"Submit to SAP" Button doesn't work

Hi to all,
I'm trying to develop an interactive form using NW04 SP22. My problem is that the submit to sap button doesn't work. I think I have not properly installed active component framework (ACF) on my client pc but I can't find the right ACF to install. I found a note 766191 in which I can download ACF for SP22 but  the link [url]https://sapmats-de.sap-ag.de/download/download.cgi?id=OZOHD0204MQQADJPWOZSGFDNCP39PBJ6TFA2CANJKUPYIGJF16[url]  seems not to work. Where can I find it?
Thank you very mich,

Hi Enrico,
You can download it from the below link:
Let me know once you are done so that I will delete the link.

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    I have created a form and everything works on it, but the send to email part. I know the mailto: function is working because when I hit it on my desktop it goes through the steps to send the email. However when I upload it online the button does nothing. I don't understand how it can work on my own computer, but not when i put it on a site. Please help.

    Are you trying this with Reader or Acrobat? If with Reader, are you submitting the form or the data (only the data is needed since it can be imported to the form)? If you are submitting the form in Reader, either change to data or activate Reader Rights. If you do the latter, read sec. 15 of the EULA to be sure you will not exceed the 500 use limit for your application -- you don't want to end up in court because of not reading. The data submission is not limited by the EULA.
    E-mail also has issues for general form use since it is problematic for particular OS setups. It is always better to submit to a web script.

  • SUBMIT(to SAP) Button in Adobe Interactive Forms (Web Dynpro Java)

    Hi ,
    I m using Adobe Interactive Forms with Web Dynpro Java
    But submit to SAP button is not working
    i m using NWDS 7.2 with adobe lifecycledesigner 6.0
    with adobe reader 9.0
    when i click submit to SAP button in interactive form nothing happens and
    data is not transfered into web dynpro Context
    Can anybody help me out................

    Hi Adi,
    The evniorment and versions you posted seems to be quite scattered, make sure all are of compatible and to the lates.
    Anyways this was not the reason for your problem.
    Can you tace if the button click event is triggered ....?
    1) when the PDF is published can you see any of the fields editable...? reason behind is generally when you create a form in ADLC it comes up in static PDF format if its so you need to make it dynamic.
    I dont know if adding the webdynpro script to your form might fix.

  • No "Submit to SAP" button, the submit button offered doesn't work

    Hello everyone,
    I am working with the interactive forms and I have tried going through the PDF about how to use an RFC with the interactive forms.  During the tutorial, they say to add a button called "Submit to SAP", but I don't have one.  I have groupings for Web Dynpro ActiveX and Web Dynpro Native, but neither of those have a "Submit to SAP" button, only regular submit buttons.  I have tried adding these submit buttons, but neither one actually submits my data.  When I click on them in the form nothing happens.
    I am running NWDS 7.0.10
    Thanks for the help,

    We had the same problem and when we installed ACF on the client machine it resolved the problem.
    If you are using 04s you can use this link https://sapmats-de.sap-ag.de/download/download.cgi?id=HUU1XMYWJNEKKEXB7EG33N5LBBAXUEP4LBRZXKWFEZHBR74SWY
    to download ACF.
    Also, does this problem exist even when the Submit button is placed outside the Adobe form?

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    The submit button doesn't work. It is still there, but it is unclickable, it doesn't load up anything, or do anything. It doesn't change to being clickable at any time.
    If it helps, I have the Palm Pre, I'm with O2 (UK).
    Can anyone help?
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    This sounds like a credit card related issue. Has anything about your credit card changed, like a new expiration data? You can go to App Catalog, tap the drop-down menu, select Preferences and Accounts, then choose the account name, enter your profile password, tap continue, When the Edit Credit Card screen appears, re-enter the credit card number and confirm that the remaining info is valid or enter any new information, then submit.

  • Submit button doesn't work when form is uploaded to website

    I created a form with a submit button that works well when I open the form from my documents.  However, once I upload that same form to my website, the submit button doesn't work.  Any ideas how this can be fixed?

    If the form is opened in the browser, it is probably using the browser's built-in PDF viewer (e.g., Chrome and Firefox), which likely does not support the submit action. It's possible to disable the built-in viewer and configure it so Adobe Reader is used to view the PDF and the submit button should work. This will be something each user would have to set up, so providing instructions is a good idea.

