Udated computer; can't print anymore.

Yesterday, my printer was working perfectly with my computer (Macbook Pro with OS X 10.5.8).
I was printing a pdf in Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.1.6 on an Epson R1800 (no drivers installed). I got home from work tonight to start printing some wedding invitations, but I decided to update Adobe Acrobrat Pro to 8.1.7, as well as install drivers for my printer. For some reason, when I tried to print a pdf from Acrobat Pro, it gave me this error message:
/Library/Printers/EPSON/InkjetPrinter/Filter/rastertoescp.app/Contents/MacOS/ras tertoescp failed
I have no idea what this means. I tried everything I could find online, from trying to print out of Preview, or a different program. I tried printing from just Acrobat Reader (as opposed to Acrobat Pro). I tried uninstalling all my drivers, rebooting, clearing my printer settings and adding a new printer (and lost all of my previous saved paper settings). I've even tried looking for a way to go "back in time" to yesterday (or even this morning!) to try to go back to my settings from yesterday. I've been at it since 7pm today, and have pretty much exhausted myself looking for a way.
Just wanted to see if anyone here has dealt with a similar problem, and if there is any way to solve it. Or if there's a way to restore my settings from this morning (like a Windows System Restore)?
Thanks so much for your help.

Okay. So I just printed off the Gutenprint setting and it worked BUT ONLY ON 8.5X11. This makes it seem like there is something wrong with the drivers from Epson being compatible with my computer and program settings (Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.1.7, OSX 10.5.8).
Can anyone tell me how to delete my new Epson drivers to go back to the original Epson settings I was printing off yesterday? Or of any other way to solve it?

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    I accidentally solved my mystery.  For some reason it was set to "print to file".  I changed it to "printer" and now I am able to print.

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    since a while i can't print anymore from my HP Photosmart B110a, everytime when i want to print something the task screen pops up and it gives an error: ERROR: /Library/Printers/hp/cups/Inkjet8.driver/Contents/MacOS/Inkjet8 failed
    and when i want to open HP utility it gives this error:
    Process:         HP Utility [288]
    Path:            /Library/Printers/hp/Utilities/HP Utility.app/Contents/MacOS/HP Utility
    Identifier:      com.hp.printerutility
    Version:         ??? (???)
    Build Info:      HP_Monolithic_PrinterSupport-540100~6
    Code Type:       X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process:  launchd [109]
    Date/Time:       2011-07-13 10:54:22.795 +0200
    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K540)
    Report Version:  6
    Interval Since Last Report:          74141 sec
    Crashes Since Last Report:           36
    Per-App Crashes Since Last Report:   2
    Anonymous UUID:                      7D8B5C46-F503-4B77-B36A-324879D476EF
    Exception Type:  EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)
    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000
    Crashed Thread:  0
    Dyld Error Message:
      Library not loaded: /Library/Printers/hp/Frameworks/HPDeviceModel.framework/Versions/3.0/HPDeviceMo del
      Referenced from: /Library/Printers/hp/Utilities/HP Utility.app/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/HSDCommonLib.framework/Versions/A/HSDC ommonLib
      Reason: no suitable image found.  Did find:
              /Library/Printers/hp/Frameworks/HPDeviceModel.framework/Versions/3.0/HPDev iceModel: mach-o, but wrong architecture
    there is a lot of more text but i think this is the most useful.
    now i already reinstalled the software but i get always the same problem.
    i was thinking that it would perhaps has something to do with the updates of mac os x?
    i hope somebody can help me ! thanks a lot in advance!

    How do you connect it ? With Wifi or USB ?

  • Printing PDF's I can't print anymore

    When I try and print anything in pdf it let's me pick a printer. When the printing window opens and I hit print, it goes to "print to file" and won't print.
    It's only on one computer. I have other computers and everything works fine. On this computer I can print any file except a pdf.
    2nd problem: I try "copy as" and it sends me to print form saying only blank forms can be printed. Now I'm trying to save a pdf and it sends me to print.

    I don't know where that is.  When I pick a printer, there isn't any place I can find that. When the window opens "Print to file" there isn't any options.
    I have more than one printer and they all go to "print to file" for pdf's only.

  • Can't print anymore!

    I recently upgraded to Leopard and was printing fine until about a week later. Now I can not print at all. The print queue icon bounces for a while then stops. It doesn't respond so I force quit and a message says the printerproxy stopped responding or something like that.
    This happens while printing to my Canon inkjet and Adobe pdf. Also if I go to print settings and click Open Print Queue, the same things happens with the queue locking up.
    I have deleted all the print prefs I could find, restarted several times, ran Onyx, repaired permissions, deleted the Canon printer and reinstalled updated driver, restarted the printer several times, printed from different programs... everything I can think of.
    The fact that I can not print to PDF or even open the print Queue tells me it's probably not the printer itself but the OS. Come to think of it, the print queue icon never worked right since I installed Leopard, I always had to force quit, but the printer still printed. Did a clean install.
    Any advice?

