Very strange broadband question. Please help!

Hi guys. A few days ago I was having problems with my telephone. We could not make or receive calls but our broadband was still working fine, just a little bit slower than usual. I filed a fault report with BT and the issue was resolved within 2 days and my telephone is now working fine but my broadband is now playing up. It is permanently slow, websites load increddibly slow and my download speeds are at a maximum of about 50 kb/sec. I'm on BT total broadband unlimited so it can't be me being limited for going over my monthly usuage.
                   The router is connected directly to the master socket and my computer is connected via ethernet port. The only other computer in the house is connected wirelessly and is also getting shockingly slow speeds. I've logged into the router and it is saying that my connection speed is 4mb/sec. I've also done BT's own speed test and that found a similar result. Here's a screen cap of the tests results. 
If both tests are stating my line speed is currently around 4mb/ sec how is it that my broadband is so slow and my maximum download speed is 50kb/sec. Would really appreciate some help, thanks. 

your problem is your profile is only 750 instead of 3500 which leads to lower throughput/download.
if connection now ok then staying connected to the internet 24/7 for 3/5 days maybe sooner the profile will come back to normal
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    I upgraded to mountain lion a week ago and now on startup of my macbook pro, microsoft excel and word start up automatically and then crash? very strange can anyone please help? I have checked the login items under users and groups and there is nothing.

    Are you using the Office for Mac 2011 version, as you need to do?  The Office for Mac 2004 is Not at all compatible with Mountain Lion, and the 2008 version has been noted to have some problems running with ML.
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    I only have a 'CD Info.cidb' file in the preferences.
    Couldn't hurt to drag them on the desktop too, I suppose.
    Just don't trash them yet.
    The article I referenced to, should have read as here
    Forgot 1 character and didn't check it with 'preview' (this one I did)
    17' iMac fp 800 MHz 768 MB RAM   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   Several ext. HD (backup and data)

  • Very slow Broadband speed please help!

    Hello to all, I have recently joined BT from Sky and I am due to have Bt infinity installed mid October so hopefully my issue will be resolved then, however since joining BT Broadband I have had appalling internet speeds averaging 0.3 mbps! I can’t even watch the BT help videos online!
    My current BT broadband was completed on 11th September and I was told wait 3 days for the line to stabilise which I did with still speeds of 0.3 mbps. I re contacted BT after this time and was told to do all the usual checks which I did. To put you in the picture my router is connected to an extension socket in my lounge and my master socket is located on a window sill in my hall way.
    I can’t connect my router to my master socket as I have no power there and it is impractical to do so due to the space on my windowsill.
    I was then told that my IP profile or BRAS profile was low and would be looked into. This was and three days ago I was told that they had completed their work at the exchange and sthe peed should be improved. My line now has an IP profile of 0.42 which yes is an improvement but I know my line is capable of more from when I was with sky it was around 1mbps.
    I was then told I would have to wait until after a 10 day period from when my line was activated and then call back if no
    improvement - Today no change speeds are as follows:Download speedachieved during the test was - 0.36
    For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 0.1 Mbps-0.5 Mbps.
    IP Profile for your line
    is - 0.42 Mbps
    Connection Information
    Line state:
    Connection time:
    2 days, 23:17:30
    480 Kbps
    448 Kbps
    12:02:33, 18 Sep.
    DSL noise margin: 14.00 dB upstream, 5.80 dB downstream
    12:01:51, 18 Sep.
    DSL noise margin: 9.00 dB upstream, 6.10 dB downstream
    I am fed up of calling tier 2 support is ther a knowledgeable customer/BT Moderator out there who can kindly help me
    Kind Regards

    obviously connecting to an extension socket is not ideal and as you cannot connect to test socket you cannot rule out problem with your internal wiring causing the poor speed
    have you removed the bellwire from terminal 3 in all sockets?
    bellwire removal
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  • Very very slow broadband , someone please help

