Question on IPreview PDF corruption?

My iPreview reader is reading a pdf document's highlights and notes in the  left column (when i select it) very oddly, it has a little symbol of an alien head in place of each space that I have selected in the text. This is a very large text and I am half way through with it-can you please help so I don't loose all my information? Thank you!

What is iPreview. It doesn't even show up in a Google search?
If you're sharing PDF files which have annotations with a third party PDF reader, that's very chancey, and there are no guarantees that the annotations won't be corrupted. It happens with Apple Preview, for example.

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  • Question RE Editable PDF

    My problem is ...
    I am working with a Nightingale-Conant program from Garrett Gunderson called "New Rules To Get Rich," which has a PDF workbook to download.  However, after having copied the workbook to my computer as instructed (twice now) when I return to work on my plan, the document will not let me pick up where I have left off.
    I get a message when I reopen the workbook that says, "This document enabled extended features in Adobe Reader. The document has been changed since it was created and use of extended features is no longer available. Please contact the author for the original version of this document."
    What do I need to do to have the workbook respond to continuous editing as I do the exercises?

    Using Version X at the moment.
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  • Annotated PDFs Corrupting When Emailed

    Our school has a one-to-one initiative with iPads (2200 students and 120 teachers). Student iPads on campus are a mix of gen 1s, 2s, and 4s. We recently began having trouble with annotated PDFs corrupting when they were emailed from students running iOS5 on iPad 1s to teachers running iOS 8 on iPad 4s. We use two different PDF annotation apps, Goodreader and Notability and the issue remains the same regardless of which app is used. When the annotated PDF is emailed out of the app from the student to the teacher and the teacher opens the PDF on their iPad the pages turn the color of whatever "ink" the student used with they annotated. It completely covers all content on the page. The PDFs open fine on a computer though. I've never seen anything like it in the 3+ years we've been using iPads on campus. Is it a compatibility issue of some sort between the operating systems? Looking for any feedback or suggestions I can get.

    Not at all - the viewer is very basic indeed and does not recognise the annotations and only reads the basic pdf content.

  • Hello question about certified pdf

    I have a question about certified pdf.
    My client wants to have a certified pdf , when  I make a high resolution PDF in CMYK is this oke for print media?
    Or do I need to do somthing els??

    As Dov says, it's very likely that what they actually mean is a PDF/X file - some flavors of which you can make from InDesign using the Export > PDF (Print) dialog presets, and some you can make using Acrobat Pro.
    However it's very important to find out exactly what they want:
    There a couple of versions of PDF/X (the older PDF/X-1a is very widely supported but can only cope with CMYK - the newer PDF/X-4 is more flexible and handles things like spot colors, but is often not printable on older hardware).
    When exporting to CMYK you have to choose a color profile - and that will depend on the printer's hardware and proofing systems. You may have to choose exactly the right one, or they may be able to convert back from any profile - until you find out you're working in the dark.
    Of course you also need to know the printer's rules about bleed, TAC, etc.

  • Some Questions on Adobe PDF Forms

    I have some questions on Adobe Forms development (especially Adobe Forms in ABAP)
    1)     In a form interface, in the Code Initialization can we use Object Oriented Syntaxes such as class method calls, etc?
    2)     Can we declare Global Data variables with reference to Class References / Interfaces
    3)     Can we use the latest ECC 6.0 enhancement framework to add code in the standard form interface to enhance / enrich some logic within the form? This is to avoid copying the form interface into a Z in order to enrich the form via coding?
    Please let me know if this is possible at all and how
    Will award points
    Thanking You in advance

    That is possible of course. You should use the PDFObject API for that requirements.
    1. define a xml schema with all data given by SAP system.
    2. create a form template which uses this schema as data connection
    3. implement a java application (i.e. J2EE application) which:
    - gets the data from SAP system and generates some pdf files (using PDFObject API)
    - reads pdf files back to xml and submits the data to a BAPI

  • Why don't the questions as reported in forms match the order of questions on the pdf form used to collect the data?

