Unknown album in my photos

There is an album in my photos that just appeared on it's own and I can't delete it. The album is called Yttg. Bhbbbnbjbh bbjkjjjj....  any ideas or thoughts as to where this came from and how to get rid of it?

Hello, gkg10.
If the album is unable to be modified, it is probably an album that was synced from your computer through iTunes to your iPhone 5.  Below, I have included an article that goes over how to check if the "sync photos" option is selected and how to change that preference. 
iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes
Also, it could be a shared album that someone sent you via Photo Stream.  I have included the steps on how to disable this as well. 
iCloud: Using and troubleshooting Shared Photo Streams
In the above mentioned article, go to the first section "Using Shared Photo Streams", "How do I unsubscribe from a Photo Stream?".
Jason H.

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  • Strange 'Unknown Album' listings in ATV Podcasts library

    I'm new to the Apple TV and have just come across this strange problem of 'Unknown Album' listings in my ATV Podcasts library.
    I converted four TV programmes to .m4v and moved them first into my iTunes Movies folder on my iMac. Only my Photos are 'synced'- the other library stuff is streamed to my ATV.
    I later tagged the four converted TV Programmes in the iTunes Get Info/Video Kind box as TV Shows, and discovered that this created the 'TV Shows' folder in my iTunes Library and this folder now contained the four TV programmes. They also appeared under 'TV Shows' on my Apple TV and play fine. They no longer appear in the ATV's Movies listing.
    However I also discovered that I now have four 'Unknown Albums' in my ATV Podcasts library, and these are the same four TV shows referred to above, which can also be played from the ATV Podcast library. These 'Unknown Albums' are not in my iTunes Podcast library. So I can't delete them, and I don't know how they got there in the first place.
    Does anyone know what I've done wrong here, and how I can fix it?

    I don't think it has anything to do with the way they were converted. I used Handbrake for some and VisualHub for others. I only mentioned the conversion to give as complete a background to the issue as possible.
    Maybe it has something to do with how they were imported into iTunes, or what I did/didn't do while tagging them with 'Get Info'. I'm not a great fan of iTunes, but not too familiar with it either. But the content appears and plays fine in iTunes. Only ATV shows these ghostly 'Unknown Albums'.

  • "blank" unknown album can't be deleted

    A unknown album showed up out of nowhere in my pictures and contains "blank" pictures that look greyish and when you click on one it comes up black with no options like a normal picture. I've tried deleting the pictures individually and as an album with no luck. I've updated and restarted my phone and also deleted all of the pictures off my phone and they are still there.

    have you tried using the "File Explorer" application ?
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  • I created two new albums in my photos on my iPhone. They do not show up on my ipad2.  How do I get them on my iPad also

    I Created two new albums in my photos. On my iPhone but they do not show up on my iPad.2. How do I get them to show up on my iPad also

    Hello abaneki,
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information, take a look at:
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    Have a nice day,

  • In the last 36 hours my photos have jumbled within various albums. Random photos have attached at the end of an unrelated album, old photos have appeared again on Recently Added, some photos are missing but still on "collections". No date order

    Within the last 36 hours my photo albums have turned into a real jumbled mess. Random photos have appeared at the bottom of my Recently Added album. In most cases it's a copy of a photo that was taken months or years ago so now it appears twice.. 200 random photos have appeared in an unrelated album.  Some photos are missing completely. The date order is correct in some places and then it goes back and forth over the months and years. The "collections" appears to be okay.  This morning when I went into the photo app About 50 photos that were permanently deleted 3 months ago reappeared on the Recently Added Album which  I deleted again.  if  I delete these irreplaceable photos from the unwanted album it will delete the photo completely. Help please - this is so annoying and frustrating. I hate to think when I turn the iPad on tmoor row what else will have changed .

