Remove Value Field from Operating Concern

Hi all,
I created a new value field in DEV and assigned it to the corresponding Operating Concern.
Now, after some discussions, it is not necessary this value field.
I want to "un-assign" from the Operating Concern they use.
No data is being posted to this value field and nothing has been transported to QA yet.
Is this possible? Any ideas?
Thanks and Regards,

I guess you can delete the value field as it was not transported to QA and PRD.
Here is some information given by SAP.
Deleting characteristics/value fields from an operating concern
You can delete characteristics and value fields retrospectively from an operating concern that you have already activated. However, you should only use this deletion function for operating concerns that have not yet been used productively. You should also note that some database systems require the operating concern tables to be converted (database conversion) after the deletion has taken place if data had already been posted to the operating concern. Depending on the data volumes involved, the database conversion can take a matter of seconds or indeed several hours. Moreover, you cannot post data or run reports during the conversion. Due to integration, other applications are also affected when data is postedwith an assignment to profitability segments (such as settlement and direct assignment from FI/MM). If the operating concern has been transported to another system (such as the productive system), then the database conversion must also occur in that target system.
Depending on the fields that were deleted, the following tables need to be converted (where xxxx = operating concern):
Characteristics: CE1xxxx, CE2xxxx, CE4xxxx, CE4xxxx_ACCT, CE4xxxx_FLAG, and CE4xxxx_KENC
Amount fields: CE1xxxx, CE2xxxx and CE3xxxx
Quantity fields: CE1xxxx, CE2xxxx, CE3xxxx, CE4xxxx, CE4xxxx_ACCT, CE4xxxx_ACCT, CE4xxxx_FLAG, and CE4xxxx_KENC
Before deleting fields from an operating concern with a large data volume (more that 10 000 records in a table), you should refer to the section "The Database Utility" in the ABAP dictionary documentation. This section describes the database conversion process.
For database systems that do not require conversion (such as DB2 for AS/400, Informix, MSSQL), it can still take a considerable amount of time for the operating concern to be activated.
To delete characteristics or value fields, perform the following activities:
1. Delete the corresponding characteristics and value fields from Customizing in all clients (this includes forms, reports, planning layouts, and so forth). To locate characteristics and value fields, use the appropriate where-used list in the Customizing Monitor. You can access it by choosing Tools -> Analysis -> Check Customizing Settings. You can jump directly from the where-used list to the relevant Customizing transaction and then delete the appropriate field there.
2. Switch to the screen for maintaining the data structure of an operating concern (Maintain operating concern).
3. If you need to effect other changes to the datastucture for the operating concern before making any deletions, effect those changes and save the data structure.
4. In order to be able to select the fields of the data structure, choose Extras -> Characteristics (or Value fields) -> Unlock.
5. Select the characteristics and value fields to be deleted and remove them from the data structure with the "Reset fields" function.
6. Reactivate the operating concern. The system starts by checking whether the operating concern contains any data and whether the fields to be deleted are still being used in any Customizing settings.
7. If none of the fields are still in use, the system then starts the re-activation. If the operating concern does not contain any data or does not require the database system to be converted, the tables are activated. You are then able to activate the environment for the operating concern. In this case, the following activities no longer apply.
If the operating concern already contains data, a system message tells you that the database needs to be converted. If you proceed, an activation log appears (at the top of the list).
8. Analyze the activation log. If it only contains error messages telling you to convert the tables, proceed with the next activity.
You must otherwise remove the cause of the errors before the tables can be converted. In this case, you should answer "No" to the next prompt, which asks whether the conversion transaction should start.
9. If you still only receive error messages telling you to convert the tables, choose "Back" and start the conversion.
10. Plan a job for the conversion. A list of the tables to be converted is shown for this. If the tables only contain a small amount of data (less than 10 000 records), then all the tables can be converted in one job. In that case, you can select all the tables.
For larger tables, conversion should take place in several jobs. However, you should ensure that table CE4xxxx (where xxxx = operating concern) is the last table to be converted.
Warning. No other changes can be made to the operating concern during the conversion.
A copy of the table is generated during the conversion. The database system should have sufficient memory available for this copy.
To schedule conversion as a job, use the "Schedule selections" function. You can display the current status of the conversion by selecting the "Refresh" icon. Tables disappear from the list once they have been converted sucessfully. If a conversion is taking a while, it is also possible to leave the transaction. You can then continue the conversion using DB requests -> Mass processing in one of the following ways:
With the job overview. You access this by choosing System -> Services -> Jobs.
Using the database utility transaction. You access this by choosing Utilities -> Database Utility in the ABAP Dictionary menu.
You can use the status function to call up the status of the operating concern during operating concern maintenance. You need to activate all tables after conversion.
11. To analyze errors that have occurred during the conversion, you can use the database utility transaction by choosing Extras -> Logs. The log has the same name as the conversion job: TBATG-date. You can also restart the conversion with this transaction.
For more information on the database utility, choose Help -> Application help while still in the above transaction.
12. Once you have activated all the tables in the operating concern, generate the operating concern environment from within operating concern maintenance.
You can then use the operating concern again.
If you want to transport the operating concern into a different system, see the section "Notes on transport"
Hope this helps
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    Thanks in advance.

