Suppressing Leading Zeroes in the Query output

I have selected a data field(0MATERIAL) as a free characteristics, It displays text and key and the key has leading zeroes.
In the infoobject 0MATERIAL, ALPHA conversion routine is not selected, I can't change and insert the ALPHA right now because it would end up with reloading a large volume of data in different targets. To avoid this or to reduce the impact, in the reverse way,
Could it be possible to suppress this leading zeroes at the query level? I was hoping that there would be a change that I could make at the query level, since it is 0Material and am looking at the point of minimal impact.
Thank You.

Hi Senthil,
create InfoObject ZMATERIAL like a copy of 0MATERIAL, delete all the attributes and insert ALPHA conversion.
Insert this ZMATERIAL like display attribute of 0MATERIAL. In InfoSource for 0MATERIAL map also ZMATERIAL with the same field that is feeding 0MATERIAL (MATNL). In your query insert 0MATERIAL and ZMATERIAL, and then hide 0MATERIAL (you need to insert also 0MATERIAL because ZMATERIAL is only in display), you will see only the values of ZMATERIAL, that is the material without the zeros in front.
You can also decide to transform ZMATERIAL like navigational attribute, but in this case you have to change all the structure where do you want ZMATERIAL, because you need to flag it like navigational in that specific structure.

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    Please check out this thread.
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    Also check if there is any conversion routine used for that particular infoobject.
    If ALPHA conversion is selected for your infoobject then it will automatically take away the leading zeros at query level.
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    the numbers after the decima can be anything..
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  • Suppress zero rows in the query output.

    Dear Experts,
    We executed a query. In the output the values are displayed based on a hierarchy on gl account.
    But in the output some rows dont have any values i.e 0 value. Still those rows are appearing in the report output.I want to
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    Bhadri M.

    go to change mode of query
    in that set the query properties /go to the query property secreen
    in the "Display " tab set the supperssion as "active (all value=0)" and in structure properties select the check box "also use  zero suppression for strucure element"
    i think it will be help ful
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  • Display Leading Zeros in bex query

    I am new to BI and need to display leading zeros in bex report.
    There is an info-object billing number which is of type CHAR. The values, 00001 - 00010 has been given in the CSV file.
    when i generate the same in IP, the leading zeros are mentioned, but the same is not appearing in the bex query.
    I have tried ALPHA conversion but this has no affect on the output.
    How to achieve the same??
    thanks in advance for the answers

    To answer your question in detail, there is a  conversion routine at infoobject level( Tab- general ), that determines how the values are displayed in the front end. For ex, alpha conversion routine takes away the leading zeros when you display the value in query. ( 0001 displayed as 1 )
    Assuming this is custom infoobject, I would suggest you to remove the conversion routine from the infoobject. This will help you in displaying leading zeros in the report.
    However, you have to ensure that all the values loaded for this infoobject is properly alpha converted ( packed with leading zeros ) by adding a field routine in the transformation. This will avoid same values getting stored with different internal formats like 01,001 etc.
    Hope this explains.

  • Suppressing Leading Zero in Date

    We are currently having a problem when running a query in BEX.  The date which displays as MM/DD/YYYY is suddenly displaying with the leading zero in the month and day supressed, for example "3/5/2006" instead of "03/05/2006".  This is interfering with macros in our workbook.  We recently implemented support packs but don't know if this is related.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  When running the same query from the Query Designer the dates display correctly, without the leading zeros suppressed.

    Hi adadms,
    Plz check ur system settings.
    Go to control panel : regional options-Date
      check with short date format.
    it may be d/m/yy.

  • Display key and text in dropdown box & suppress leading zeros in material #

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    How to show a date with format mm/dd/yyyy not yyyymmdd?
    Thanks alot, Jin
    Edited by: Jin Freda on Mar 25, 2008 4:47 PM

    What type control you are useing for date .
    If you are useing Input field of date type or Date picker control you should get this option in the control properties.
    Can you tell me what are  tabs are appaering in the conrtol properties.
    2.When you you are using the formula Round(@material) ,Are you typing it or draging Field from right side in to  the formula .If you did not drag it you will get Message:Formula has errors.
    One more probelm is there if the Data type of field where you using formula is not Number type.
    Check all above and get back to me.
    3.You are not able to give 6 points for all because its a resrticed one you execeded giving6 points option now you can give only 10 points.

  • To Display Space as  Zero in the report output

    Hi ,
    We have a situation like there is no record in the cube for a particular date selection , the output in the report for the date shows as Space , now the question is how do we display Space as Zero in the query ouput.
    We have the option to Display Zeroes as spaces .
    Please help..

    Hi Sruthi,
    Can you try this.
    Create Formula for each KF. In the formula definition just add key figure (Ex: if the keyfigure is KF1 then in the formula just drag KF1) and save it. Name this formula as your original keyfigure. Formula may return 0, if the keyfigure doesnt have any data.
    Hope this helps.

  • Display leading zeros in the ALV

    Hello All,
    My requirement is to display leading zeros in the ALV. The leading zeros are not getting displayed. Please suggest how do I achieve this. I have tries NO_ZERO = ' ' and lzero = ' '.
    Thanks in advance.

