QuickTime 7 and Applescript in 10.6

I have a little issue. Below is a part of my script. The idea is that under 10.5 everything worked perfectly. Right now I'm in 10.6 .
Basically I want QuickTime Player 7 to open a file and do some stuff with it. Unfortunately, the QuickTime Player 7 activates (opens), but at the same time the file is opened in the new QuickTime Player X. I tried to be specific by using +application id "com.apple.quicktimeplayer"+ which corresponds to QT7, but it still leaves QT7 just astivated and a file opened in QTX.
+tell application id "com.apple.quicktimeplayer"+
+close every document+
+open theNewFile+
+set movie_name to name of document 1+
+set save_location to my_location & movie_name & ".mov"+
+save document 1 in save_location+
+close document 1+
+end tell+
Any suggestions?

WIth file mappings you mean the default open with thing?
I'm sorry, I'm just not a pro in computers

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  • QuickTime and Applescript issue.

    I am having an issue with applescript and QT 7 Pro. Last year I wrote a script and it uses a folder action and converts our footage into DV stream format acceptable to our on-air Windows server. Well, it works beautifully in QT 6.5 Pro/Panther. A 30 second clip takes only a few seconds to convert. But with Tiger and QT 7, encoding with the same script, it pretty much takes real time to encode it. Now, if I manually export it with QT 7 Pro with the same settings the script calls, it goes at the fast speed it does under 6.5.2. It seems the lethal combination is applescript and QT 7. Does anyone have any ideas or have heard of this problem? Thanks.

    You can get Quicktime alternative from here

  • Getting Automator or AppleScript to start up QuickTime and play a radio sta

    I am new to Automator and have never tried AppleScript.
    I would like my Mac to start up and play a radio station. I have been successful in getting the link to work in QuickTime or play directly in Safari. However, when I try to use Automator to start QuickTime and play the link, uh, nothing happens. When I save the workflow to the desktop and click on it, it opens up Automator.
    I would have expected that running the workflow would open up QuickTime and then load the link and play it.
    I am missing something here and getting frustrated with the documentation.
    I could use AppleScript, but know nothing about it and have not been able to find a already made AppleScript online.

    When I save the workflow to the desktop and click on it, it opens up Automator.
    It would appear that you're saving the workflow as a workflow rather than saving it as an application. In Automator's Save dialog, look for the File Format drop-down and select Application instead.
    Beyond that, without knowing the stream's URL or the stream's referring web page it would be difficult to say with certainty what the best approach might be. If you could post the URL that would help. A few questions that come to mind: Is the radio station a live streaming AM or FM station? A podcast? What file format is used? Does a .qtl file or some other file get downloaded to your desktop when you click on the "listen live" link from the referring radio station's web page?
    For example, when I click on "Click to listen with Quicktime" at kgoam810.com a listenlive.qtl file is downloaded to my desktop. In this case the Automator workflow would be easy to set up, using these two Finder library actions:
    1) *Get Specified Finder Items* -- click on the "+" sign, navigate to the listenlive.qtl file and select it.
    2) *Open Finder Items* -- set it to open with the default application.
    Save the workflow as an application and add to your Login Items.
    If no file is downloaded and you have only the stream's URL, you may be able to cobble together a workflow which makes use of a GUI type applescript. I've had success using the following actions:
    1) *Get Specified Text* -- from Automator's TextEdit library. Simply type in or paste the URL into the text box.
    2) *Copy to Clipboard* -- from Automator's System library.
    3) *Run AppleScript* -- from the Automator library. The script shown below has worked for me. Copy the code and paste it into the Run AppleScript box, overwriting what's pre-populated there:
    *on run {input, parameters}*
    *tell application "QuickTime Player"*
    *tell application "System Events"*
    *tell process "QuickTime Player"*
    *keystroke "u" using command down*
    *keystroke "v" using command down*
    *delay 1*
    *keystroke return*
    *end tell*
    *end tell*
    *end tell*
    *return input*
    *end run*
    Compile the script by clicking on the hammer icon in the Run AppleScript box and save the workflow as an application. Add it to your Login Items.
    Note that as a GUI applescript is being used here, you should have "Enable access for assistive devices" checked under System Preferences > Universal Access. Also, under the QuickTime Player's Preferences > Other, make sure that "Show Content Guide automatically" is unchecked.
    Your mileage may vary... Good luck!

