SAP BW BEx query - WEBi MDX query

Hi Experts, have we had some discussion on this?
Does MDX query send by WEBi report to BW use the same program to extract data from BW database?
One of the option for WEBi report source of data is to build Universe on top of BEx query. Could you share how this process actually happen.
I think
- WEBi query will pass parameters that is relevant for BEx query filter of the universe
- the BEx query will then extract the data (following normal process if we run BEx query independently)
- if WEBi has further filtering, it will then get the BEx result above and filter it further ..??
So, how is MDX query come into the picture?
Or is it:
- WEBi query and the BEx query will determine what MDX query will be generated, and this MDX query will then fetch the data.
But why BEx query extract data faster then MDX query?
Sorry, i am new to this. hope someone could share some light here. In the meantime i continue to real those documentation and try to get some more ideas of what is actually happening.

Hi Thanks a lot for pointing this out.
Did i understand it correctly that BEx query is using a different set of program (platform) to retrieve data compare to MDX query, and not MDX uses those program that is used by BEx to retrieve data from BW database and have extra steps on top of that?
Can anyone share what is actually happen WEBi MDX query is executed (how the database is hit with SQL, and what are the tools to evaluate the efficiency of the WEBi (or the used BEx). As for BEx we have RSRT to analyze it right.
And even to test the MDX query using MDXTEST and try to get the data from WEBi report, i found WEBi report still take considerably a lot longer. Why is this so? just because BO is a different system then BW?
And as it's shared the BO 4.0 is using the same platform as BEx to retrieve data from BW database, does this mean we don't need to care about MDX usage in BW anymore as far as BO data extraction concern?
Thank you very much.

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    Hi Umair,
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    The department here is Attribute and BusinessLine is dimension in my cube.For other requirement(the department has to be sorted based on the creation date attribute) purpose I have kept department as composite key with other attribute called CREATE_DATE
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    Hello Sainath,
    We tried those things. But it is still giving same error.
    State: HY00. Code: 10058. [NQODBC][SQL_STATE:HY000][nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. XML/A error returned from the server: Fault code: "XMLAnalysisError.0X80000005". Fault string: "The XML for Analysis provider encountered an error: MDX result contains too many cells (more than 1 million)". (HY000)
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    Thanks in advance for help.

  • No data in Crystal report created on SAP BW BEx Query

    Hi Experts,
    I am trying to create a Crystal report on top of a BW query. I am able to login to the BW system and open the BEx query and the objects are coming into the crystal report.
    But when I drag and drop some objects into the details area and try to preview sample - it does not show any data (it shows accessing database but doesnt bring any data)
    I copied the generated SQL query in to the section in the BW system in transaction code 'MDXTEST' and it runs correctly and shows me the result below there.
    Just to try - I unchecked 'Use MDX..' check box by following the path SAP->Settings to check if that could bring back data ... and YES that worked which means data is not coming from the BW query with MDX connection but when MDX seems to be fine and retrieve result when I run the sql statement in tcode MDXTEST.
    Also when I do preview samples - I can see in SM50 in BW system that it is trying to run the report just that I am not able to see any data in my crystal report.
    Any help in this regards would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    The order of display of attributes in Webi and Crystal report would be different.
    Collapse the infoobject and skim through the attributes, you should be able to find them.

  • How can we remove the commas from the Formula value in SAP BW BEx query

    Hi All,
    How can we remove the commas from the Formula value in SAP BW BEx query
    We are using the formula replacing with characteristic.The characteristic value needs to be display as number with out commas.

    Do you want to remove the commas when you run the query on Bex Web or in RSRT?

  • Bw publish and connections not based on the sap bw mdx query driver

    Dear experts,
    we are currently facing a problem with transporting reports that are based on multiple database connections and joined using the cross database join feature of crystal reports. One connection is based on the SAP BW MDX driver, the other is based on a SAP functionmodule.
    Now when transporting the reports with STMS and publishing them via /crystal/rptadmin and bwpublish only the bex mdx query connection gets updated. The other connection is still pointing to the original location.
    DEV -> PROD
    function module still pointing on dev server.
    As we need to use the sap default transport system in order to get all features (no SP4 yet) and we can not change the reports manually in the PROD system before publishnig and don't want to mix in the LCM we have no idea how get a work around for this problem.
    Changing the database connection via CMC on the PROD system has no effect either.
    Please help.
    Thank you very much!

    Hello Thorsten,
    What you observe is "By Design" of the product. The dynamic update is supported only for reports using the BW MDX driver (or historically for those using the deprecated BW query driver). Other SAP drivers such as the OpenSQL driver which you use to connect to the function module do not leverage the same features when using the SAP Transport process.
    You may report directly against your target system when connecting to Function Modules.

  • Using Portal Variables in filter criteria of BEx Web App query string

    Our BI 7 instance is connected to a NW2004 portal, where we have created SAP BW Report iViews to access templates created with the Web Application Designer.  We would like to use some of the portal variables about the user to create filters for the BEx Web Application Query String.
    The query string would have a set of parameters at the end that looks something like:
    Where <plant> is a value stored in a portal variable.
    Is it possible to do this in the SAP BW Report iView or will we have to code our own custom iView to pick up the variable values?
    Lee Smith

    Any one?

  • Disable link of BEX 3.5 query web template

    Dear All,
    we migrated all BEX queries from 3.5 to 7.x. Since our users use the BEX queries via web template, most of then have the web template links of old 3.5 queries saved as bookmarks in their browser.
    Is there a way to disable this link server side, in order to force the user to update theyr link with the new one of BEX 7.x query web template?

