Should i get lion if i have a new macbook pro? (i dont have any old programs)

i have a new macbook pro! should i get lion? i dont mind paying the $ 30. my only real concern would be the bugs! i have heard alot about the bugs in lion! i would mainly use it for school work and using imovie and idvd to burn my home movies. i would also use iphoto. both of these are 09 (havent ugraded yet because i have found no need). would they work with lion.
aslo i have one last big question. which should i get? iwork or micrsoft office 2008 or 10. i have a great deal from iwork users that its the best out there. i am migrateing from a pc so i am accoustom to office.
back to lion...
have you used it?
do you regert getting it?
do you love it?
these questions will help me know what to do!

iWork! But Office 2008 or 2011 will run fine on Lion
Lion is awesome, and if you purchased your MacBook Pro since June 6th, go here to get a free copy>
The bugs are few and far apart

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