Run time error '9' object variable or with bloch variable not set in WAD

Iwas able to open the web application designer see some of the web tenplates that have done by me but now when i try to open any of the web templates its popping up me the msg Internal Error: No template standard property  . Run time error '9' object variable or with bloch variable not set
What setting needs to be done

It got solved
Wait until all the web items get loaded then own ur web template

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  • Run-time error '91':object variable...

    Dear All Experts,
    When running an addon in VB6, I've got the error message : "run-time error '91' : object variable or with block variable not set". when clicking debug, the system highlighted with yellow line the code ' set oForm = oApplication.Forms.GetFormByTypeAndCount ("169", 1)
    What could be the possible cause of the error ? I have read this thread :
    but I actually did what suggested there. Please give advice. Thanks.

    I managed to solve this question

  • Error in the Input scchduled.Object variable or with block varaible not set

    Hai Experts ,
    In the input schdueld , data is not accepting ..
    Its shows error : Object variable or with block varaible not set
    Please help..

    Hi SAP collegues,
    At my site, BPC Excel created this problem too "Object Variable or With Block Variable not set" .
    It turned out that this is symptom of a a dys-functioning BPC COM Plug-in in XL2007 or XL2010!
    This is a consequence that your Excel recently crashed while using BPC. And it relates to an Excel Add-in becoming disabled when the applications crashes.  Please check the following.
    Note before doing the following, close all other open Excel and BPC sessions.
    Within Excel go to File à Options
    Select the Add-Ins option on the left
    Select the <<COM Add-ins >> option in the Manage drop down, and click Go
    Make sure that the Planning and Consolidation option is selected.  If not, mark this box and click OK.
    If you do not see anything listed, return to the Add-in screen and select the Disabled Items option, and see if Planning and Consolidation is listed there.
    Let me know if you have any queries,
    Kind Regards,
    robert ten bosch

  • Smartform run-time error 5825: object has been deleted

    While modifying a smartform, I keep on getting run-time error 5825 object has been deleted.
    (microsoft visual basic)
    I have already restarted sap gui, even deleted my smartform and started another.. it keeps on haunting me.
    Anybody an idea how to get rid of this error???

    Do you use MS Word 2007 as the ediitor for sapscript and smartforms? In this case you need the support packs specified in SAP note #1115157.  Make sure you have the satest SAPGUI patch also.
    You can switch to the old graphical editor via transaction I18N -> I18N Customizing -> MS Word as Editor.

  • DTP run Time Error : Dump: Internal session terminated with a runtime error

    Hi Experts,
    I'm facing a problem during loading data from PSA to DSO from DTP. It gives Dump: "Internal session terminated with a runtime error".
    When i went to PSA and see the no. of data packages, it is 1532.
    Could anybody please help me how to load the data.

    Thanks Srini!!
    the load is running for 15 min and then it is throwing dump without a single package extract.
    Ok...the same I'm also thinking to selective upload but can you please explain me how do i do that as it has only request in PSA.
    and it is a pricing data.

  • Getting Run-time error when using Client ADI with Office 2010

    We are unable to import journals from Client ADI when using Office 2010.
    Please let me know how to resolve this issue.

    Duplicate post -- Client ADI display A runtime error in Office 2010

  • Error - Object variable or with block variable not set while running report

    I am trying to run BEx reports through portal.
    However I am not able to run any report. I am getting following error.
    "Run time error '91':
    Object variable or with block variable not set"
    This is not BEx installation or excel issue as I am not able to run reports using someone else's desktop also.
    Also I have authorization to those reports. So doesn't seem to be authorization issue.
    Please help me to resolve this problem.
    Thank you in advance.
    Deepti Jain.

    Hi Deepti,
    Can i knw how you solved this issue?

  • BPC 4.2 Optimization error (object variable or with block variable not set)

    Hi All,
    I am getting the following error when I try to optimize application from the front end:
    Run-time error '91':
    Object variable or With block variable not set
    From the back end the optimization works just fine. This is the new application I created from the AppShell. As soon as I created this new application set, I tried to run optimization and I am getting this error. Optimization in the AppShell works just fine. I wonder what the problem is since this is a brand new application set. I tried a few things all day yesterday and day before but in vain.
    We are using BPC 4.2 (OutlookSoft CPM). Any help is greatly appreciated, the sooner the better.
    Thanks in advance!