  • Unable to capture in FCP, Quicktime and iMovie, camera not recognized.

    I am unable to capture in FCP, Quicktime and iMovie.
    I have been dealing with this problem for quite a while now, and I think I have tried everything posted on these forums regarding this issue. I have been to the Quicktime, iMovie, and this FCP forum looking for the solution. Hopefully someone has a suggestion that I have missed or have not tried yet. I have a Powerbook G4 running OSX Tiger 10.4. I am running Quicktime 7.04, and FCP 4.5.
    My problem is this… I am unable to capture from my Canon ZR-200 Mini DV camera, using Final Cut Pro, iMovie and also Quicktime. FCP says no camera recognized. iMovie says no camera attached, and Quicktime says no recording device found. In FCP, I am using the Firewire Basic setting, and NTSC DV settings. I have captured in FCP with the same camera several times in the past. I think the problem started when I upgraded to OSX 10.4, or one of the Quicktime upgrades.
    Here are the details…
    - Camera is connect via Firewire. I have tried the built in ports, as well as a Firewire Carbus card.
    - OSX recognizes the Canon ZR-200 in the System Profiler, so I know the computer sees the camera.
    - I have tried the camera on a Windows XP machine, and capture works perfectly, so I know the camera is functioning properly in VTR mode.
    - Deleted my FCP pref’s using FCP Rescue.
    - Deleted the Quicktime receipts, and re-installed Quicktime 7.04
    - Reverted back to Quicktime 7.01
    - Set the audio to 44.1 in the the Audio MIDI setup in the Utilities folder
    - Tried the “GarageBand” fix, opening the programing, playing a few notes and closing.
    - I have installed Quicktime using the program “Yank” to completely delete Quicktime and re-install.
    I may have tried more solutions, but these are the fixes that I can recall.
    If anyone has any others suggestions, it would be much appreciated.

    Hi Brent:
    Although it looks as if you have tried all of the 'fixes' that are normally suggested here, please read through this Apple Article to see if some obscure thing applies to you.
    iMovie: Cannot see or control camera

  • Upgrade of our 10.4.11 laptop to 10.5 is accomplished and we now need to upgrade Quicktime and iTunes; however, the user name and password is now not working after the upgrade to 10.5.

    Object is to sync address and calendar between laptop with Max OS 10.4.11 and iPhone. Upgrade of our 10.4.11 laptop to 10.5 is accomplished and we now need to upgrade Quicktime and iTunes; however, the user name and password for the laptop is now not working after the upgrade to 10.5., though it was working prior to the upgrade, for file sharing.

    @ BDAqua > I tried your suggestion but no luck. holding opt+command just gave me a blue screen and it rebotted, pushing the disk out of the drive. Yes, the macbook has 1 gb of ram. I realize that the min req. call for 2 gb of ram so i've got an order in for another dimm to put into the machine. Thanks for your suggestions.
    @ a_brody > Yes. The machine was plugged into a power source. The disk promts you to do that and i recall aspect this form other installs. Thanks for the reminder tho! ( btw your second post is like greek to me man!) 
    @ Kuncklesmac > You're right about Snow Leopard being an upgrade from Leopard. I'm aware of this. And yes previously i've been told by Apple that I needed the Box Set (not the family pack.  i am using the family pack for OS Snow Leopard) to upgrade my 10.4.11 mac - they never mentioned adding ram but i figured that out on my own and an apple specialist recommended it when i purchased Snow Leopard and confirmed that I coul duse the Snow Leopard to upgarde from Tiger (10.4.11). I've also read extensively (as i said above) that it isn't necessary (always) to buy the box set. Several 10.4.11 users report having upgraded using the Snow Leopard upgrade disk only (not the Box Set) without trouble on intel macs (also see the apple link i posted). So i'm just ondering how they did it and i cannot. 
    Thanks fo rall yor help!

