebooted my PC. I downloaded the installer from the Adobe website but now when I try to run it I keep getting the error message “The installation encountered errors: Flash Player could not be installed because an existing version may still be in use. Please close all applications using Flash Player and try again”
However when I go into add/remove programs again Flash Player is installed as version Checking the addons in Firefox it is showing as The Adobe website also shows me as having WIN 10,3,181,14
I have been through the Troubleshoot Flash Player Installation webpage and tried the stuff there in but I am still having the problem. Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas as to what might be causing it?
Many Thanks

Hi, it sounds like some application that uses Flash may have not been disabled. Try this: Download and SAVE the Uninstaller to your Desktop: 
Download and SAVE to your Desktop the Installer for IE- use the EXE Installer (if you want FP Installed in IE)
Download and SAVE to your Desktop the Installer for FF- use the EXE Installer for plugin based (from the same site)
Close all browser windows, disable any instant messenger services as yahoo, msn, etc from the system tray(area near the clock)
Disable your realtime Anti-Virus.
Use the Administrator Account
Run the Uninstaller and then reboot(restart) your computer.
Check to make sure your Anti-Virus is still disabled.
Then Run the Installer for IE(if you want Flash Player Installed), then Run the Installer for FF. When finished, Reboot.
Turn your Anti-Virus back on along with anything disabled in the system tray.
Test each browser here, and you should be able to see the Flash Player logo(Red F) animate(spin)
You can print these instructions out to make it easier to follow since you will be offline until finished.

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  • Unable to install updated flash player to my mac os.  Ive empty cache, tried downloading it directly safe mode, and still nothing

    unable to install updated flash player to my mac os.  Ive empty cache, tried downloading it directly safe mode, and still nothing  

    Hi Blanca rey
    You Can try Uninstalling Flash Player using - Uninstall Flash Player | Mac OS
    and Use the Offline Flash Player Installer for Mac (Safari and Firefox) from here - Installation problems | Flash Player | Mac
    Hope it helps,
    While you try the above suggestion,  can you also share the Version of Mac on which you are updating Flash Player and how are you doing it?

  • Problems installing Adobe Flash Player

    Can not get my MacBook Pro 17" to install Adobe Flash Player  Our iMac installed it.
    The system hangs forever looking for resources

    Hopefully, you'll be installing the Flash update very soon - however the same problem you experienced persists with that.
    Fortunately there is a simple solution.
    There appears to be a problem with Adobe Flash Player Install Manager - the simple answer is to let the system install the flash update instead:
    When you use the Flash updater, it downloads a disk image to a temp folder (inside /private/var/folders but you don't need to know that). This is automatically mounted (briefly) while the app 'Adobe Flash Player Install Manager' launches. Adobe Flash Player Install Manager is supposed to manage the whole instillation but in some case it gets stuck. If this process fails for you (such as hanging on 95% completion), there is a very simple route forward which doesn't require you to open your browser or manually download anything.
    It only requires 3 steps and you can be 100% sure you are getting the correct update - the one Adobe tried to install but failed. I've broken these down into detailed but very simple substeps (further down this post) for anybody who is unsure, but experienced users can probably just follow these three steps:
    Force quit Adobe Flash Player Install Manager
    Locate and mount the Flash Player Installer disk image with Disk Utility
    Locate the Adobe Flash Player installer package within the Install Manager app and run the installation from Finder
    Hope this helps. Enjoy.
    Those steps in detail (as carried out in OSX 10.6.8).
    1. Force quit Adobe Flash Player Install Manager
    Press these three keys together: Cmd + Option (or Alt) + esc
    Select Adobe Flash Player Install Manager in the popup window titled "Force Quit Applications"
    Hit return or click the button labelled "Force Quit"
    2. Locate and mount the Flash Player Installer disk image with Disk Utility
    Open Disk Utility (in Applications/Utilities folder or find it with Spotlight)
    On the left hand side, your attached drives and mounted volumes are listed above a horizontal line. Below that line you should see one or more disk images (named e.g. something.dmg). These are recently accessed disk images - including one containing the adobe updater.
    At or near the bottom of that list you should see something called decryptedFile.dmg
    Under that you might see a (greyed out) volume image called Flash Player
    Double click decryptedFile.dmg (or the Flash Player volume if you can see it - it makes no difference).
    This should mount a volume titled "Flash Player" and automatically open a finder window showing the contents.
    The volume "Flash Player" will show up in your Finder sidebar and on your desktop (unless you've chosen not to show External Disks in Finder preferences)
    3. Locate the Adobe Flash Player installer package and run the installation from Finder
    You should by now have a Finder window open showing the contents of the volume "Flash Player". If not, open a new Finder window and click on Flash Player in the sidebar. The sole contents are an app called Install Adobe Flash Player.
    Right click the item "Install Adobe Flash Player" and select "Show Package Contents" from the contextual menu that appears.
    This opens a new window showing a folder called "Contents". Open it by double clicking to reveal the contents including a folder called "Resources".
    Locate and open the folder "Resources" and look for a file called Adobe Flash Player (Adobe Flash Player.pkg)
    This is the Installer Package for the update. Double Click it.
    Don't be put off by the words "Welcome to the Adobe Flash Player Installer" - this is not the Adobe Flash Install Manager (the one that failed you earlier) this is Apple's "Installer" app.
    Follow the steps to the end then eject the volume Flash Player in the normal way (e.g. Finder sidebar)
    Open the Flash Player control panel to check the current version has now been updated.
    Don't be put off by "PPAPI Plug-in is not installed" - you can ignore it.
    Some steps may go differently if you are running a different version of Mac OS X  - I use 10.6.8