  • Submit button doesn't work after moving form to another parent container

    I'm re-arranging the page using jquery. When I moved a div or table containing a form to another div, the submit button doesn't work anymore. Using the emulation mode under the Inspect Element feature of IE, the same code works for IE9 but not under IE10
    and up.
    Any ideas?

    I will steal the answer that George gave to a similar question, because it turns out it is applicable here as well:
    George Johnson  on Feb 23, 2012 11:17 AM 
    When you distribute a form, it replaces the email address that you've set up in a submit button with the email address you have specified in "Edit > Preferences > Identity > Email Address". So before you initiate the Distribute Form process, change the email address there to the one you want to use.
    It is a ridiculous solution, because it means I have to make the identity of my personal copy of Acrobat the email address of someone else or some other department when I make the form, but whatever -- at least the form sends now.

  • Submit to Sap button in PDF form

    I am create two views
    1. start view       2. Result View
    i am enetering data in the Start view and navigation to Result View.
    in the result view i am displaying all values of start view in the PDF Format.
    i want to navigate from PDF form to Start View  for that i did like this
    First i inserted SUbmit to SAP button in the PDF form
    i created plugs and navigaion betwen Start View and Resutl View (both side)
    i have created action in the Resutview and assigned to PDF form onSubmit parameter.
    when i run the application in the portal it is not working let me know the reasion

    Hi Pavan,
    I am getting PDF form properly in browser with no values in the fields as it should be. And i have provided one User entered field, When user enters sales order number in that field and presses the submit to sap button other fields rerlated with sales order status information should be displayed with the values related with that sales order number. But after pressing Submit to SAP button i didnt get values in other fields.
    Method for Submit to SAP button is also called properly. Even i can see the status information in fields outside the PDF form in Browser.
    So, parheps i think that whenever PDF form loads first time in browser, at that time it shows the values in the context variable. But after first load nothing is changed in that PDF form evenif the context values are changed.
    Is it true?

  • Submit to sap button in interactive forms

    I'm trying to make an event happening when pushing a button in a adobe form developed in the web Dynpro. However nothing happens when pushing the Submit to SAP button. It's a standard button with no special settings. I've created an event in the view and in the properties of the interactive fom I've set the onSubmit to this action. What am I doing wrong?
    Best regards,

    My Submit button doesnt work too. Nothing happens on clicking on it.
    I was checking the trace file defaultTrace.trc  through visual administrator of the j2ee server. I found the log file is updated with the following lines, for each click on the submit button.
    Date : 04/26/2005
    Time : 17:03:10:296
    Category :
    Message ID : 001185BBE530005D00000001000017C40003F5AD407E9064
    Severity : Warning
    Location : com.sap.engine.services.servlets_jsp.client.RequestInfo
    Source Name : com.sap.engine.services.servlets_jsp.client.RequestInfo
    Thread : SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_14
    Message : Processing an http request to servlet [dispatcher] finished with error. The error is: com.sap.tc.webdynpro.services.exceptions.WDRuntimeException: No valid download parameter!
         at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.core.url.WebDynproExchangeHandler.doExchange(WebDynproExchangeHandler.java:236)
         at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.defaultimpl.DispatcherServlet.doExchangeProcessing(DispatcherServlet.java:164)
    Datasource : 1246150:E:\usr\sap\NWD\DVEBMGS00\j2ee\cluster\server0\log\defaultTrace.trc
    Application : sap.com/tcwddispwda
    Argument Objs :
    Arguments :
    Dsr Component :
    Dsr Transaction : 986fe581b69611d99211001185bbe530
    Dsr User :
    Indent : 0
    Level : 0
    Message Code :
    Message Type : 0
    Relatives :
    Resource Bundlename :
    Session : 454
    Source : com.sap.engine.services.servlets_jsp.client.RequestInfo
    ThreadObject : SAPEngine_Application_Thread[impl:3]_14
    Transaction :
    User : J2EE_ADMIN
    Is there any solution for this?
    I am using reader 6.0.2 , ACF is also installed on my m/c.