    > You may delete all 3.X bookmarks. The standard 3.X bookmark administration can be found in transaction RUNSCHED.
    All below options mean, that you also cannot use the Broadcaster anymore !
    > You may deactivate service /sap/bw/BEx in SICF. Users will get an ICF error message (Service not found).
    > You may create your own handler on ICF service sap/bw/BEx, providing an appropriate message for users.
    > Your can create your own redirect/logon/error page on this service.
    > Another very drastic option would be to switch off service HTTP(S) in your ICM. In this case, no web applications are available via that service on the system anymore.

  • SAP BW Query Vs SAP BW MDX Query

    Dear Gurus,
    Can someone please tell me the difference and advantages of connecting Crystal Reports2008 to  "SAP BW Query" & "SAP BW MDX Query"while .
    My main concern being SAP BI resource is , we don't create SAP MDX queries in BW.

    Hi Ingo ,
    So the Crystal report  datasource will be SAP BEx queries when we select the connection SAP BW MDX Queries .
    My question is do we have to write MDX statements somewhere in SAP BW  or the system will automatically generate when we select the SAP BW MDX Queries ?

  • Designer support for Subquery against SAP BW Bex Query

    BusinessObjects designer has an option in the paramaters window to turn on "Allow Sub-Queries" in a universe that has been created using a olap source.  SAP BW BEX Query to be specific.  Once turned on, you can build a query and the subquery button and functionality is actually enabled and allows you to build it.  When running the query I get an error message "A filter contains a wrong value. You cannot run this query". 
    Now, I am pretty sure this functionality is not supported on a BW or OLAP source but, I can not find anything definitive from SAP stating that it is not supoorted.  So I want to make sure that this is not one of those situations where everyone just says "It's not supported" but really just doesn't know.  Does anyone have the official word or link to an SAP statement that this functionality is officially not supported.

    What I would say is, it won't support. The reason could be, as its not support any structure view in universe designer, that means we cannot create any derived tables where we could use sql query.
    I believe the same applies  here too. Even if you look at LOV defintions in universe, it won't show any query.
    So the same applies to reports.
    Hope this helps.

  • Connecting Crystal Reports to SAP BW BEx query

    Post Author: mfrank
    CA Forum: Data Connectivity and SQL
    We have used Crystal Enterprise 8.5 to connect to an SAP BW BEx query in the past, however we are having some difficulties.  Rather than trying to upgrade our old CE system, I've been told that we should be able to connect Crystal Reports (2008?) directly to the BW BEx query.  I've been trying to accomplish this, but can't seem to find any drivers that will allow the connectivity.  When I try to set up a connection using OLAP, the only two options listed are Hyperion and Microsoft OLAP.  I have an old version of Brio Query (now Hyperion, now Oracle) that does show up with a driver for BW, but this doesn't show up in my Crystal options.
    Can someone give me some advice as to how to connect Crystal Reports to SAP BW?  I realize there are licensing issues with running live data without using Crystal Enterprise (or later BO products), but I'm just looking to print a report to a PDF.

    Post Author: A Kumar
    CA Forum: Data Connectivity and SQL
    Hi mfrank,
    I am also facing a similar kind of a problem. Did you get any solution to your problem. If yes, kindly let me know.
    A kumar

  • Getting the MDX query select error when running a webi report on BI query

    Getting the following error when running a webi report on BI query :
    A database error occured. The database error text is: The MDX query SELECT  { [Measures].[D8JBFK099LLUVNLO7JY49FJKU] }  ON COLUMNS , NON EMPTY [ZCOMPCODE].[LEVEL01].MEMBERS ON ROWS FROM [ZTEST_CUB/REP_20100723200521]  failed to execute with the error Unknown error. (WIS 10901).
    I have gone through many threads related to this error. But not able find the steps to follow for resoultion.
    Please help in this regard.

    The Fix Pack is also for Client Tools--it is a separate download.  Please see the text below for ADAPT01255422
    Web Intelligence generates an incorrect MDX statement when a characteristic and a prompt are used.
    The following database error happens: "The MDX query ... failed to execute with the error
    Unknown error (WIS 10901)."
    New Behavior:
    This problem is resolved.
    This information is also available in the Fixed Issues document for any Fix Pack greater than 2.2.

  • Running MDX Query in BEX

    I've a question regarding MDX Query .
    1.Can we run MDX Query in BEx.
    2.If yes , then can you please tell me how and where can we run MDX Query in BEx.

    BEx does not support MDX. You can use MDXTEST transaction to generate the MDX select statements against queries or infocubes but it cannot be used with BEx.

  • Query output using BEX and web analyzer

    Hi all,
    I have an issue while designing a query in query designer.......I have a sales cube in which sales for every month is reflecting .....Now i have to design a query to show month wise sales....
    But for some months if there is no sale record in the sales cube for that particular month like Feb 2006, when i execute the query on this month using BEX or web analyzer , it simply says "No data Found"..............
    I want to show 0(zero) in sales quantity instead of this message.....Please guide me that how can i replace this message with zero value.

    Dear Hina Zakir,
    <b>This is the BI 7 Query designer solution...........</b>
    if u want to disply even if the value is Zero then goto the query properties not the single key figures go to the entire quer property and then click the  Row/columns in that Suppres Zeros in that select Do Not Suppress  + Effect on Tab is there in the Select Row or column or both ................then u can ablet to c the values as Zeros..

  • Query is dispalying different output in BEX and Web

    I am getting the correct output when i am running the standard query 0CQM_PCQMCCSI_Q0001 in the BEX analyzer.I am getting the wrong output if i run the same query through web.
    It is displaying the different key figure and characteristic in the output which is not defined in the query.
    If i copy the same query as Z query and execute it ,it is working fine in both BEX Analyzer and Web.
    Kindly suggest me regarding this.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Check your dataprovider assignments in your Web Query in your web items check charecteristics assignments

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