  • I just got a new computer with Windows 7 and all my songs were transferred to my new computer along with itunes.  But I can't get it to work.  I also tried downloading Quicktime and couldn't get it to download.

    I just bought a new computer and had files transferred along with itunes to the new computer.  I can't get it to work.  It doesn't recognize the extensions for itunes.  I also tried downloading Quicktime and couldn't get it to download.

    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    I would start with:
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7

  • I'm running snow leopard. The try to open any .mov file in Quicktime, and I get an error message that says, "The document xyz.mov could not be opened. The movie is not in a format that Quicktime player understands. I'm a recent upgrade to Snow Leopard.

    I'm running snow leopard. The try to open any .mov file in Quicktime, and I get an error message that says, "The document xyz.mov could not be opened. The movie is not in a format that Quicktime player understands. I'm a recent upgrade to Snow Leopard.
    Thanks, Mark

    Unfortunately, the error message gives no details about what codec might be missing or what it needs.
    If the file can't be opened in QT, it only means you cannot use the QT "Inspector" window to check what compression formats were used to create the file. It does not mean you can't use the Finder "Information" window to check on the compression formats or use a third party media information window (e.g., like VLC which will open many compression formats not supported natively by QT) to determine what kind of data is included in the MOV wrapper. If the file cannot be opened in any app, it is usually a good sign that the file itself is corrupted.
    It's a stupid error message. Apple should do better than that.
    Error trapping is quite extensive but there are still many areas which require human oversight. The message is telling you that either the container has a problem (e.g., not properly terminated, non-standard, or corrupted) or that one or more of the compression formats used is not supported by your current codec component configuration or that the data was encoded using non-standard settings or preferences not supported by QT or that the fourCC code does not match the data contained in the file or that there are timecode inconsistencies, etc., etc., etc. In short there are a near infinite number of possible problems for which it would be very difficult/nearly impossible to program error trapping depending on your sourcing of content and how you process it before it reaches the player app. Think of it like trying to play a BD disc in an DVD player.
    I'll call Apple support when I get a chance.
    Chances are good that they will end up sending you back here. In any case, it is often a good idea to post a sample file for examination by other QT users. At the very least, they should be able to tell you if the sample file will play on other systems which would indicate whether or not the file itself is bad and under the best of circumstances whould allow them to examing the file in detail for various common problems.

  • Quicktime and itunes wont install. I have never had quicktime installed on my computer before

    I recently bought an ipod touch 4g and realized that I needed itunes to activate it. After downloading itunes it wouldn't install, no error messages or anything, when I click on the installer it just doesn't do anything.
    After downloading several versions of itunes (older versions) I finally found one that started to install. Then it told me that I need Quicktime on my computer in order for it to install. So I downloaded the latest version of quicktime and had the same problem, when I click on the installer, nothing happens. I tried downloading older versions of quicktime but still had the same problem.
    I have never had quicktime or itunes installed on this computer before, so I know that it isn't an older version of the program hidden in my computer that is preventing the installation from happening.
    My computer is running on Windows 7. I know that there wasn't a problem with downloading the software, the files weren't corrupted or anything. There are no error messages, the software doesn't even partially install. When I click on the installer, nothing happens. I have tried running the programs as an administrator and that doesn't change anything.
    I have tried so many different things, but can't remember everything that I tried. Yesterday I spent nearly 10 hours trying to sort this out because I was determined to get my ipod running. I only stopped when my internet credit ran out and today after buying some more, I am trying again. Please help.