    Check you are in Change mode and then try Extras - Unlock Characteristics/Value fields
    Thank You,
    Edited by: SAP Student on Mar 25, 2009 6:31 AM

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    While creating value field it will only consider long text. Inoperating concern Data structure in KEA0 you can assgin value field it will display in blue first, when you select to data structure you can see value field and save the value field.

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                                  // <<-- Add Background shape to the buttons MovieClips
                                  // Create a new array to preserve data from XML List
                                  lmNameArrayEG = new Array();
                                  lmNameArrayUS = new Array();
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                                  var lmTxtFieldContentUS:String;
                                  var lmTxtFieldContentEG:String;
                                  var lmTxtContent:String;
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                                  if (footer.lang_btn.langState == "EG")
                                            for each (var leftMenuName:XML in egLanguageList)
                                            lmTxtFieldContentEG = lmNameArrayEG[i];
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                                  lmTxtFieldsArray[i] = new TextField();
                                  lmTxtFieldsArray[i].width = 110;
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                                  lmTxtFieldsArray[i].wordWrap = true;
                                  lmTxtFieldsArray[i].multiline = true;
                                  lmTxtFieldsArray[i].selectable = false;
                                  lmTxtFieldsArray[i].embedFonts = true;
                                  lmTxtFieldsArray[i].antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED;
                                  lmTxtFieldsArray[i].autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.CENTER;
                                  lmTxtFieldsArray[i].text = lmTxtContent.toUpperCase();
                                  lmTxtFieldsArray[i].x = 10;
                                  lmTxtFieldsArray[i].name = "lmTxtFieldName" + i;
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                                  // If clicked button is EG then set Arabic text format, and make array with Arabic text fields
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                                  if (footer.lang_btn.langState == "EG")
                                            // Make array from text fields;
                                            // Make array from text fields;
                                  // If clicked button is EG then loop thrue the for loop and remove English text fields from array
                                  // If clicked button is EG then loop thrue the for loop and remove Arabic text fields from array
                                  if (footer.lang_btn.langState == "EG")
                                            for (var rNr_us:Number = 0; rNr_us < pushUsTFintoArray.length; rNr_us++)
                                                      //remove the text field array from the display
                                            //clear the array
                                            pushUsTFintoArray = [];
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                                                      //remove the text field array from the display
                                            //clear the array
                                            pushEgTFintoArray = [];

    it looks like those tf's are children of  lmButtonsMCArray[i], not the current scope.  use:
    if (footer.lang_btn.langState == "EG")
                                            for (var rNr_us:Number = 0; rNr_us < pushUsTFintoArray.length; rNr_us++)
                                                      //remove the text field array from the display
                                            //clear the array
                                            pushUsTFintoArray = [];
                                            for (var rNr_eg:Number = 0; rNr_eg < pushEgTFintoArray.length; rNr_eg++)
                                                      //remove the text field array from the display
                                            //clear the array
                                            pushEgTFintoArray = [];

  • Powerpivot pivottable - I can't add or drag a "value field" from the pivottable field list into the "values" section.

    I built a pivottable using Powerpivot.
    Initially, I can add or drag any data field I want to columns, Rows or the Values area inside the field list (those 4 squares). However, as times goes by...suddenly... I just no longer can add or drag a "value field" from the pivottable field list into the
    "values" section. 
    Does anybody know how to fix this problem ?