    I imported a PDF from for my survey. Then, I distributed it. People have completed it and the results have been submitted back to my FormsCentral account. The first two questions are text entry, then there are two 6 option multiple-choice questions before a 3 option multiple choice question. Why is it that in the report gives me results from four 6-option multiple choice questions before the 3-option question when there are only two? To make matters worse, the questions aren't coded with the text of the questions. They're coded cryptically, as are the responses. What the heck is going on and can I fix this?

    I'm having trouble deciphering what you wrote: "As I said, the initial order seems somewhat arbitrary from the user's perspective." As I work in the political arena, I'm parsing this out. It's either a brilliantly worded "you're screwed" statement, or there is some ambiguity and hope here. Let's deconstruct:
    "initial order" Does this mean the order of my questions in the survey? There's nothing arbitrary about them. I know the order of my questions
    "somewhat arbitrary" Does this mean there's actually some order to the way the results are being outputted? If so, how do I determine that order?
    "from the user's perspective." Is there another perspective from which the actual (original/initial) ordering of the questions can be resurrected?
    I'm not trying to badger. That's not my intent. You have a user here who is reading hope from your words, and I'm trying to distinguish between real hope and a nice way of saying "SOL."
    Answer One:  There is some hope
    Answer Two:  SOL
    After this, I can mark the question. Thank you.

  • Security question about opening PDFs in Reader as opposed to Standard or Professional

    Our ITC wants us to open all downloaded PDFs in Acrobat Reader 9 as opposed to Acrobat 7.0 Standard. We currently have both. We download a lot of PDFs and frequently need to Reduce File Size or extract pages, etc. I am hoping to upgrade my Acrobat 7.0 Standard to Professional 9.
    Is there a valid security reason to always open first in Reader? Based on what I have read Acrobat Reader 9 and Professional 9 both had security risks and it is my understanding that a patch has been released today.
    Is there a security risk still for Acrobat Professional 9 and is there a security risk for Acrobat Standard 7.0? Does requiring us to download, save and open PDFs in Reader 9 first make sense from a security standpoint?
    Thanks very much for any input.

    I don't remember any claims that Reader was safer than Acrobat. I use Acrobat exclusively and Adobe recommends against installing both due to conflicts (they use a lot of the same files). The biggest factor to be careful about is to not open any attachments or applications that may be built in. These can be put in the PDF and both Acrobat and Reader open such tools. I would tend to question the basis for the IT folks decision, particularly based on the Adobe recommendation and problems that it creates. At least that is my opinion.

  • ICWC document emailed with no extension or PDF corrupted.

    CRM 5.0 SP11.
    1. We access a document in the inbox and an attached document exist & agent has visbility to the document in the Document Search (order ack, invoice) saved in CMS as OTF files.
    2. Agent can click the hyper link and see the document (Good)
    3. Agent can select the document and email, in the ICWC email screen agent can click the attachment and again see the document. (Good)
    4. The person receiving the email receives the attachment but their is no extension (.PDF, OTF, etc).  By double clicking on the extension windows ask which program to use and adobe 7.0 reader does open the form but the user has to repeat this action for every email received with an attachment.
    We wrote an enhancement to add the .PDF to the email and step #3 works fine to the ICWC user But the receiving email recipient gets the PDF file but when opening the email the PDF is corrupt
    " Adobe reader could not open .... is not a supported file type or is corrupted, was sent as email attachment and not properly decoded"
    I'm posting here but not sure if this is a SAPconnect issue? Hoping someone else has encountered this. Will give points.

    SAP provided a correction to

  • PDF corrupted when trying to convert to PDF

    I have a problem converting a file to PDF from WORD 2007.
    The whole thing becomes corrupted, including: change in orientation of pages, omission of page numbers, corruption of tables...
    This happens when printing to PDF, saving as PDF, trying to convert to PDF outside WORD or using an online system... When using another converter (the one that comes with my Windows System), the file is still corrupt, just slightly less so.
    I think it must be a problem with the file as it doesn't happen when I try to convert other documents - but how to identify and eliminate that problem in the file? I tried to copy over to a different document, but that did not work either.
    One strange thing is also that once I ask WORD to print to PDF, it actually also changes the WORD file, with changing the orientation of the first pages etc. and the numbering of tables and figures.
    Urgent help required, as this is actually a scientific paper I need to resubmit today!!
    Many thanks!

