Wrong logical system for partner profile

Dear gurus,
we have been sending ORDERS Idocs for some time now, using to a logical system called MSC_MM_PRD, a RFC connection called MSC_MM_PRD and a port for Idoc processing called A000000003.
Now, we would like to send ORDERS Idocs to another logical system. We created that new logical system called MES001, a RFC connection (MES) and a Port for IDoc processing using that RFC destination (A00000004).
After that we maintained a partner profile for the new logical system MES001 with outbound parameters for ORDERS Idocs. So far, so good.
But then, I had to create a new message type for purchase orders to use that new connection (called ZEDI) and I guess that is where I made a mistake: I copied the existing message type for the old ALE connection and changed some parameters (like name etc.).
Now, when I create a new purchase order and add a message of the new type and save the order, I get an error message:
EDI: Partner profile outbound process code not available
Message no. E0335
An outbound partner profile could not be found with the following key:
Please check the outbound partner profiles for the assignment of the process code:
As you can see, SAP tries to find an outbound partner profile using the old logical system (MSC_MM_PRD) and the new message type (ZEDI) as a key and obviously fails.
Can anyone please tell me why SAP uses the old logical system and how I can change that?

problem was, that we had not created a proper distribution model for the message type (BD64). After we did that, it worked fine.

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    Can we create multiple Logical Systems in Partner Profile (WE20) for one instance or one System?  If it is possible, can we create Logical System with respect to Plant/Country?

    I am not quite sure if I understood your problem completley. But let's see...
    Usually you use on on MSCS Cluster Group per SAP instance. So you have your already existing NW 7.0 ABAP stack in a separated Cluster Group, and you create a new Cluster Group for your new Java system.
    You can find more information about it in this guide here on SDN:
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    If you want to use the same database for your clustered ABAP stack and your new Java stack you can do a MCOD installation.
    Please see Link: [SAP Note 388866 - Multiple Components on One Database - Installation|https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/388866]
    Hope this helps.
    Best regards,

  • Configuring ALE Logical Systems and Partner Profiles

    Trying to build a scenario which deals with two third party systems transfering XML file from one to another. Sender is using a file adapter. Reciever is using an Idoc adapter. However the pre-requisite mentioned for this exercise are that ALE logical systems and partner profiles must be configured (these steps are not outlined in the exercise) . Could i get help on what steps i need to carry out for sender/reciever to configure logical systems and partner profiles.

    Hi Manpreet
    At the R/3 system the partner profile should be maintained for both the third parties.
    for creating the partner profile go to transaction we20, give the
    partner number :your logical system name or customer number or vendor no
    partner type:LS(logical system)or ku(customer)OR LI(vendor)
    give the message type in the outbound parameters
    after this double click on the message type and give the login deatils for the RFC destination define the port and all
    if you still have problem please reply back

  • Logical system and partner profile configuration

    I have a SQL server which is defined as a Business system in my landscape. It is sending records to ECC 6.0 which makes it a JDBC to IDOC scenario (inbound IDocs)
    First question is do I have to mention a logical system name for the SQL server Business system too ?
    Second question is do I create a Logical system in the ECC system (BD54/SALE) for the SQL system or would it be for the client of the ECC system itslef?
    Third question is do I maintain partner profile configurations in WE20 for the SQL business system or for the ECC business system?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sam,
    > First question is do I have to mention a logical system name for the SQL server Business system too ?
    Yes, In SLD You have to specify logical system name of the SQL server business system while creating SQL system.After importing business system into Integration directory,in Adepter-Specific Identifiers  you can see logical system name of SQL server business sytem which you defined in SLD.
    > Second question is do I create a Logical system in the ECC system (BD54/SALE) for the SQL system or would it be for the client of the ECC system itslef?
    Yes,You have to create Logical system in ECC system for SQL system(Logical system name must be with the same name as logical system name you have given in XI SLD in previous question)
    > Third question is do I maintain partner profile configurations in WE20 for the SQL business system or for the ECC business system?
    In WE20 You have to maintain partner profiles for SQL server Logical system
    For example: If SQL server Business system name is SQLDEVBS and logical system name is SQLDEVLS
    In ECC you have to create logical system as SQLDEVLS and
    Partner profiles for SQLDEVLS in WE20.
    Please let me know if you have any issues.

