System data while creating support message

I would like to know if there is any way to remove the system data from the support message long text (Transaction Data - Overview). In my case we don't need this information in the support message.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
Sérgio Vieira

I'm talking about the message in the Overview tab, under Transaction Data.
Thanks in advance.
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  • Send  data from  "create support messages"  via Mail to a ticket system

    Hello all,
    I'd like to make use of the option "create support messages" directly out of the induvidula SAP systems. This would raise highly the Information our supporters recieve.
    As far as I understand there must be an initial setup to get the above mentioned functionaly in an individual SAP system.
    The problem is that we do not want to use the SAP Service Center. We have a very effectiv Interface to our current ticket system which scans incomming eMails, evaluates, classivies and routes them.
    Due to this I like still to use the "create support messages" directly out of the induvidula SAP systems to gather the information BUT then I like to send all as an eMail to our ticket system.
    Has anyone done something like this or has an idea how to set this up? I have heard that this is a not too rar setup but until now I couldn't find someone who actually set this up.
    Thanks a lot

    Hello Michael,
    I found your forum entry and I would like to ask if you have solved this problem? I would also like to implement a third party ticked system with menu - create support message.
    Do you have any information or documentation how to do this?
    Thanks and kind regards,

  • Error 513 while creating support message help menu in Solman system.

    Hi Expert
    I am trying to create support message though help in the Solman system. But i am getting an "error 513 message has not created in the Solution manager system".
    - maintained the BCOS_CUST table with RFC - NONE
    - have SAP ALL authorisation
    - using the transaction type SLFN for support message.
    - Check the Action profile for SLF1 and found OK.
    - Also refered some notes in the sap and implemented but still i am getting the same error.
    Please advice.

    Do u have BP existing for ur id in solman
    Use BP_GEN to create bp for ur user id
    otherwise using BP tcode and check if the identification tab is carrying details for solman system with curent client and userid
    Hope it solv ur prb

  • Can we Set the Default SAP Component while Creating Support Message

    Hi Friends,
        I Have got requirement like, when we create the support desk message from any application system by default the sap component should get selected which we have determined in Solman.Our Business secnario is too complex user give create the support message without giving the Sap Component or they give wrong sap Component, so we want to set the sap component get selected by default while creating the support desk message, guide me in solving this issue.

    I think your logic is reversed.  I think it's better to let users create messages from the application areas from which they are having the problem.  Based on the standard SAP component which defaults into the component field, the ticket can be routed to one of your 20 teams.  This is where the agent detemination rule for support team can be configured.  There are a number of message on the forum regarding support team configuration.  This way, if your 20 teams can't solve the problem (for example SAP defect) then the message can be forwarded directly to SAP using the correct component.  Good luck.

  • Error while creating Support message

    When I tried to create OSS Message from R/3 system I am getting below error.
    Customizing for feedback functionality missing
    Can you please help me out from this issue.

    Rajesh, this usually means the managed system is not set up to communicate with the Solution Manager Service Desk.  Please review the SolMan IMG activity Specify Service Desk Destination in Managed Systems.  The Performance Assistant will tell you what entries to make in table BCOS_CUST on each managed system.
    If this does not work, check your user authorizations on both systems - they should both contain object S_RFCACL.
    Hope this helps!

  • With SP16-17 we can't create support message from satellite system anymore

    We have implemented the support package 16 and 17 SAPKITL427 in solution manager last week-end and since then all satellite systems can not create support message anymore.
    The process is perfectly working in solman itself and we don't think we have thus a process customizing issue here but who knows...
    The key user creates the message with the help -> create support message
    and when he saves it (clicking the mailbox button) he gets the following error
    Error in Local Message System: Function not available Message was Not
    In fact the error Message is BCOS088
    We debugged the function BCOS_CREATE_MSG and we found out that the function
    DNO_OW_CREATE_NOTIFICATION is returning error code 1.
    We checked out RFC connection and it looks ok
    There is no dumps in ST22, no error in SLG1 in both system...a nightmare
    The notification SLF1 is created in solman but the status field of the notification is empty and it looks that the record is somehow corrupted because you can't modify it with dnotifwl.
    Due to the fact that the notification is not correctly created the support message is also not created.
    SAP and our solman consultant are working on it since 2 days but don't have a clue.  Maybe some program where no regenerated correctly ?
    If you would have any idea in which direction to look, i would greatly appreciate
    thanks a lot
    best regards Xavier