    Here is the Sample code for your ref
    type-pools: slis.
    data: begin of t_itab occurs 0,
           col1 type matnr,
           col2 type char10,
          end of t_itab.
    data: t_fieldcat type slis_t_fieldcat_alv,
          w_fieldcat type slis_fieldcat_alv.
    t_itab-col1 = 10.
    t_itab-col2 = 'A'.
    append t_itab.
    clear t_itab.
    t_itab-col1 = 11.
    t_itab-col2 = 'B'.
    append t_itab.
    clear t_itab.
    loop at t_itab.
          input         = t_itab-col1
         OUTPUT        = t_itab-col1 .
       modify t_itab index sy-tabix.
    w_fieldcat-fieldname = 'COL1'.
    w_fieldcat-lzero = 'X'.
    append w_fieldcat to t_fieldcat.
    clear w_fieldcat.
    w_fieldcat-fieldname = 'COL2'.
    append w_fieldcat to t_fieldcat.
    clear w_fieldcat.
       I_CALLBACK_PROGRAM                = sy-repid
       IT_FIELDCAT                       = t_fieldcat
       I_SAVE                            = 'X'
        t_outtab                          = t_itab
       PROGRAM_ERROR                     = 1
       OTHERS                            = 2
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.

  • Suppress leading zeros for ALV column

    I have an ALV with a column mapped to a context attribute of type NUMC and would like to suppress the leading zeros being displayed.  My initial solution was to change the attribute to a char/string type and remove the zeros in my code, but then, the sort functionality no longer works correctly.  Any ideas if the ALV can use a 'hidden' field to do the sorting for a certain column... that way, I can display the number as a char/string without the zeros and when the user sorts the column, the ALV will use the hidden NUMC type field.
    Thanx for any directions...

    You can follow the following way which i implemnted for one of my application. Here i am setting this property for the context attrubute. May be this will work. But in ALV there is no separate method for this type of setting.
    **This method is used to display the Leading zeros for the Lot Number in Step-1
        node_do_not_change                  TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node,
        node_d0130_sapmf05a                 TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node,
        node_pstap                          TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node,
        node_info                           TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node_info,
        ls_fprops                           TYPE wdy_attribute_format_prop.
      node_do_not_change = wd_context->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_do_not_change ).
      node_d0130_sapmf05a = node_do_not_change->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_d0130_sapmf05a ).
      node_pstap = node_d0130_sapmf05a->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_pstap ).
      node_info = node_pstap->get_node_info( ).
      ls_fprops = node_info->get_attribute_format_props( 'VALUE' ).
      ls_fprops-null_as_blank = if_wd_context_node_info=>c_format_null_as_BLANK.
        name              = 'VALUE'
        format_properties = ls_fprops ).
    Warm Regards,

  • How to suppress leading zeros

            How to suppress leading zeros in a character string.
    Thank you.

                  input  = str1
                  output = str1.
    input = 00000000000123
    output = 123

  • Central Management server - executed a query but how to send the query output in the form of mail?

    Hi All,
    i have used CMS in SQL 2008 R2. i have added couple of servers in its group. i have executed a query & i need to send the query output in the form of email.
    basically query is checking the rows count from couple of user tables in servers.
    issue here is how to copy the data that is used by CMS? i need to work on automate the rows count in difft user table in db servers
    could you please suggest how can i achieve this?

    Copy to what?
    SELECT COUNT(*) FROM sys.objects
    Running the above statement returns two columns (server name and count)
    All the servers SS2005  and onwards , then use
    EXEC msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail 
         @profile_name = 'name', 
         @recipients = '[email protected]', 
         @query = 'SELECT COUNT(*) FROM sys.objects', 
         @subject = 'Count rows'
    Best Regards,Uri Dimant SQL Server MVP,
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  • ERROR displaying in the query output... urgetn

    hi experts,
    For the amount keyfigures in the query output it displaying ERROR after the amount like ex- 2000 ERROR.
    plz let me know how to rectify this..

    i have created only two keyfigures EMP_BASIC and EMP_HRA. and in the transformations i have mapped with 0DOC_CURRCY.
    but in the report its showing ERROR only after the amount. plz tell me exactly with what field i need to map???

  • Need leading Zeros in the excel sheet which is sent from ABAP

    Hi ,
    I am downloading data from SAP to excel sheet using the WS_DOWNLOAD Function Module. The numeric data in not having leading zeros.  if it is 0010 it is displaying 10 in the excel sheet . i need the leading zeros in the excel sheet. without manulally changing it to Text in the excel sheet .
       Is there any way to do it .

    Hi Chetan,
          filename                = w_file_path
          filetype                = 'DBF'                       "declare the File type as DBF then leading zeros will appear
          write_field_separator   = 'X'
          confirm_overwrite       = 'X'
          data_tab                = Itab.

  • How to get the Query output to Excel

    Hi ,
    Can you tell me how to get the Query output to excel with out using any third party tool?
    Can you tell me how to write the code in Webservice and call it..
    Please explain it Elaboartly..
    Thanks in Advance!!!

    whats your source system?
    you can use Live office, or query as a webservice if you are getting data from universe
    if you're getting data from SAP BI query and you have a java stack on your netweaver then you can get the data directly using sap bi connector in xcelsius.
    good luck

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