Why does my iPhone 6 pop up with this message?

Hey so I got my new iPhone 6 in the mail yesturday and i'm having trouble actually getting the phone started. Whenever I try signing in to activate my phone it comes up with this message after i enter my billing zip code and my SSN. Verizon Wireless was unable to verify your identity using the information you entered. I do everything right but it won't let me activate my iPhone. I am using the same phone number as my previous phone. I've called apple and they hooked me up with a senior advisor then they hooked me up to verizon and they didn't help me at all. The SIM card is in the iPhone and my phone on verizon is already linked I just need to get the iPhone activated. Did anyone else have this similar problem? 

Hi there J0SHH3SS,
You may find the troubleshooting steps for activation issues in the article below helpful.
Get help activating your iPhone 
-Griff W. 

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  • Why does my iphone come up with a different email when updating apps?

    why does my iphone come up with a different email when updating apps?
    Everytime I go to update my apps some other persons email or AppleID comes up and I have to cancel.  its annoying enough to have to update all the time but now I have about100 update notifications (don't judge, you probably have a ton of apps too..haha) that are sitting idol, what's up how do I fix?
    p.s. not updating to iOS6 yet

    I'm sorry Allan, I should have clarified, your answer is improbable (well the first part atleast).
    The apps I have had since the first week of purchase of my iphone back in 2011,  I have not added any apps until 2 months before the last software update.  This starting happening when the new software was implemented but I have not updated to iOS6 yet.  Unless this person was able to hack into my account & transfer them to their account, I do not see how that is possible.
    Prior to seeing this other AppleID, I have a popup to prompt me for my AppleID each time I download content.  Each time I would see mine and enter my password.

  • Why does the iphone 5c come with a sim card taker outer and the iphone 5s does not come with one

    why does the iphone 5c come with a sim card taker outer and the iphone 5s does not come with one

    Good question... Lol, I've noticed that iPads do too... I just use a bent paperclip works like a charm.

  • HT3529 Why does my IPhone 5 send multiple text messages to a few people?

    My iphone 5 sometimes sends a text 2 or 4 times to the same person even when I have only typed it once.  It frequently happens with my son who has a different carrier.  I have AT&T and he has Verizon.  He has a limit on number of texts so this is a real problem.  Does anyone have any answer to this dilemma?  I talked with AT&T and they registered my phone, but the problem still persists, and no one seems to know why or how to fix it.  PLEASE HELP!

    This problem is usually carrier related. Contact the carrier.

  • Why does my iPhone 4 receive some text messages whilst others get lost?

    Having a problem with text messages as some are not being received by my phone , quite frustrating any ideas anyone?

    Has nothing to do with your iPhone. After a message is sucessfully sent, what happens to the message after that has nothing to do with the phone that sent the message or with the recipient's phone.
    Contact your carrier.

  • Why does my Iphone turn off with 20% battery power left

    I got my iphone as a gift and so i don't have receit.
    I'm wondering why my Iphone would turn power off with 20% power left.
    I have other apple products  (Ipod 3 and and Ipad 2 ) and i don't find the same issue with my other products.
    Just my Iphone is giving me tha trouble. sometimes i even see i have 40% battery life left and it shut off.
    so i don't know if the % display show up wrongly.
    what would you suggest.

    Charge it all the way up, then let it run all the way down until it shuts off. Repeat this cycle to recalibrate your battery meter.

  • Why does Vine Server not start with this script and work with the other?

    I have the preferences of Vine Server set to start/run automatically when opening the programme.
    If I double click the icon it works. Opens and starts.
    If I use
    activate application "Vine Server"
    it opens but does not start.
    If I use:
    tell application "Finder"
    open application file "Vine Server.app" of folder "Vine Server 3" of folder "Applications" of startup disk
    end tell
    it opens and starts.
    Anybody any idea as to why?
    This seems to happen since I upgraded form 10.4 to 10.5.

    Do you have multiple versions of Vine Server application, perhaps?
    If so, that might cause the described behaviour.
    You may try using full path to the current Vine Server application such as -
    activate application "/Applications/Vine Server 3/Vine Server.app"
    or -
    tell application "/Applications/Vine Server 3/Vine Server.app" to activate

  • Why does my iPhone not charge with the wall charger?

    i have recently purchased an iphone 4 (within the last month). it has charged via the wall charger at first but now, the wall charger does not work. it does charge by connecting the USB cable to my computer. is there any way i can get my wall charger working? or will i have to get a new one? thanks.

    Try a different wall socket - if you haven't already and/or try this.... reset the iPad
    Hold down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons. then try again.
    You could also try updating your software as I have no idea which version you are running on your iPad.
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  • Why does my iphone not sync with itunes

    Having problems with my iphone 4s, it won't download any of my music from my laptop itunes account.
    Initially it downloaded all the album cover artwork and track listings but when I selected a track to play it wouldnt play it.
    Since then I've done a factory reset but now it's even worse and won't even show the album artwork or track listings.
    If anyone has any advice I'd be very grateful.

    are you on a mac? if so go to the top and click on store, make sure you "authorize the computer" so it will work with your Apple ID iDevices, if youre on a pc, this should be under file or one of the options there, hope this helps!

