DPS: pinch and zoom function not working on all pages within folio (v30 tools using the pdf setting). What would cause some pages to pinch and zoom fluidly, while other pages appear a bit sticky? Could it be a button on the wrong layer?

What would cause some pages in the same folio to pinch and zoom fluidly, while other pages appear a bit sticky? Could it be a button on the wrong layer that's not allowing the pinch and zoom to work?
I do have a "go to state" button that enlarges graphic to full page on the page. Could this be cancelling the pinch and zoom functionality? Would a box with text wrap ON affect the ability to pich and zoom? What else may be causing this?

What would cause some pages in the same folio to pinch and zoom fluidly, while other pages appear a bit sticky? Could it be a button on the wrong layer that's not allowing the pinch and zoom to work?
I do have a "go to state" button that enlarges graphic to full page on the page. Could this be cancelling the pinch and zoom functionality? Would a box with text wrap ON affect the ability to pich and zoom? What else may be causing this?

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    In my ipad zoom function not working..some day before it worked,but when i double pinch with my three fingers it zooms negligible, wat to do?plzz help me..

    It works when I reset my all settings...
    Settings>general>reset>reset all settings
    It never delete ur all contacts and any others,but ur wallpaper and wifi connection will change..it can be as before...

  • Not able to sign into Blackberry Protect. Backup and Restore function not working. "Your device isn't associated with a Blackberry ID"

    Not able to sign into Blackberry Protect.  Backup and Restore function not working. Message is: "Your device isn't associated with a Blackberry ID."  My Blackberry Messenger and Blackberry World is working fine so I am sure its not an ID issue on the phone.  I can sign into Link, Blackberry.com and Protect.  I see my device in Protect but cannot send messages or view it on a map.  Times out with cannot reach device message.  BB Protect on Device has a swirling circle beside the on/of switch.  Cannot turn off.  
    I have deleted Link and re-installed.
    I have reset phone to default(factory) and signed in. 
    OS level is
    BB Link is
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    I managed to figure this out myself. I had to delete the device from the Blackberry Protect website.  protect.blackberry.com.  I wiped my device again and signed in with my Blackberry ID.  I dont know if the step of wiping was necessary as I did not try my backup with the current configuration on the device following the delete.  Restore is in progress for me!

  • I tried to upload my daughters videos she made on her iPod to my mac iPhoto and it seemed to have "Stuck" and now will not work at all.  It had to a complete fix of the existing library.

    I tried to upload my daughters videos she made on her iPod to my mac iPhoto and it seemed to have "Stuck" and now will not work at all.  It had to a complete fix of the existing library.  It will now not let me move pictures from the "Stream" to "photos", it looks like it is trying to but gets stuck and I have to force a shut down of the programe.

    -> Tap ALT key or press F10 to show the Menu Bar
    -> go to Help Menu -> select "Restart with Add-ons Disabled"
    Firefox will close then it will open up with just basic Firefox. Now do this:
    -> Update ALL your Firefox Plug-ins https://www.mozilla.com/en-US/plugincheck/
    -> go to View Menu -> Toolbars -> unselect All Unwanted toolbars
    -> go Tools Menu -> Clear Recent History -> '''Time range to clear: select EVERYTHING''' -> click Details (small arrow) button -> place Checkmarks on '''Cookies, Cache''' -> click "Clear Now"
    -> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Content -> place Checkmarks on:
    1) Block Pop-up windows 2) Load images automatically 3) Enable JavaScript
    -> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Privacy -> History section -> '''Firefox will: select "Use Custom Settings for History"''' -> REMOVE Checkmark from '''"Permanent Private Browsing mode"''' -> place CHECKMARKS on:
    1) Remember my Browsing History 2) Remember Download History 3) Remember Search History 4) Accept Cookies from sites -> select "Exceptions..." button -> Click "Remove All Sites" at the bottom of "Exception - Cookies" window
    4a) Accept Third-party Cookies -> under "Keep Until" select "They Expire"
    -> When using the Location Bar, suggest: select "History and Bookmarks"
    -> go to Tools Menu -> Options -> Security -> place Checkmarks on:
    1) Warn me when sites try to install add-ons 2) Block reported attack sites 3) Block reported web forgeries 4) Remember Passwords for sites
    -> Click OK on Options window
    -> click the Favicon (small drop down menu icon) on Firefox SearchBar (its position is on the Right side of the Address Bar) -> click "Manage Search Engines" -> select all Unwanted Search Engines and click Remove -> click OK
    -> go to Tools Menu -> Add-ons -> Extensions section -> REMOVE All Unwanted/Suspicious Extensions (Add-ons) -> Restart Firefox
    You can enable your Known & Trustworthy Add-ons later. Check and tell if its working.

