Z10 automatically loses any e-mail from inbox and sent box immediately after being read or not

Hi Everyone, just need some advice on how to cure my Z10 from losing anything/e-mail in my in-box or sent box (even deleted items)
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Hello Victor,
As I suspected, your mail client is likely downloading messages and deleting them from the mail server on which they are stored. When this occurs, the message is also being deleted from your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.
Set your Microsoft Outlook to leave a copy of the message on the server using the steps in the following article and let us know if this addresses the issue for you: http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB12283
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  • Where does Mail keep inbox and sent box?

    I need to sync my office machine and my laptop from time to time. I can sync the Mailboxes excepting the inbox, sentbox, and drafts (and junk), from the user/library/mail/mailboxes. Should I just sync the Mail folders, or is that likely to screw something up? Or can I find the inbox and sent boxes somewhere else and sync them separately? Both machines are running Mail v3.6, but I know some little things display differently on the two machines. Who knows how deeply those differences go...
    I don't want to get involved with mac.com to do this, it's not a daily requirement.

    The inbox and sent mailboxes should be in /Mail/your email account/ and the others in /Mail/Mailboxes/

  • Mail Inbox and Sent box disappeared

    The Inbox and Sent boxes appear empty and do not respond. Trying to move messages from other boxes to the Inbox results in a message saying the box does not exist.
    Not able to send or receive mail to the computer. MobileMe works.
    Have recovered the last inbox, but cannot move the recovered msgs to the Inbox.
    Cannot rebuild the Inbox as that item in the menu is grayed out.
    Reindexing the boxes does not solve the issue.
    Questions: Is there a fix within the current configuration that does not lose the contents of either box? Would downloading a new Mail app fix the problem and recognize the old mailboxes? If I have to install a new Mail app, where do I get it?
    Appreciate any help

    all the mail content (but not the headers) in my Inbox and Sent box disappeared.
    Setting up the same account twice in Mail is probably what got you into trouble. I suspect Mail simply removed all mailboxes associated with that account without checking to see whether they belonged to the original or the dupe.
    Do the disappeared messages from my Inbox, and their attachments, all exist somewhere on my Mac even though I can't see them (I have searched the Library)?
    Very unlikely. Try looking in the ~/Library/Mail/ folder (where '~' means "your user folder). See if there are any mailboxes still there that might be appropriate, and try duplicating them to the desktop and then import them into a new mailbox. That's unlikely to work, but you never know.
    Is there any utility out there that might help me to find them?
    If they're really gone, no. If you have backups, you can restore them from the backup, of course. But without backups, the best you'll be able to do is try a data recovery tool, which is unlikely to give very good results in this case, but would be worth a try if there's no other option.
    And what happens to attachments in Mail nowadays, when there seems to be no separate Attachments folder?
    Attachments are stored with the message, just like they are sent across the internet as part of the message. They are not automatically decoded and saved as individual files somewhere. That happens when you either open them or tell Mail to save them somewhere.

  • How do i save all my mail in my inbox and sent box?

    i am going to upgrade my OSX to Snow Leopard
    how do i save all my mail in my inbox and sent box then restore it when my new OSX is installed?
    thanks in advance

    It's always good to have a backup, but Snow Leopard should leave all your data intact, just install new OS components & updated Apple Apps.
    If you don't have room to back everything up...
    On Mail...
    First Quit Mail, then I'd backup these two Mail folders, by right clicking on them in the Finder, then choose Archive/Compress.
    Users/YourUserName/Library/Mail Downloads
    (Could be a different folder here if you chose such in Mail Prefs)
    Right click on that Mail folder, choose archive, you'll get everything in the folder, and the folder itself in a file called Mail.zip, move it to a safe place, same for the Mail Downloads folder... only the plist is separate.
    For Address Book, quit AB...
    /Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/
    If you do have room to back everything up...
    Get carbon copy cloner to make an exact copy of your old HD to the New one...
    Or SuperDuper...