    The printer was working after the erase and install, except for the print queue program, but the printer still printed. Yes Canon says it works fine with Leopard as does the most recent driver.
    Again, the systems print to PDF is not working either. Am I missing any prefs that I should delete? I deleted all the com.apple.prints that I saw in the user library prefs.
    Should I reinstall without restoring from Time Machine and just copy my files over?

  • I can't print anymore, the "help" button doesn't work, and Firefox always sets to "Never Remember History" even if I change it

    SO many issues with Firefox now! For one, it crashes quite a bit. I submit the crash report, and go from there. Keeps happening. But the main thing is this:
    I go to "Options" and under "Privacy" it has "Never remember history" - I change it to "use custom settings for history", hit "ok" and then when I go back to it, it's back on "never remember history" already. What gives?
    The issues I'm having right now is that I used to click on Print in my email (Yahoo) and pop-up blocker would stop it, but a dialog would pop up saying "try again", and I would hit that, and a separate window would open where I could print the email. Now, when I click on print, NOTHING happens. No box, no changes whatsoever. No pop-ups blocked, nothing at all. I mean, the button for "print" doesn't even react like I clicked on it. Nothing happens.
    The other issue is that when there's a text box, if I start to type my email address, it suggests my email address. It never used to do this! I don't want this, either. How can I stop the suggesting of my email address. I don't want it to remember what I typed!
    Another issue with Firefox is that when I click on the "menu" button in the top right, there's a question mark that says "open help menu" at the bottom. When I click on that, the help menu is EMPTY. I included a picture so you can see.
    I've "reloaded Firefox", as well as downloaded another copy and actually reinstalled it. All these errors keep happening. How can I get them to stop or function correctly? What's causing them to work all wonky?

    The "Use custom settings for history" selection allows to see the current history and cookie settings, but selecting this doesn't make any changes to history and cookie settings.
    Firefox shows "Use custom settings for history" as an indication that at least one of the history and cookie settings is not the default to make you aware that changes were made.
    If all History settings are default then the custom settings are hidden and you see "Firefox will: (Never) Remember History".
    "Never Remember History" means that Private Browsing is active and "Always use private browsing mode" gets a checkmark.
    You need to remove the checkmark on "Always use private browsing mode" to leave Private Browsing mode or chose the "Remember History" setting.

  • My HP desktop computer won't print anymore to my HP Officejet Pro 8600 wireless computer

    I don't know when it stopped printing. I do have to hard

    Hi ncook1970,
    It looks like your post was incomplete.
    Please first try the HP Print and Scan Doctor.  It can find and fix a number of problems of this type.
    I was an HP employee.
    Please mark the post that solves your problem as "Accepted Solution"

  • Since Acrobat Pro XI can't print anymore !

    I updated few weeks ago Acrobat Pro. But since I intalled the XI version, the printer just block the application from  which I try to print the pdf.
    I need to force the software (Word, Excell, Illustrator...) to close because it is frozen...
    No issues with the X version ! (on a Windows 7 64bits).
    I tried to reinstall and repaired Acrobat without success...

    You need to be sure you have done the updates -- no mention of the version you are one, but AA XI is at 11.0.06. Have you tried to "print-to-file" with the Adobe PDF printer? If so, can you open the file in Distiller to create a PDF? If both of these answers are yes, you likely do not have AcroTray running in the background.

  • Can not print anymore after latest cups+libcups upgrade (2.0.2-3)

    Hi there!
    I have a Samsung ML-2165w usb printer, using it with the samsung-unified-driver package... it was working ok but today it just do not print anything, neither show any error...
    It is like the print job is sent to nowhere... I print something and localhost:631 jobs tab is always empty...
    I have tried to roll back, downgrade, to cups+licups previous versions 2.0.2-1 (restarting service + daemon-reload) but without luck, the same behavior!....
    Where can I see the printer errorlog, or something else?
    What to check?
    BTW, the virtual pdf printer do not work too? there is no pdf made as usual...
    it should be in /var/spool/cups-pdf/username, right?

    Oh, lets see......
    Here the cups errorlog:
    E [25/Mar/2015:09:31:26 -0300] [Client 37] Returning IPP client-error-attributes-or-values-not-supported for Print-Job (ipp://localhost:631/printers/Samsung_ML-2160_Series) from localhost
    E [25/Mar/2015:09:32:03 -0300] [Client 60] Returning IPP client-error-attributes-or-values-not-supported for Print-Job (ipp://localhost:631/printers/Virtual_PDF_Printer) from localhost
    Ohhhh, tried to print a test page, from the cups administration... and it was printed!
    Then tried to print a text file and printed!
    Then tried to print the page I needed in chromium instead firefox....... and it was printed!
    The issue is present in firefox then?
    Should I downgrade firefox-36.0.4-1?
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  • After last update ps cc ps can't print anymore.