    Hi Bin Long,
    I tried what you suggested.
    I believe that there is a glitch in the Powerpivot field list (where you find the 4 squares for columns, rows, values, filter)
    When I initially create a pivottable with powerpivot, everything works fine when I am adding field list items to the the columns, rows, values sections, filters.
    However.....IF I close the powerpivot field list or if I save and close the excel file...then I cannot add more items to the "values" section.
    I can comment about one thing that seems different in my powerpivot field list. When I can no longer add items to the "values" section, I realized that in the TOP section of the field list I see in bold letters a summary of the items that are SUM ∑ in the "values"
    Does anybody know how to fix this ?

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    Hi All,
    I have a requirement  to Disable one field and Remove one field  from User Profile in Personalize iView.
    i want to disable Activate Accessibility Feature field and Remove Language field.
    How to archive this.
    Thanks and Regards

    You can use [Personalization|] to do this :
    1. logon as an admin and navigate to Portal Content > Portal Users > Standard Portal Users and open Every User Core Role
    2. right click on User Profile and select edit
    3. click on the Preview button then right click + CTRL on the iView and personalize the User Profile iView
    That's it.

  • Amount field in Operating Concern

    What is the field name for the Amount in the Operating Concern?

    Check the data structure of your operating concern at KEA0 and look for the value fields available. Typically is the sales quantity, but you could define or add other quantity fields, as needed.
    Hope this helps.

  • To change User defined Value field from Amount to Quantity in COPA

    I have created a created a User defined Characteristics VV930 - Number of labor hours.  While creating, i wrongly assigned the chategory Amount instead of Quantity.
    Now when i am trying to change it is giving me errors.
    Also it is not allowing to delete and recreate the new VV930 with category as Quatity.
    No data is posted in COPA.

    Hi Rupesh
    1. Remove it from your COPA data structure in KEA0... Shift it from Left to right in data structure screen... Then try to delete it
    2. Else, reserve this Value Field for future use and change the name as of now to XXXXXX...Create a new Qty Field for your use now.
    Ajay M

  • CO-PA Value Field from Sales Document: Item Data

    I need to see a field from sales document.
    This field is "volume" and it is in table VBAP, field VOLUM.
    Can any body give a hint how should I configure the system to get data on a value field if I want to run a report?

    Try creating a characteristic from VBAP. KEA5 is the tcode. Create a new characteristics from table VBAP and pick VOLUM. Then it will be availble for u in COPA.

  • Value field from Manual Invoice FI

    Hi experts,
    Is it possible to create a value field to record the quantity of the materials sold through manual invoice of FI?
    Well, there are some materials which won't be sold via SO in our system, and hence when it is sold, it will be recorded through fb70 of FI. Well, I think there is no problem for the revenue and cogs.
    Thank you very much for your inputs
    Best Regards,

    I am so glad that both of you know each other, =)
    About that user exit, do u mean that i have to write an ABAP code to populate the qty from fb70 into valued field xxxx?
    Is there any way around this? as i am kind of new to user exits, but i am willing to learn
    However, if there is any standard way, i would try that first
    And Ajay, I have to thank you too, you have supported me since i was very new.
    If you remember the first time i post here, that was the very first time i started.
    Once again,  thank you
    Best Regards,
    Erwin Hartono

  • Hide/remove the fields from the time accounts table on the screen of approval leave request

    i want to remove or hide the fields from the following table .
    is there anybody who know how to do? help me pls!
    Thanks in advance

    it shoukd be done by coding only ie NWDI and no config is available

  • How we remove some fields from SAP standard one's

    i am very new to SAP SD .if the client do not want some fields from standard one's how we can remove those fields.(example u take Standard sales order).

    HI, you cannot hice many fields in SAP, since they all need for something.
    try to explain this to your customer; furthermore many fields are filled form the master data so the users don't have do mind of them.
    Anyway you can alter the screens using the transaction variants: go to IMG
    Spro: SAPNetwaever->general settings->Field Display Characteristics->Configure Application Transaction Fields
    Reward if helpful

  • How can we delete value fields from the Table T237A?

    Dear All,
    We need to delete some value fields in CO-PA. We got a message that these value fileds are being used in the Table T237A.
    This table is related to key figure scheme.
    We have deleted in t.c. sm31 in the table/view  V_RS_T237A elements which were assigned to value fields to be deleted.
    But we still have a message value fields are being used. And after some searches we found out they are still being used in the table T237A.
    COuld you please, help us?
    Thank you in advance!
    Best regards,

    Change the Table Control attributes such that user can only select a single record(row).
    <u>Tip to delete a selected record</u>
    1) write a module 'Mark' in the PAI as below
    LOOP WITH CONTROL table_view.
    MODULE read_table_control.
    FIELD flag MODULE mark ON INPUT.
    MODULE user_command_0100.
    2) Module Mark is below.
    MODULE mark INPUT.
    CHECK flag = 'X'.
    x = table_view-top_line + sy-stepl - 1.
    Delete itab INDEX x.
    Table_view is the TableControl Name.
    'flag' is of type char(1) available in the Internal table which was assigned to the select option in the table control.
    <u>award if uesful</u>

  • How do I remove the field from textbox?