  • Having problem installing adobe flash player says close mozilla how do you do this

    I have tried several times to install Adobe flash player It keeps stating to shut off Mozilla. How do you shut Mozilla off?

    "Ctrl+Shift+Esc" placing you into the Windows Task Manager, you need to be in the in the "Processes" tab to make sure that firefox.exe is no longer running -- if it is running then terminate it by selecting the use "End Process" button or from context menu. (That is a Windows 7 keyboard shortcut not in earlier versions of Windows)
    There is a better way of ending Firefox, but it is too late for you to close firefox properly. Full set of directions to check and update flash.
    Make sure you are starting in the correct place for Flash
    If you want to read PDF files in you browser, you might also want
    After the download,
    #bring up the download manager ("Ctrl+J") and start your installs. As soon as the install comes up,
    #close Firefox with File > Exit or "Firefox" button > Exit. Give Firefox some time to close and check that it finished via Windows 7 shortcut to WTM "Ctrl+Shift+Esc" in the "Processes" tab make sure that firefox.exe is no longer running -- if it is terminate it by selecting the use "End Process" button or from context menu.
    #proceed with the install
    '''Warning''': this is the Adobe site and they have chosen to to provide crapware along with their own product. Only install the product you were planning to install. Do not install additional products: including -- "Free! McAfee Security Scan Plus" or "Google Chrome". Installing Google Chrome on your own and installing it because it is offered on the Adobe site are two different things.
    Find updates for other installed plugins at
    Some people will have a problem with Hardware acceleration, right-click in the flash area, click in settings..., then see if change setting makes a difference.

  • Help installing updating Flash Player.

    I can't get beyond the "I have read and agreed to the terms" screen. It asks me to click on "read the license" which I do. I scroll down. Seems like I've read it all. Go back to the screen and it doesn't recognize that I've read it so won't let me install? What's the trick. Used to be a quick agreement to agree to now there's a zillion choices.

    This morning we resolved a problem that prevented Flash Player installations from completing for some of our Macintosh users.
    If you encountered this problem, please delete any previously downloaded Flash Player installer and either:
    1.)      Download the installer again from
    2.)      Download the stand-alone installer from

  • Problems installing Adobe Flash Player

    I am having issues downloading Adobe Flash Player on my Mac. I downloaded OS X Yosemite and every time I try to get the latest version of Flash Player, the downloading stops at 32% or 34%.
    Is there anything I could do to solve the issue?
    Thank you very much in advance for your support.

    1. System Preferences >  Flash Player > Advanced >  Delete  All
         Press the "Delete All" button.
         Install Adobe Flash Player.
       Download it first.
       The next step is important.
       Click Safari in the menubar and select “Quit Safari”.
        Follow the prompts and install it.
        Restart computer. Relaunch Safari.
    2.  Allow  Plug-ins
        Safari > Preferences > Security
        Internet Plug-ins >  "Allow  plug-ins"
        Enable it.

  • Problems installing adobe flash player to use with picnick editing on picasa

    I want to edit a photo on  To do that, I must install Adobe Flash Player.  The flash player has downloaded but does not appear to be installing though I receive a successful installation message.  When Picnick did not open, I was directed to a help page but none of the tips made sense to me.  Has anybody else with my operating system had and difficulties and then solved them???

