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Hello ABAPers,
I am looking for some technical information relating to workflows in DP Approval route.It is looking interesting as I am Functional consultant and looking for inputs from Technical team.I thought of sharing this interesting this error with you.
Let me know if you are interested ion checking this issue.
Issue is:
DP Route is working fine for all the users of a team.Only 1 user in that team is facing problem with the missing approval button.
He got all the authorizations as I refered this with the security team.Now the task is to check the programming.
If you people have come across this type of query please let me know so that i can have a word with my ABAPer.
Thanks for your time.

I would check in the workflow log if the user is selected and assigned as an agent for that task.
Because the workflow is working for all other users, but not for him/her. I do not think it is a technical issue.
Howevere, the problem might be that the agent determination is handled by a function module/program or organisational structure. That particular user might not be selected or be part of the organisational structure.
Check in the workflow log if he/she is an agent for the task.

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  • Business Workflow - ABAP or Basis?

    We just had un upgrade to ECC6 and  we need to setup Business Workflow. Its very new to us. And we don't even know who really handles this. Is it the ABAP or Basis guys? What does ABAP do and what does the Basis people do with regards to Business workflow? Pls. enlighten. Thanks!

    Hi As per my knowledge.. ABAP people will do development work after basic workflow configurations are in Place. It's basis people who has to take care of configurations.

  • Workflow abap

    Hi Gurus,
    How i know a particular transaction code is configure with workflow.For example when ever we create Po(Purchase Order-ME21N) it automatic mail to the authorize person mail question is how i know in tcode ME21n is configure with workflow.
    sujit nayak

    Hi Sujit,
    I don't think you can trace WF to TCODE, but what you can do is use the Event Trace:
    -  Use transaction SWELS to activate the event trace.
    - Then run your transaction.
    - When you finish, run transaction SWEL to list all events (select radiobutton "only events with linkge" ) and it will show you the WF linked to the events triggerd in this transaction.

  • Workflow- ABAP performance question

    hi ,
    we were doing to couple of test.
    i have include a select statement
    Below logic takes 700,000 micro seconds to run in a dev environment
    TYPES: Begin of ty_test,
            meth_edate LIKE sy-datum,
           End of ty_test.
    DATA:  it_workitem TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_test
                               WITH NON-UNIQUE KEY meth_edate
                               INITIAL SIZE 100.
    SELECT meth_edate FROM sww_outbox
       I                              NTO TABLE it_workitem
                                      WHERE meth_edate EQ sy-datum.
    Where as
    Below logic only takes 2000 micro seconds
    DATA : it_workitems LIKE SWWWLHEAD occurs 0
                                       WITH HEADER LINE.
    SELECT * FROM sww_outbox
                    WHERE meth_edate EQ sy-datum.
    I couldnt believe how come logic which I thought takes more time is taking less time. Any particular reason for such big difference. I am guessing I am missing something.
    But I need to optimize code from 2000 micro second to lesser ..any suggestion

    SELECT * FROM sww_outbox
    WHERE meth_edate EQ sy-datum.
    You can  increase performance by removing the INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE.... this is the addition of select statement which would be taking time to get the data from SWW_OUTBOX table....
    Instead of * you can write selective fields which ever you are trying to read into the table... this modification could improve the select statement performance..

  • What  is the maiin difference between sap-abap v4.6c and v4.7v


    Hello RAM,
    Having exp: in areas SAP-ABAP,WORKFLOW & ABAP Webdynpro.
    you can easily work on SRM Technical,
    There is no much differance

  • GP workflow over BWP?

    Hi Forum Gurus,
    Need help.
    How can we compare Business Workflow (ABAP) with GP workflow?
    What are the advantages of GP over BWP?
    Appreciate your help.

    Hi Mickey,
    Please check this link
    u can searcvh in SDN for more information.
    Thanks and Regards

  • PO Response in SRM 7.0

    Hi experts
    I am usisng SRM 7.0, ECS and I have a EBP-SUS where I sent purhase orders to vendors, and it sends PO rensponse, all is working and the Po resposnse is created my problem is I want to use the worhflow WS14500001 to auto tranfer PO response to PO if the tolerance check is ok, The problem is I am usisng Process Controled Workflow, and is not possible in PCW, how it could be done, I activated the task in SWETYV but no workflow is started.

    Hi Javier,
    It looks like you have enabled PCW. In fact if you enable PCW you can't track back to ACW.
    Now in your case you create expression & select specific task id to auto transfer PO response; for that contact Workflow/ABAP consultant.
    Reward points if helps.