    I have a JSP with some text fields. In those fields one of the text field is inter value. It is showing initially '0' after i update with another value the updated value is showing. but i want to remove the value make it be empty. but it's not showing empty value. It is always showing some value. Here is my code.
    public static String renderFieldAdv( AhsPageWebBean ahsPage, String k, Opportunity opp, String formName, String className, String specialFmt, int specialFmtParam1, int specialFmtParam2 )
        StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer();
        if ( k.equals("") )                              return " ";
        else if ( k.equals("OPP_NAME") )
          buf.append( "<input type=text name=OPP_NAME class=\""+className+"\" value=\""+opp.getName()+"\" size=36>" );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__OPP_NAME value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();
        else if ( k.equals("OPP_NUM") )
          ProfileValue profFreezeNum = new ProfileValue( ahsPage, "SLS_OPP_FREEZE_NUM" );
          if ( profFreezeNum.getValue(ahsPage).equals("Y") )
            buf.append( ""+opp.getOppNumber() );
            buf.append( "<input type=text name=OPP_NUM class=\""+className+"\" value=\""+opp.getOppNumber()+"\" size=24 >" );
            buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__OPP_NUM value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();
        else if ( k.equals("CUSTOMER") )
          if ( opp.getCustomer().getCustomerType().equals("COMPANY") )
            Customer c = new Customer( ahsPage, opp.getCustomerId() );
            return c.uiDataProviderGetData( ahsPage, "DISPLAY_NAME");
               Contact c = new Contact( ahsPage, opp.getCustomerId() );
            return c.uiDataProviderGetData( ahsPage, "DISPLAY_NAME");
        else if ( k.equals("CUSTOMER_SNAPSHOT") )
          if ( opp.getCustomer().getCustomerType().equals("COMPANY") )
               Customer c = new Customer( ahsPage, opp.getCustomerId() );
               return c.renderSnapshot(ahsPage,100);
               Contact c = new Contact( ahsPage, opp.getCustomerId() );
               return c.renderSnapshot(ahsPage,100);
        else if ( k.equals("CUSTOMER") )
          if ( opp.getCustomer().getCustomerType().equals("COMPANY") )
            Customer c = new Customer( ahsPage, opp.getCustomerId() );
            return c.uiDataProviderGetData( ahsPage, "DISPLAY_NAME");
               Contact c = new Contact( ahsPage, opp.getCustomerId() );
            return c.uiDataProviderGetData( ahsPage, "DISPLAY_NAME");
        else if ( k.equals("CUSTOMER_UPDATABLE") )
          SlsCustomerEO c = opp.getCustomer();
          buf.append( "<input readonly class=textInput size=32 value='"+c.getDisplayName()+"' name='oppCustomerName'>" );
          buf.append( "<a href=\"JavaScript:openCompanyPopup('updateOpp', 'oppCustomerId', 'oppCustomerName');\"><img src=\"graphics/ozicongoorg.gif\" border=0 align=ABSMIDDLE></a>" );
          buf.append( "<a href=\"JavaScript:openContactPopup('updateOpp', 'oppCustomerId', 'oppCustomerName');\"><img src=\"graphics/ozicongopsn.gif\" border=0 align=ABSMIDDLE></a>" );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=oppCustomerId value="+c.getID()+">" );
          return buf.toString();
        else if ( k.equals("ALL_CONTACTS") )
          return opp.uiDataProviderGetData( ahsPage, "ALL_CONTACTS");
        else if ( k.equals("PRIMARY_CONTACTS") )
          return opp.uiDataProviderGetData( ahsPage, "PRIMARY_CONTACTS");
        else if ( k.equals("STATUS") )
          buf.append( "<select name=STATUS class=selInput>" );
          buf.append(    OptionMenu.render( ahsPage, "SLS_OPP_STATUS", opp.getOppStatus(), true ) );
          buf.append( "</select>" );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__STATUS value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();
        else if ( k.equals("STAGE") )
          // the sales stage can be either a popup, or a dropdown.
          ProfileValue profStagePopup = new ProfileValue( ahsPage, "SLS_OPP_STAGE_POPUP" );
          if ( profStagePopup.getValue(ahsPage).equals("Y") )
            OptionMenu omStage = new OptionMenu(ahsPage, "SLS_OPP_SALES_STAGE");