    hi Rohit,
    on the satellit I have the following versions
    SAP_BASIS     700     0012     SAPKB70012     SAP Basis Component
    SAP_ABA     700     0012     SAPKA70012     Cross-Application Component
    PI_BASIS     2005_1_700     0012     SAPKIPYJ7C     PI_BASIS 2005_1_700
    ST-PI     2005_1_700     0006     SAPKITLQI6     SAP Solution Tools Plug-In
    SAP_BW     700     0013     SAPKW70013     SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0
    SAP_AP     700     0009     SAPKNA7009     SAP Application Platform
    SAP_HR     600     0018     SAPKE60018     Human Resources
    SAP_APPL     600     0010     SAPKH60010     Logistics and Accounting
    EA-IPPE     400     0010     SAPKGPID10     SAP iPPE
    EA-APPL     600     0010     SAPKGPAD10     SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials
    EA-DFPS     600     0010     SAPKGPDD10     SAP Enterprise Extension Defense Forces & Public Security
    EA-HR     600     0018     SAPKGPHD18     SAP Enterprise Extension HR
    EA-FINSERV     600     0010     SAPKGPFD10     SAP Enterprise Extension Financial Services
    FINBASIS     600     0010     SAPK-60010INFINBASIS     Fin. Basis
    EA-PS     600     0010     SAPKGPPD10     SAP Enterprise Extension Public Services
    EA-RETAIL     600     0010     SAPKGPRD10     SAP Enterprise Extension Retail
    EA-GLTRADE     600     0010     SAPKGPGD10     SAP Enterprise Extension Global Trade
    IS-OIL     600     0010     SAPK-60010INISOIL     IS-OIL
    IS-M     600     0010     SAPK-60010INISM     SAP MEDIA
    IS-H     600     0010     SAPK-60010INISH     SAP Healthcare
    IS-CWM     600     0010     SAPK-60010INISCWM     Industry Solution Catch Weight Management
    INSURANCE     600     0010     SAPK-60010ININSURANC     SAP Insurance
    FI-CAX     600     0010     SAPK-60010INFICAX     FI-CA Extended
    FI-CA     600     0010     SAPK-60010INFICA     FI-CA
    ERECRUIT     600     0010     SAPK-60010INERECRUIT     E-Recruiting
    ECC-DIMP     600     0010     SAPK-60010INECCDIMP     DIMP
    IS-UT     600     0010     SAPK-60010INISUT     SAP Utilities/Telecommunication
    SEM-BW     600     0010     SAPKGS6010     SEM-BW: Strategic Enterprise Management
    LSOFE     600     0010     SAPK-60010INLSOFE     SAP Learning Solution Front-End
    ST-A/PI     01K_ECC600     0000          -     Application Servicetools for ECC 600
    APICON     1470000000     0000          -     APICON GmbH, Interface Add ON
    thank you Xavier

  • Create support message

    Dear sir,
    we are facing problem while creating support message in solution manger and satellite systems.we have done all the basic settings in SPRO and activated EWA.
    in the satellite is working fine.But while creating support message we are getting the following error message ERROR IN LOCAL MESSAGE SYSTEM
    MESSAGE 009999000014 NOT COMPLETE. in solution manager and satellite system.
    we have refer the following notes 824640,838063.please suggest me.

    Hello Venkat,
    If you are in SOLMAN 4.0 SP9 for solving the problem in SOLMAN apply note
    Which message number did you get in the satellite? please check that the user used in the RFC connection SM_..._BACK in SOLMAN system has roles
    In PFCG make sure that both roles has Authorization and User tabs in green status.
    Hope this helps,

  • HOW create support message ONLY for KEY USER

    Hi all,
    I just configured my service desk and I wanted to give only the key users the permission to create support messages. But every user have the rights to create a message from the satellite system.
    How can I prevent that? Is it possible to hide the option in the menu bar (help - create message) for non-key-users? The key users have the role SAP_SV_FDB_NOTIF_BC_CREATE . non sap users have just standard roles for hr, ...
    Thanks in advance!

    in the documentation it is written
    Create messages from satellite systems with Help ® Create Support Message
    Authorization object S_RFC,
    profile S_RFC_VERS with the activity Execute for the object SAPSMO*
    this is working fine
    see link
    best regards Xavier

  • Ibase/Component issue while creating a message from satillite system

    Hi experts,
    we have implemented the service desk functionality in solution manager system.
    User is able to create message in solution manager directly.
    While creating message from a satellite system IBASE/component fields are filled with incorrect values.
    Because of this user unable to create message from satillite system.
    Has someone any ideas where we do some settings to get correct Ibase/Component values while creating message from satillite system?
    Thank you in advance,

    Hi  Babu,
    For Creating messages in SOLMAN make sure that in T code SM30  under the table BCOS_CUST data is maitained
    OSS_MSG     W     NONE     CUST620     1.0
    First your should make your solman ready for posting issues within.
    Then connect it to ECC systems and try posting issues there.
    Do not user Tcode NOTIF_CREATE for posting issues  always use HELP- Create Support message.

