Balance Transfer from RG 23 A to RG 23 C

By mistake some of the balance that has to be uploaded to RG 23 C has been uploaded in RG 23 A
while MIGO
How can we correct the same, without reversing all the doc
Niti Narayan

You can do gl to gl transfer. for this I think you have to make manual posting allowed for respective GL account.

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  • Balance transfer from one company code to another company code line item

    I have company code A in which Suppose for one GL some balances are exists. Now I have created two different company codes B and C and same GL has been created in both company codes now I have to transfer balance from A to B with all line item wise.
    please tell how to do it.

    AS AC CR 2500
    AS  AC 1000
    AS AC 1500

  • Balance transfer from old recon a/c to new recon a/c

    We have changed the vendor''s reconciliation we have to transfer the balance of open items....from old recon a/c to new one..........
    ....what is the best way to do this.......

    It says:
    A balance sheet eadjustment distributes
    receivables and payables in customer and vendor reconciliation accounts,
    Account Determination
    For each account, you can specify an adjustment account to post the readjustment to. Otherwise, the system posts the readjustment to the original account.
    To distinguish readjustment postings from other postings, you should create separate adjustment accounts and have the readjustments posted to them.
    Since reconciliation accounts cannot be posted to directly, you have to specify adjustment accounts for them.
    Since readjustments are posted without tax, the accounts posted to cannot be relevant to tax.
    Adjustment accounts are determined when calculating the distribution.
    Can you please check the configuration in OBBW.
    Define Adjustment Accounts for Changed Reconciliation Accoun
    In this activity you define the numbers of the accounts for the automatic transfer postings which are made if the reconciliation accounts are changed. Postings are made to these accounts to sort the open items.
    Sorting open items is necessary to be able to display the receivables and the payables according to the legal requirements for creating balance sheets.
    1. Enter the required accounts.
    2. Make sure that the accounts you enter are created.

  • Profit center balances transfer from old profit centers to new profit cente

    Dear All,
    My client wants to deactivate all cost centers and profit centers and create new cost centers and new profit centers for new fiscal year 2009.
    So here my queries are
    1. Putting an end date to the existing cost center and creating the New cost center now itself in the system with effective date as 1st April 09?
        I changed validity period in cost center but it does not accept.
    2. How to restrict postings to profit center from April, 2009 ? even changed validity period and changed as inactive mode in profit center,
        It is allowing postings to profit center.
    3. How the balances need to be transferred to New profit centers? I tried in 9KE0 T.code but in this T.code we can transfer profit center and GL A/C wise
        but here we have around 20 profit centers and 100 above Gls, so it will take so much of time, so kindly suggest me short way.
    4. And When can we transfer balances to New profit centers i.e April 1st or after completions of Audit? because client wants to post pending transactions of 2008 FY
        to old profit centers in April and May months. So in this situation how can i proceed?
    5. For mapping the Assets & Liabilities balances as on 31st Mar 2009 to New profit center the following need to be provided
        A. Profit center wise Trail balance
            ( For this i suggested S_PL0_86000030 t.code) is this correct?
        B. Profit center wise Balances of Subsidiary Ledgers i.e Vendors, Customers & Assets
    6. On which date I can close 2008 FY& open 2009 fiscal year for Assets?
    Please guide and provide me solutions above my queries.
    This would be great help for me, Thanks in advance.
    Thanks & Regards,

    1.     You can block cost centers and profit centers and create new or can use same by changing analysis period  Eg: KS02 > Edit > Analysis period
    2.     Select lock indicator in profit center master record
    3.     Write LSMW to that
    6.  At the end of you fiscal year close the asset period and do all year end transactions and open new asset period      
    You can use S_PL0_86000030 check it

  • Customer balance transfer from one profit centre to other profit centre

    Hi friends,
    We want to transfer the customer balance from one profit centre to other profit centre.  How is it possible.

    Balance sheet items in PCA can be distributed during period end closing activities.
    Please read the documentation in the link and config the same / execute
    assign points if useful

  • GL balances transfer from one GL Account to another GL Account.

    Hello All,
    Can some one please tell me how to move GL Balances from one GL Account to another GL Account.

    i think one company code Gl accounts transfer to another company code Gl accounts
    transaction code--ob_glcc01
    sproimgfinancial accountinggeneral ledger accountinggl accountsmaster datagl accounts creation and processing--create gl accounts with reference.

  • Bank Balance transfer from Legacy to SAP

    Can anyone please guide how to move bank balances from legacy to SAP? What about BRS?
    Also, how do we handle the cheques that were booked in legacy however they got bounced once the data was moved to SAP?
    Please advice.

    The bank account in legacy need to be tallied with the bank statement on the last day of the legacy system. The balance of the bank gl thus will be tallied with bank statement on the first day & the reconciliation will start from the transaction from the first day.
    For bounced cheque you can enter a normal entry to subaccount. As this entry will be in the bank statement, will not have any issue in reconciliation.
    Milind Sonalkar

  • Balance Transfer from GL to GL

    Can someone tell me how can I transfer money from a GL to another.

    you should ask your finance team.
    F-02 or FB50 could be the transactions

  • Asset balance transfer from common profit center to other

    When we uploaded the asset balances we use common profit centers and we want to change it to correct one now.
    We cannot do manual entries since it is a reconciliation account. Please let us know how do we transfer the balances.
    it is very urgent.

