White on Black option and photos

I like the look of White on Black.
Settings/General/Accessibility/White On Black
But the photos I've viewed so far when the phone is in this mode have the look of negatives. Is it supposed to be this way, or is there another setting I'm missing? I can't see why they would give you the WOB option if you are unable to view photos normally. You have to turn off to enjoy a pic.

You notice how it's on the Accessibility settings?
It's for making the phone easier for people to use. I personally use it to create a high contrast when I'm in the sun, and reading text messages. It's not meant for viewing pictures... :-|

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  • White on black options and impact on images

    How can I use black on white option without changing my pictures and images to a negative look?

    I don't know of any way to do that.
    However, if you prefer the black on white option, you can set the triple-click home button function to easily toggle black on white off or on.
    Set the Triple-click Home function: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Triple-click Home and choose the function you want.

  • How can i convert a picture to white on black mode and save the picture in that mode?

    I have a background picture that i use for my iphone ( http://smileys-4-eva.deviantart.com/art/Free-texture-Paint-splatter-186579258 ) (this is the image.) and when i got to the accessibility in the general settigns and turn on White on Black the image changes and i really like what it looks like and i want to save this image so i can set it as my iphone background. i thought of taking a photo of the screen of my iphone but then when i turn white on black mode off the picture goes back to normal.
    If anyone could change this picture for me or tell me how that ould be amazing.
    Thank You

    iPhoto or some other Image Editing software.

  • Keyboard shortcuts to show/hide Tool Options and Photo Bin in PSE11

    LOL - I've just found that there is F4 shortcut to show/hide Tool Options xD
    Overall I've disabled "Auto Show Tool Options" option and use F4 ... thanks Adobe that you haven't left this without any solution !!
    Message title was edited by: Brett N

    And did you try F5 ? You'll soon use both F4 and F5 to clear your display

  • Editing photos, black out and photos gone. Took screenshots during skype vid calling, photos arent found in PHOTOS app. Help?

    One time I edited photos from my Camera Roll taken from our trip. About 6 of em i think. Then it crashed, gave me a black screen so i had to restart my phone. The next morning when i check my PHOTOS, the 6 photos were gone!! Now, while I was on Skype video chat, I took maybe 10 screenshots and of course you're able to hear the shutter every time. But when I check my PHOTOS, they are not there! I feel really bad because the photos i took were very important to me. I am so worried that this will happen again if i go on trip or capture a precious moment and find out that i got nothing. Please help me. I do reboot my phone for those who'll ask me so. Any advice or suggestions will be appreciated big time! Thank you

    your phone shouldn't be crashing. Just like a computer, if that starts happening its time to reload the software. Follow this to do a restore on the device: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414

  • Ipad locked up on white Apple black screen and empty status bar

    i was loading new software for ipad and my daughter unplugged it from itunes before it was finished loading and now it just stuck on apple and empty status bar
    Please help

    Did you ever get any help on this?  I have the same issue.

  • Ok i turned on white over black theme , and voice over

    now i cant seem to scroll down in the setting menu to turn it off, i go in that meu and i can only go as far as restrictions, the scrolling aspect isnt working at all in any portion of the phones system does anyone know a workaround what i did wrong is this a software glitch how to fix it

    "IMPORTANT: VoiceOver changes the gestures used to control iPhone. Once VoiceOver is turned on, you have to use VoiceOver gestures to operate iPhone—even for turning VoiceOver off again to resume standard operation." http://www.apple.com/iphone/how-to/#accessibility.setting-up-voiceover
    "When VoiceOver is turned on, the standard touchscreen gestures have different results. These and additional gestures allow you to move around the screen and to control the individual elements when they’re selected." http://www.apple.com/iphone/how-to/#accessibility.voiceover-gestures

  • I have a iPod touch 5th generation and when i turn on the device, its white screen with black lines and different colors

    I can turn off the device naturally. But when i turn it on it shows all white with black lines and different colors. Is my LCD screen broken? If it is, can apple fix it?

    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Restore from backup. See:                                 
    iOS: How to back up                                                                
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.             
    If still problem, make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store since it appears you have a hardware problem.
      Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar                              
    If not covered by warranty
    Apple will exchange your iPod for a refurbished one for $99 for 16 GB 5G and $149 for the other 5Gs. They do not fix yours.
      Apple - iPod Repair price                             

  • White on Black Settings causes all pictures to look like negatives

    I was changing some settings on my iphone. When I changed the accessibility settings "white on black" --> On, the photos in my album started looking like negatives.. so did all the default wall papers.
    When I switch back to the "white on black "-->Off , everything looks back normal.
    *Settings -->General -->Accessibility "white on black" --> On*
    Has anyone noticed this before?Any help appreciated.

    The white on black setting can be toggled on and off to suit the situation, It should be used to alleviate strain on the eyes when reading lots of text, not to view pictures however. rather than only doing it for text it just makes everything negative. In Settings> general> accessibility you can change the function of the 'triple-click home' to white on black. that way you can change to white on black to view text by triple clicking the home button and then change back when viewing pictures. simple.
    hope that helped

  • Page Text and Photos dissapear when I Publish

    Here is a new problem I am encountering and wondering if there is anyone who knows how to resolve this. I have one certain page on my website that when I publish it to the desktop, and open it, the page header is there, but all the text and photos are gone. I'm using the "black" theme and I believe I used the welcome template. The page consists of a text box and photos, using the media place holders. The text is just white arial font, like on all my other pages. Since this is a page full of people writing in to the website, the correspondence from each person is separated by a graphic line. I have used the graphic line on other pages to separate want ads and on those pages, I am not having a publishing problem. I have already recreated this page from scratch once. It published fine a few times then one day all the text and pictures have disappeared again. Does anyone have any idea what is going wrong? I've tried deleting the cashe and we've tried "repair permissions - disk utilities."