  • Portege M750 tablet, buttons and fingerprint functions not working in win7

    I have installed win7 64 bit ("fresh install" on my M750-129) and i have also downloaded and installed all the newest drivers from toshiba website.
    the device manager shows no problem / drivers needed, and trhings like HDD protection work well.
    However, i have four groups of problems i would love and appreciate to find answer:
    1) when i change the screen position to tablet, it does not change the orientation nor the resolution.
    There is no utility to set the desired orientations of screen as it was in vista (horribly unstable and slow OS, though).
    This, naturally, is diminishing the usefullness of the tablet finction
    2) the buttons do not work properly; the screen rotation button starts excel (!!) , the centre of mobility button starts word (!!), and the toshiba assistance button does not work at all
    3) fingerprints: the fingerprint utility lets me to screen my fingerprint, asks if it should save it, and than says "saving impossible; another duplicate pattern exists" which i completely do not understand what it means...
    4) some applications are not available at all after fresh install: face recognition, DVD player, bussines card screener - but i can love without those; 1-3 worries me much much more and i would appreciate any functional help. thanx on advance for any try!

    helpful indeed - the installation of the tablet extension pack for vista , it helps to rotate when i switch for tablet even in win7 64 bit - thanxalot!
    as for buttons, the first left ones still launch ms word and ms excel....
    fingerprints: strangely enough, even if tghat was a clean installation, there were my old fingerprints (user "???") registered and it did not allow me to delete untill i found one little finger i did not register with viste BEFORE the CLEAN isnatallation with formatting the HD - is not that strange?
    however, the buttons i hope will be ok once the drivers will be updated by toshibq for win7 64 bit, the main issues were solved for me - thank you once again!

  • Palm Desktop 6.2.2. and Lookup function not working in Windows 7

    Palm Desktop's lookup function not working in Windows 7 64bit. Please help.
    Post relates to: Centro (Verizon)
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    I was able to solve this by unchecking compatibility mode and setting the application to run as administrative.

  • Office 2010 MUI in Finnish and Save and Send function not working after upgrading to Lync 2013 MUI

    Problem is as follows. Used to have Office 2010, Outlook 2010 and Lync 2010, everything was working. People used it in Finnish and seemly quite a many of them used the Talleta ja lähetä (Save and Send in Finnish) in Office products.
    After upgrading Lync to 2013 version, with Finnish language pack installed with it, the Save and send does not work in Office 2010 if it is used with Finnish as display language. When you try to use it you get a Mapi error and reason is undefined or something,
    hard to say what it is exactly in english as the error message is in finnish. On those machines if the display language is changed back to english the Save and send works as it should.
    Any ideas? 

    The problem was caused by the Language Packs for Lync 2013 or Office 2013. Without them all works.
    And if you want to just unisntall the 2013 lang packs, then you also need to repair install the office 2010 ones to make it work again.

  • I have installed windows 7 on my mac book, but sound card and cam is not working in windows wht to do?, I have installed windows 7 on my mac book, but sound card and cam is not working in windows wht to do?

    I am using Mac book with windows 7. But my sound card and cam is not working when booted through windows. How can I solve this?

    Assuming that you tried to install Win 7 in bootcamp.
    Power on the machine and press and hold the "option" key when you hear the bong sound.
    Select the Macintosh HD icon and press "return" or just click on the icon.
    Once booted into OS X go to System Preferences and select the Startup Disk icon and configure startup to use the Macintosh HD.

  • 8700c and device manager not working AT ALL

    So I just recently got a Blackberry 8700c and for some reason the device manager does not work at all. Like my computer will make a dadunk noise when I connect my Blackberry via USB cable but it won't register that my blackberry is connected. I cant go to my computer and actually click on my blackberry.
    I have windows vista and the device manager software I am using is the one I got in the box. 4.1
    I am also using AT&T please help.
    All I want to do is be able to connect it to my computer and upload themes and whatever else I want to the phone. But it isn't working
    Go to Solution.