  • Create Support Message from external system

    HI experts,
    I would like to change the Create Support Message screen(Menu->Help->Create Support Message) and add three fields namely: Category, Subject and Solution Number because currently these fields are not populated in the Service desk if I create message in this way unlike in using NOTIF_CREATE tcode where there are selection fields for these.
    Also, I'm creating the support message from an external SAP system and the messsage is sent to the Solution Manager system. The NOTIF_CREATE tcode does not exist in the external system as well as the whole package DSWP.
    Please let me know you rthoughts on this.

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for your answers... But is it possible to call transaction NOTIF_CREATE from an external system?
    I have done something already so that those 3 fields will be automatically populated for a message sent from an external system.
    I changed the screen and called FM BAPI_NOTIFICATION_CREATE(a remote enabled FM which is the one being used by transaction NOTIF_CREATE to create a message) inside FM BCOS_SEND_MSG.
    I populated the category, subject and solution in the FM export parameters as well as the solution number in the sap data table. I put a destination also..
    This FM calls another FM DNO_OW_CREATE_NOTIFICATION which is the one being used from the external system but do not cater the functionality to send the 3 fields that we need.
    As you will notice, there are lots of standard objects that I've changed. =)
    My problem now is that the system data sent is the same with the system data if you create the message using NOTIF_CREATE. Some system that were sent when a message is sent from an external system is missing but at least the sap system and client ID is sent. There is no external reference number also. But hopefullly, the users will accept it. Can't find any other solution to this.

  • Create Support Message from satellite system

    Hi, when I create a ticket using "Help - Create support Message" the parameter  SY-UNAME is not passed to Service Desk
    in other word, the message is created but the field "Reported by" is not filled.
    if I want to display the entire message in the form, before saving, I can see that this value is correct...
    SY-SYSID             DE1                  
    SY-MANDT             300                  
    SY-UNAME             SOLMAN               
    SY-DATUM             20080410             
    Any suggestion ?

    1) Under identification tab in external BP no. put details as
    <Server short name>space<client>space<search term
    (which you have maintained in address tab or employee no.
    of that user in satellite system)>
    2) In ID type put CRM001
    3) Under identification put details as <Server short
    name>space<installation no.>space<client>space<search
    term (which you have maintained in address tab or
    employee no. of that user in satellite system)>
    4)Go to trns. BP>select BP role as "Employee"> Indentification tab--> Maintain user name same as user id of employee in satellite system or serch term you maintained while creating BP.
    Try this. Reward the points for useful answer.

  • SOLMAN EHP1 - anyone can create support message in Satellite System's Help?

    I just curios that why everyone can create support message in satellite system-> help -> create support message?
    I tested with restricted profile user and without role SAP_SUPPDESK_CREATE, NO BP created but he still manage to create support message???? Any idea??
    Also, same goes to any user can process ticket in SOLMAN with no BP-Employee role and SAP_SUPPDESK_* roles assigned.
    Your kind input is very much appreciated.
    Nicholas Chang

    Hi Nicholas
    If you are using a "Named" user instead of the Trusted Relationship in the RFC maintained in BCOS_CUST for entry OSS_MSG then this is quite possible. In this case the "Named" user will be used to call the interface to create message and the calling user ie the end user creating the ticket will only be used as "Reporter" of the message.
    The user entered in the RFC details probably has the authorization to create Support desk messages.

  • Create support message in satellite system

    What are the pre-requisites to configure  creating support message in satellite system.

    Follow this blog u can set up ur service desk
    mainly it comprises of roles table entry and rfc destination in satellite systems
    hope it solves ur problem

  • ERROR when Trying to create support message in satellite system

    I have a wired problem.
    My user's are opening support message in the solman through the ECC system.
    But when a user is open a support message with the component FI he get the following message:
    "Error in Local Message System: Component FI does not exist: Check your entry Message was Not Created"
    I'm working with ECC6 and SOLAMN 4.
    Why I can't generate support message with the component "FI" ?
    Please advice
    Best regards
    Lior Grinberg

    SAP Component is FIN Financials not FI that is why I thnk u r getting an error.
    Normal process is
    Whenever your user will post any message from any Transactions of FI module in ECC they goto help->create support message
    This will automatically fill the SAP Component
    Secondly if they are posting from initial logon screen they can choose the value by pressing F4 in SAP component field
    Hope it solves ur problem

  • Roles required to create support message from satellite system

    Hi Team,
    I am trying to create support message from satellite system. i have assigned S_RFC and S_RFCACL to the Zrole. Apart from that, is there any other roles to be assined in satelite system to create support message?

    I think that's it.
    Of course they roles in the central system too: SAP_SV_FDB_NOTIF_BC_ADMIN and SAP_SUPPDESK_CREATE (or copies thereof).

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