  • Inbox and Sent-box don't list yesterdays emails

    At some point this morning I noticed that emails which I sent yesterday, and received yesterday and today, were no longer to be found in my inbox and sent-box. I can't think of anything I'd done to erase them myself (in which case they would have still been in the trash with other older stuff).
    So I did a search with Spotlight, for names connected to those emails yesterday/today, and Spotlight found the emails allowing me to open and read them. But Spotlight doesn't say where they are stored.
    The same mails do not get found anywhere when I use the search function in Mail.
    I have had no problem with Mail earlier, and this is worrysome. I then weeded away a few hundred old emails, thinking that maybe I'd exceeded some kind of memory limit, and looked through preferences without finding any unwanted option was selected.
    So two questions: Where are these unlisted emails now filed, and can anyone suggest why they fell off the listing in Mail?

    Spotlight found the emails allowing me to open and read them.
    And it was Mail that opened them for viewing?
    You can find where they really are by getting EasyFind...
    Use it to search your whole drive for case insensitive & show invisibles...
    (dot ee em el ex)
    Not certain, but this can fix myriad Mail problems...
    Safe Boot from the HD, (holding Shift key down at bootup), it will try to repair your Disk Directory while the spinning radian is happening, so let it go, run Disk Utility in Applications>Utilities, then highlight your drive, click on Repair Permissions, then move these folder & file to the Desktop.
    Move this Folder to the Desktop...
    Move this file to the Desktop...
    /Users/YourUserName/Library/Mail/Envelope Index

  • Main in inbox and sent folder gone after recreating mail account in prefs

    I called my ISP when I was getting outgoing mail server error messages. Their tech person said that I had to recreate that email account. They had me delete the existing account then basically make the account again. Expletives deleted. The result for this brilliant advice was that all the mail in my inbox (800 messages) and sent mail copies (maybe 4000 messages) is gone. Apparently over written by a new account with the same name as the old one. I didn't expect that the mail messages themselves would be removed, just the account settings. Is there any sort of trash place that I might be able to recover them from? I've checked the obvious places in myuseraccount>library>mail.

    Hello David.
    Your ISP gave you some not so good advice without being familiar with the Mail.app account and associated mailbox filing structure at the Finder level. Not good news but don't shoot the messenger.
    Before deleting an account in Tiger Mail, the following warning message is provided:
    Are you sure you want to remove the (account type here) account “XXXXXXXXXX”?
    This will permanently delete the account setup information, mailboxes, and messages from your computer. Copies of messages on the mail server, if they exist, are not affected.
    This is usually ignored or not completely understood but is based on the Mail.app filing structure so now the long winded answer for the reason.
    Many other email clients utilize a single large database which is not dependent on individual account and associated mailbox filing.
    When creating an account in Mail, an account named folder (named by the user name and incoming mail server for the account) is created in the Mail folder at Home > Library > Mail using the Finder.
    For POP type accounts, the following mailbox (mbox) folders are created within the account named folder when the function is used by the account: INBOX.mbox, Drafts.mbox, Sent Messages.mbox, Deleted Messages.mbox and Junk.mbox (when Junk mail is set to automatic). The mbox folders within the account named folder represent the account named mailboxes under In, Drafts, Sent, Trash and Junk (when Junk mail is set to automatic) in the Mail.app mailboxes drawer.
    When deleting an account in Mail, the account named folder at Home > Library > Mail is deleted at that time and as the warning message indicates, the associated account mailboxes within the account named folder are also deleted. You must select OK after the warning message appears.
    It would be preferable for the account named folder to be moved to the hard drive Trash can which requires an additional step to delete but this is not what occurs.
    To have any hope of recovering your data, you need to immediately stop using your system and then purchase a copy of a recovery tool such as Tech Tool Pro (Micromat) or Data Rescue (Prosoft Engineering), both of which have data recovery tools. I've not used Data Rescue, but I've seen reports that it recovers files that the others cannot, so it might be your best hope. The chances generally aren't really good even so, but short of sending your drive to a data recovery service (expensive), such utilities are your only hope.
    Note that the more you use your system before you attempt recovery, the more likely it is that the system will overwrite the sections of the drive where the data you want to recover is stored, rendering it unrecoverable by any means. You should therefore stop using the system completely until you get and try to use one of the file recovery tools.
    This also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a regular backup of the Mail folder and other important data.