    I want to make active mode in send mail option is in VF02/VF03.
    see below how to reach send mail option is in vf03
    There is one more option if u go vf03 give the billing document and go to issue out put , choose the print preview and go to text which is placed at top right side and click on that option there send mail option available. can we make active that option since it is showing in gray mode.

    If your SAP system's Output is configured with the proper output type and SMTP or IMAP mail sending servers then its possible to send mail directly by clicking the send email tab.
    I have a little knowledge about this technical congiguration. But we have solution manager from where we send mail directly to the user's Email.
    And also yu have to configure Workflow setting.
    Please take help of Workflow ABAP consultant.

  • Need guidance about career path.

    Dear friends
    For me now it is a dilemma.
    I was in Netweaver-XI team in our commpany, but there is not enough project to do, only some ALE/EDI/Workflow/ABAP(I have no Java knowledge at all) project for me, no real XI project.
    Last time there was a CRM/SD project needing people, So I was assigned in the project and get certfied in OrderFullfillment.
    But the problem is SD market is soaked, a lot of people doing it there, the salary will be down.
    For CRM market in China, it is not started yet.
    And for XI in China, it is just started and with good paid. But I think maybe it is too technical, I don't Java experience,either. I am confused.
    Does any body could give me some sugguestion?Two Path:XI or SD/CRM?
    My skill: ABAPALEWorkflow+SD

    Hi Minghan,
    Considering your technical knowledge, I suggest that your vision should be XI. 
    You needn't possess expert JAVA knowledge but a good understanding of the concepts or a crash course in core JAVA will suffice.
    Even if you are not placed in any XI project in the near future, vist the SDN forums on eXchange Infrastructure regularly and start working on blogs posted on various scenarios.  This will keep you up-to-date with the technology.
    This will help a lot in winning you a project during your client interview.
    All the best.

  • PLM module Overview

    Hi Experts,
    I am basically SAP workflow & ABAP technical consultant.
    I am interested to learn PLM module of SAP, atleast the basic concept first.
    Can anyone please suggest me some useful link.

    Hi Sonali,
    Before getting into SAP PLM , Please be aware of how diversified it is and which module market demands.
    To give you an overview of SAP PLM
    Some highlights of module's are
    - SAP DMS
    - SAP ECM
    - SAP Project system
    - SAP Plant maintenance
    - SAP Quality Management
    - SAP EHS
    - SAP Customer service
    and more
    Please find the Below link from SAP to understand about DMS.
    Wish you all the best

  • Expert views solicited.

    Hi all,
    I am a fresher, who joined the IT industry 4 months back.
    I received a general training in ABAP. Presently I am working in a project and I am doing ABAP HCM work.
    After several days of hard work, now I have gained some (though still very little) understanding of ABAP HCM (infotypes, LDBs etc).
    I have received a proposal of switching my project.
    In the new project, I will have the option of taking up either ABAP Workflow or ABAP Dynpro.
    I find HCM abap quite intersting. But I have no prejudices (given my almost non existant experience).
    I request you all to advice me whether I should go for the new project or should I continue in ABAP HCM?
    Also, if I go for the new project, should I go for ABAP Workflow or ABAP Dynpro?
    Please enlighten me about the FUTURE PROSPECTS, PRESENT MARKET DEMAND and GROWTH possible in all the three technologies.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Edited by: kishan P on Oct 7, 2010 8:05 PM

    My preffered order would be: ABAP HCM, ABAP Workflow, ABAP Dynpro.
    Maybe this is beacuse I am working as ABAP HCM consultant, but maybe this is because dynpro programming requires lots of coding and itself has little to do with functional SAP side (or even nothing). Worfklow seems the most functional one (to me) as it requires adapting business logic using more graphical representation then coding itself. Of course some ABAP is also required there (for custom solutions) but you could use standard BOR objects as well - then custom ABAP coding would not be necessary. I think this however is not too much module-specific as it might be used accross all SAP areas. Great fun I think though - I am going to take some course of that soon so maybe can suggest more on this later.
    ABAP HCM is interesing too. Knowing that particular area allows you to transfer to Functional HCM, which combined with ABAP places you in front sit for good job opportunities. In Poland (where I am come from) ABAP HCM developers are hunted. Be aware though that i.e. functional payroll HCM would require some legal knowledge of country-specific payroll, which might be useless when switching to other country payroll. Anyhow general concepts stay the same.
    One more word regarding dynpro. As long as they offer you Web Dypro this might be a great project too, as this is right now one of the top most UI programming technology in ABAP. But as we talk about classic dynpros with possible combination of GUI controls this will become complex (but doens't mean uninteresing). Also, classing dynpros might soon be replaced by pure web applications (web dynpros) so they might become obsolete, however this transition might take some time as long as SAP GUI is in daily use.
    To sum up. Going for ABAP HCM most likely will require some dynpro knowledge too as list reports are already obsolete and no one uses them nowadays. Workflow, on the other hand could require some ABAP coding, but not necessarly.
    Hope this claryfies a little bit what you are going to struggle with, or rather enjoy with:)

