Set scroll and zoom limit

I got this .fla file from another forum it seems quite good but,
I cant set the limit of the scroll when it reaches the end of the image or bottom
I also want to set the image zoom in and out limit
please anyone need some help here.
this is where I got the file

calpolyjeff wrote:
when I was done fooling around w/pan and zoom, I found that I had extended the duration of the image so that it was now about 5 times longer than it should have been
You have to watch the Pan & Zoom tool cues in the image and the changes with the timeline as you work in the tool. As you add / move / delete your frames you will be changing the duration elements - the Hold Time and The Pan Time.
In the example below my Pan Time between frame one and frame two is sixteen seconds. You can change that by clicking the pan time and entering a duration. The other time I've highlighted is the is the one second hold time for frame two. Again you can change it by clicking it. On the timeline itself you can also see the Hold Time for frame one at the five second point.
Hope this helps,
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    Can anyone tell me how to switch off the scroll and zoom functions for the Synaptics Touchpad v7.2 .
    Can't seem to do it via the Control Panel.
    Any suggestions.

    Hi buddy,
    > Can't seem to do it via the Control Panel.
    You can only disable the virtual scrolling function if the touchpad driver is installed properly. The driver provides extended functions and allows you to disable/enable special features. If you dont have installed the touchpad driver download it on official Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
    Then navigate to control panel as the previous user wrote for disabling the scroll function.
    Can you find it now?

  • Imac intel self scrolling and zooming

    Hi Guys,
    <Sorry for my English, It's not my native language>
    In the last couple days I found that my iMac is randomly scroll  to the bottom of page
    in finder, chrome, safari, photoshop and every application
    Today it just getting worse becaust it started to zoom in and out
    Then, a few hours ago it started to scroll and zoom at the same time
    I've look around the discussion forum and found some thread abou this issue
    but there seem no solution.
    my system is iMac intel 27inch
    osx 10.6.8 installed
    magic mouse + wacom bamboo
    I'm quite sure that the problem is from the OS  becaust I tried remove the wacom, keyboard and magic mouse
    but it didn't help.
    Please anyone could help??
    Thanks in advance!!

    THat behavior sounds like it could be caused by a stuck key on the keyboard.
    If the icon that is selected autonomously is the same one each time, then the first letter of its name may be a clue. If it is something other than the alphanumerical last first-letter of names of items on the desktop, then its first letter is probably the stuck key.
    If its name's first letter is the last alphanumerically, then it gets trickier to find. For example, the last filename alphanumerically on my desktop starts with the letter T which means that if I press and hold T, U, V, W, X, Y, or Z it will be selected.
    One way to test whether the cause is a stuck key - disconnect the keyboard (unplug it if USB, turn it off if wireless) and wait.

  • How to set upper and lower limit for service notification in SPRO

    Hello everyone,
    Good morning....!!
    I am new to SAP PM and to SCN as well.
    I have a question on Service notification user status.
    I  have notification profile configured in SAP as below:
    Status no      Status          Short text              Lower limit          Upper limit
    5                  REGD          Registered                1                          70
    10                PCKS            Pack sent                  1                          70
    20                APRC            Application received  1                        70
    I want the statusesto be set as  navigation should only allow to go back one by from APRC -->PCKS not to REGD.From PCKS -->REGD etc..not vice versa.
    Can enayone explain me to how to set lower and upper limits for these according ot the above requirement.
    for more details please check my attachment.
    Thanks in advance..!!

    Once you change the status to previous status, just save the order. Then again open the order & try to change the user status.
    Just I made replica of your profile. I could able to change (even without saving the order).

  • Is there a Pan and Zoom Limit?

    I am trying to use Pan and Zoom on an image that is already scaled up nearly to the full size of iPad screen. I have enlarged the image to zoom in by 300% (2000x3000px) with a poster image of the original size. When I uploaded it to the iPad, the zoomed image appears to be restricted to know more than 10-20% larger than the original image.
    I have also tried re-scaling the image to a much smaller size and it seems to work perfectly, does this mean there a maximum limit to the Pan and Zoom feature?