  • Wrong logical system for prod categories

    We had made a client copy and now the logical system name of R3MATCLASS in t.code COMM_HIERARCHY is still pointing to the old client; How can change we change this to the New client ?

    Hello Rahul,
    In case of client copy, you have to run transaction BDLS in order to convert old logical system name to new logical system name.
    In this way, all tables containing reference to old logical system are updated with new value.
    This should be true for logical system assigned to your product categories (table COMM_CATEGORY ).

  • Define one logical system for PI or multiple LS for 3rd-party system?

    Hi gurus,
    We are using IDOC2SOAP and SOAP2IDOC scenario in PI7.11. My question is regarding the logical system(or partner profile) on R3 side. We have two 3rd party system:A and B, so we have two choices.
    1. define one single logical system for PI integration server;
    2. define two logical systems for A and B.
    For choice 1, it seems we can only use one business sytem or business component (business service in 7.0) as the two 3rd party system, especially for SOAP2IDOC scenario.
    For choice 2, it seems we have no restrictions.
    Is it correct?Any help will be appreciated.

    technically you can use both options.
    The question is - do you want all the IDOCs in your R3 system to appear as though they were sent from the PI?
    What if a lot of 3rd party systems were sending the same IDOC (for example - ORDERS) and you want to investigate only those who were sent from system A?
    I like it configured that every system will be identified by a name I give it.
    I just use the IDOC communication channel checkbox of "Take Sender from Payload"
    or use a different service in the IBC that has a different logical system configured in its Adapter specific identifiers.
    Hope it helps,
    Imanuel Rahamim.

  • "no active plan version exists" while adding system in partner profile

    i am getting "no active plan version exists" while adding logical system in partner profile. while duble click on this it showing "set active plan version".
    Can anyone answer me how to do the set active plan version. I asked my functional team and  they didnt know how to set it.

    Thanks Sonia,
    in OOAP i could not able to edit so i maintained plan version in OOPV and in sm30 in table T77S0 maintained PLOGI group.
    Now i am getting different error while creating partner profile in we20..
    *Object type US, ID CENTRALADMIN unknown (please observe upper/lower case)*
        *Message no. E0624*
        *Object CENTRALADMIN of type US is not known in the system.*
        *Enter a valid object and check the type.*
        *Make sure upper case and lower case are used correctly.*

  • Logical systems for ALE

    HI all,
    I'm configuring for an IDoc to be generated and downloaded to a file via a file port.
    This IDoc is of message type PAYEXT.
    The file is to be sent ot the bank via the meansa of third party software.
    Do I have to create logical systems for these? Or only the outbound logical system?
    Do I also need to set up the distribution model , and if so, how far do i need to set it up?
    Points wil be awarded. Thanks!

    Use BD64 Tcode to setup distribution Model
    Define the 2 logical systems.
    see the flow:
    Step 1.  Application document is created when transaction is saved.
             2.  Message control is invoked.
             3.  Messages are processed by system.
             4.  Messages are Edited (if desired).
             5.  Output (ALE /  EDI) is checked
             6.  Validate against Message control record from Partner Profile
             7.  Application Document is saved.
             8.  Entry NAST table is created for every selected output program
                  along with Medium & Timing.
             9.  Check for Process Immediately .
                     If (yes)
                       Determine Processing Program from TNAPR Table.
                       Execute RSNASTED Program.
           10.  Read Partner Profile to determine Process Code.
           11.  Process Code points to the Function Module & Invoked.
           12.  IDoc is generated. 
           13.  Check for ALE Request.
                        if (Yes)
                            Perform Filters, Conversions, Version Changes etc.
                            IDoc is stored in DATABASE.
    Step 1.  EDI Subsystem creates an IDoc file from EDI Messages
            2.   Subsystem calls Functional Module                                 EDI_DATA_INCOMING from startRFC program.
             3.  Data in Control Record is validate against the Partner                       Profile.
            4. IDoc is generated in Database and syntax check is                      carried out.
            5. IDoc file is deleted once file read.
            6. Event PROCESSSTATE REACHED is triggered in Idoc Object Workflow. 
                       7.  Check for Process Immediately.
                   If NO
                     Execute RBDAPP01 Program
                      Read Process Code from Partner Profile        
                           Process Code Points to  Function Module
                     Application Document Posted.     
    further help:
    check url
    And also u can get lots of inof from the below link.
    Reward points if useful