    Hi have come here as a last resort , i have been a bt internet/broadband user for over 10 years have had broadband for a long time , we often in our house have me playing games online on the pc , the kids have the xbox 360 and the mrs will have the ipad all hooked up at the same time with no problems ,
    then friday the broadband dropped and we had a orange flashing light ,
    it came back on about 5 mins later and ever since it is very very slow , i have tryed resteing and rebooting the router , it connects to the internet just fine but everything is running ar a snails pace , tryed calling them which is a nightmare trying to explaine to a call center guy , they told me to hang up for a line test and they would call me back and havnt bothered
    i have done the line test online it it comes back as ok , we have noticed some nose on the phone line from today
    can anyone please give me some advice?
    here is btspeed check results:
    <script type="text/javascript"></script> Test1 comprises of Best Effort Test: -provides background information.
    Download  Speed
    80 Kbps
    0 Kbps
    250 Kbps
    Max Achievable Speed
     Download speedachieved during the test was - 80 Kbps
     For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 50-250 Kbps.
     Additional Information:
     Your DSL Connection Rate :160 Kbps(DOWN-STREAM), 448 Kbps(UP-STREAM)
     IP Profile for your line is - 135 Kbps
    If you wish to discuss these results please contact your ISP.
    If you are experiencing problems with specific applications, servers or websites please contact your ISP for assistance.
    Your test has completed please close this window to exit the performance tester.
    Please visit FAQ section if you are unable To understand the test results.

    have phoned them 4 times now (2 times on 151) and they ensure me they have tested the line and i have no fault , they set up remote asstent and the guy did a soft restart of my hub which seemed to work , he then tryed to get me a better d/l speed but it whet back to a poor one again , so he again did a soft restart and i now get this:
    ADSL line status
    Connection Information
    Line state
    Connected <script type="text/javascript"></script>
    Connection time
    0 days, 00:40:50
    352 Kbps
    448 Kbps
    ADSL Settings
    G.992.1 Annex A
    Latency type
    Noise margin (Down/Up)
    11.4 dB / 21.0 dB
    Line attenuation (Down/Up)
    21.4 dB / 12.0 dB
    Output power (Down/Up)
    1.0 dBm / 1.5 dBm
    the downstream and upstream numbers are both better but it has made no differnace, every page i go to takes ages to load (if they load at all) and the ipad wont load at all , this is now getting silly i have wasted around 6 hrs of my time tonight trying to fix this and now just feel like canceling and ordering from eleswhere as i know the messing i will have to go through in the morning to explaine this from the start to a new call center worker all over again
    i was led to belive that bt staff would help me if i posted here hence why i did so but even this is looking like a total waste of my time , (no dissrepect to you imjolly for your help)

  • A very odd VLAN question -please help

    We have two subnets and and these subnets are phisically separated. we also have two VLANS, VLAN 2 and 3, please think of the VLAN 2 as the default VLAN 1. strenge, it has been like this when I took over. there is no trunking between these two VLANS. is the main network and all the servers and users arfe on it and is a Dev environment and some development severs are on it.
    I have given an IP address from the maon subnet i.e. to a switch which is used for Dev environment on its SC0 and have assigned it to VLAN 2 but the rest of the, i.e. the Dev environment is on VLAN 3. from the main network I cannot ping that IP address (naturally) and I don't know how to build on what we currently have without making major changes and build over time as transparant as possible.
    I am sorry for this very long expalanation.
    I guess I need to know if I can make trunking between these two VLANs, i.e. VLAN 2 (main and VLAN 3 (Dev environment with out needing a router? of if I need a router, how? so that I can build upon it over time.
    well, I have given an IP address from main subnet from VLAN 2 to a swotch which is for VLAN 3 or Dev environment!!! I really didn't know how to do this in order to make it as trasnparant possible to others since I am not in charge of the AD and the servers.
    Please forgive me for my somehow vague explanation and I hope I could have made a question.

    Hi and thanks for responding. Almost all my switches are L2/L3 Cisco CAT switches with two 3560 at the edge with knowledge of public network located between my two border routers and my Firewalls. My main switch is a Cisco CAT 4510 R with is a layer 2 and 3 switch with Cisco IOS and a few 3550s and 3512s around. I also have two CAT 4006s with CAT OS but these aren't my current concern as I know that I need to either use one of these swithes or a router to route between my VLANs. I do have a Cisco Router, a 2621 as my main router with its fa 0/1 is used for my two mian subnets (servers, devices, and users are on these two subnets and and the DHCP server is givng out IPs out of these two private subnets. the other interface on this router fa0/0 is used for which is totally isolated subnets with a bounch of servers on it called Dev Environment. The AD guys want it this way.
    Ok, now, when I take over this network I realized that those people who were looking after this network had created two VLANs, VLAN 2 (acting as the default VLAN 1 actually and used for managemnt of devices too) and VLAN 3 (VLAN 3 is for, i.e. the DEv Evironment, so bacically all of my devices, servers and users are on VLAN 2!!! and no trunking.....
    I have provided a Diag of my network topology.
    what I need to do is to find the best way to create a few more VLANs on my main network ( and and put all the servers on one VLAN; say VLAN 2 and few other segments and ten start to route between them by trunking. My problem is that the AD guys do not want to get involve and do not want (one of them my boss) to do IP renumbering so i need to do this at the L2 (by MAC addrss may be) and then use the router or (I can upgrade my main router to provide more interfaces with more mem and processing power) and use t to route between VLANs. this router is also used to connect us to a remote office where we have our Web Servers hosted via a T1 point-to-point as we are an online business so I need to be very carefull with this mission and have all the server and web Servers at this locations and my remote locations ( on a same VLAN and then user on different VLANs by segmenting departments.
    Now, you see my delema and the challange that I am facing. how this can be done slowly and gradually. first adding one more VLAN put all the servers on it (also, back interfaces and clustering of servers in mind) and users on another, then, start trunking and see how it works. if all goes well then I can start creating more VLANs and that would be the easy part and point them to the trunk Interface / Link.
    Your thoughts will be greataly apreciated.