    The limit to a pan and zoom image is the 72 pt effective ppi of the image. You can use the Info panel in InDesign to see the actual ppi and the effective ppi of a scaled image. But rather than messing around with that, the easier approach is to use Save for Web & Devices in Photoshop to create your source image in the maximum dimensions, such as 2000 x 3000. Then you place that image and crop it to determine the view area. You can scale the image to determine the initial view area.

  • CS6 AI  : set scroll wheel zoom directions

    So I use OSX Lion with the default reverse/inverted scrolling. In AI CS5 and PS CS6 I'm used to zooming by holding the opt/alt key while scrolling. Just like in these apps, it's expected when I move my scroll wheel up then the artboard will zoom out, and when I move I scroll down the artboard zooms in.
    In Illustrator CS6 , this behaviour is flipped and I can't find any way to set/reverse it. Anyone know? This is killing me.

    You know? I'm sick to my stomach with the realization that Adobe and Mircosoft will NOT support the reverse scroll... Adobe came out with an update for Illustrator CS6 (the last one) - and it seemed to do the trick...but now I realize that it didn't. I was in Illustrator CS5...dug. I think we all have to come to the realization that ...we should have never switched.
    Many moons ago, I learned to fly helicopters...and the French heli's reverse the direction of their rotor blades...which means I have to reverse the pedals to keep it steady. If you go back to an American heli...your mind has to adapt...and if you do the wrong thing...dead. My point is...Apple is the ONLY one who's doing this reverse scroll thing...nobody else. And no matter how much sense it makes, and no matter how AWESOME it is....if we were all more realistic...we'd never have adopted it.
    I go back and forth between my PC and Mac all the time...using CS6 - mind cannot adapt between the two, so I install this silly software called Hotkeys that allows me to tweak the registry and reverse the (you guessed it!) scroll direction - which makes it worse...then I develop on Ubuntu...and am forced to edit some Unix files to reverse the scroll on that! ...but, when I go to use another PC at some company I'm working's back to the old way.
    Here me, for I speak the truth......I think we should all realize that the old way is THE way. Apple did this on their own...and us fan-boys (and girls) out there should have been more pragmatic to not follow them, for the simple fact that nobody else will!
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  • Scrolling and zoom in and out does not respond with touch pad gestures

    I have Just installed Firefox today not even an hour ago and already I've closed it at least 15 times reset it started it in safe mode and checked all my settings that have been tinkered with.
    I have: Windows 7 (64-bit)
    Dell XPS Laptop and No mouse, using the Touchpad on the laptop
    I have Tried:
    Changing multiple settings one at a time in about:config and changed them back
    Started in safe mode
    Changed scroll settings in Options
    Uninstalled all Apps to see if that worked
    Attempted scrolling in multiple kinda of pages (gmail, wiki, tumblr, facebook) with very little to no luck
    I have had it just slightly move on Gmail and managed to make it zoom in somehow on Tumblr but have not managed to repeat either instance

    Miss clicked. Keyboard commands do work. That is not the problem I reported. This (mouse roller with control key) used to work. Does not work now. Works in Gmail/firefox Works with web pages and firefox, works with chrome browser, but not with firefox and G-Docs

  • Non-Scrolling, Non-Zooming Magic Track Pad???

    Hi guys!
    Any ideas here? I love the Magic Track Pad when its working, but now I seem to have lost the ability to two-finger scroll and zoom. I've probably done something wrong setting-wise to get back to where I was.
    Help appreciated for a happy Mac user in sunny Western Australia!

    I thought the whole point of an iPad was touching the screen.......
    Submit your feedback directly to Apple using the appropriate link on the Feedback page:
    Best of luck.

