Streaming Audio repeats every 11.5 minutes????

when on the CBC Ideas streaming audio site, the stream repeats and layers over itself after 10-15 minutes.
try it...
Im on a older computer on ubuntu 10.04 (768 megs ram)

Check to see if the problem is happening at the 99th slide. iDVD slideshows can hang up there. If so, reduce to 98.
I make my slideshows in iPhoto instead of iDVD, then File/Export to my desktop and drag the resulting Quicktime movie into the edge of the iDVD project's main window. You won't have the glitch at No. 99, if that's the problem.

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  • Not solved: XM Radio repeats every minute since 2.2

    I thought it was just the app, but ever since the 2.2 update the audio from the Sirius/XM player audio stream repeats every 1 minute. I realized last night that apps like the police scanner did as well. Anyone have any advice?

    have you pulled your battery since you updated? don't know if it will help, but someone else was having trouble with audio on a couple apps (he described it as skipping real bad) so he pulled the battery for a minute and started it back up and whatever it was he was listening to, was fine.

  • I have several recuring alarms set up on my calendar for each day of the week. In the past few weeks, an alarm will occasionaly notify me roughly 15 minutes to an hour and a half late. These daily alarms are identical and repeat every day.

    I have several recuring alarms set up on iCal for each day of the week. In the past few weeks, an alarm will occasionaly notify me roughly 15 minutes to an hour and a half late. These daily alarms are identical and repeat every day and there seems to be no apparent pattern to why or when an alarm happens after the event is past.

    I assume you meant iCal rather than iTunes? Yes, iCal the time zone is correct. The delayed alarms only happen sporadically. Since I posted this message, the problem stopped happening every day at the same time, but it still happens occasionally with no rhyme or reason as to when. It's gotten so that I can't depend on my iCal alarms anymore.

  • Streaming audio data won't stop unless I turn off the phone for 5 minutes.

    I have been testing the Curve 8330 regarding streaming audio from an icecast server. The address of the station is, click on "listen". (I have already run this by the icecast experts and they say it is a Blackberry "bug")
    BLACKBERRY USERS! PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE STREAM (dataflow) DOES NOT STOP WHEN YOU CLICK "STOP" ON THE MEDIA PLAYER! (and will continue for as long as you leave it on, and even if you turn off your BB for less than 5 Minutes.) I'm not sure if you are charged for these streams, but it seems that the battery is depleted rapidly if this continues without aborting it. See details of my testing below:
    > Access icecast stream by clicking on the link on the website:
    > Stream consists of mp3 at 32kbps / 22050 Hz.
    > Stock media player launches, stops at "Do you want to open or save the item."
        > No connections started yet (viewing "List Clients" page of icecast admin interface).
    > Click "open", stream begins playing.
    > Two connections are started instead of just one, always offset by 2 seconds.
        -- but sometimes only one connection starts.
    > FYI, Icecast config: <client-timeout>30</client-timeout>
    Here is the output from the "List Clients" page of Icecast2 Admin
    Seconds Connected
    User Agent
    WinampMPEG/5.62, Ultravox/2.1
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    Note the last two entries with the same IP address. This is the Blackberry. Top entry is winamp player on PC for reference. Don't know why two listener connections are generated.
    > Stream is "Stopped" (i.e. click stop)
    > Stream is restarted (i.e. click Play)
    > A new connection is started, this time with a new +1 IP address.
    Seconds Connected
    User Agent
    WinampMPEG/5.62, Ultravox/2.1
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    I can understand that the player may continue to communicate when "stopped" to fill the lookahead buffer, but when it is restarted, it should use the same connection and not start a new one.
    > Click Stop.
    > Click Play.
    Seconds Connected
    User Agent
    WinampMPEG/5.62, Ultravox/2.1
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    > Yet another connection is started with a new "listener".
    > Click "back" to exit from browser in Blackberry.
    > All threads continue.
        --> I have tested this many times and the threads continue without being cleaned up indefinitely, even though the player is stopped and the stream is not "playing" on the handset.
    > Turn off mobile network. Handset not communicating.
    > Threads continue
    > Handheld turned off.
    Seconds Connected
    User Agent
    WinampMPEG/5.62, Ultravox/2.1
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    Mozilla/4.8 [en] (Windows NT 5.0; U)
    Finally, after over 300 seconds, the threads are finally cleaned up.
    Seconds Connected
    User Agent
    WinampMPEG/5.62, Ultravox/2.1
    So, to stop the streaming server from communicating with the Blackberry handset, you must either turn it off or disable mobile network for at least 5 minutes.
    It appears that the handset continues to transfer data (and therefore incur charges, if the user does not have an unlimited data plan) if the handset is not turned off or mobile network disabled for at least five minutes. It also runs down the battery much faster because the radio transmitter is actively being used, even if the user is not listening to the stream.
    The Blackberry network has intervening servers that continue to receive data from the streaming server even if the handset is off. This behavior likely has utility to deal with the realities of the cellphone network, to allow the stream to be transferred from one cell to another, and deal with the possibility that the handset may be out of range for up to 5 minutes without "interruption." However, it is hard to turn off the stream.
    1. Is there a way to stop this sort of behavior using a configuration setting or something? It seems particularly stupid to start a new stream connection each time a STOP/START cycle is completed, allowing the old connections to continue streaming data (even if the data does not make it to the handset).
    2. IS IT TRUE that the user will be "charged" for the data streams that are not disconnected?
    3. Is there a way for a developer to send a signal to the intervening cellphone network to discontinue the orphan streams?