  • MS Outlook integration with SAP CE

    We have a requirement to be able to show the MS Outlook emails from SAP CE 7.2.
    Is there a standard guide to configure this?
    My understanding is that this integration is not possible in CE 7.2 as Collaboration is more of NW04s feature.
    Also, could anyone elaborate the scope of the tab for SAPOfficeMails in the UWL tasklist of SAP 7.2 .
    My belief is that it's only meant to show mails for the Business workflow(ABAP workflows), would be glad to know if someone tells me I AM WRONG
    We have a Use Case to use the full blown functionality(new features like Notification,Event Triggers) of CE 7.2 but this is another requirement which I am struggling to deal with.
    Help on this regard would be appreciated.
    Edited by: Navneet Giria on Jul 16, 2010 11:30 AM

    Hi Navneet,
    if those features are supported in the NW04s version of the UWL they should also work in the CE 7.2 UWL.

  • NETWEAVER XI Questions

    Hello Friends,
    I am new to SAP. Recently I trained myself in SAP BW and currently I am training for XI. I am not sure if this is a good combination.
    I would like to know how I can combine these skills to get a break in SAP. I am basically a network engineer.
    I am not sure if this question is relevant in this forum. However I need some career advice and I appreciate all the help.

    Hi Gcworthy,
    I am Sharing my experience,wih knowledge on ALE/EDI/Workflow/ABAP it is good to move towards SAP XI, SAP XI is very interesting where we get a chance to integrate SAP and Non SAP system, Not only carrer wise Job wise also it will be very interesting there will not be any monotoios job. Basic Java will help a lot in SAP XI,
    If you like to get ALE,Partner Profile configuration documents with Screen Print  kindly  let  me know, I am reachable at- Email ID- [email protected]
    Have a great career and a cool day.
    Thanks & Regards
    Agasthuri Doss
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  • What is NetWeaver ???

    I have been working in SAP as an ABAP/HR Developer for last 1.5 years. Very recently I started hearing the word NetWeaver in some consulting requirements. I send my resume over there but they say that you do not have any Netweaver experience so you cannot be considered.
    Now, I have taken training of XI, Adobe Forms, Workflows, ABAP and Functional HR module.
    My understanding is that NetWeaver is a suite like Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, excel etc.) SAP has simply put together a few technologies together to form a suite, and it has Java touch in it too (Java Stack), nothing more serious.
    My questions is, why recruiters say that I do not have netweaver exposure? Is it that they are just looking for the word "NetWeaver" in my resume (as I know XI, Adobe Forms and workflows) ?
    I am not even sure if this is right forum to ask this question.
    Thanks for your contributions.

    As you noticed, in the SAP world NetWeaver tend to be important.
    Or to put it diffrent: If NetWeaver is not mentioned it looks like outdated skills.
    Netweaver is:
    Web AS
    ABAP (Here ABAP Objects, BSP, WebDynpro are also important skills)
    Java (Also specify what you have done in this area. WebDynpro ?).
    BI ("old" name = BW. What kind of functionallity have you worked with?)
    MDM (Master Data Management)
    EP (Enterprise Portal. Visual Composer anyone? iViews ? Roles?)
    MI (Mobile Infrastructure)
    PI (XI is also "old", but som rescruters have note catched up yet).
    Each main name contains many functions and some of the are worth mention.
    Try to use BI (BW) to mark that you're into the new stuff
    The same for PI (XI).
    The rest is really up to you.
    The resume should be tasteful and like a an appertizer,
    making recruiters say: hey, we want more of this person!

  • Whether Workflow Program Exit works in ABAP WebDynpro

    I have the custom  workflow in which in each task i have given a program exit to update the status into my custom tables.
    Now i'm in doing the change in workflow, that it should call the abap webdynpro screen, where the user decisions has to be made.
    I'm getting the Workitem id from the UWL and then it lauches the Web Dynpro to choose either Approve, Reject or Change etc along with some other travel expense information.
    Now once i complete the web dynpro by calling the method 'SAP_WAPI_WORKITEM_COMPLETE', the particular work item is completed.
    I want to ask whether before this FM is called,whether the Program Exit which i have written in the Class method and which is called in the Workflow, whether it triggers or not?

    It is calling the workflow program exit before the SAP_WAPI_WORKITEM_COMPLETE function module.
    So closing the thread.

Maybe you are looking for