Withholding tax postings for a single line item during invoice posting

Hello folks,
I have a question from my client about withholding tax postings during invoice postings.
Scenario is
1. There's a PO with multiple line items.
2. A vendor invoice is posted against this PO which has multiple line items. Not all line items are subject to WHT. Is there a way to post WHT specific to a line item while doing MIRO.
3. One line item without WHT and another one with WHT in the same invoice.
Inputs are highly appreciated

Dear Sasidhar
while posting document remove the withholding tax code manually then system will not post the w/h tax.
in your case select vendor line and remove the tax code then system will not calculate the tax.
another line dynamically calculate the tax.
Madhu M
Please refer the below wiki pages.
http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/x/UgTpCw   (Rupee word Format)
http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/x/8oMEDg    ( J1INEMIS   )
http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/x/2BAMDg   ( J1INACKN )
http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/x/3xAMDg   ( J1INCCREP)

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  • F-48 -  Withholding tax amount exceeds total bank line item amounts.

    Dear all
    In F-48 i am getting following error msg,
    Withholding tax amount exceeds total bank line item amounts.
    Message no. 7Q320
    All Config settings or ok.
    Kindly suggest with suitable solution.
    With thanks

    Select Relevant to cash flow field for Bank GL you are using for making down payment.
    Chintan Joshi
    Edited by: Chintan  Joshi on Jan 21, 2010 10:21 AM

  • Withholding tax amount exceeds total bank line item amounts

    Dear Sir,
    While I am trying to make down payment to the WHT vendor I have found the above error.  Can anybody help.  I am not giving any base amount in WHT information while down payment.   It is picking automatically tax code P9.  I am trying to post the down payment 10000/- and P9 tax code amount is 2.266%.

    If the Error is 7Q 320 'Withholding tax amount exceeds total bank line item amounts'
    then   follow
    Kindly check in the relevant bank GL account master whether you have
    activated the field "relevant to cash flow" in the create/bank/interest
    tab in the GL account master FS02. Also refer the SAP Note 198368.
    Madhu M

  • Calculate teh tax maintained for the PO line items

    I need to calculate teh tax maintained for the PO line items...how do i do it????
    can somebody help??

    Use this FM to get data from KOMP
    tax amount = komp-mwsbp
          comm_head_i = komk
          comm_item_i = komp
          language    = nast-spras
          comm_head_e = komk
          comm_item_e = komp
          tkomv       = tkomv
          tkomvd      = tkomvd.

  • Request to Make Withholding Tax info changeable on Cleared Line items

    Hello all,
    I got a new requirement where the client wants to change the withholding tax information in vendor cleared items. some documents got posted with wrong WT T type, now they want to make the changes to submit 1099 report. Withholding tax info is updated in vendor master and it is picking up defaultly while making the postings to the vendor through FB60.Even this field  (Withholding tax type)  is not changeable in Withholding tax info tab of the FB60. i try to make the settings through Tcode OB32 (document change rules)  but unfortunately this field is not editable in withholding tax information, while open the document through change mode. The field is WITH_ITEM-WITHT (Withholding tax type).
    Please can anyone help me who works on this.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Edited by: p.venkateswarareddy on Jan 20, 2010 9:21 AM

    Dear Kumar
    The relevant withholding tax types change, for example, as a result of legal changes. A withholding tax type is relevant if the following conditions apply:
    1. The withholding tax type is entered in the SAP master record of the business partner and indicated as subject to withholding    tax (vendor).
    2. The company code is indicated as authorized to deduct tax for vendors or as subject to withholding tax for customers for this withholding tax type (withholding tax data for company code: View V_T001WT)
    3. The posting date is in the validity period for the deduction authorization (withholding tax data for company code View V_T001WT).
    Chintan Joshi.

  • Business Area for Vendor Line Items during Payroll Posting

    Dear All
    We are in ECC 6 version of SAP. We are using Business Area for Internal Financial Statement. We are facing a problem with regard to Business area in Payroll posting. Business area does not appear in vendor line items when we make posting of payroll for multiple business area. We have setting technical accounts for HR. We read SAP note 203276 and it seems that it is possible. Can someone tell us what is the reason that business area not coming in vendor line item while payroll posting.

    That part we have already done. The problem only come when we run payroll and there are vendors belonging to several business area in that case system keep the business area field blank. In case if we set field status required system give error. That is why we run payroll by each business area we also have maintained technical account for 1001.

  • Withholding tax amount exceeds total bank line item amounts for currency JP

    Hi Friends,
    we are facing the above problem which posteing the Downpayment in to Currency JPY. I have checked Bank GL for flag "Relevent to Cash Flow" and WHT Type Central Invoice Redio button. Still the problem exists.
    This am facinf only for JPY can anybody help me on this.