    I appreciate the quick response, thank you for that.
    One thing I did try was windows cleanup utility and searched through the program files for all apple software, but had none. I even deleted the temp files on my computer, and on my internet browser, but nothing happened.
    One thing that I didn't think of was deleting the installation files in my downloads folder, pretty silly of me but I didn't think it would make a difference. I also spent about 2-3gig on downloads yesterday and didn't want to delete the files but as a last resort I did and emptied my recycle bin, then downloaded a fresh copy of Quicktime and finally it installed!
    Now I am in the process of downloading a fresh copy of iTunes, the download hasn't finished yet so I haven't had a chance to install it yet but I have a much better feeling about it this time after deleting all the old installation files from my downloads folder. If Quicktime worked after that, I am sure iTunes will.
    I can't believe it was something so simple as deleting the installation files in my downloads folder and emptying the recycle bin. I had seriously gone through my entire computer looking for any little file that was related to Quicktime or iTunes. I didn't even think of the two most obvious places. I spent so much time and credit downloading multiple files and my computer even got a virus when trying to download a copy from an unauthorized source, I had no problem getting rid of the virus, but struggled with Quicktime and iTunes, that is why I got so frustrated! I feel like an idiot now :-P
    Thank you for your help. I still havent installed iTunes yet, so fingers crossed. I think it will work now though.

  • Quicktime and iTunes "quit unexpectedly" when I try to open them

    I'm getting an error message whenever I try to open either Quicktime or iTunes saying that the application quit unexpectedly. The error report (for both Quicktime and iTunes) says (amongst other things):
    Exception: EXCBADACCESS
    Thread 0 Crashed with PPC thread state 64
    Anyone any ideas? Thanks.

    Please post the crash report here so we can view it and offer help.

  • Final Cut, Quicktime, and Pro Tools conflicts

    Hi there,
    I'm working on a "situation" I recently encountered, and wonder if anybody else has had this problem.
    I'm trying to upgrade Pro Tools LE to version 6.9.2 with the install discs that were sent to me from Digidesign, and it's wreaking havoc with Final Cut Pro and Quicktime.
    Initially when I installed the upgrade, I was running OSX 10.4.2, FCP 5.0.3 and QT 7.0.2. The Pro Tools upgrade worked fine, as did FCP when I launched it, but Quicktime wouldn't launch- spinning beachball forevermore.
    So after doing all the basics- trashing pref's and render files, repairing permissions, etc.- and finding QT still wouldn't work, I tried upgrading to QT 7.0.3.
    Once I did that, QT still wouldn't work, and Final Cut Pro would no longer launch. It just hung on the application startup screen, at no particular point each time.
    I then upgraded to FCP 5.0.4, and as well OS 10.4.3. No luck. I installed the Pro Application Support updates 2005-02 1.0, and 3.1, and still no luck.
    Since there is not yet a downgrade from QT 7.0.3 to 7.0.2, I ran the 7.0.2 to 7.0.1 installer, and downgraded to QT 7.0.1. QT still wouldn't launch, and FCP still hung on launch but this time it hung at the point where it was loading audio filters.
    I tried removing the audio filters from their folders to see if it would launch then, but that didn't work. At this point, the only thing I could think to do was to uninstall Pro Tools altogether (safe uninstall, not clean uninstall) and this is what finally brought Quicktime and Final Cut back to life. Great, because I use FCP and QT everday, but I no longer have the use of Pro Tools.
    Throughout this process I made sure to diligenty repair permissions, trash prefs, and restart whenever I made a change.
    So I'm not sure at this point how to get Pro Tools LE 6.9.2, Final Cut Pro 5.0.4, and Quicktime (any version above 7.0) to work harmoniously, and I'm unable to spare any more troubleshooting time for a week or so because there are of course, projects due.
    Has anybody else encountered these oddities?
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi, Joni C
    I'm Bump,
    I'm having the same trouble, I have FCP I'm running it on a G5 power Mac dual 2.5 ghz with 2.5 gb of memory, my os is 10.4.4. I also have Quicktime pro 7.0.3 and I have Pro Tools LE 7.0, every time I try to use FCP it starts and about five sec. later it shuts back down. I also have a Universal Audio UAD pci card that runs audio plugins and I also have fxpansion program it converts my vst & Au plugins to rtas for pro tools le. IBefore I installed FCP I wiped my hard drive and re installed a fresh version of tiger 10.4 and then I installed FCP studio, then Pro Tools, then all plugin and kept checking to make sure every thing was working correctly and then the U audio stuff with the Vst to rtas wrapper and it all was working fine. I even did the full final cut tutorial still worked fine. Yesterday out of no where final cut just stop working and still all the other programs work fine like dvd studios, soundtrack, motion, pro tools. If you can shead any light on this I would be very greatful