  • How can I select all subject related messages from Inbox and Sent folders

    is there any way to select messages containing the same subject from the Inbox and the Sent folder by means of an keyboard shortcut. I.e. I would like to select a message in the Inbox folder and request Mail to display all related mails.
    Thanks in advance for your support.

    not like this. you can do a subject search inside one mailbox or in all mailboxes at once. you can not restrict a search to two mailboxes. even when searching one mailbox you have to enter the search string in the search window. there is no shortcut that will do it for you.

  • Mail in Inbox and Sent folders Have Within a Specificed Date Have Vanished

    For the second time in history, the mail in my inbox and sentbox have completely vanished, leaving an odd hole in my archives. Emails from the previous two months show up, but emails from before this date have vanished.
    Likewise with my Sent folder. I have old email from 2006 but it jumps from August '06 to May 2007! Where did the emails inbetween go? I have always had the option to NEVER delete sent emails selected, but somehow they're gone nonetheless.
    I can't even locate email from last week, let alone a few months ago. I was lucky when this happened before because I had just backed up my Mail folder and contents, but now it's happened again! I've rebuilt the mailbox several times, have tried to reaccess my server, but to no avail.
    I can understand a size limit on the server for the inbox, but not for the sent folder.
    I've read the discussions up and down, but frankly haven't been able to peg anyone else's issue as my own when it gets down to the details.
    I'm running a POP.
    Thanks in advance for ANY help.

    You’re welcome.
    If the *.emlx files associated with those messages are gone from the filesystem, rebuilding mailboxes or re-creating the index cannot make them reappear.
    There is no way to know what may have happened if you don’t know when it happened and what did you do that could have a bearing on it. What you mention about moving data between computers could certainly have a bearing on it when it happened the first time, but there is no way to know what the problem exactly was in that case either with the information you’ve provided...
    If the messages are nowhere to be found and you don’t have a backup, you may try to salvage as many deleted *.emlx files as possible with a data recovery tool such as Data Rescue II, TechTool Pro, or FileSalvage. Of these, the only one I know for sure that can currently recover deleted *.emlx files is FileSalvage. Beware, however, that anything you’ve done with the computer since the messages were deleted may have caused them to be overwritten, which makes me believe your chances of recovering them now are pretty low...

  • Mails were deleted automatically from inbox and sent items, even in deleted items in Exchange 2013 CU2

    Dear all:
    I encountered a problem and needs to be solved.
    We runs Exchange 2013 CU2, and some users told me that their mails in sent items and inbox were automatically delivered into "deleted items", especially in last two weeks or yesterday.
    The users said they cannot delete so many mails at one time. And now I found one user's mails in "deleted items" were also deleted this morning.
    I don't know whether it was bug or not in exchange 2013 cu2, and how to solve this problem? Thanks for any help.
    Technet Microsoft

    Hi koiso,
    Are there any commons among problematic users or deleted emails? For example,
    they are on the same database
    they have delegate settings
    they are using mobile phone to sync emails
    At the same time, I'd recommend you enable Mailbox Audit Log for the problematic users. For your reference:
    Rebecca Tu
    TechNet Community Support

  • Mac Mail Inbox and Sent folders empty after recreating my identity

    Recently my ISP mail server may have been hacked, as I found that I was spamming my contact list with links to ads. In the course of troubleshooting this and the aftermath, I found myself following a tech support person's advice and deleting my wife's profile, then recreating it from scratch.
    When my wife next logged in to her account, she found that "All the mail is gone!
    Needless to say, this is my fault. Apparently, deleting the profile made this happen. I looked at the account on the server using the online (web) app that she refuses to look at, and it appears that all her mail is there.
    I marked it all as Unread, and tried to re-DL it from the server, but no dice.
    I have restarted the app and tried again, restarted the machine and tried again, put it down and walked away, running errands and looked online for answers and still nothing.
    Anyone know how to do this? It can't be impossible. It just can't be.