    Try this,
    Follow the Path.
    WT > Ext WT > Calculation > Min and Max Amounts, Here you select the country (Japan JP) and then define the minimum and maximum amounts for Withholding Tax Types and Withholdiong Tax Codes.
    For Eg:-
    W Tax Type : .......
    Currency : JPY
    Valid from - 01.04.2009
    Min Withholding Tax Amt - 10,00
    Max Withholding Tax Amt - 999.999.999,00
    Min Base amt - 10,00
    Then Save it and try again.
    You should define this for all the withholding tax types and codes which you have created.
    Please let me know in casae of any doubt.

  • How to update PO Price only for a single line item and not other Line Item

    My requirement is not to update Price of PO from PIR if the Final Invoice Indiactor is not set and it is not a return PO. I am trying to do this using
    BAPI_PO_CHANGE to update price automatically from Pricing record using
    POITEM-PO_ITEM = '00001'
    POITEMX-PO_ITEM = '00001'
    The price gets updated for the line item 1 as well as other line item which I do not want. Please can you tell how to restrict that.
    Is it possible to restrict through configuration if this indicator is set there should be no price update. I tried to check in ME22n and if I update the condition item by pressing the update button the other item price also gets updated.

    Timestamp is date and time together in one field..
    Search for data element TIMESTAMP.
    If you are getting this in your table.
    If you are getting time and date in different fields then you can use the function module
    given below....
        t1            =
        t2            =
        d1            =
        d2            =
       MINUTES       =
    Then you can convert minutes into seconds..
    Function module credit to BrightSide it works....but only it will give difference in minutes
    Lalit Mohan Gupta.

  • How to calculate Time difference for a single line item

    Hi All,
    I have an issue where you have to calculate the Start time and End Time , Start Date and End Date for a particular Work item number
    For eg ;
    000001312610 02/09/2009 09:48:4 02/09/2009 09:48:9
    000001312610 02/09/2009 09:54:4 02/09/2009 09:54:9
    000001312610 02/09/2009 09:54:5 02/09/2009 09:54:9
    000001312610 02/09/2009 10:07:0 02/09/2009 10:07:9
    000001312610 02/09/2009 10:07:0 02/09/2009 10:07:9
    000001312610 02/09/2009 10:16:5 02/09/2009 10:16:9
    000001312610 02/09/2009 10:16:7 02/09/2009 10:16:9
    Similarly I get the Endtime and ENd dayfrom other table for same work item.So my requirement here is
    in the it should show the display in a single cell .as, 5secs, 5 secs,4 secs,9secs,4 secs,2 secs
    for each work item.
    Can any body help me on this issue.
    Any pionters for this are much helpful for me.

    Timestamp is date and time together in one field..
    Search for data element TIMESTAMP.
    If you are getting this in your table.
    If you are getting time and date in different fields then you can use the function module
    given below....
        t1            =
        t2            =
        d1            =
        d2            =
       MINUTES       =
    Then you can convert minutes into seconds..
    Function module credit to BrightSide it works....but only it will give difference in minutes
    Lalit Mohan Gupta.

  • Service tax debit as a seperate line item in Invoice

    i want service tax to be debited into separate G/L at MIRO,
    Iam doing the general process selecting a frieght vendor at PO, and frieght charge. but service tax is cumilating into frieght vendor a/c at MIRO postings.
    but my client is paying service tax directly to govt. for the frieght services ( usually for petty freight vendors who cannot pay service tax).
    so i want to post the service tax into a seperate G/L
    Please help me

    Set the account key assigned to the service tax condition as deductible. This can be done in OBCN. If you do not activate the "Non deductible" indicator and is you set the posting indicator to 2 (seperate line item) then the service tax credit will go to a seperate line item.

  • Asset Creation in PR and PO and MIGO as a single Line item with "N" qty

    Hi All,
    In Purchase requestion ME51N
    Now we are creating "n" number of assets ( All are same item but "s.no" will vary) with "n" number of line item.
    Instead of this I have to enhance to create only one line item( For same item) with "n" quantity.
    for the ASSET account Assignment we have to create Asset(Temp no) for the each item/quantity(if the same item).
    as well as if they are going to create a PO with ref to PR they have to see all the "n" number of asset no.
    In MIGO creation for each asset we have to assign S.No and Asset Tag.
    How enhance the functionality in PR,PO and MIGO as well as in Invoice.
    Is it any User Exit/BADI is available for PR/POand MIGO to show all the "n" number of assets for a single line item.
    Kindly help me to give details to proceed further.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sharma,
    What i understand from your question is, you want to create a single line item in PR and PO. But the qty would be > 1.
    Each single qty would have its own asset number in account asssignment tab of item details of PR & PO.
    This is what you are expecting...Right???????????????
    Then this is possible with certain limitations.
    While creating PR, enter only one item with more qty.
    In item details section, in account assignment tab, on top left corner, there will be a button called Multiple account assignments.
    Click on it, then it looks like a table, where you can enter more than one line. (each line will have its own asset no)
    And choose option Distribute on qty basis for field Distribution.
    So that you can enter 1 qty for each line. ( Ex: if you created one line item in the item level with 10 qty, you need to maintain 10 line here, each qith 1 qty and diff asset no).
    The only limitation to this is, the GRN would be treated as non valueted. So when you make GRN there wwould not be any accounting doc. ( means no use of GR/IR clearing account as like normal for POs)
    when you prepare MIRO, all the assets will be capitalised and vendor credited.
    But in case if you receive partial invoice, then you have choose manually in MIRO. which asset is ot be capitalised.
    After entering the PO number in MIRO, there will be one line will be appeared with full qty. in the same line, move till the end of line, there you will have one button called Account assignments.
    Choose and go there, here you can choose which individual asset line to be considired.
    This will resolve your issue.