  • Mail, App Store, Quicktime and others don't work!

    I downloaded OS X Mavericks but mail crashes every time i open it with my IMac.
    Also App Store, Quicktime and other software don't work.
    I'm really in difficult! Help me please!

    Mmmmm I tried this an it didn't seem to solve my problem, but I think it helped me understand what's going on slightly more than before. I restored my system and files after my HD became corrupted by duping the drive. When I restored everything, it seems there might have been some conflicting problems with the OS and two identical users were created. So now in order to access my personalized settings and what not, I need to unlock my user settings and leave it unlocked for a few hours. This wouldn't be a problem if my MBP didn't give me kernal panics every time I run Safari or some general application for more than 10 minutes. I'm going to declare AppleCare as it's been under 3 years, but want to wait before my replacement iMac comes. Thank you for your help.

  • How can I locate, uninstall Quicktime and iTunes in order to reinstall?

    Installed iTunes and Quicktime and bought music. Then tried to access a couple of week later. From iTunes got message 'the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable'. Quicktime says 'Error 46: could not load or find the QT ActiveX control'. I can't access them through Add/Remove Programs, so can't uninstall or update. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    DELL   Windows XP  

    I've installed and run Win Install Cleanup. Have tried reinstalling iTunes and QT a couple of times. Both times, the status bar freezes at four 'blocks' from the end, with the message 'Registering iTunes automation server'. The Task Manager says the installer's status is Running, so I don't know what to do, other than uninstall as best I can and start the process again. Could it be that the Security Center is preventing it from completing the installation? Any suggestions gratefully received.
    DELL   Windows XP  

  • Error in Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Hello Everyone,
    I am a regular user of I-tunes but recently i dont know why but I got some error in Launching I-tunes. So as recomonded by "Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7" section. I started removing the products. But after removing Quick time, I tried to remove Apple Software Update but while uninstalling it gave error that "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." and the uninstall rollbacks.
    Please send me a feasible solution to this problem.
    Thank You.

    Uninstalling the iCloud control panel should allow you to do that folder deletion.

  • I accidentally uninstalled QuickTime, and now iTunes won't open.What do i do?

    I was uninstalling some programs on my laptop since it has too much. I uninstalled QuickTime, not knowing it was needed to open iTunes. So, now, I downloaded QuickTime so that i can reinstall it. However, it said that it's "not a valid Win32 application." Before that, I tried to open my iTunes, but it said that it needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled. So, i did just that. I saw an old itunes setup in one of my folders. However, it was an old version, so it won't open. So now, as i'm typing this, i'm downloading the latest itunes in hopes of getting it right. What should i do? Can anyone help me?