            String oppStageDisp = omStage.getPrompt(ahsPage, opp.getOppStage(), opp.getOppStage());
            buf.append( "<input readonly class=\""+className+"\" size=30 value='"+oppStageDisp+"' name=STAGE_DISP>" );
            buf.append( "<a href=\"JavaScript:openStagePopup();\"><img src=\"graphics/ahsicongo.gif\" border=0 align=ABSMIDDLE></a> ");
            buf.append( "<input type=hidden name='STAGE' value='"+opp.getOppStage()+"'>" );
            buf.append( "<select name=STAGE class=\"selInput\" onChange=\"changeOppStage('"+formName+"')\"> " );
            buf.append(   OptionMenu.render( ahsPage, "SLS_OPP_SALES_STAGE", opp.getOppStage(), true ) );
            buf.append( "</select>" );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__STAGE value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();
        else if ( k.equals("CURRENCY") )
          buf.append( "<select name=CURRENCY class=selInput>" );
          buf.append(    OptionMenu.render( ahsPage, "SLS_OPP_CURRENCY", opp.getOppCurrency(), true ) );
          buf.append( "</select>" );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__CURRENCY value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();
        else if ( k.equals("AMOUNT") )
          return opp.renderOppAmountAdv(ahsPage);
        else if ( k.equals("EXT_VIEWABLE") )
          buf.append( "<input type=checkbox name=EXT_VIEWABLE value=Y " );
          if ( opp!=null && opp.isExtViewable() ) buf.append( "checked" );
          buf.append( ">" );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__EXT_VIEWABLE value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();
        else if ( k.equals("CLOSE_DATE") )
          buf.append( HtmlRenderer.drawDatePicker( ahsPage, "CLOSE_DATE", (new BaseCalTime(ahsPage, opp.getOppCloseDate(), BaseCalTime.DAYKEY_OPP)).renderDayKey(ahsPage) ) );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__CLOSE_DATE value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();
    <b>  else if ( k.equals("WIN_PROB") )           // This is the field i have to update
          if ( opp!=null ) buf.append( "<input type=text name=WIN_PROB class=\""+className+"\" value=\""+opp.getOppWinprob()+"\" size=16 >" );
          else             buf.append( "<input type=text name=WIN_PROB class=\""+className+"\" value=\"\" size=16 >" );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__WIN_PROB value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();
        } </b>                                                 
        else if ( k.equals("OPP_DESC") )
          if ( opp!=null ) buf.append( "<textarea name=OPP_DESC rows=3 cols=36 class=\""+className+"\">"+opp.getOppDesc()+"</textarea>" );
          else             buf.append( "<textarea name=OPP_DESC rows=3 cols=36 class=\""+className+"\"></textarea>" );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__OPP_DESC value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();
        else if ( k.equals("CHANNEL_CODE") )
          buf.append( "<select name=CHANNEL_CODE class=selInput>" );
          if ( opp!=null ) buf.append(    OptionMenu.render( ahsPage, "SLS_OPP_CHANNEL", opp.getOppChannelCode(), true ) );
          else             buf.append(    OptionMenu.render( ahsPage, "SLS_OPP_CHANNEL", "", true ) );
          buf.append( "</select>" );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__CHANNEL_CODE value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();
        else if ( k.equals("CHANNEL_DETAIL") )
          if ( opp!=null ) buf.append( "<input type=text name=CHANNEL_DETAIL class=\""+className+"\" value=\""+opp.getOppChannelDetail()+"\" size=24 >" );
          else             buf.append( "<input type=text name=CHANNEL_DETAIL class=\""+className+"\" value=\"\" size=24 >" );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__CHANNEL_DETAIL value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();
        else if ( k.equals("COMPETITOR") )
          if ( opp!=null ) buf.append( "<input type=text name=COMPETITOR class=\""+className+"\" value=\""+opp.getKeyCompetitor()+"\" size=48 >" );
          else             buf.append( "<input type=text name=COMPETITOR class=\""+className+"\" value=\"\" size=48 >" );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__COMPETITOR value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();