    Depending on your version of 4.2, here are two possible issues and remedys.
    Possible issue #1
    Do you only have 1 application in the appset? - Add another application.
    Possible issue #2
    This problem will occur if you have copied 4.2 SP2 Apshell or copied an existing appset.
    This happens when a table named tblAdminTaskMessage exists and a stored procedure named INPUTMESSAGE does not exist.
    The table and stored procedure are created when you run optimize for the first time and when you make copy of Apshell that has been optimized once, it can copy the table but it cannot copy the stored procedures.
    The workaround is to delete the tblAdmintaskMesssage table in SQL Enterprise Manager within the problem appset.
    Hope this helps.

  • AppScheduler  Run-time error '429'.  ActiveX component can't create object.

    Trying to automate planning application refresh in a new environment. We are running this with no problem in current environment. My attempt to run the command results in run-time error '429'. Is there something that's not setup in my new environment?

    You should be using : - CubeRefresh.cmd

  • Run time error occured

    when i  am trying to login to web appliaction designer i got the Run-time Error"91"
    "object Variable or with block Variable not set.
    please help me out to solve this.

    see if running SFC /Scannow helps. This basically restores missing/corrupt system files.
    Click Start/Run and type CMD
    Type SFC /Scannow
    Description of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe):
    Please Reward Points if Helpful.
    Kind Regards,

  • SAP Gui 6.40 BeX Analyser problem (Run Time Error)

    Dear All
    Really need some help
    We get the following error in EXCEL 2003 when running transaction rrmx from SAP easy access:
    Run time error 91 Object variable or with block variable not set
    When debugging we get the following error message:
    call pAddin.SetConnectionFromHandle(p_connectionObj).
    We've rolled out the same package globally to all our users, some machines have this problem and some don't - which has been making this very difficult to resolve and troubleshoot.
    We've tried patch level 29 of the GUI and this did not resolve.
    I've read lots of threads relating to the .net framework and made sure all the service packs are installed, and also tried .net framework 2.0 and 3.0 - the problem still existed with both.
    I'm really stuck and appreciate any guidance.
    If we manually launch Analyzer (SAP BW 3.x) from the start menu, EXCEL and the BW add-in works fine... we only get the run time error when using transaction rrmx from SAP GUI.
    Please help!

    OK, so I've done the following - which DID work and i no longer get the RUN TIME error:
    -uninstalled SAPGUI
    -uninstalled Office 2003
    -uninstalled all .net framework versions + updates.
    -install .net framework 2.0 with SP1
    -install microsoft office 2003 + SP3
    install sap gui 6.40 + patch level 29
    However, if anyone out there has got an easier and quicker solution to this problem I'd REALLY appreciate it. I have got lots of our users with this problem and it took a long time to complete all the steps above.. there must be something easier to do to fix this...
    thanks for your help

  • "run time error -91" in microsoft excel add-in

    when I am trying to access a report in add-in, am getting error like this....
    "Run-time error '91':
    Object variable or With block variable not set.

    And my excel is 2010, which version of essbase is compatible for my excel?

  • Run time error while activating the Transfer Rules

    Error when activating Transfer rules for Infosource :
    0FI_GL_1 -
    (General ledger: Transaction figures)
    Run time error : ASSERTION FAILED
    Transfer rules traffic light is in Green. But when i am trying to activate the Transfer rules, its giving Run time error.

    As mentioned in the note 939383 , either Import Support Package 08 for SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI (BI Patch08 or SAPKW70008) into your BI system or do correction instructions given in the note.
    It is always better to import the latest patches avialble in service market to avoid this type of problems.
    Also see tha note 1010672 amd check whether it is applicable to your problem.
    With rgds,
    Anil Kumar Sharma .P
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            Anil Kumar Sharma

  • Bex : Run-time Error '13' - Type Mismatch

    I have a trouble with BEX. With some user, they can not start BEX.
    When They start BEX, they have the Run-Time Error '13'  type mismatch.
    With a administrator account, we have not problem.
    When I go in the debug, it stop on "addIn.RunAutoMacros (xlAutoOpen)"
    Could you help me ?
    Thank you,
    Philippe Dupriez

    Phillipe, did you solve this issue. I have a similar issue
    I appreciate your reply.

  • Run-time error 438 at BW Query Designer

    Hello experts,
    I get run-time error 438(object does not support this property or method) message when trying to execute BW Query Designer.I get this message after entering user name and password and press enter.
    (SAP Gui version is 7.1 and my windows version is Vista Home Edition.)
    What do you recommend me to solve this problem?
    Best Regards,
    Kevser Aydin

    Hello experts,
    I get run-time error 438(object does not support this property or method) message when trying to execute BW Query Designer.I get this message after entering user name and password and press enter.
    (SAP Gui version is 7.1 and my windows version is Vista Home Edition.)
    What do you recommend me to solve this problem?
    Best Regards,
    Kevser Aydin

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