"program error" when placing text from Word

I'm using Photoshop Elements 13. I create a PDF of the text I want to place from Word. About 50% of the time, I get a "program error". I upgraded from version 11 because of this issue, and now it's happening with this version too. Doesn't seem to help to do it over again. I didn't have a problem doing this on another project, though.
I have a Mac using 10.9.5. Word 2008.

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  • Photoshop CS4 "Program Error" when using Text tool

    Hello. I was having problems with Photoshop displaying a "Program Error" every so often, so I deleted the preference file and all seemed good. But after deleting the preference file for my Photoshop CS4 and re-launching Photoshop, the text tool causes Photoshop to display a Program Error when using the tool. It never did this before. Should I reinstall Photoshop? I am using a Powermac G5 running 10.5.8. I have already tried repairing the disk permissions.

    Thats kinda what I thought too, but the problem started happening randomly. It started when we were trying to use photomerge with large photos. The program just started giving the program errors. I still think it may be a font problem, but without going through my 2000+ fonts and disabling them one by one, how can I resolve this issue?

  • BSP Error when copying text from email to Note section of a transaction

    Hi All,
    We are using CRM2007 for both the Interaction Centre and Sales Web Client.
    When a user is creating a transaction in both roles, if one copies a piece of text from an email into the note section of a transaction at times the web client crashes and gives a BSP error.
    It seems that cetain symbols are not recognised and cannot be converted when they are copied into the note section. The symbols I have noticed this to occur on are the dash symbol and the apostrophe (') symbol.
    The symbols are fine when they are typed in directly, the issue only occurs if they are copied in.
    The web client cannot handle this exception and falls over as a result.
    However, if the text is copeid into the note section of a transaction in CRM online, any symbols it cannot convert correctly automatically convert to a hash (#) symbol.
    Has anyone come across this issue before? Or have an idea as to how it could be resolved?
    Even if it was possible for the webclient to convert any unknown symbols automatically into a hash (#) symbol like CRM Online so the web client would not fall over on save of a transaction.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Inderjeet.
    Thanks for the reply I guess we could not get the fiddler trace as we are getting this error while i am copying the data to excel file which is present on drive from SharePoint this is not on a browser. Correct me if I am wrong
    And Alternate access mappings and IIS bindings are perfect.
    Neela Krishna.

  • "Could not complete your request because of a program error" when applying text layer style

    This just started happening recently after opening up an Illustrator file in Photoshop. Any clue?

    PS CS6 13.0.1 x64
    win 64
    I just created a new file in PS, 8 bit RGB color and SRGB color space.,  no go. CMYK 16 bit, still error.

  • Freeze when copy paste text from word to Indesign CC

    I have a problem when working with indesign CC. When i'm copying text from word to Indesign, after a while my windows system freezes. Only Indesign works. Windows and word are frozen. After a while (several minutes) the system works agian.
    This problem occurs sinc I have Indesign CC.
    Windows 8, indesign CC, Word 2013
    I hope someone has a solution.
    Ragards Bas

    It's the PDF.
    Usually, you can copy text out of a PDF, but there is no guarantee *at all*. Older software used to take shortcuts to subset fonts: first character it encountered got coded as #1, the next as #2, etc. etc. If you do a search & replace of each of the nonsense characters, you'll slowly see the original text appearing (thst's not as simple as it sounds, though).
    A similar "problem" is that sometimes spaces don't get copied (there is no need for a "Space Character" in a PDF), and that you cannot copy contiguous lines of text as a single paragraph. All of it is because a PDF is not intended nor designed to be re-used after creation.
    If you really need this text and don't want to type it in, try to get hold of the original file.

  • Why do I get a program error when changing colors?

    I get a 'Could not complete your request because of a program error' when I try to change colors on both the forground/background palette or from the color picker palette.  Is there a patch for this?
    I am using Photoshop CS6 version 13.0.1.x64

    Hi. Because this forum is for beginners trying to learn the basics of Photoshop, I'm moving your question to the Photoshop General Discussion forum.

  • Windows 7: CS6: Getting a Program Error when flipping foreground and background colors

    Yesterday, I started getting an error when trying to set the default colors and then flipping them. I also get a program error when I try to click on the foreground color and manually assigning it with white.
    This is a Windows 7 Ultimate, with PS CS6.
    I closed the program twice and ran into the same problem, then rebooted and got the same errors.  As far as I can tell, this is the only tool or feature acting up, other than the actions which have this step in them.
    Looking for an easy fix first, of course.  Like maybe deleting the Prefs file? Mac people seem to have to do that regularly.
    But, if nothing works, will I need to uninstall PS and reinstall it? Would that also mean I'd have to install all of my filter packages again, too?
    Thanks in advance,
    M. Jackson

    To date, I have only restarted PS, and only rebooted and restarted PS.
    I have not done any other steps. I am open to anything that keeps me from having to reload, mainly because of all of the filters, presets, actions, and so forth I'd have to find to reload from scratch.
    And, please note, I am on a PC. The Command-Shift-Option is a Mac command. I assume, on a PC that would be Control-Shift-Alt?
    Thanks again,
    Mike Jackson

  • I'm in trouble with copy paste some text from Word to DW mx 2004

    I'am a new developer in webdesign. I'm doing my first site to
    a cliente. I'm in trouble with copy paste some text from Word to DW
    mx 2004. In the Edit / Preferences / General category i have the
    spelling dictionary in Portuguese (Brasilian). If I wrote the text
    in Portuguese directly from DW i can see the letters with ( ç
    ã é ... ) and in the browser testing ( IE 6.0.2 with sp2
    and FireFox 1.0.7 ), but with copy paste from the text in Word in
    Portuguese when i bring it to DW i can see the ( ç ã
    é ... ) in the beginnig but in the Browsers testing i can't,
    and then after a while i lose the ( ç ã o ...). Can
    anyone help me !?
    I need the work finish in next monday. Thanks a lot.