  • HT3597 I clicked settings general accessibility triple click and clicked voice over and zoom however now I want to get it off the setting and am unable to scroll down to undo settings  (I have an ipod 4th generation)

    I clicked settings>general> accessibility> triple click and clicked voice over and zoom however now I want to get it off the setting and am unable to scroll down to undo settings  (I have an ipod 4th generation)

    If VoiceOver is on, you scroll the screen using three fingers.

  • How to set the duration of each pic in a slideshow (and also how to pan and zoom)

    I have about 30 pictures I would like to add to a slide show.
    When I add them the duration for each picture is set to 6 seconds.
    I would like this changed to 4 seconds.
    But manually changing the duration of each individual picture, one by one, is a slow and tedious task.
    Is there a way of changing the duration of all my pictures at the same time, from 6 seconds to 4 seconds ?
    Or can I change a setting so that when I insert my pictures the duration is set to 4 seconds instead of 6 seconds ?
    As for the pan and zoom, I have seen the pan and zoom effect but this has a black border around the pictures as they zoom in and out.
    For example, when zooming in the picture starts small with a black border all round the edge.
    When zooming out the picture ends small with a black border all round the edge.
    Is there a way to pan and zoom starting with a full screen when zooming in, and ending with a full screen when zooming out ?
    Thereby not showing any ugly black borders.
    My Nokia N73 phone can do it !
    You can view the pictures as a slide show and when it pans and zooms it looks so much better because it does not show any black borders.
    The picture ALWAYS fills the screen even though it is panning and zooming.

    If you go to Edit/Preferences, you can set the default duration for each slide. This will affect only those photos you've imported into your project AFTER changing this preference.
    You should also turn off the preference for Scale to Frame Size, so your photos do not fill the screen. (And, for efficiency's sake, make sure your source photos are no larger than 1000x750 pixels, per the FAQs at the top of this forum.)
    You can also set the duration of each slide by selecting all of the stills you want to include on in your slideshow, right-clicking and selecting the Create Slideshow option.

  • New problem/bug when I set in and out points on a clip. Unwanted automatic zoom in on clip timeline.

    Playing clips to log and set in and out points for scenes I will use later.  Something changed with the new update and I think it is a bug.  When I hit the I and O keys to set in and out points on a clip before dragging to the sequence, it zooms in on the clip timeline.  I cannot see the full clip time line unless I zoom out which is a pain to do time and time again.  How do I get it back to the way it was before?  It did not used to zoom in and out, it just marked your in and out point as it played leaving the clip timeline unchanged.
    I am using windows 7 with Premiere Pro CC

    Thanks for your post. I think you are using Premiere pro CS6 as the Project option is included in the file menu and in the video there is an option of project available and visible. Please update your CS6 with the latest 6.0.5 update and the issue will be fixed. The link is provided below. Please update once issue is fixed.

  • When I play games in Mozilla on fb..some setting changed and now the pop up window that appears to send gifts to my friends only lists 3 ppl at a time some games i have a scroll down button others i dont..can u help m fix this please?

    When I play games in Mozilla on fb..some setting changed and now the pop up window that appears to send gifts to my friends only lists 3 ppl at a time some games i have a scroll down button others i dont..can u help m fix this please?

    Hi Winnie
    Unfortunately I have been sick and did not read the message before. I apologize.
    I have not received help beyond what is on the page. But when I get I tell you.
    I hope you can get answers. If you receive, I ask that you share with me.
    thank you very much
    best regards
    Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 09:33:10 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Pop up Window before saving remembering the need (forcing) to fill required fields in a form
        Re: Pop up Window before saving remembering the need (forcing) to fill required fields in a form
        created by Win_Form in Forms - View the full discussion
    Hi ACI wonder if you can share any responses on to your question above?I too have never used a script but, I have the same problems as you in regards to building a form. And wants to have the same 'protection' and message reminders for the end users. Any information, including a script and/or a contact email of experts you can share with me will help tremendously. Thank you so much in advance. Winnie
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  • Zooming, scrolling and moving in large images