    Do you have Desktop Manager loaded to your PC? You mentioned device manager, but I would recommed Desktop Manager ver 4.7
    Download Desktop Manager from here:
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  • Quick launch buttons and touch functions not working post win7 upgrade

    I have several problems that I think are related.
    1) When I rotate the screen and then bring it close (as in flat) to the keyboard, the screen goes blank. There is no key combination I can find that restores the screen. Putting it back in notebook orientation doesn't do anything either. Only thing to do is a hard reboot.
    2) the quick launch buttons on the screen edge are not functioning as follows:
    a) the hp mediasmart button (the one with the wave) doesn't work
    b) the screen rotation button produces the same problem as 1) above
    c) the third button which looks like either gears or a sun (I don't know what it should do) brings up the windows mobility center, where I have found problem number:
    3) On tablet PC settings, the display tab, there is one display: 1. mobile PC display
    on the same tab, there is a setup button. The next screen says:
    pen input
    touch input
    Regardless which one I select, on the following screen (where it says Press this screen with ....) when I press with either my finger or the pen, nothing happens. Which seems like either:
    it thinks another screen is active or
    the touch components are completely non functional.
    4) Not surprising, the touch functions are completely non-functional
    I have installed all of the drivers for this TX2-1025dx for Win7(64bit) per the HP support/drivers page.
    Not all of them resulted in a clean install. 
    Here are other drivers that I had problems with (meaning that I got an error message, it failed, it had to be done more than once, something else broke, etc.)
    AMD AHCI  - started catalyst installer then failed
    Authentic fingerprint driver - "dpinst64 not marked for installation"
    Ntrig Duosense - had to do this one multiple times to get the fingerprint reader to work
    HP Mediasmart MVP - hung in CMD
    I have checked that all of the startup services are actually enabled in msconfig including quick launch buttons, hpwuschd, and media smart. Nothing is disabled in services.
    I have reinstalled the quick launch buttons driver for this product from December 2009. (There is an earlier version from November.)
    I installed the bios upgrade (before win7, actually) it is currently F.25
    I have also eliminated EMF possibilities.
    I have searched the forums, and while I have found some interesting clues, I don't see anything like this - at least with a solution.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as this thing is quite useless to me as it currently functions. It is not a tablet anymore.

    [knock knock] Helloooooo??!!??
    Installed, which is in between the last two quick launch button (QLB) drivers (that did not work). Also fixed the lightscribe and mediasmart DVD installs. Same problems, no touch or pen, and a new bug I discovered with qlb
    First, if you search for tablet in the start menu, there is a selection to set the tablet buttons to perform certain tasks. When you run that, it says that teblet buttons are not installed on this pc. Doesn't matter if QLB is installed or not - same error. Hmmmmm. Check with your pc manufacturer..... I think I am doing that. I am starting to feel like I am working for HP.
    Next finding: Using mobility center, I found that if you orient the screen to landscape for the slate config, and then rotate the screen, it does not go blank. However, if you rotate the screen back to notebook, it goes blank. And of course it keeps that upsidedown config when you reboot, too. So, the way to recover from that (because you really need a keyboard if you don't have a working pen and touch takes 30 sec to respond) is to keep trying to get touch to orient the screen back to landscape for notebook. Then rotate the screen to landscape for notebook. And uninstall the QLB driver that doesn't work and reboot. But after that, touch and pen did not function.
    Since touch and pen had previously been restored when I uninstalled QLB, I reinstalled MVP and smartmenu coz they were the actions that I took the last time before touch and pen returned. Didn't work this time, tho.
    I decided to do a system restore back at the point that I had used HP Advisor, since that was the last time I made note that pen and touch were working. Restore failed because a sfi.dat file was not found (and search didn't find it anywhere either). I tried 5 different restore points, before and after that one, and they all failed. But the first time around, I had touch on the logon screen, just not after windows started. The next time, I had touch but not pen. The next time, I had touch and pen, but only for a period of time (I think HP Advisor may have been the intervening event) before they stopped working.
    Oh, and HP advisor does not appear to be actually installing the things on the action list. That could be an issue with Comodo, but it really looks more like an issue with that "mother may I" message from Windows asking for permission to run the program. Often as not, windows reports that the program is not responding. Closing the program with that dialog box actually gives it the kick in the knickers it needs to complete.
    A not so great workaround is to use the mobility center to orient the screen when you want to put the thing in slate mode. You can pin it to the task bar (with a little fiddling).  Touch is extremely slow to respond in slate mode. For example, it took about 3 minutes to get the screen oriented back around to notebook config, which is 4 "clicks" if things are working right. Pen works sort of OK (although I haven't tried any writing) . Gestures for scrolling do not work.
    I am done with the troubleshooting until someone comes up with other targeted ideas.I have been keeping detailed chrono notes.
    Again, I hope the information here leads to a solution. This unit is not a functional tablet and I don't want to stay with Vista, neither should I have to since this is supposed to be compatible.