    Quick Update:
    I usually have my Mac laptop up with Messages running on it.  As you know, it will receive the same messages you send/receive on your iPhone.  I thought all my old photos would be there too, but they have all disappeared as well except for the last few.
    Messages is supposed to archive all old photos to  a directory called ~/Library/Messages/Attachments.  On my mac, this was a 0 byte file that was created back in Jan 2014.  As a result, none of the old photos got saved on my Messages app either.  I looked at a Time Machine Backup and it has been the case since September (no earlier backups available).  So, it's unclear how long this issue has been going on for my Messages app and how related it is to my iPhone problem.
    In any case, if any of you use Messages, you may be able to recover your photos in that directory provided it didn't get trashed like mine did.  I moved the file and created a new Attachments directory.  Upon relaunch, Messages started properly storing new photos in there again.
    Either there was a really terrible bug in the Apple software or something malicious has happened.
    P.S.  I'm running OS 10.9.5 Mavericks.   There is a thread of people with this problem on Yosemite here:
    No pictures are shown in Message om Mac
    This seems like a pretty seriously terrible bug.  I will be talking again to AppleCare on Wednesday and I hope they can escalate this.

  • When i import my music folder itunes puts alot of albums together in one large unknown album

    so when i go to  look for an album , they are in seperate folders in and they have titles,i have to go into the unknown album and find each track its ridiculious  theres gotta be some way i can just re import my whole library  and itunes should find each folder with seperte albums inside it and create albums no matter what the name is, for instance gd1972-6-11,  i changed the name of the folder to live grateful dead, so i should have artist name in itunes that says live grateful dead, then each folder inside that one should be albums.  idk about id3 tags they should b created during import. alot of these files ive had to convert addd album art  and so on, and theres alot of them. im trying to setup the music  for an iphone, this is my second one and the first one i suffered for years looking for certain music inside the ipod and essentially never listened to any of the unkown album jumbles cus the tracks arent in order. now i have trried get info and that has helped in some cases but the ones already inside  the largest unknown album at the bottom about 431 albums mixed up, it doesnt work  get info isnt helping on any one of these albums. im willing to delete itunes or the librarry since i have it set not to copy files and reimport but i need to know what to do for these albums to b reckognized thanks for reading and hope someone has a solution

    iTunes doesn't pay attention to the file and folder names, only to the tags. If the files are untagged you can use a third party program like MediaMonkey (Google it, the forum software won't let me post a link today) before you add the tracks to iTunes, or if you can make sure that you add them in such a way that iTunes doesn't rename and move them (turn off the Keep... & Copy... and copy preferences and don't use the Automatically Add to iTunes folder) then I have a script called TagFromFilename at
    that may be able to apply the information provided the tracks are in Artist and then Album folders.

  • Can I organise photos into albums within iCloud Photo Library?

    i Understand that edits / deletes etc in iCloud Photo Libary will be reflected on all my iOS devices but can I organise my photos into albums using iCloud photo library?
    basically I want to take photos on my iPhone, review them on my iPad, delete the ones I don't want and keep the good ones in a relevant album (e.g. "Summer holiday 2014"). Then I want to be able to see identical albums on both my iPad and iPhone. From what I've seen so far, when I create an album and save a photo to it then that album is only local to that device?
    please help.

    Are you saying it showed 800 photos before turning off iCloud photo library or that the 800 photos disappeared after you enabled iCloud photo library for the first time, the distinction is quite important.

  • Having arranged some scanned pictures in an album in I-Photo how can I keep them in the order I have chosen when I move the album. They all have the scan date and not the taken date and move to new positions if I move them from one album to another.

    Having arranged some scanned pictures in an album in I-Photo how can I keep them in the order I have chosen when I move the album. They all have the scan date and not the taken date and move to new positions if I move them from one album to another.
    Is there any way to re-number them in the order I have chosen so that they can then be sorted by number? The scans are all from pre-digital images that I wish to move to a photobook and I don't want to have to organise them twice!
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    I was a bit short, Chris, sorry. It is limited, what can be posted, when typing on an iPad.
    Now I am back on my Mac. I meant the following:  Batch Change the date for a large range of photos, that should have a date stepped in increments.
    Select all Photos at once and use the command "Photos > Batch Change".
    Then set the date for the first photo and select an increment, e.g. one minute.
    Now all photos will get a new date assigned, incremented by one minute, in the sequence you have selected. So you will be able to sort them by date.  This way it will be unnecessary to change the titles or filenames.

  • How do I get photos in a specific iPhoto Album into my Photo Stream?

    How do I get photos in a specific iPhoto album into My Photo Stream so that I can use my Apple TV to show them in a slideshow on my TV?

    That is not possible - PhotoStream has no organizational capability - no albums or other organization
    With the correct software versions You can import from PS into an iPhoto event on your Mac either automatically (by setting the iPhoto preference to do that) or manually and then you can add the photos ot an iPhoto album and sync to Apple TV
    what version of iPhoto do you have? Is OS X 10.7.5 correct for your OS?