  • Very strange color phenomenon - Please help!

    I just got a new iMac and moved all my software and files via firewire account transfer from my Mac Book to the new Mac. Everything works well, as expected, but when I open my Domain.sites2 File (I have iWeb08) on the iMac, a strange color phenomenon occurs: Identical colors specified for page background and placed shapes on the background look differently in iWeb, but when published, they look the same.
    When I open the identical file on my Mac Book, the colors look the same (and publish the same of course). I've tried deleting the color shapes and creating them new, changing background color back and forth, but still: a color applied to the background of a page and a shape ontop of that page looks dramatically different. A purple looks intensive in the background, that same purple applied to a shape looks a lot mor pastell-ish and light, almost as if the color was converted to cmyk when applied to the shape, and left in vibrant RGB in the background.
    Now this means that on the iMac in iWeb I cannot edit my site any more. I don't see what I do. If I make the colors for page background and shapes look identical in iWeb (or even specify identical color values), and publish, they look differently in the browser (I checked in multiple browsers).
    I checked everthing for hidden transparency or cmyc conversion options that might be accidentally selected but can't find anything. I changed my monitor color settings, but that doesn't seem to be it, either.
    What is happening to the color and why do colors on shapes look different than color in the background? Help. What am I doing wrong?

    Could be that monitor gamma, when calibrating the monitor, is different on old and new system.
    Not that it should matter, but both browsers and iWEB handles colors in strange ways and sometimes use the Monitor color profile instead of for instance the sRGB color profile.
    See also thread about text color 9551#5769551
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  • Very strange compile error PLEASE HELP

    in one class (Slanje) I defined method
    public void(String host,String from,String to,String subject,String messagetext){.....
    in other (Prikaz) I create an instance of class Slanje and try to use:
    Slanje n=new Slanje();
    where to and subjecta getting from JTextField, using method getText();
    but get following error mesage:
    C:\javafile\samostalni\Mailpr\ infos(java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String) in Slanje cannot be applied to (java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,javax.swing.JTextField,java.lang.String)
    I don't get it. what is the difference, both takes String

    I know, but isn't it string because I used getText;
    anyway how can I avoid that.
    Is there some another way ( I tried to use cast operator (String)) but no success.
    Help me someone, please!

  • Very strange itunes behaviour: please help!

    OK. So I downloaded uniblue's 'speed up my PC' software which is highly unadvisable because quite apart from it having little noticeable effect, it appears to have really screwed up my itunes, albeit more in an annoying way than a disastrous way.
    On attempting to open itunes I am presented with a small box (Windows Xp SP3 by the way.) which says "Importing 'iTunes Music Library.xml'..." This takes about 3-4 minutes. Then the box changes to "Organizing Files" and appears to scan through my music very quickly - about 5-10 seconds.
    Then I get an error message reading: "The file 'iTunes Library.itl' does not appear to be a valid iTunes library file. iTunes has attempted to recover your itunes library and renamed this file to 'iTunes Library (Damaged).itl'
    So I press 'OK' (the only option) and itunes opens, and begins "creating artwork thumbnails" and "Determining gapless playback information" each of which takes aprox. 5 minutes.
    While this is going on another error message appears: "The itunes library file cannot be saved. An unknown error occurred (-1450)." Again 'OK' is the only option. This message sometimes appears multiple times.
    At this point I closed down itunes, uninstalled it, defragged my hard drive, deleted the itunes file and replaced it with a backup I keep on my external hard drive, then reinstalled it.
    Hallelujah! It worked fine again, opening without any problems, with all my playlist and playcount data safe. I thought I had solved my problem. However, after the third reboot itunes reverted to its old behaviour (starting from paragraph two) again. I have now been through this entire cycle about three times and am getting very fed up.
    If anyone could explain to me why this is happening and how to fix it - I wouldn't be able to thankyou enough.