  • Defaulting Tax Code in the PO line item by Material Group

    Hi All,
    How do I default the Tax code for the PO line item by material group in INDIRECT purchasing (without Material Number)
    What is the config for this?
    Thanks in advance.

    Not possible with mateiral group except you devvelope custom solution or try the following
    Do the config in thetcode
    than maintain that for your conditon in MEK1. 
    In this section, you maintain the tax code determination facility.                                                                               
    Within the framework of the price determination process, it is possible       
    to have the tax code determined automatically via the conditions.                                                                               
    For the purposes of automatic tax code determination, tax indicators          
    derived from the material master record, Customizing, or the purchasing       
    document are used. The system determines the tax code on the basis of the     
    combination of these tax indicators.                                                                               
    To assign a tax code to a combination of tax indicators, you must             
    maintain master conditions in Purchasing (menu options "Master data ->        
    There are tax indicators at the levels "plant", "account assignment           
    category" and "material".                                                                               
    In addition, there are two tax indicators that are derived from the           
    purchasing document:                                                                               
    o  Country of origin and country of destination differ                        
    o  Region of origin and region of destination differ                                                                               
    The assignments "tax indicator -> plant" and "tax indicator -> account        
    assignment category" must be made in Customizing.                                                                               
    Automatic tax code determination can be useful, for example, if different     
    tax rates apply depending on whether a material is placed in stock or is      
    consumed immediately following its procurement.

  • Percentage wise Confirmation for Multiple Service line items

    Percentage wise Confirmation for Multiple Service line items    
    During doing service entry sheet am able to do % wise confirmaion from
    Menu -> Entry Sheet -> Create -> With Planned Service -> Enter Percent.
    But this works only for single line item the first line.
    If we have multiple line items & if i give 10%, It calculates 10% for
    all items.
    We want Line wise % confirmation can be given as % confirmation will differ from
    line to line.

    Dear ,
    This percentage is a header data i.e applicable for all service items
    F1 help clearly says
    Percentage quantity to be adopted
        If you wish to adopt the planned services from the purchase order, you
        can enter an additional percentage in this field in order to have that
        percentage adopted instead of the total quantity shown in the purchase
        Quantity specified.............Quantity to be adopted:.............Quantity specified "
        in purchase order:....................... 10 %..................................entry sheet:
        Service  1.......100 pc ................................................................10 pc
        Service  2.......200 m  ...............................................................    20 m
        Service  3. .....30 h   .................................................................   3 h
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  • Single line item for multiple line item payment.

    I have booked the 3 vendor invoices (in FB60) for a single vendor. Now today i paid (with F-53) all the three invoices together. One payment document number was generated.
    However when i saw the vendor line item, i saw that three debit line items was generated for the clearing the open invoices (i..e 3 credit line items). so when i say vendor line item report, there were total 6 cleared line items (3 for credit i.e invoice and 3 for debit i.e. payments)
    But is it possible to get  single debit line item for all the three invoices cleared. If yes, please let me know how i can get it.
    If i will have one single line item for payment, vendor report would be simpler. Please help

    1. If you do payment through F-53, then each invoice have separate payment line item. This is not avoidable. If you do payment through F110, then you can group the line items for payment, so there only one payment line item for many number of invoices.
    2. While clearing through F-44, system is generating automatic line items because, there are exchange rate fluctuations. You can't avoid these line items, as these automatic line items only match Debit and Credit amounts in order to post the document.
    Murali. N

  • Function Module  for FB01 Vendor line items postings in 3.1 Version

    Hello all,
    Is there any Function Module  for FB01 Vendor line items postings in 3.1 Version. I do not want to go for BDC. Please suggest.

    search for function module ACCPOSTING* or get development class of transaction FB01 and goto SE80, enter development class - and search in function group's function module.
    ...Reward if useful.

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