    Never mind.  It seems to be working now.  I think I just needed to unblock pop-ups.

  • Possible fixes to install/update Flash Player in IE 9

    OK just spent a couple of hours attempting to get IE 9 (32-bit) to install Flash Tried all the troubleshooting advice - turned off security, etc.
    Problem: When clicked on download button, the download page would come up but nothing happened.
    Solution: Discovered setting in IE 9 called "Active X Filtering". It's located in the Tools Menu/Saftey section. If it has a check mark, un-check it and try Flash install again. This solved my problem - hope it helps others.
    FYI - I'm running Win7 64-bit OS. After also unchecking "ActiveX Filtering" in IE 9 (64-bit), the 64-bit Flash Player preview "Square" could also be downloaded and installed.
    If nothing else works try the MANUAL INSTALLER located at:
    Flash Player 10 ActiveX (Internet Explorer 32-bit)
    Flash Player 10 Plugin (All other Windows browsers, such as Firefox or Google Chrome)
    Have a good day.

    Hi, Thanks for your input. Just to add a bit of info, when Win7 came out with the SP1, this was included with that also. Whether this is turned on by default I haven't heard.
    I agree on the Manual Uninstall/Install also. Now Google Chrome is embedded with Flash Player and updates on it's own.
    Glad you figured it all out:-)
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  • Problem Installing Adobe Flash Player for Mac Air (Yosemite)

    I got a message saying my Adobe Flash Player was out of date. This seemed strange because I'd been accessing videos within the last hour with no problems. I went ahead and opened the Mac version installer downloaded of the Adobe site. The install started and after inputting an Admin password, the download reached 25% almost immediately. Unfortunately, it's been stuck at 25% since then. I've tried starting over, deleting the download and re-downloading the update with no success. I've also temporarily disabled my AdBlock and AdBlock Plus. I tried to uninstall AFP so I could start over but the box that's supposed to tell me what uninstaller version to download has an error message saying I need to update AFP.
    How can I fix this?
    Edit: I thought maybe I was downloading an AFP for an earlier OS (I'm running 10.10.2). I made sure to download the latest version of AFP for Mac possible. The install is now stuck at 30%. (Just to be clear, I downloaded the install package with no problem - the issue is with the install program itself pausing at 30%.)
    Edit 2: I figured out which uninstall package I needed (using this page: Uninstall Flash Player | Mac OS) but upon reinstalling AFP, it's stuck again at 25% of download.
    Edit 3: The message "Connection failed. Trying to reconnect" has appeared, followed quickly by "connection failed". Guess I'll try again.

    I've double-checked to make sure that I've selected "Allow Internet Plug-ins" under Safari>Preferences>Security. I've read in other threads that this is one possible solution but it isn't useful to me since I've uninstalled AFP and but I've been unable to reinstall it.
    Edit: I'm not sure if Youtube is supported by a different software package but I can watch any videos on that site with no problem.

  • Problem Installing Adobe Flash Player on my Computer

    Last week I installed Webroot Antivirus and Spy Sweeper on my computer and since then I cannot load my pictures on Facebook or send them to CVS or Walgreens to develop them. I have tried many times to load Adobe Flash Player, followed all instructions and nothing.  I am totally frustrated. I waited over an hour on the phone for an Adobe technician and all he could do was direct me to this forum. I have a Dell  computer, 32 system. I normally use Windows Explorer as my browser. Can somebody out there help me please?

    This reply is to both of you trying to help me through my ordeal with Adobe Flash Player.  I followed both of your advices to no avail. I even enlisted the help of my husband to see if I was doing something wrong or missing a step. He assured me I was doing everything by the book.
    Well, bottom line is number
    1: I never found "Extensions Adds ons and Plug Ins" in Firefox. I looked everywhere and it's simply not on my screen. I opened everything, looked at every line, every box, every space (with my husband next to me looking also).
    Number 2: I got a message that reads: Firefox prevented this site (get from asking you to install software on your computer.
    By the way, I uninstalled Webroot at the beginning and never reinstalled it. Restarted my computer. Tried all the steps you guys suggested, restarted my computer I don't know how many times.
    One time I got Adobe Flash Player installed "successfully" and then I got excited and tried YouTube, videos on Facebook, CNN and guess what? Nothing. No Adobe Flash Player.
    By the way, my husband has the same problem at his work computer. He got an Information Systems technician to work on this and voila! he could not fix the problem either. Any other suggestions out there? If anybody from Adobe reading this?
    To say I am fed up is putting it mildly. I am so mad at Adobe for putting this piece of garbage out there.  I can only compare it to Vista.
    Oh by the way, I keep getting this notice that my" windows drivers are out of date" and guess what?  I have no idea which ones because they don't say. I checked my updates and supposedly I am up to date. I went to Microsoft and they have a million, so how am I supposed to know which ones?
    I am also upset at Microsoft, ha, ha.
    I am going to bed, tomorrow will be another day.