        else if ( k.startsWith("CF_") )
          FlexSetup flexSetup = (FlexSetup) ahsPage.getPageHash().get( "FlexSetup_Opp" );
          if ( flexSetup == null )
            if ( opp != null ) flexSetup = new FlexSetup( ahsPage, "SLS_OPPORTUNITY", "OPPORTUNITY", opp.getID() );
            else               flexSetup = new FlexSetup( ahsPage, "SLS_OPPORTUNITY", "OPPORTUNITY", -1 );
            if ( !flexSetup.initialized() ) return " ";
            ahsPage.getPageHash().put( "FlexSetup_Opp", flexSetup );
          int ki = -1;
          try { ki = Integer.parseInt( k.substring(3) ); } catch (Exception e) { ki = -1; };
          Vector vSetup = flexSetup.getSetup();
          Vector vFlex  = flexSetup.getData();
          for (int i=0; i<vSetup.size(); i++)
            FwkCustomfieldSetupEO setup = (FwkCustomfieldSetupEO) vSetup.get(i);
            if ( setup.getID() != ki )
            String cfDataID    = AhsFwUtil.getValue( vFlex, i , "CF_DATA_ID" );
            String cfDataValue = AhsFwUtil.getValue( vFlex, i , "CF_DATA_VALUE" );
            if ( specialFmt != null && specialFmt.equals("TEXTINPUTLIMITLEN") )
              buf.append( HtmlRenderer.drawSimpleTextInput( ahsPage, k, cfDataValue, className, "size="+specialFmtParam1) );
            else if ( specialFmt != null && specialFmt.equals("TEXTAREALIMITLEN") )
              buf.append( HtmlRenderer.drawSimpleTextArea( ahsPage, k, cfDataValue, className, "rows="+specialFmtParam1+" cols="+specialFmtParam2 ) );
              if ( opp!=null ) buf.append( FlexSetup.renderCustomFieldValue( ahsPage, setup, k, cfDataValue, "textInput", formName, opp.getID() ) );
              else             buf.append( FlexSetup.renderCustomFieldValue( ahsPage, setup, k, cfDataValue, "textInput", formName, -1 ) );
            buf.append( "<input type=hidden name="+k+"_id value=\""+cfDataID+"\">" );
            buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__"+k+" value=Y>" );
            return buf.toString();
          return " ";
        else if ( opp!=null && k.equals("EXTERNAL_URL") )     return opp.getExternalTrackingURL(ahsPage);
        else if ( opp!=null && k.equals("CREATION_DATE") )    return opp.getCreationDateStr(ahsPage);
        else if ( opp!=null && k.equals("LAST_UPDATE_DATE") ) return opp.getLastUpdateDateStr(ahsPage);
        else if ( opp!=null && k.equals("CREATED_BY") )       return opp.getCreatedBy(ahsPage);
        else if ( opp!=null && k.equals("LAST_UPDATED_BY") )  return opp.getLastUpdatedBy(ahsPage);
        else if ( opp!=null && k.equals("IMP_SESSION") )      return opp.uiDataProviderGetData(ahsPage,"IMP_SESSION");
        else if ( opp!=null && k.startsWith("TMPL_") )        return renderFieldRO( ahsPage, k, opp );
        return " ";
      }thanks in advance...
    Edited by: Adusumalli1982 on Sep 11, 2008 10:28 AM

    Actually In the above code: this is the text field i have to change:
         else if ( k.equals("WIN_PROB") )
          if ( opp!=null ) buf.append( "<input type=text name=WIN_PROB class=\""+className+"\" value=\""+opp.getOppWinprob()+"\" size=16 >" );
          else             buf.append( "<input type=text name=WIN_PROB class=\""+className+"\" value=\"\" size=16 >" );
          buf.append( "<input type=hidden name=__WIN_PROB value=Y>" );
          return buf.toString();

  • EDI Outbound IDOC Remove unused fields from segment

    Hi All,
    I am configuring a outbound idoc scenario for Message type ORDERS. The basic type for this message type is ORDERS05.
    The segment E1EDKA1 has 44 fields, I need only the first field and the last field of this segment.
    How do I remove the unused fields in this segment ?  I Tried BD56 and BD32 But they are for removing the complete segment and so does not serve my purpose.
    Any pointers to this issue is appreciable .

    Segmetns of standard message types can be deleted from BD53. But I don't think deleting fields would be possible from segments of standard idoc type. What you can do is you can create your own custom idoc type with the fields you want and allign it with the standard message type ORDERS. This should solve your purpose.
    Atanu Mukherjee

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