  • Pinch open and close function not working after upgrade

    I'm having trouble with the pinch open and close function on my trackpad. It was working fine until I installed the new Google upgrade and now it doesn't seem to be working. Any suggestions. The other functions are working fine.

    Click on the Apple icon at the top left of the screen. Select "System Preferences", then "Trackpad".
    Be sure to select:
    "Pinch Open and Close" in the "Two Finger" Menu...

  • Earbuds with Mic and Skip Functions not working after IOS 6.0.1 update?

    I have earbuds with a mic and skip buttons functions and noticed  that mic and the skip music functions stop working after updating to  IOS 6.0.1. Now when I talk on the phone the mic on iPhone itself is working and not the mic on my earbuds. Also when playing music he skip functions has stop working. Has anyone noticed these problems?

    Phone restart > if that doesn't work then do a reset of the settings. Full restore would be the last option.

  • Overdelivery and underdelivery functionality not working

    Hi, I have defined 10% underdelivery and 50 % overdelivery for a PO Item created for 100 pcs ( the tolerance values are picked from material master). In fact I also defined same values in info record for respective Plant.
    Now while entering Good receipts , I entered a Qty 6 and i was expecting an ERROR message , but it doesn't and document gets posted. i even tried with 1 qty and 80 pcs but all waste.
    do I also need to do some other settings ?

    Thx .... I could able to get an error message.
    Sorry , but I have another queriy now
    My order item qty is 100 , Underdelivery tolerance = 50 and Overdelivery tolerance is 50 %.
    I received 60 pcs first which system allows ( as it is > 50).-- This is perfect.
    NOW for balance 40 pcs , I did prepare a GR of 10 pcs ( which is less than 50%) , and this time I was expecting an Error messsage but system posted it also.
    SO MY QUERY IS .... will this functionality only works for the first receipt not for balance receipts. ??
    Although I have business logic explaination for both envoirements but wanted to know what is standard functionality of SAP.
    Appreciate your efforts to resolve my query.

  • Drag and drop functionality not working. IE shows ActiveX error

    Hi all,
    we recently installed new server, but on the new server the drag and drop functionality in web dynpro application is not working.
    when we launch the standard test application wdr_test_drag_and_drop, the Internet explorer is showing a popup: An ActiveX control on this page might be unsafe to interact with other parts of the page. Do you want to allow this interaction? Yes/No
    if we allow by clicking Yes or No, the drag/drop functionality is not working.
    first I checked if the issue is with my IE version, but it is not working in any of the IE in any computer.
    when I checked the same application from different ecc server on my IE, the different server application is working.
    in my new server, do we need to do anything more to make the drag/drop working.

    Hi Madhu,
    GO through this link,  it might help
    Step 1: Go to the Tools menu, and select Internet Options
    There are times when the activex plugins are disabled in our browser settings, just enable them and give it a try.

  • Bookmark function not working at all; lost all bookmarks and can't recover

    I have lost all bookmark function, all bookmarks, and have tried all of the suggested tips for recovering them. I found the "profile" file within Help->Troubleshooting Info.->Application Basics-> but there's no information about what to do with it once you find it. It's an application apparently. I have quit everything running, restarted, etc. Nothing is working. Please help.

    hadimassa wrote:
    Check data transfer settings as described on page 33 of the English manual.
    Thanks I've checked out the manual.
    Under the "Data Transfer" menu there are two options "Server sync" and "PC synchronisation".
    Neither are mentioned at all in the user guide!
    I assume it's the latter I'm interested in, and all it does is give an option for a user name and password.
    I've set a user name and password, but I'm not sure what they're for, there seems to be no option in PC Suite to put them in.
    Any other guidance much appreciated!

Maybe you are looking for

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