    No, I'm using something like this :
    to start...
                       channel = new SoundChannel();
                                            soundPlay = new Sound();
                                            urlReq=new URLRequest;
                                            urlReq.url=mylUrl;  // url of radio mp3
                       channel =;
    to stop it...
                          try{soundPlay.close();} catch (e:Error) {} // error or not, the sream won't stop.
    Any idea ? Did you try with a NetStream object ?

  • Streaming audio from my IPAD to my Apple TV from Rhapsody application.  when Apple TV go into Screen Saver mode, about 5 minutes after that it stops playing the Audio Stream and goes into Sleep mode.

    I am Streaming audio from my IPAD to my Apple TV from Rhapsody application.  when Apple TV go into Screen Saver mode, about 5 minutes after that it stops playing the Audio Stream and goes into Sleep mode.  I am using the Optical Out from the Apple TV to my receiver, the Apple TV is hard Wired to the Network, the IPAD is Wirelessly attached to the network (it continues to play the Audio Stream).  When the Apple TV is turned back on it resumes playing once I manual select it for output from the IPAD.  All device are on current releases of software.  I have no Video hooked up to the Apple TV.  How do I correct this?

    Intermittent problems are often a result of interference. Interference can be caused by other networks in the neighbourhood or from household electrical items.
    You can download and install iStumbler (NetStumbler for windows users) to help you see which channels are used by neighbouring networks so that you can avoid them, but iStumbler will not see household items.
    Refer to your router manual for instructions on changing your wifi channel or adjusting your multicast rate.
    There are other types of problems that can affect networks, but this is by far the most common, hence worth mentioning first. Networks that have inherent issues can be seen to work differently with different versions of the same software. You might also try moving the Apple TV away from other electrical equipment.

  • Repeat every X minutes w/o multiple events

    Is there any way to get an event to repeat faster than 1 day? For example. I want something to repeat every 10 minutes. Is there a way to do this without creating multiple events?

    I'm seeing this behaviour, too. In my case, it happens with a recurring meeting.

  • Streaming audio podcast randomly unpauses when paused

    Often when I listen to streaming audio podcasts on iTunes, if I have to pause it for any reason, it will unpause itself after a few seconds and resume playing. This can be irritating, because usually when I'm pausing it's because I need to step away, which means the heaphones come off. Then I will return and the podcast is already playing. If I don't mark the time when I pause it, I could lose several minutes.
    I have been pausing the stream lately just to watch iTunes's behavior. Sometimes, sure enough, I'll see it automatically resume playback with no accidental button pushing or screen tapping.
    Can anyone explain why it does this? It should always remain paused until I unpause it. Every time.

    I see a similar problem with music loaded into the iPod software on my iPhone 3G. In this case, when I remove the headphones from the headphone jack (ie. not Bluetooth), the iPod software will suddenly kick in and begin playing the last music I was listening to. Note, this music in the iPod software is paused and still lists as "Now Playing" because there does not appear to be a way to tell the iPod software that you are done listening to that music.
    This is a basic flaw with the iPhone software. It seems you cannot tell any software to "Exit" because you are done -- you can only hit the "Home" button and leave the software in background. This can be a plus in some circumstances in that the software will start up again much faster, but it can also be a negative in that the running software is vulnerable to doing unexpected things.
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  • Streaming audio apps drop unexpectedly

    I use several streaming audio apps (Pandora, iHeartRadio, WunderRadio) on my iPhone, but they seem to drop/crash unexpectedly, often in the middle of a song or program. Usually the crash happens after several minutes, but I seem to have to relaunch an app at least once every 30 minutes. Is there a time limit on the amount of time the iPhone can stream audio, or is this just an app crashing. I have looked, but have been unable to find any settings for streaming time limits.