  • Multiple empty Last Import albums in iPad Photos

    I use the camera connection kit to pull photos from an SD card into my iPad 2. This has worked perfectly for about half a year. Recently after importing, I noticed that instead of a single "Last Import" album in the Photos app on the iPad, there were several. One contained the photos just imported, the rest were empty.
    They can't be selected for deletion straight out of the iPad through the edit option, seemingly since I didn't create them but the system did.
    I pulled all the photos off the iPad. The empty albums remain.
    Bringing in new photos from an SD card creates another album. That ones goes away when the pictures in it are deleted/imported, while the empty ones remain.
    I deleted the "iPod Photo Cache" from the hard drive that the iPad syncs its photos to. And even stopped having iTunes sync any photos to the iPad.
    I'm still left staring at 14 Last Import albums.
    This seems to have occurred since upgrading to iOS 5.1. I am not using iCloud to sync photos.
    Now I've got my iPad 3 and have restored it from the backup of my iPad 2 and now the empty albums are on it too.
    I've tried everything I can think of. I've only seen one other discussion here and its hard to believe this has only happened to so few users.
    Other suggestions? Does Apple have a fix or workaround?

    Solution found in this discussion:

  • How do I make a private album in new Photos for IMac?

    How do I make a private album in the new Photos for IMac? I had one in iPhoto, and now that all the photos migrated to Photos my private album is not hidden anymore. Thanks for help!

    Photos does not hide photos in albums at all.  Photos can only be hidden from Moments, Collections, Years.
    If you want private albums, move the photos in questions to a different Photos Library, that you keep hidden.

  • Album view in iTunes 11 unusable because singles showing as "Unknown Album"

    I have lots of "singles" in my collection (ie mp3s with nothing in the "album" field) as well as lots of albums.
    Because of this, the "albums" view in iTunes 11 is virtually unusable, as 80% of the music shows as "Unknown Album" and prevents me from just browsing genuine albums.
    Is there a ways to fix this so that the "albums" view only contains tracks that really are from albums?  Nothing I've tried (e.g. flagging them as "part of a compilation") seems to make a difference.

    Thanks - I have already done sonething similar with a number of smart-playlists myself, but this is a poor workaround and means the pre-built views in iTunes are useless.  It's also something else to think about every time I import a new song so that it doesn't get lost.
    Like lots of people, I've got loads of singles, mixes, radio shows and other music that is not groupable by album, and I find it ridiculous that iTunes hinders, rather than helps, to manage this..  Coupled with the appalling new search functionality this new version makes it harder than ever to navigate my music collection.

  • My photos are in the wrong albums and some photos are missing all together. How can I make them go back to their correct albums?

    iTunes is placing my photos in the wrong albums and some photos are missing all together. How can I make them go to their correct albums?

    Nevermind. I just renamed the folder on my mac and synced it again and everything is now in its proper place.

  • Photos sync from computer folders, but are in the wrong albums and some photos only appear as a white box?

    On my iPad 2, I'm syncing my photos through iTunes from folders on my computer, as I am a photographer and don't like to use iPhoto and not have direct access to my original files.
    My photos sync without any hassle, but when viewing them on the iPad half the photos present as white boxes or a half photo/half white screen. I tried resetting iPad as a last measure, I've deleted the photo cache etc, to no avail. In fact, the most recent time I tried it didn't fix the white screen, but also added another issue- my photos now are completely mixed up within the albums. Christmas photos and showing in the Easter album and so on, there seems to be no logic in it! As I was given my iPad last month by my father in laws company, they had bought their stock a while ago and it's now out of AppleCare support - even though I've only used it for a month! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    My Mac is a 1 yr old MacBook pro running snow leopard. My iTunes was the second oldest version, have just updated to most recent version, but it hasn't fixed anything.

    Updating to the latest Iphoto release solved this. First time it rebuilt the libraries the pics appeared again.

  • How do I change the name of an empty album in my photo file?

    Could someone out there please tell me how to change the name on a photo file and or delete one?

    In the Photos app, go to the Albums list and tap the Edit button.  Pick an album, tap the red icon on the left and then tap the Delete button. 
    Don't think you can change the name of an album or a photo without relying on a computer.

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