    You can install it again from mac OS dvd, there's a folder named "optional installs" or "additional installs"with a installer in there, simply pen that installer and select from the list  QuickTime and that's all

  • 10.6, quicktime, and itunes on a macbook pro 2.53 w/ 4gb ram and ssd

    I am experiencing something extremely weird, and extremely frustrating...
    What I am experiencing is that after I've been using my system for a while, I will launch quicktime, and I will get the spinning ball forever.. If I launch iTunes it will just bounce on my dock forever and not launch.
    Then I have to reboot, which is sometimes impossible to do, so I will have to manually tell my system to shutdown via the terminal.
    When my mac reboots, everything is fine.. Quicktime launches, iTunes launches, happy world...
    ... So I thought it was perhaps something that I was doing (applications that I was running, websites I was visiting etc.), but now I have evidence that it's not. Which is even more confusing. Last night, a friend wanted me to pull up something on quicktime-- I got the spinning ball.. Said "ugh, I don't understand what is up with my system". Clicked restart.. It wouldn't restart.. lauched terminal.. sudo shutdown -h now... Ok.. it's off.. turn it on.. Launch quicktime.. hooray.. there's the video..
    Ok-- That was the extent of me using my computer. I left it on after that for many hours.. and eventually closed the laptop.
    In the morning, opened it up.. Clicked quicktime, and.. SPINNING BALL. Had to reboot.
    so, the only thing I can think is that something is occurring inactivity, or sleep, something that is causing QT and iTunes to mess up... I tried doing various tests, but could not come up with anything. I tried just running my screensaver for a while, but quicktime still comes up no problem.
    Very frustrating.. I want to know if anyone else is experiencing this, and if there are any suggestions for what I should do. I have zapped p-ram, I have repaired permissions...

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    1. That's a risk, and more in a MacBook Pro, that has got everything soldered except the hard drive and memory.
    2. If you want performance, buy a SSD. It will get the best performance but they are expensive, so you should consider the option to buy a SSD with a small capacity to store OS X and applications and an external disk for other data.
    3. SSDs are much better than hard disk drives because they haven't got mechanical parts. You will notice this difference in read and write tasks like a startup, that will be much faster. However, in other tasks, it doesn't mind if you have a HDD or a SSD, because performance depends on the processor and graphic card. Also, you will notice a difference with a 7200 rpm hard disk.
    4. You can take it to an Apple Store or reseller to see what they can do in order to repair your computer

  • IMac G5 freezes on start up after ITunes, Quicktime and Security update

    On June 2nd, the following event occurred on my IMac G5 (model year 2005) equipped Mac OS 10.4.9
    Upon completion of the automatic update for Itunes, Quicktime and a security update, the computer restarted.
    However, the start-up sequence freezes on a grey screen with the logo for the power button displayed in the middle and a message inviting to hold down the poer button down for 5 sec to re-start.
    the only way to complete the start up sequence is to hold down the apple key while pressing the power button.
    Does anyone have any suggestions to regain control of my computer ?thank you in advance.

    Welcome to Discussions - Hopefully, you repaired permissions both before and after updating, if not, it might be a good thing to do now. Also, you are not alone in having problems with the update, take a look at this.
    Generally, it's better to install updates one by one, so that if you have problems, you know which one caused them.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Mini freezing after sleep

    Every morning after my mac wakes up, it doesn't automatically reconnect to my wireless network, even though it should be. Anywho, when I click on the airport status indicator up top to manually reconnect, I get the spinning beachball or death, which

  • HT4059 iBooks

    Can iBooks export PDF files to other apps? For example I have a document in PDF format which need to add in digital signature but iBooks do not have "open in" feature to export the document to another app which I can make a signature with stylus.

  • Flash skype button help

    Hi, Trying to craete a new swf with a small skype button. All is well and good, getting the skype button to aprear with the right (dynamic) status but the item is not clicable even though it has the needed code for it. Here's the code that i'm using.

  • How can I do change File Character when I export application (

    Hello, Please, help me! I need to change "File Character" when I export application with Apex version, but this option, is not possible. The ComboBox already select with "Unicode UTF-8]', but I need "ISO-8859-1 - Europa Ocidental", how ca

  • OK, Why can't Tiger talk to Leopard?

    Well, since there are about a million threads titled "problem" I thought I'd be more specific. Here's the deal, I'm using a MacBook Pro, with OSX 10.4.11 & iChat 3.1.9. I use my iChat all the time to talk to my father across the country with narry a