  • Problems installing new flash player

    im having problems installing the latest flash player. the
    first time i tried my internet protector blocked me and i pressed
    deny by mistake, i restarted my computor and tried again but this
    time nothing happens, and thats it, i cant download the
    installations program.
    can someone help me?

    I'm having the same problem. I go to update my Adobe Flash
    Player @ the web address:
    Then I click on the Download and Install button, and it takes
    me to:
    which ends up taking me back to where I started.
    So, I cannot download the new flashplayer either. That makes
    YouTube off-limits, which sucks.

  • Problems installing mac flash player

    I have tried repeatedly to uninstall existing Flash Player and install Flash Player 11 ( on a Mac OSX 10.6.8 64-bit system running Safari (64-bit), without success. 
    The dialog box says that installation was successful, and if you check Apple / System Preferences / Flash Player / Advanced / Updates, it indicates that "Plug-in version is installed.",
    but if I try to run anything requiring Flash, it does not work, and when I go to
    under Flash Player Help / Find Version / Flash Player
    Check if Flash Player is installed on your computer
    I see a blank gray box, indicating that Flash Player is not installed.
    I have followed all of the instructions on Flash Player Help / Installation Problems / Mac OS and uninstalled and reinstalled flash multiple time, with firewalls and antivirus system disabled and everything active force quit, and I get exactly the same results ... Flash appears to be installed, but does not work ... any suggestions?

    Could you please check the following?
    Go to Safari Settings > Preference.
    Go to the Security tab.
    Are the following options selected: Enable Plug-ins and Enable JavaScript?

  • I've had a problem installing Adobe Flash Player; also with Firefox. Tried to download a new FF; it goes crazy! keeps repeating an opening page! Now I don't have FF installed, or Flashplayer, and I think these problems are connected. Help!

    Mac OSX 10.5.8 system. Problems have been ongoing with the Firefox I had installed a while ago: would open browser in Safari, and FF would take over; keep asking me to personalize my browser program. In truth, Firefox was kind of "taking over", and I wasn't happy with it. Usually open the internet in Safari.
    Present problems started with trying to download, install and open a few new games. Kept telling me I needed to install Adobe Flashplayer. I could download it, but it wouldn't install. Downloaded both the Flashplayer installer AND the Flashplayer uninstaller a number of times. Today, I decided to get rid of the Firefox on my hard drive and download a newer version - then try again to download Flashplayer and install. The new FF download just kept opening a new browser page.

    What is your current Flash Player version: ?
    What is your display adapter, driver version & date?  See

  • Problems installing Adobe Flash Player on PowerBook G4, OS 10.5.8.

    I have a Mac PowerBook G4, OS 10.5.8.  Having trouble downloading the appropraite version of Adobe Flash Player.  Have uninstalled, used Adobe Flash Player.pkg, as advised by Chris in a post in September.  Still no luck.  Error message reads: "The following install step failed: run postflight script for Plugin.".  Assistance to rectify this installation problem much appreciated.  Thanks!

    Please do the following.
    Uninstall Flash player, instructions here:
    Go to this link and choose the version you want to install:

  • Problem installing Adobe Flash Player

    The problem I am facing is that I cannot install the newer version of adobe flash player. My current Adobe Flash Player - Version is: and I am working on Windows 7-64bit. After I download the install file from the official site ( =Windows%207&browser_type=KHTML&browser_dist=Chrome&d=McAfee_Security_Scan_Plus_Chrome_Bro wser&dualoffer=false), I cannot install it any further. The install file will open and after pressing “run” and confirming installation (“yes”) it will show a caption “an error has occurred in the script on this page”. (The errors are not the same everytime.) Any help would be appreciated, thank you for your time.

    Download the Adobe Flash Player FULL installer directly by clicking one of the following links.
    Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)
    Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)
    Close your browser and run the appropriate installer offline.

Maybe you are looking for