    This sounds like a Word issue - simply formatting for printing is doing bad things to your file. Is it possible this is just the normal reflow Word does, and you are not set up to expect it? Expect line breaks to change, and hence text to move between pages.
    You may need to select the Adobe PDF printer as your default and "fix" the word document.
    The page numbers - are they automatic or typed manually?

  • Multiple choice question in intractive pdf?

    I have a question about Multiple option question. How to create Multiple option single answer question with explanation popup in interactive PDF. Please guide me.

    Yes, this worked fine.
    I just had to place the animal to the left of the table and just reduce it slightly in size. It worked fine.

  • Random PDF corruption in received emails

    I am running a setup with 1 Ipad original 64gb, 3G IOS 5.1.1 and 9 Ipad 2's 64gb, 3G IOS 5.1.1
    When we issue an email to these devices from Outlook 2010 running on Windows XP / 7 machines containing more than 1 PDF document in the attachments the odds are great that the 2nd attached PDF will be corrupt on at least one of these devices if not more.  This has been ongoing for some time.  I will detail the latest incident for you all to ponder...
    An email with 5 attached PDF's was generated on our Windows machines using Adobe Acrobat X Pro to create the PDF's.  This email was then sent out to the mail accounts of the Ipad's hosted on MS Exchange Server 2003.  The Ipads connect to this server via simple SMTP to download the messages.  I am the holder of the Ipad 1 and I could open all but the last two attachments in quick view on the Ipad which told me they were corrupt.  Adobe Reader on my Ipad also would not open the last two attachments.  Neither would PDF Expert.
    On the Ipad2's some could open all the attachments, some could not open the same two that I could not open, on others it was only 1 attachment that could not be read but also was not one of the two that I could not read.  Broadcasting the message again using the same recipients and the same message that had already been sent but forwarding it this time, results in me on my Ipad1 being able to read all the attachments.  Some recipients on the Ipad2's could also now open all of the attachments, some could not open any, and still others could now open the ones they could not before, but now the ones they could open in the original broadcast they cannot open in the second which was simply a forward of the original sent message.
    If I check my email on my Windows 7 pc using Outlook 2010 I can open and read all the attachments, I also open the same messages from the same account as received on my Macbook Pro using Outlook 2011 for Mac and I can open all attachments just fine. my logic the problem is not with the mail as it leaves the Exchange server as my Windows pc and my Macbook are getting the same messages from the same mailboxes with the same attachments and all is well.  The problem must be in the Ipad(s) as they receive the message and it is randomly corrupting the attached PDF's.
    Is anyone else having this issue?  If so, how have you resolved it?  I have seen many threads on different user sites across the internet outlining this problem with PDF's on the Ipad going back to 2010 with no clear comment from Apple or a resolution.  I'm just hoping I've missed something and someone here can help.

    The problem is likely with the source, not the destination.  If you're not seeing signatures on emails from other people, then they are probably not adding a signature.
    If you're seeing a 'distorted' signature with email attachments for the graphics, then either organization may have a policy which prevents HTML emails.  If an email is forced to plain text, it will alter the view that you are seeing.
    - Chris Ream -
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  • Questions about my PDF portfolio.

    I have only a few questions about a CD portfolio I am designing with Acrobat Professional (8.0)
    There were a few things i couldn't figure out on my own.
    I have about 15-20 pieces to show on CD, but there is no web design involved, so I couldn't use my own web site layout to just throw onto CD, out of that convenience.
    1) How do you make sure the PDF will always opens at the size you want?
    For example, whenever I set the document at actual size (100% view) I close and open the document, and it reopens at a random size, such as 317 percent.
    2) Where can I find examples of design portfolios that were designed in Acrobat? Everyone's portfolio is online these days, which is not my style.
    3) Is it possible to make a 'thumbnail view' on the first PDF page (like you would see in a gallery on a website) that links from that page to any one of the 15-20 pieces?
    Any advice is much appreciated.