    There are no streaming time limits imposed by the iPhone.
    Pandora drops out on me occasionally but never crashes. I assume the drops are due to an imperfect cellular connection and/or Pandora servers.
    Regarding crashes, this shouldn't happen. Try resetting your iPhone by pressing the home and sleep buttons until you see the Apple logo, ignoring the slider. Takes about 5-15 secs of button holding and you won't lose any data or settings.

  • Fix streaming audio dropouts with Airport Express (811g)?

    Every time I try playing streaming audio with just an external audio system connected via Airport Express (811g) I get frequent dropouts no matter what kbps setting of the source. Looks like it is not being buffered properly. However, if I choose Multiple Speakers and include Computer, everything is fine. Actually, if I choose Multiple Speakers, include Computer and let it run this way for 5-10 minutes, I can then turn off Computer and everything is fine. Obviously I have a work-around, but is there a better solution?

    I experience a similar drop - only w/streaming audio URLs I've opened in the "Advanced" option of iTunes' Menu; I don't experience drops when audio is streamed from iTunes Radio listings. Just want to thank you for the work-around info: it works and until reading your post if I wanted streaming audio sound from remote speakersI had to disconnect the mac w/my music from Airport and connect it directly to modem!
    Thanks (sorry don't have insight for dismissing "work-around")!

  • Problem with streaming audio

    I wasn't sure if this is a problem with Safari, iTunes, or OS X, so rather than post the question in all three of those forums I decided to post the question here.
    I can't seem to get streaming audio to open and play when I click on their appropriate links in Safari. I tried several different links through a few different sites, but when I click on a "Play" or "Listen Now" link for an MP3 stream, a Safari download window opens and that's it -- no stream.
    I solved the problem by copying the link, going to iTunes, and choosing "Open Stream" from the "Advanced" menu, and the stream played fine, but I would hate to have to do that every time I want to sample an audio stream.
    Anyone know why it wouldn't work when I clicked on the direct link?

    Nevermind. Noob figured out what he was doing wrong.
    See Safari "Preferences", "Open 'safe' files after downloading".
    /smacks self on head

  • Flash keeps on crashing continuously after every 2-3 minutes.All my plug-ins are updated.My crash signature is:Signature: F351981279____________________________ Please help!!

    For the first few days after i installed Firefox everything was working fine.But after 2-3 days the error messeage "Adobe Flash plug-in has crashed" started coming repeatedly.I have checked my plug-ins and they are all up to date.The error messeage comes in every 2-3 minutes,specially while using Facebook applications.
    Please help!!!

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    Please do not ask duplicate questions.

  • Facebook and streaming audio issues

    I like using Facebook and stream audio from my favorite radio stations!  However, I am running into adobe flash upgrade issues!!!!  I can bring up Facebook but I can't run certain programs within it.  I can bring up my favorite radio stations but won't let me stream audio!!!!  Any solutions?

    What exactly are your issues?
    I had an issue where every image found on the blog template was showing up instead of the actual image that represented the blog post. My fix was to make sure of the following:
    1. Blog image needs to be small in file size. Many bloggers post images that came straight off their camera and I found that the share tools will grab the most accessbile and light-weight files first. If the image is too big then it won't grab it at all. The share tool grabs the smallest and fastest loading, top-most in the code image first, which means the images found on the template of the blog.
    This issue occurs at WordPress too, so it is not restricted to BC but rather the tools provided to share.
    2. Try to avoid putting the image inbetween <p></p>'s, when I pulled mine out of the the paragraph format, they were found quicker.
    3. Avoid having the image lead off the blog post list before the bodypreview, if you can at all just show the image on within post detail page if you can. I know that having an image in the list helps, but then just put the whole blog in the list, like WP does. Problem here is that most share tools on the list have a problem diciphering what to share, so it shares the whole page, giving everthing a share count. WP does this better. They isolate the independent listings and provide isolated share tools for each list.
    Wait a week and the technology will change again.
    Good news is that the element that Facebook offers to share a page on the web will be featuring the option to upload an image to accompanying the sharing of the post. You can see this happening at Facebook already when you drop in the link of the post into a news feed.
    I hope this helps.