    Praise be to Lord above! I have fixed it! And because I'm a nice guy and wouldn't want anyone else to go through the same frustration - I'm going to tell you how...
    It was a problem with the registry that was causing the issue and funny old thing - uniblue's 'Registry Booster' solved the issue. It's ironic that software from the same company was used to solve the problem I know...I had almost decided to uninstall all uniblue products, but decided to run one last scan with registry booster to see what happened....So just to sum up, this is how to solve the above issue:
    1. Re-create/rebuild your library as detailed in this article: or replace itunes folder with backup. Delete any corrupted/damaged files.
    This alone should solve many issues but if you keep getting repeated corruption problems like I did then the problem seems to be within the REGISTRY.
    2. To solve the registry error - I ran uniblue's 'Registry Booster' programme. I have no idea how to fix the registry manually. Sorry.
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  • 2 very easy AWT questions, please help

    Hello, hopefully one of you AWT Pros can help me out, im pretty new to AWT (i cannot use swing since my awt doesnt support it)
    (1) I have a center panel that display a pic "map.gif". It is currently on the upper left hand corner, how can i properly Center this pic?
    (2)I have a bottom panel that is a label to display a status bar. How do I change the background color from white/black text --> black/white text?
    I tried using something like:
    Label statusBar = new Label();
    statusBar.setBackground(;  //and I also tried .....(black)
    statusBar.setForground(color.white);     //and I also tried ....(white)but i just get errors that say: <identifier> expected, and "cannot resolve symbol"
    any help would be great, thanks!!

    (1) You have to center the Image manually, for example:
    public class ImagePanel extends Panel
    { Image image=null;
    int imgWidth=0,imgHeight=0;
    public ImagePanel(Image img)
    { super(); 
    public void paint(Graphics g)
    { Dimension d=getSize();
    int x=(int)(d.width-imgWidth)/2;
    int y=(int)(d.height-imgHeight)/2;
    (2) Label lb=new Label("Blah");

  • A very simple voicemail question - please help!

    My iphone 3G cuts into voicemail after only 3 rings, which isn't enough time to get it out of my pocket let alone answer!!
    How do I lengthen the amount of rings before it goes to voicemail. I've tried everything (seemingly) and there doesn't seem to be any voicemail settings anywhere on the phone.
    Many thanks

    This is controlled by your carrier, not the phone. Most carriers have a max of about 30 seconds they can set before going to voicemail. Call your carrier and ask them to extend the time to voicemail.

  • HT2968 I can not update several of my apps that i have purchased a while back in my Apps Store on my MacPro. Because it keeps using my old @me account for iTunes and i don't remember the password or security question, Please help?

    I can not update several of my apps that i have purchased a while back in my Apps Store on my MacPro. Because it keeps using my old @me account for iTunes and i don't remember the password or security question, Please help?

    Hi AlphaCentori,
    If you are having issues accessing the Apple ID that was used to originally purchase those apps, you may find the following article helpful:
    Apple Support: Rescue email address and how to reset Apple ID security questions
    - Brenden

  • Whenever I connect my 4th generation iPod thouch, all of the playlists on my iPod get deleted. This is very frustrating. Someone please help me? I searched the settings on iTunes and couldn't find anything.

    Whenever I connect my 4th generation iPod thouch, all of the playlists on my iPod get deleted. This is very frustrating. Someone please help me? I searched the settings on iTunes and couldn't find anything.

    Also, when I go on to safari, another alert pops up that safari cannot verify the identity of the website, anything that I type in to as common as It gives me 3 options to either cancel, look at details, and continue. I've looked at the details of the website of Google and it is legitimate the site. Any help?

  • How to implement drop down list in WDP Abap....very urgent...please help me

    Hi Gurus,
    I wanted to implement the drop down list button in the WDP Abap interactive form. Once the users clicks on the drop down button, an RFC should be called and display the details under the drop down button. Please give me the logic with code. Its very urgent...please help me. Please note that it is in WDP Abap interactive forms. We are using NW2004S, ECC6.0.

    you have to use ZCI form to use DDLB in WD-ABA. The content of the DDLB has to be present at rendering time, there is no dinamic call when you click the "dropdown".
    The attribut you map to the DDLB has to be an element with a value-set, and the value set has to contain the text / value pairs.
    >> this will be displayed when you click the dropdown.
    Best regards,

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