  • Logical system for client 001 for SAP NETWEAVER ABAP TRIAL VERSION for BI

    I have installed SAP NETWEAVER ABAP TRIAL VERSION for BI. In that I have to create logical system for client 001. I have taken a list of available clients from the abap R3 side. Here is a list of it.
    Clients View
    Cl. Name City Crcy
    000 SAP AG Konzern Walldorf EUR
    001 Auslieferungsmandant R11 Kundstadt USD
    066 Test EarlyWatch Profiles Walldorf EUR
    I cannot get inside the BW side for it asks me to create a logical system for client 001. What to do?
    Kindly help me.

    ? First log on to SAP R/3 server connections Go to SCC4 in R/3 & in Scc4 BW server. A screen opens in that logical name of the system would be opened in both (R/3 & BW).
    ? Take notepad in it save .R/3 & BW logical names go to R/3 & click SM59 to create R/3 connections click then a screen opens gives BW logical name in RFC Destination option & give connection. type 3 & give some description & then press enter.
    ? You will get another screen under it then at target host gives BW server name we will get it from BW logon change ID, IP address option & give the system no. The system no go to logon pad just drag it then you will see the name.
    ? Then click on log on securities go to log on give BW server details like No, client user Password. Then save it then click test connection tab if there are errors then it gives yellow color if they are no error the whole thing come as white.
    ? Then click on the Remote Logon then we go to BW server give RFC – SM59 & click create. Then give the server name which is at the bottom right corner give it then give the no, name, password in logon Security save it & test connection & then remote logon.
    ? R/3 - B W - R/3
    ? Logical connection source system connection is used to transfer the data from R/3 to BW. Go to BW system& click RSA1 go to source system option go to top to the source systems right click on it. Then click create then a screens opens then.
    ? PC ?Flat file , DB ? Database
    ? Select the option manual then a screen appears RFC Destination, Logical source name then click OK then it goes to opens other screen save it test connection then remote login then it go back to the then a screen opens then click only activate.
    ? R/3 ? Test connections login ? back ? replicate method ? active data R/3 Source system you will able to.
    hope it helps u

  • ALE logical systems for business service or process

    I am trying to send an IDOC into my R/3 system. It is the same IDOC type that I have sucessfully sent out to parties. All the config is in place for communicating with the system, because I have sent others IDOCs in the past. However, they always were sent from another R/3 business system. They processed sucessfully.
    I am now trying to sending IDOC's from a BPM,as well as, from a business service. They are under the "With Party" section of the directory. These obviously do not have logical systems, so when I try to send the IDOC I get
    "Unable to convert the sender service Purchase_Orders to an ALE logical system", where purchase_Orders being the name of the business serice.
    How can I handle this problem?
    Should I hard code values somewhere?
    Which ones?
    I have read the other posts for the error above, but my situation seems to be different.

    To solve your problem, here my solution:
    1/ In your Business Process of your ID (configurator), go to menu "Service > Adapter-specific identifier" and in the part "IDoc Adapter", write your Logical System.
    2/ Create this Logical System on your target system (R/3).
    WARNING: XI allows you to used a Logical System for only one service (Business Process). Thus, if you are several interfaces, you must used different Logical Systems.

  • Logical System for RFC-Business system?