  • Streaming audio apps don't work after 10.1

    Since updating my Z10 and my wife's Z10 to 10.1 on Telus none of the streaming audio apps work over LTE or HSPA+. Songza, 8tracks, slacker and nobex all stop playing music after a couple of minutes unless I tell them to play again. Help please.
    Go to Solution.

    is your Z10 SIM-locked? If no, can you try with a SIM card not from Telus?
    Maybe you can also give Telus a call and ask them about the streaming. Do they allow it?
    The search box on top-right of this page is your true friend, and the public Knowledge Base too:

  • I have bought a new airport express and using it with my macbook (iTunes 10.2.2). I have joined an existing network for internet in my home and with that i am trying to play the music via itunes but there is audio dropouts every 60 secs or so. any soln ?

    I have bought a new airport express and using it with my macbook (iTunes 10.2.2). I have joined an existing wireless network for internet in my home and with that i am trying to play the music via itunes but there is audio dropouts every 60 secs or so. I am using a set of speakers from kenwood connected to the airport express. The operating system on my macbook is mac os X 10.5.8. i am sure it is not a problem of streaming music online because i have even tried playing music which are stored in my macbook.
    Is there any problem with the setting in itunes or quicktime ? Kindly reply...... I am waiting for your valuable suggestion.
    Thank you a lot in advance.

    I am shocked to have found this same AX audio dropout problem starting TODAY, every few seconds the audio just drops for a couple seconds and then resumes:  Latest software versions of everything.  No iPad, iPhone or Touch.  Internet hardwired to D-Link DES1105 (1000baseT Switch) hardwired to new 80211N AX, AX optical to stereo, AX Wi-Fi internet to basic 1st-gen MacBook operating at 80211G, and an older 'G' AX extender at the far end of the house, away from all this.  The MacBook streaming iTunes is usually 12 feet from AX.  I've used this setup for years of trouble-free AirTunes / Airplay until today.  Today I also found 2 very reliable fixes and 1 way to force a dropout, but first, I read some posts and tried ALL following settings one-at-a-time and restored them ALL because NONE of them helped:  Turned off IPV6.  Streamed to multiple speakers 'Computer' and 'AX' (restored to just AX).  Turned off 'Ask to Join new (WiFi) Networks'.  Turned off Bluetooth (can't live without Magic Trackpad, so glad that wasn't it).  Here's my discoveries:  Lo and behold, each time I click the Airport icon in the Menu (you know it shows you've got 4 bars from AX) when the status switches to 'Looking for Networks' for a second it CAUSES the AX audio to drop out for a couple seconds (it never did that before today.)  iTunes still playing, streaming, AX laser still lit, but the 'PCM' light on stereo and the sound GOES OUT EVERY time I click the Airport icon in the menubar, just like the regular, annoying dropouts.  So, to reduce traffic I quit Safari (3 tabs, no streaming, just Gmail, Google, and Netflix browsing).  Lo and behold, the dropouts stopped altogether.  No other Web apps going (not iTunes Store, Genius, Ping, nothing), so I launched Chrome to the same 3 tabs and the dropouts HAVE NOT RETURNED.  That's right, not only did simply QUITTING SAFARI cure it, and Chrome doesn't contribute to it, but I can demonstrate it just by forcing my Airport to re-scan.  Works for me, written using Chrome.  The other reliable fix is to hardwire MacBook to the Switch.  This is obviously not ideal, but Airplay audio doesn't drop out over Ethernet.  Also, in all my tests, it made no difference whether iTunes did the streaming, or Airfoil did.

  • Streaming audio issue

    I'm trying to listen to live streaming audio from, and it works fine... for a while. The little marker on the QT application slowly makes its way to the right side of the screen as the audio plays. Once it gets to the far right side (as if it were only a 5-min clip instead of an ongoing stream), it starts cutting in and out. It's like QT thinks it's gotten to the end of the stream and then realizes it hasn't and does that every 5 sec forever after that. What can I do to fix this?!
    MacBook 2GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    No body is sending reply. I am just activating the thread by sending reply my self.

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