  • When a web site page can't be found why does it go to yahoo with a message

    I will be on a web site doesn't matter which one and if I click to go to the next page, and it can't find it yahoo comes up with some crap I hate yahoo and if I can't fix this I will delete firefox and use something else

    Some internet services and some add-ons may be paid by Yahoo to show you that page.
    Does the Yahoo page mention DNS Solutions or similar language? Does it show a Help or About link that might lead to a page where you can "opt out" of the service?
    To check whether one of your extensions is the culprit, you could test in Firefox's Safe Mode. That's a standard diagnostic tool to deactivate extensions and some advanced features of Firefox. More info: [[Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode]].
    You can restart Firefox in Safe Mode using either:
    * "3-bar" menu button > "?" button > Restart with Add-ons Disabled
    * Help menu > Restart with Add-ons Disabled
    Not all add-ons are disabled: Flash and other plugins still run
    After Firefox shuts down, a small dialog should appear. Click "Start in Safe Mode" (''not'' Reset).
    Any difference?

  • Why does my Iphone 5 alert my text messages after I have already read them?

    I recently got an iPhone 5 about a month ago and for the first two weeks it was running perfectly but lately I have noticed a few issues with it and the biggest one being that my phone delays the alert of my text messages. For example, I could be on my phone and the badge saying I have a text message will show up but my phone won't ring or create a banner until minutes after I have already read the message and moved on. I'm wondering if this is a data usage problem on my part or something along those lines, or if it's just a malfunction of the phone. (Note: I have only used 4 GB of my phone and have about 9GB left) Any help regarding my issue would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    This problem is usually carrier related. Contact the carrier.

  • Hi, I was trying to run the trial program the Flash Pro after downloaded, but it pops up with this message that it has problem with lisensing and the error code is 213:19. What should I do?


    even though this is not for flash, use the solutions - Error 213:19 | Problem has occurred with the licensing of this product

  • Why does my iphone say i have a message but when i click on the app i dont have one and if i get out of the app it still says the messages are there.?

    When i go on my phone it says i have 3 new messages but when i click on it i really dont. I turned off and turned my phone on 3 times and it still says i have 3 new messages how do i stop that. Without actually turning on the bager icon thing that pops up on the app.

    Hey there Samimanis_.
    It sounds like your notification for messages is showing that you have a few mesages but when you go into the app, there are no new messages. I would start by signing out of your Apple ID in Settings > Messages. Then close the running apps on the phone:
    iOS: Force an app to close
    Double-click the Home button.
    Swipe left or right until you have located the app you wish to close.
    Swipe the app up to close it.
    When you have done that restart the phone, sign back in, and try again:
    iOS: Turning off and on (restarting) and resetting
    If the issue persists, I would next backup your device to iTunes, and restore it:
    iOS: How to back up and restore your content
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • The Bluetooth low energy protocol is not backward compatible with classic Bluetooth protocol. My iPhone 4s can not find my sonny in-dash player. However my iPhone 3GS does it. Very disappointed with this. Any idea how it can be fixed???

    The Bluetooth low energy protocol is not backward compatible with classic Bluetooth protocol.
    My iPhone 4s can not find my sonny in-dash player. However my iPhone 3GS does it. Very disappointed with this.
    Any idea how it can be fixed??????

    You are correct, Blue tooth low engergy, BTLE.(only) devices are not backward compatible with Classic bluetooth and cannot connect.
    However the Apple 4S and above have Bluetooth 4.0 support.. Hardware wise it has bothClassic Bluetooth, like the 3GS, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy.  There is no good reason why your 4s cannot communicate to your Sony in-dash player using the Classic bluetooth that resides in the 4S.
    I know that this does not answer the why it does not work, but it should work. Do you have to somehow re-pair the new phone up to the player?  Not  knowing the model of the Sony it is hard to investigate.
    And I hate to ask but are you sure that the Bluetooth radio is on in the phone?

  • HT5868 why does my iphone KEEP asking if I trust this computer? I thought it was a onetime thing per computer?

    Why does my iPhone KEEP asking if I trust this computer? I thought it was a onetime thing per computer? I plug my iPhone 4s into the computer and every time I tell it to trust this computer, but a hour later if I plug in again, I have to say trust again... bug? Setting issue? Help?

    This helped me. Fix #1 is something Apple doesn't ever suggest to you.
    My specific problem was somehow my Apple Mobile Device USB Driver got turned off and moved and maybe even uninstalled, but after hours of struggling, this site helped tremendously.
    Furthermore, I could connect my iPhone to my computer but not into iTunes. It would only let me go to access pictures on my iPhone and that's all.
    Best of luck to anyone trying to figure out their problem.

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