  • Submit to SAP button

    Hi folks,
    Would like to know, how 'Submit to SAP' button working in Adobe interactive forms.how this button is synchronised with outlook(IXOS server).
    For example, if a travel request created, click on this button it will take us to a new mail with travel request details.
    I would appreciate,If anyone could explain this in technical terms.
    Thanks in advance.

        Any event in programming model will have an action to be performed incorporated with it.
        From your requiremnt I find you wante dto send the travel data informations from one form to another.Have an event associated with the button.on click of this event try to send or populate the data where ever required.
    For your case here on click of the button establish the connection the outlook server with predefined subject and data using the help od "mail to " protocol.
    Hope it is help ful.

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    I have created a form in livecycle designer with either "submit by email" (sends xml file) or a submit button with a pdf chosen as submit type. The form works fine in acrobat 9 but when I click on either button and it opens my email client (outlook in windows vista), the "send" button doesn't work. Any ideas?

    I have created a form in livecycle designer with either "submit by email" (sends xml file) or a submit button with a pdf chosen as submit type. The form works fine in acrobat 9 but when I click on either button and it opens my email client (outlook in windows vista), the "send" button doesn't work. Any ideas?

  • How to use the submit to SAP button in ABAP.

    Hi there,
    I am using the form editor in the SAP-Gui. I created a form with some fields. The fields are filled by calling on a BAPI in the Code Initialization part of the Interface. Now I am going to change the contents of my fields. When I press the Submit to SAP button, I would like to fire some custom ABAP-code, or submit a BAPI. But I don't have a clue how to do this. Is there anyone who can help me with a tip? The online-help files didn't say too much about this part, and the tutorials are for the JAVA-side.
    I am working with only the Sneak-Preview editions  available from the download section.
    Thanks in advance,
    Jan-Willem Kaagman

    Thanks to a tip by Matthias Zeller in this ABAP Interactive Form Information/Advice Needed I found a way, more or less. But let me warn you, this road has learned me that if you want to create interactive forms, start with the Java/WebDynpro-version. It's easier. Every data-binding is already there.

  • Problem with "Submit to SAP" button in Adobe Form

    Hello All,
    I have a problem with my Adobe form. The "Submit to SAP" button for some reason does not seems to work in the newer forms. Whenever I click on the button, no action is being triggered. However, when I load older version of the same form, the button will respond.
    Has anyone come across similar situation before ? Any suggestions/feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    fromKwok Wei

    Hi Bhavik,
      I created different version of the forms (Eg: added new logo, additional table rows etc...) by using the save a copy function in adobe designer. Seems that the original one works but the later ones will no longer respond to the button.
      The submit action is also correctly specified in the property of the UI Element. Otherwise it will not work on any forms... is my understanding correct ?
    Kwok Wei

  • A pop-up message is frozen on my settings page. I was trying to set up an apple id for iTunes when I got a message "required fields have been left blank. The missing information is highlighted in red." the ok button doesn't work. 1st gen iPad.

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    thanks for your answer. 
    The Size of all disks is: 6 x 4 TB.
    In the Pool are 5 x 4 TB plus 1 x Hot Spare. 
    It comes up to about 14,6 TB of Data formatable.
    But tried it also with just 3 x 4 TB to see if it works. 
    I just made a Raid5EE on the controller and then used Storage Spaces with simple, all worked fine. 
    Here the results of my tests: 
    1) your command had to be modified (typoe in usemaximumsize, and had to add -ResiliencySettingName Parity. 
    new-virtualdisk -friendlyname testpsh -storagepoolfriendlyname test -ResiliencySettingName Parity -usemaximumsize
    But anyway, my problem is not creating the virtual disk, but formatting the partition if it's parity only. 
    I added a screenshot: 
    Here you see my storage pool, and I added 3 virtual disk. 
    1 simple, 1 mirror, 1 parity. Only the parity cannot be formatted. The others can. No mather which size I do. 
    About a testserver, I added 4 x 4 TB to a VM (VHDX-files) and could do parity without problems. So it seems it is this server specific.
    As it worked with another controller, I really wonder if the controller could break parity of Storage Pools?
    The other weird part is, it sais "Raid" as BUS, but it's set to pass through, in details I see the serial of the attached HDD. 
    This is what properties shows on this volume. Always RAW. 
    I also tried Software Raid5 within the server. 
    This also worked fine. So really only parity. 

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