    In the Finder, open Home/Library/Mail and locate this POP account folder -- open the account folder, and then open the INBOX.mbox folder. In the Messages folder found within (is there only one) are there numerous xxxxx.emlx files?

  • HT4864 over quota and have deleted LOADS of mails inbox and sent but still saying im over my quota..?

    Apple says im over my  quota yet I have 4.76 of 5gb available and have deleted LOADS of mails from inbox and sent but still saying im over my quota..?

    mac-kelly wrote:
    Kaitly:  I have done this as well and zero'd out everything (draft/trash/inbox on my one and only account) and turned off ALL apps and it still shows NO CLOUD space due to mail at 4.7GB (there is zero).
    I can't believe this isn't addressed better.  We are paying for "the cloud experience" but have no cloud. >:`(
    You are not paying for "the cloud experience"
    iCloud is a free service (5G storage)

  • My ipad mail is synced to my iMac mail account. On iPad, I can only see my inbox and sent messages. I can't see any of the folders I have created on my iMac. How do I do that? Probably a dumb question, but I know there's a lot of smart people out there!

    My iPad mail is synced to my private email account, which I organise on my iMac. On iPad, I can only see inbox and sent messages folders, not any of the other folders in my email account I have created on my iMac. How do I get iPad to show my other folders? Probably a dumb question, but I know there's a lot of smart people out there.

    If you select a mailbox, you should get an Edit button (easier to see in landscape mode). Clicking the button will provide you with check circles for the messages. You also get Delete and Move buttons at the bottom. Check the messages you want to move and then navigate to the mailbox you want to drop them into. I think as long as you can navigate to a mailbox you can move the messages to it.
    In the Mac Mail application and probably Outlook on the Windows side, you also setup rules to move messages to specific mailboxes. If the mailboxes are stored on the server, then you can have the sorting done on the server and they should appear that way on the iPad. If your later messages do not show up, you may need to have the iPad app pulled down more messages until they are all showing.

  • On the iPhone, if you move an e-mail from the In box to Junk, will iPhone automatically place future e-mails from the same sender into Junk? In other words, can you teach iPhone to recognize Junk as you do on a Mac?

    On the iPhone, if you move an e-mail from the In box to Junk, will iPhone automatically place future e-mails from the same sender into Junk? In other words, can you teach iPhone to filter out Junk as you do on a Mac?

    I don't think so, you would need to set that on your browser when you log into your email account.

  • I haven't got any order confirmation e-mail from Adobe and cannot install Photoshop due to no serial number information.

    Please give me order confirmation e-mail so that I can install Photosho.
    After download installation file, I am stacking due to no serial No information.

    2015/01/27 16:58、Chikuromochi <[email protected]> のメッセージ:
    I haven't got any order confirmation e-mail from Adobe and cannot install Photoshop due to no serial number information.
    created by Chikuromochi in ダウンロード、インストール、セットアップ (Japan) - View the full discussion
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  • HT201363 I forgot the security question and did not reach me any e-mail from an email technical support for the alternative I hope to help

    I forgot the security question and did not reach me any e-mail from an email technical support for the alternative I hope to help

    Alternatives for Help Resetting Security Questions and/or Rescue Mail
         1. If you have a valid rescue email address, then use this procedure:
             Rescue email address and how to reset Apple ID security questions.
         2. Fill out and submit this form. Select the topic, Account Security. You must
             have a Rescue Email to use this option.
         3. This is the only option if you do not already have a valid Rescue Email.
             These are telephone numbers for contacting Apple Support in your country.
             Apple ID- Contacting Apple for help with Apple ID account security. Select
             the appropriate country and call. Ask to speak to the Account Security Team.
    Note: If you have already forgotten your security questions, then you cannot
             set up a rescue email address in order to reset them. You must set up
             the rescue email address beforehand.
    Your Apple ID: Manage My Apple ID.
                             Apple ID- All about Apple ID security questions.

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