What do i need to do to get this to work properly

         for(int i=0; i<6; i++){
         do {
             JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "Enter guess" + " " + (i+1));
             if (guess<1 || guess[i]>6 ){
               JOptionPane.showMessageDialog (null, "That's not between 1 and 6, try again", "Invalid", JOptionPane.WARNING_MESSAGE);
          }while (guess[i]<1 || guess[i]>6);
Basically, this compiles, but when i run this any input i put in gives the warning message. I need the warning message to happen only when the input is less than 1 or greater than 6. Anyway around this? I'm using an array of integers for the guesses as you can see.

Having some code somewhere that changes the value of
those array elements to be something other than zero
would be a start.
And getting the value from the JOptionPane would be a
good bet. The showInputDialog returns a value so
you're in luck.Do you mean I should change the value of i to something other than 0? I'm not too sure what you mean, I'm quite new to Java.

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     Cheers, Tom

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