    Fender77 wrote:
    1. i think you will have to shutt it off within settings, if the javagame won't let you turn it off temporary. Don't you find keytones annoying?
    Guess thats what ill do
    I also found another stuipd thing in some Java games the phone still has the tilt sensor active in games and software.
    Some games end up with graphic glitches forcing you to restart them, some display a message saying its unsupported and some support it partially (The number keys for navigation stay like they are in portrait which is of course messed up (The phone seems to change the navigation keys internally though so that does work)

  • CoreData.pdf - corrupt PDF on Apple's site?

    I'm attempting to download the PDF version of Apple's Core Data programming guide at the following URL: a/CoreData.pdf
    It appears that this PDF file is either truncated or corrupt. Neither Preview or Adobe Reader can open it.The md5sum of the file I have is 28d7d75c587ad4745cefd50a260b1aec
    Does anyone know where I can find a working copy of this file?

    You should file a bug report on this. The PDF even seems to be corrupted in the offline documentation.
    You can always use the HTML version.

  • PDF Corruption

    Hi there,
    Currently I am generating pdf files using the Oracle Report Server on an unix server. Files located on the unix server. Then using a NFS mount to mount the directory in a Windows 2000 server.
    A windows application is then used to pick up and process the files when done.
    However, currently I am encountering corrupted pdf files. They are usually pretty big files.
    Does anyone know why this is happening and how to resolve?

    Ian, the examples you give on your website look like a font issue. It's the text that doesn't render right.
    I'd start by clearing your font caches using a tool like YASU:

  • Color question (Pantone to PDF)

    This is probably more of an Adobe Distiller question, but
    I'll ask
    I whipped up a logo design for a client and they love it. I
    just eyeballed
    on-screen colors and told them that they'll have to sit down
    with the
    Pantone Swatch book and pick the specific colors they want to
    They ended up matching the swatches to the on-screen colors I
    picked and
    that's what I used.
    I then created a PDF (press optimized) of said FH file. Now
    the colors look
    completely different on-screen (though, obviously, they are
    the correct
    pantone colors and as long as the printer isn't an idiot,
    they'll look fine
    on the t-shirts).
    The question I have is why do on-screen matched pantone
    colors not actually
    match on screen when used?

    As you requested Darrel, here is my best answer to this
    question. (I
    didn't answer before because I'm not 100% able to back up my
    answer with
    facts and typically leave it up people who are.)
    The colors are not matching simply because all applications
    colors differently. I can open up the same PDF in Acrobat 4
    and 8 as
    well as Preview and get three different color schemes. Each
    program has
    it's own method of rendering colors on screen. Now you
    transfer that
    same PDF to someone else's computer with a different monitor,
    video card and different operating system and you've got a
    real mess.
    There is not guaranteed way to deliver color on screen. If
    you spend
    some money and a lot of time you may be able to get FreeHand,
    and your desktop printer to agree (more or less) but you can
    about much else.
    Moral of the story? Never buy clothes online that you haven't
    seen in
    P.S. Even on press, Pantone or process, you are going to get
    variations. If you are printing a t-shirt it better be white,
    the colors will vary just by virtue of the color they are
    printed on and
    even just LOOK different because of the color next to it.
    darrel wrote:
    > This is probably more of an Adobe Distiller question,
    but I'll ask
    > anyways...
    > I whipped up a logo design for a client and they love
    it. I just eyeballed
    > on-screen colors and told them that they'll have to sit
    down with the
    > Pantone Swatch book and pick the specific colors they
    want to use.
    > They ended up matching the swatches to the on-screen
    colors I picked and
    > that's what I used.
    > I then created a PDF (press optimized) of said FH file.
    Now the colors look
    > completely different on-screen (though, obviously, they
    are the correct
    > pantone colors and as long as the printer isn't an
    idiot, they'll look fine
    > on the t-shirts).
    > The question I have is why do on-screen matched pantone
    colors not actually
    > match on screen when used?
    > -Darrel

Maybe you are looking for