    I'd like to create a document viewer that works like Google Maps or Safari. Basically the "image" of the document is so big that I only want to load parts of it when the user actually goes over to that part of it.
    How can I enable zooming, scrolling and moving in "large" images like that?
    I looked for a tutorial or sample code, but I wasn't able to find anything.
    Any help would be appreciated,

    I have 4 Gbyte of RAM. I tried to close every applications but the problem remains. You are right about Web Browser problems but unfortunately my problem is related with Finder windows too. I have 800 Mbyte of free RAM.
    Another fact I can say to you is that when I move Finder window (or other windows as I wrote before) the area outside the border of the window is repainted not well with puzzle effect. I think the problem is related to desktop refresh and repaint. It seems that graphic acceleration doesn't work for some window!!!!

  • DPS: pinch and zoom function not working on all pages within folio (v30 tools using the pdf setting). What would cause some pages to pinch and zoom fluidly, while other pages appear a bit sticky? Could it be a button on the wrong layer?

    What would cause some pages in the same folio to pinch and zoom fluidly, while other pages appear a bit sticky? Could it be a button on the wrong layer that's not allowing the pinch and zoom to work?
    I do have a "go to state" button that enlarges graphic to full page on the page. Could this be cancelling the pinch and zoom functionality? Would a box with text wrap ON affect the ability to pich and zoom? What else may be causing this?

    What would cause some pages in the same folio to pinch and zoom fluidly, while other pages appear a bit sticky? Could it be a button on the wrong layer that's not allowing the pinch and zoom to work?
    I do have a "go to state" button that enlarges graphic to full page on the page. Could this be cancelling the pinch and zoom functionality? Would a box with text wrap ON affect the ability to pich and zoom? What else may be causing this?

  • How can I set a default zoom for the browser (freeze it)?

    Hello, there's an option of using the Ctrl + + to zoom the Web page, but it reverts to the Firefox default zoom in the midst which is very annoying. Generally, I'd like to be able to set a certain default zoom level and then only if needed use the CTRL +/- zoom in and out options. So my optimal zoom level is used for all my browsing unless I change it.

    I have listed 2 add-ons below for you to consider. I have not used NoSquint, but I use and rely on Default FullZoom Level.
    *You can set a default zoom level in DFZL Options
    *You can use the mouse scroll wheel on the Add-on Bar DFZL icon to increase or decrease the zoom or click the icon and choose from the available zoom percentages.
    *In NoSquint, it says it saves the zoom level by web site/page.
    *'''''Default FullZoom Level''''':
    **More info on NoSquint:
    You can also set a "Minimum Font Size" in Firefox Options > Content > Fonts & Colors Advanced".
    *See --> [ Options window-Content panel-Fonts & Colors]
    '''If this reply solves your problem, please click "Solved It" next to this reply when <u>signed-in</u> to the forum.'''
    Not related to your question, but...
    You may need to update some plug-ins. Check your plug-ins and update as necessary:
    *Plug-in check:
    *Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in: [ Installing ('''''or Updating''''') the Shockwave plugin with Firefox]
    *Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape: [ Installing/Updating Adobe Reader in Firefox]
    *Shockwave Flash (Adobe Flash or Flash): [ Updating Flash in Firefox]
    *Next Generation Java Plug-in for Mozilla browsers: [ Installing or Updating Java in Firefox]

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    HI all, Because of the below select statement my performance has degraded. SELECT VBELN FROM LIKP INTO FS_LIKP. append FS_likP TO T_LIKP. endselect. Any suggestions to improve my performance i want to fetch only VBELN records from the table likp. Reg

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    Hello all, I have a primary airport express station as my main wireless hub in the living room. It's physically connected to my cable modem as well as external speakers and works fine. I just purchased a second Airport express station and external sp

  • Pre-requisites for TBIT14 (XI) course

    Hi All. I am about to go for the TBIT14 (XI) course in a few days from now. I wished to know that is ALE/IDOC's knowledge essential for this course? I have not worked at all on ALE/IDOC, though I have a knowledge of BAPI's. Also, SAP says that XML an