    Your line breaks will most likely be incorrect if you don't turn on the Japanese Composer.
    It is almost absolutely impossible to accomplish your goal without having a font - any font - installed on your system that has that glyph. However, if it's showing up in Word, than means that you must have that glyph installed, right? What font are you trying to use in InDesign? You might already know that Word will auto-substitute fonts when it encounters a missing glyph, so we really don't know what font is being used to render that one glyph. The whole sentence might be in MS Mincho but one glyph might be pulled from another font if MS Mincho doesn't have that glyph.
    That being said, you're going to break it if you don't know how to set Japanese type in ID. It's not something where you can just copy text out of email and paste into your English layout.

  • Pasting text from word replaces Keynote styles

    I get documents that are styled in Word that I have to convert to Keynote. Even though my text boxes are styled in the Master Slides, when I copy and paste text from word it comes in with all of word's formatting and disregard's Keynote's styling for that text box. I tried to convert the word docs to rtf or just plain text, but the text just imports without Keynote's styling applied to it. It would be very tedious to have to style each text box as I bring it in to Keynote. Does anyone have any suggestions to make the workflow less painful?

    Welcome to the discussions, marc01.
    I don't have Omni Outliner to test with, but that does sound like something that's worth looking into. Send feedback to Omni at their site and to Apple with this link.

  • Pasting Text from Word to InDesign (need preserve selected formatting)

    When I import text from Word to Indesign I want to preserve the Italic and semi-bold but nothing else.
    The Indesign document has a template set up with ipsum text styled with semi-bold and normal text as well as a character style for the italic.
    When I paste the text into InDesign I want the ital and semi-bold to translate into the already styled text frame with no other formatting from Word.
    As there will be hundreds of text frames like this I want the ital etc to automatically translate. I also need to paste text over these templated text frames (see attached.

    Use File > Place and check the import options instead of Copy/Paste.

  • How can I get rid of a 1202 error when downloading products from itunes

    How can I get rid of an 1202 error when downloading products from itunes?

    You have probably downloaded the Norton program which is one of the least desirable helpmates you can invite in.
    Read this thread and follow the suggestions by Thomas R, one of our gurus in this field.

  • Copy text from Word '03 into RH9

    I need to copy text from Word into RH in a way that does not bring in the Word codes.  I can obviously copy the text into notepad and then into RH, but I am wondering if there is a way to do it that would be similar to the "Paste Special / Unformatted Text" command in Word? 
    We cannot have the word codes in RH because we translate our user manuals and then use the translated UM text to gain discounts when we translated the html help files.  These codes throw off the matching and cause us to gain hardly any discounts.  Even simple formatting, like a bolded word puts in the word codes into the html code. I made the mistake of thinking if I unbold the word in RH then everything is fine, but little did I know the Word code was still in the HTML. 
    I appreciate your help.
    Also, I am open to suggestions on a better way to get my Word text into RH to be help.  I've started looking into Importing and Linking, but haven't figured out if they would be all that beneficial to us.

    Hi there
    Try the link below:
    Cheers... Rick
    Helpful and Handy Links
    RoboHelp Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form
    Begin learning RoboHelp HTML 7, 8 or 9 within the day!
    Adobe Certified RoboHelp HTML Training
    SorcerStone Blog
    RoboHelp eBooks

  • Problems with text from Word, even WordPad - erased spaces  :(

    I have Director 11 and I think this is my last project with it, so I don't consider an upgrade to 11.5 since I don't see any future.
    I have a serious issue when I paste text from Word or even Wordpad. Sometimes it erases spaces between words.
    I want to keep some formating because I have a lot of text so pasting from Notepad it's excluded.... too much work
    Any ideas?

    Director 11 was a pathetic, miserable thing.  Director 11.5 fixed many (not all, but many) of the problems introduced in D11, including a great deal of the text related issues that came with the new text engine.  I do not know if D11.5 will work better in your specific instance, but it is useable.  In my opinion, D11 is not usable, and never should have been released to the world.
    Anyway, I would recommend that you download the free trial version of D11.5 and see if it works better.  Beware though, that you need to do it on another machine that does not have D11 licensed on it.  It will probably overwrite the D11 installation, so you do not want to do that if you do not plan on purchasing D11.5.

  • Problems Copying Text from Word 2008 to InDesign CS3

    When I copy/paste text from Word into InDesign, the text pastes as an image. If I draw a text box in InDeign and paste the text in there, the same thing happens and the box is locked in position. I'm pretty sure there is a setting in Word I have to change, but I've tried everything! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    Why don't you try File > Place and place the .doc file? (Probably not too many Word experts in an Adobe forum.)

  • Boris title3D crashing when pasting Japanese from Word

    Doing Japanese subtitling for a feature doc.
    Not sure if this holds true for all versions of Word, but figured this might save someone a lot of pain.
    When I try and copy Japanese text from Word into Boris Title3D, FCP consistently crashes.  The solution, open up the doc in TextEdit and copy from there.
    I am using a relatively old version of Word.  May not hold true for later versions.

    Place, don’t paste.

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  • Error in opening .pdf files from the search results

    Hi All, When we do the search it displays the results, upon clikc the link of .pdf files it gives error "<b>File is damaged and cannot be repaired</b>". However, subsequent click on the same link it opens the .pdf file correctly. We are in EP50 SP50

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    hi, while posting IDOC into R3, I got below error in WE05. under status records 51  Error: Application document not posted Account group is not defined in table T077K reward points always helpful for helpers. Regards, Nageswari

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    Why did everything in my son's Student Edition CS6 install on the Mac (10.8) except Illustrator?

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