    I want use RFC adapter for my scenario like File to RFC.
    The query is like, is there any importance to use Logical system for my Business System which is using for my RFC Adapter in my communication channel.

    logical system name is relevant only for Idocs, but it is always a good idea to maintain the technical and business systems with all the information you can provide.
    you can check the logical system names of ABAP application servers at bd54 tx code.

  • How to create Logical System for ALE?

    Hi All,
       I'm an abaper and want to create Logical System For ALE. When i tried to make it using Tcode: SALE, msg appears that "Caution: The table is cross-client", when clik on continue button it shows "You are not allowed to change cross-client customizing".  Help with proper documentation.
    Thanks in Advance.

    what you did is correct but you don't have the authorization for cross-clients in your sever.First take the authorization for cross-clients then follw the steps
    Here i am giving link go through that and do practice,
    Reward if it useful

  • Cost center integration with HR - logical system for CRT inconsistent

    Hi there,
    we are distributing Cost centers from our SAP ERP system to another SAP HR system via ALE [COSMAS01 basic type].
    The cost center created in target system contains information about source system logical system name - table CSKS, field LOGSYSTEM.
    This is causing problems in Travel Managment in SAP HR system, where we get the error: Logical system for CTR inconsistent.
    Cost centers created/changed in HR system does not contain any value in CSKS-LOGSYSTEM field and work fine.
    Any ideas how to solve this issue?
    For now to fix the issue, user needs to do a phony change in SAP HR system to get rid of original LOGSYSTEM value.
    I am thinking about removing field E1CSKSM-LOGSYSTEM from COSMAS IDoc but I gues there must be simpler soloution.
    Thanks for your advices,

    Igor :
    I think this has something to do with matching logical system with controlling area in TKA01. Another option for cc's logical system to have no values when outbound ALE is to config V_TKA01_ALE (so it will be transported to the system that has cc ALE to other systems) to have field 'ALE Distribution Method' blank (No distribution to other system).
    This way, when SAP is creating outbound idoc for COSMAS, field CSKS-logicalsystem will not be populated (logic is in SAP 'MASTERIDOC_CREATE_COSMAS' , around line 86).

  • From R/3 to CRM create one logical system for CRM client 300.

    Suppose i create one logical system for CRM in R/3 TO CRM scenario for client 300.another user wants to work on jdbc to CRM client 300 for this he wants to create another logical system for client 300 it is not possible,so,it is ok if he assign same logical system when he was working for CRM client 300 when he wants to create business system for CRM in JDBC to CRM.

    Business Systems are te logical system name for a CLient in the SAP.
    These can be reused again for different configuration scnario that you must have created for different interface.
    All you need to do is assing the Business system to your configuration scenario and Communication channel to the same.

  • OCI Catalog for Vendor problem : Logical system for catalog not maintained

    We have set up an OCI catalog with on of our vendors. This works fine untill we transfer shopping basket data from Vendor sysem into our SRM-system (SRM5.0). Then data is not being transfered and Vendor Webshop screen remains 'open'.
    in SLG1 i have found an error "Logical system for catalog not maintained. Inform system administrator'
    Anyone an idea what the cause of this error can be or what we need to check ?
    Thanks in advance

    I have not seen that error before. However, I think it may have to do with the LOGICAL_SYSTEM OCI field. Can you check if your punch-out catalog vendor is populating that field? Also, check if you have the correct BP# populated in the catalog configuration and the LOGICAL SYSTEM Field on the define External Webservices is blank.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I want to make an linkage query as a condition for my  report in BI Publisher. how to make the linkage in Date Model ?

  • Attach Quotation to Purchase Requisition

    Hi experts, Think this is a simple qn for you guys. Other than using Document Management, is there any other ways i can attach a document (scanned quotation) to a purchase requisition? If yes, how? Thanks

  • Mapviewer-demo: a empty map view

    Hi, I imported the Mapviewer demo in a new schema, and deployed the Mapviewer on stand alone OC4J. I can start and configure the Mapviewer how described in the guide without errors but the created JPG is a empty blue picture. What can be wrong ? Than

  • SRM : Deadline monitoring

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