Uninstall Elements before a Windows reinstall?

After one week of a new computer, hackers got into it. Long story short, in order to totally wipe clean and secure it, I have to go back to factory specs and reinstall windows. During that first week, I had installed a brand new copy of PS Elements 10 (never opened it-it had sat on the shelf!).
1) Is there a limit to how many times I can install the program on the same computer? If I have a problem in the future, will I have used up my installations?
2) Should I uninstall it first, before doing the windows reinstall or just let it get erased during the Windows 8.1 reinstall process??
Thank you for any words of wisdom!

Nope, there is  no limit on number of installations and uninstallations but make sure that before uninstalling you deactivate your application. There is a limit on number of activations for a serial number which is two. Hence you can use serialized PSE on two different machines.
Please let me know if ti doesn't answer your question.

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