    I run PS CC on a Windows 7 PC with a Canon Pixma printer. After the last update i did yesterday the print menu ps runs on an undefined problem and closes the app immediately. Is there any idea to get out of this dead lock situation?.

    Thanks answering my question. It seems that the Canon drivers crashed close to my CC update the day before. The problem is solved by reinstalling the Canon driver. your question : which update I am referring to opens a new problem. When trying to find out what version of Photoshop  / CC  I run  I really found a mess on my system and I totally lost orientation. Perhaps you know help to find orientation again. In Windows programs and functions I find: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Photoshop CC2014 (I think that is the last update), Adobe Photoshop CS 6 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. Off course I only need one Photoshop. Do you think I can deinstall all versions of Photoshop except CC2014? I have no idea about the consequences. Your answer is very much appreciated and thanks ahead.

  • Power was turned off on my devices, iMac, HP Laserjet P1505 - Can't print!

    Hi all,
    I can't print anymore after turning off all the power to my devices – the printer is plugged into the USB, the iMac see's the printer but when it goes to print the printer flashes the alert lite for a second and then the printer dialogue box just tells me 'sending print data...' has been up there for an hour...
    I have reset the printing system and re-installed the printer and no luck! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Hi Tom,
    If the printer is less then a year old, you might want to call 1-800-HP invent (800-474-6836), witch is hp phone support hotline.
    One thing you may want to try, is try to get your printer to print out it's self test page. Some times the printer will print out instructions, such as place the printed test page onto the scanner and press the scan button.
    It would be helpful to know what model of printer you have.

  • Does Firefox have some kind of firewall??? Recently I can't print or connect to my work computer remotely. Two things I was always to do in the past.

    Recently I can't connect to my work computer remotely and I can't print things even when I am using my desktop which is directly connected to the printer. If I go to Internet Explorer or AOL I have no problems but since I mainly use Firefox this has become a major problem.

    I encounter similar problem. My TC detects my OKI printer which is connected to the TC via USB but I can't print unless I connect my printer to the TC via Ethernet. Would anyone know how to solve it. Thanks.

  • Should I  be able to use a Lexmark Pro 205 wireless printer from my iPad 1?  My iPad can't find the printer.  Iveinstalled the Lexprint app on iPad and downloaded the Lexmark Listener on desktop computer. Still can't print from iPad.

    Should I be able to use a Lexmark Pro 205 wireless 3 in 1 printer with iPad 1?  I have installed the LexPrint app on iPad, downloaded the Lexmark Listener on desktop computer but still can't print from iPad. My iPad cannot find the printer.  But I can print from desktop without USB cable. I upgraded the system on my iPad sometime ago.  Suggestions??

    Here is the list of AirPrint printers, and you particular printer is not on it.  So that means you will need to use the Lexmark app, and print through your computer.
    There is a Lexmark guy that hangs around these forums who may chime in with a response as well.

  • How can I print directly from my iPad to my new Primax 3260 printer when I have no computer. Do I need a portable single unit Router?

    How can I print directly from my iPad to my new Primax 3260 printer when I have no computer? Do I need a portable one to one Router for the wiFi connection. My Internet is through Telstra 3G system.

    Is your printer a wifi printer or hard wired only? If it's a wifi printer then you might want to look into third party apps like Print n Share or Print Central which allow a version of air printing to non-air print printers.
    You may also want to look on the manufacturer's site. Maybe they have a fix for you.
    If your printer isn't wifi, then you will need a router to get it on a wifi network to print to it. As far as I know, there is no support for the iPad to do wired printing.

  • Can you print from an iPad 2 using 3G in a home with no computer or wifi by using an iPhone 5 hot spot connection if the printer has been set up in another place with live wifi? I know this question is loaded but my dad lives in a rural area

    Can you print from an iPad 2 using 3G in a home with no other computer or wifi by using an iPhone 5 hot spot connection if the printer has been set up in another place with live wifi? I know this question is loaded but my dad lives in a rural area and is wanting a printer to use occasionally. He doesn't want to deal with a computer and I keep his iPad updated for him at my home.  Please shed some light on this for us PLEASE. Thanks

    In that case, it should be possible. I haven't tried this directly, but I believe it should work.
    You'll need to get an actual AirPrint compatible Printer.
    Check here for a list of Printers you can choose from.
    Once you have the compatible printer, using the Hotspot feature from the iPhone he'll have to create the Wifi bubble form the iPhone, and connect the Printer to that Wifi network.
    Then connect the iPad to that same Wifi network provided by the iPhone. When all that is done, the printer should appear in any of the Apps that can Print under the Action Arrow button.
    For instance in email, pressing the action arrow should show a Print option. In there the printer should appear.
    Alternatively you can simply buy a wireless router and setup the network through there even if there is no internet attached.  Connect the wireless printer to the router network, and connect the iPad or iPhone to that same wifi network to print.

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