Transfering/storing iPhone photos to your computer

Anyone know to do this? I know that the iPhone syncs and backs up all files when you plug it to your computer. I see the iTunes folder in my hard drive but I don't see these backed up files, esp my photos. My iPhone has maxed on storage of photos and all I want to do is find where they're stored on my computer. Any other tips/info much appreciated!

Photos stored in your camera roll are imported to your computer, just like photos would be from any digital camera. They are not synced(although they are included in the iPhone backup). Your profile does not saw what OS you are using, if Windows I believe you have the Scanner/Camera Wizard, if OS X, iPhoto.

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  • How do you sync iPhone photos to your computer?

    i don't see any menus on iTunes for transferring pictures.

    For photos captured by your iPhone which are stored in your iPhone's camera roll, importing photos from your iPhone's camera roll is not handled by iTunes. When there are photos in your iPhone's camera roll, your iPhone is also detected as a digital camera when connected to your computer, and you import these photos as is done with any other digital camera.
    Since you have a Mac, you can use iPhoto for the import if you use iPhoto for importing photos from another digital camera and for photo storage on your Mac. If not, you can use the Image Capture application located in your Applications folder.

  • How do you download photos from your computer to the iphone 4s?

    How do you download photos from your computer to the iphone 4s?

    You sync as you do everything else.
    Open itunes connect iphone, select what you want to sync, sync.
    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 5.0 Software)

  • I currently have the iphone using imei is 013428003820386. I'm using normal. When I plug the phone into the laptop to copy the photos to your computer system requires update to the latest version. I agree to the machine but when the update requires activa

    I currently have the iphone using imei is 013428003820386. I'm using normal. When I plug the phone into the laptop to copy the photos to your computer system requires update to the latest version. I agree to the machine but when the update requires activation by icloud account. I logged in with my account but still not activated and security. My account is being used to send mail me this log. I respectfully request that you can help me to reactivate my phone. Thank you very much. I swear this is my phone and I have been using previously. Thank you, thank you

    Don't post personal details on a public user to user technical support forum where nobody can help you.
    If you want help, then contact Apple directly, but not here on a public user forum.

  • How do you transfer iPhone photos to your mac

    how do you transfer iPhone photos to your mac

    See  >  Importing photos to your computer
    From Here  >

  • My iPhones gives me a message that I don't have enough storage to backup.  When I attempt to manage my storage it shows 1 backup for the phone I use and it's 5GB.  I have transferred all my photos to my computer hoping it would create storage but no good.

    My iPHone tells me I don't have enough iCLoud storage.  When I manage my storage from Settings it shows 1 backup for my primary phone and it's 5GB.  I understand that is what Apple provides for free and I could upgrade but I don't want to upgrade.  I have transferred most all my photos to the computer and I have no music on my device.  And this was several weeks ago and I have attempted to backup since hoping it would create a new backup but no good.
    I have even went in the backup and turned off Camera Roll since it's the largest but still no good.
    If you have any suggestions other than upgrade your storage plan please help.

    Try deleting the old backup.
    Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>Manage Storage, tap the device name and on the resulting screen, scroll down and tap on Delete Backup.

  • HT1688 Is there a way to import photos from your computer to the Iphone?

    How can I import pictures to the IPHONE4 from the computer?

    Just connect your iPhone to your computer, click the iPhone in iTunes, then click the Photos tab and choose the photos that you want to sync.
    See this Apple doc for more info -> iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes

  • Can you export a single photo album from Iphone 4 to your computer

    I created a photo album of vacation photos and would like to export that specific album to my computer.  Can that be done or do I have to create a new folder in my computer and sort through the entire camera roll download again?

    You can only import photos from your camera roll.

  • Can you transfer data from iPhone back to your computer hardr drive?

    Sadly, due to a computer virus, I had to wipe my computer HD clean. I've reinstalled Windows and most of my software, is there a way I can transfer my photo's from my iPhone back to my computer?

    Photos transferred from your computer to your iPhone via the iTunes sync process is a one way transfer process only. Photos transferred from your computer are optimized for viewing on the iPhone as part of the iTunes sync/transfer process - the original resolution of these photos is reduced, which is why transferring these photos in the opposite direction is not supported.
    Since I haven't heard that a Windows virus can be included with a jpeg file, did you include the photos store on your computer's hard drive with your computer's backup along with all other important data before wiping the hard drive due to the virus?
    If not, there are 3rd party paid utilities available that provide transferring these photos in the opposite direction, but the original resolution of these photos will be lost.

  • HT1688 where did I find my iphone photos on my computer?

    Hpow do I find iPhone photos on my compter? I just sync the phone.

    You don't.  IF you want your iphone camera roll on your computer, you will have to import it

  • Getting iPhone photos to another computer

    Here's my dilemma: My iPhone is synced to my main home iMac. But I leave this afternoon on a bicycle tour and will use the iPhone to snap pics along the way that I'd like to be able to get into the MacBook Pro I'm taking along for video and blogging.
    How can I get the iPhone pictures onto the MacBook Pro without disrupting the sync settings with my main computer?

    Go into iPhoto. You'll see the iPhone in the left column. Click on it. Follow the directions in the main window. Move the photos to your mac, plus have the option to delete the photos off of your iphone, so read carefully.

  • How do u donwload a video 7min long recorded on your IPhone 4 to your computer

    Im trying to donwload a 7min long video that i recorded on my IPhone 4 to your PC computer. Please help

    It depends on what Operating System you have but generally the same method.
    Xp and Win 7 should be similar.
    Plug in your iphone to Pc or latop. A pop up should appear but you can ignore this if you wish to do so. If not then the pop up should give you an option to "open device"
    Double click "my computer". Under Local Disk C it should show "Portable Device". Double click it and it will show "internal storage". Again, double click this to be shown "DCIM". Open this to show "800AAAAA" and open that folder. You should now see all your pics and the video you took amongst the pictures.
    Find the one you want, or better still do this:
    Make a folder on your desktop, rename it "Iphone May 2011" and drag and drop everything from the above folder to your new one". I do this for each month and put the contents onto a disc. If my phone fails at all then I have a hard copy to put it all back !
    Good luck

  • TS1501 need help transferring my iphone photos to my macbook

    the usb cable are plugged on the macbook and iphone 4s.....i clicked iphoto and then the iphone is under the devices...and if i click on it nothing is happening..please help my storage is full....

    Are those photos in iPhone Camera Roll?
    If not, the photos are from syncing with iTunes, they should be on computer.
    If you want to delete iPhone photos, deselect photos in computer iTunes and do a sync.

  • IPhone, Photo's & My Computer

    Trouble Shooting, When I connect my iPhone to my PC about 50% of the time I can view and copy photos using My Computer, 50% of the time no photos show up and it says no photos found.

    The iPhone will only show up as a camera device if there are photos in the Camera Roll. Occasionnally there may be corrupt image files in the camera roll; usually from a web page, MMS or email. A corrupt photo can prevent the Camera Roll from being visible in the computer also.

  • How can i import iphone photo to my computer

    how can i import my iphone photo to my computer

    Take a look here:

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