    Posting more info on this problem:
    I did a test and think I have found a clue on what is going on. I carefully recreated the original page from scratch first with text only. I published it to make sure the text would publish. Then I added the photos back to the page using the image placeholders. I then published again and both text and photos are still there. Next, I duplicated the page, called it Mail Page #2, and noticed as soon as the page was duplicated, the section with text and photos now has a "text Imaging Indicator" on it in that section. the original page does not have that indicator. When I published the site again and this page now is publishing blank (all black, text and photos missing; only the header remains and that actually is a text w/shadow, so its an image). The original page where the imaging indicator did not turn on, that page is still publishing normally. So this has something to do with iWeb converting that section that has text and pictures, into an image. Other than that, I am still at a loss as to why it happens or how to avoid it. If anyone has any input I would greatly appreciate it. I will post back if I have additional info.

  • 7th gen ipod screen flips from logo to white to black

    Why does the screen on my 7th gen ipod flp from logo to white to black again and again?

    Sounds like it might have a hardware problem, use your warranty and get it replaced.

  • IOS 7 background is white, I changed to black now my wallpaper and photos color and clarity gone!! How do I fix that

    Since I inverted the color on the background from white to black my wallpaper and photos are messed up in color and clarity, what happened, how do I fix that!

    I've installed iOS 7 on an iPhone 4 and I notice that in Search the keyboard displays with black keys but the all white Mail interface has a white (and quite bright) keyboard.  So why can't the Mail keyboard also be black? Furthermore, why are such aspects of the interface not even customizable at this point in the evolution of the software?
    One solution, use the option to 'invert colors' found in the Accessibility settings under Settings > General . That's a nice way to dim the overall interface, especially useful when using the phone in a dark place or for a more gentle viewing experience when reading or using the phone in low light, until you realise that by inverting colors, it flips your wallpaper image from a positive image to a negative one. Really? Come on, this stuff is elementary.
    Neither of these points prevent using the older device with the new IOS smoothly, but they stand out as annoyances for the older hardware that makes it feel more elegant in previous versions of the iOS. 
    Plenty of Apps allow customizeable interfaces when it comes to keyboard colors, brightness and scaling text. Apple's iOS has all the elements but lacks implementing them for user customization. Stuff like this seems like left over items not addressed before launching the product.

  • Pin names and numbers do not print with black and white printer setup option

    Multisim V12
    Printer HP LaserJet 1320
    File -> Print Options -> Print Sheet Setup, check In black/white, OK
    File ->  Print Preview, shows all elements of the drawing in black white
    Then  select Print and the drawing prints without pin names and pin numbers.
    The same procedure with the black/white unchecked previews in color and then prints all circuit elements

    Hi HiZTrace,
    I used Multisim 12 with the same configuration and printed with a HP LaserJet 4250, but it seemed to be working well for me. There could be some incompatibility issue with your printer driver. A workaround you can try is to install a PDF Converter and print the file in color, then print the generated PDF file in black and white. There are many PDF Converters available, for example, CutePDF Writer (free)
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Derek Z.
    National Instruments

  • I pick a photo, make a copy, add a mask and when I use a brush nothing happens to the mask or the picture. White or black?

    I pick a photo, make a copy, add a mask and when I use a brush nothing happens to the mask or the picture. White or black.

    If I understand you correctly, you have
    Opened an image, and copied the background layer. 
    Added a layer mask, and finding that painting in the mask makes no difference whether you paint with black or white.
    That is what you would expect to happen if both layers are identical.  To demonstrate, make a change to the copied layer.  Either change the blend mode to Multiply, or lower the opacity, or paint big red stripes across it.  Now when you paint with black, the red stripes will disappear where the mask is black, and be visible where the make is white.

  • HT1349 The iPhone 4S setting (white on black) it is so cool! But one thing that I don't know if Apple is aware of this glitch or not, but they need to fix it, when you go to that mode every picture and every icon go to negative view, has anyone experience

    One very COOL feature on iPhone 4S that I just discovered, is the (White on Black) display mode, which is so cool and atrictive. When you go to that mode, every picture on the iPhone, facebook, icons and every other applications that displays a picture are effected, native or installed Apps. that displays a picture goes in to negative view, if you want to view your pictures, you have to go back to the default setting, very disappointing.
    This is a very cool feature and Apple needs to find a way that all photos are immune and preserved from the conversion when a user switches to that mode.
    Love to hear your comments and suggestions and I'm sure that Apple developers can come up with a solution to fix the glitch. 
    S. Raoufi

    Hmmmm, http://www.seattlepi.com/ loads fine hear in 10.4.11, FF 3.6.8, but I do see it uses some kind of Flash.
    The last really supported Flash for PPC was, but if it's for like Facebook or such, people have been fooling FB to think they have a leter version installed.
    Texas Mac Man's Flash hack/post...
    Flash player 11.1 hack on PowerPC - https://discussions.apple.com/message/16990862
    Might be later ones around also... saw 11.3 I think.
    (If you are running a PPC Mac with Flash Player and are having problems with watching videos on FaceBook or other sites, contributor Texas Mac Man suggests the following solution which fools the site into thinking that you are running the latest version:)
    Download this http://www.steelbin.com/FPforFBPPC.zip to your desktop, unzip it, and replace the current Flash Player plug-in which is in your main/Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder, (not the user Library). Save the old one just in case this one doesn't work.
    You should also consider the Shockwave Player, which displays Web content that has been created by Adobe Director, much used for multimedia: For PPC Macs:  http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/
    See in each Browser which version of Flash it thinks it has...
    Then Test Adobe Shockwave & Flash Players...

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