    U cannot change the assets once it is created.u can transfer the assets to new asset class(also to new cost center) without doing any manual uploads.postings have to be done repostings again.
    The Tcode is AUMN.
    Please reward points if u find this to be useful.

  • Balance transfer from one company code to another

    There is already one company code is running....and having 5-6 one of the plant is going to become another legal entity.........and the mostly customer and vendors are same with both of them for the cutover data what should be the strategy..........
    Moderator: Please, search SDN

    Re: GL balance upload
    Re: Trial balance upload,
    Re: Data Migration Part - Reg.

  • Asset balance transfer is showing blank in AW01N

    One user created asset under wrong asset class and one month depreciation was posted of that wrong asset. in the month of september. Now user has created new asset under proper asset class and made balance transfer from wrong asset to newly created asset through ABUMN in month of October i.e, period 7. In ABUMN we have transfered to New Asset  field. After successful balance transfer old asset become deactivated and balance has come to new asset but through AW01N I cannot see the balance which is showing blank under planned value, posted values. Even new asset's first acquisition on date and Acquistion Year is showing as blank.
    How it can be rectified ?

    Hi Srinivasa,
    during balance transfer through ABUMN I used old asset number in Asset Field, Document date, posting date, asset value date and under Transfer to tab I put new asset number in New Asset Field - Mster data - Asset Class - Company Code/Asst Number and made tick on subnumber and simulated finally. Accounting document generated properly. Even through FS10N I can see GL balance also against this asset number. But if I go through AS02 or AS03 or AW01N it is showing as blank. No values are showing. I think I made mistake in ABUMN, instead of putting value under Existing Asset field I wrongly used New asset. As a result I cannot see the date under "First Acquisition on" and ""Acquisition Year". What should I do ? Should I cancel the asset again and create new asset and transfer again or any other procedure . Becasue if First Acquisition on date and Acquisition Year appear in asset master against this new asset, automatically value will in Aw01n.

  • Vendor Open items transfer from one Recon to Another recon

    We have wrongly maintained one recon account in Vendor. 
    Is there any way to trnasfer Vendor Open items transfer from one Recon to Another reconciliation account..

    The best way is to transfer the items from old to new reconciliation account.
    Please use the following entries to transfer.
    1. Dr Vendor a/c(Old recon a/c)
        Cr Vendor clearing a/c
    After nullifying the balance in old recon account, here chage recon in the master.
    2. Dr Vendor clearing a/c
        Cr Vendor a/c(New recon a/c)
    F101 only post the adjustment entry at period end and reverse the same entry in next period. So, transferring the items is the best method. If you have volume of data, then create a LSMW for this.
    Murali. N

  • Getting error in file transfer from one system to another system

    Hi All
    One of my client (User) wants to transfer his file from  SAP R/3 System SAP XI system. He is using a customize t-code ZFIR0325 (Trial balance report transfer to Hyperian System). When user execute the  program he is getting error "File Transfer Failed due to Network chk with Admin"
    I checked with Network team but they said it is okay from their side. We also check for authorization but there is no issue regarding authorization.
    Name of File Path of Aplication Server, XI destinaion and XI directory entered by user is correct.
    We also put authorization trace in XI System to RFC User (In file transfer from one system to another system this RFC User is geeing Used) but no authorization issue was found.
    Please help me to resolve this problem. I any detail require I will provide the same.

    Guruprasad Wrote:
    He is using a customize t-code ZFIR0325 (Trial balance report transfer to Hyperian System).
    We also put authorization trace in XI System to RFC User (In file transfer from one system to another system this RFC User is geeing Used) but no authorization issue was found.
    Firstly, no one in the community can answer on how a custom transcation code and a program associated with it behaves.
    If there are no authorization issues in the system, you have to look at the exact error message. Look if your XI system is allowed to receive files from the SAP system.
    Unfortunately, you should do some more home work before putting your question here. If everything is fine and configured correctly, then the issue might be with the program.

  • Balance transfer across company codes

    I want to transfer open balance from one account to another. Both accounts have different company code. Can you please suggest me way to transfer balance in this case? SAP standard transaction FP40 doesn't allow balance transfer accross company codes. Please let me know work around. Thanks.

    Hi James,
    For transferring open balance to another between cross company codes, you first need to maintain posting area 0030.
    Say you have two company codes X and Y, and you want to activate the transfer posting, so you need to maintain two set of GL entries for-
    Posted in   Clearing against
      X                   Y
      Y                   X
    Also you need to confgure one new set of main\Sub for transfer postings.
    Cross Company Code transfer is not possible by Transaction Code-FP40, you need to use FPE1 with document type TF and Clearing reason 03.
    Select the open items you want to transfer and enter the details of the account on which you want to transfer with the proper main\sub configured for the same.
    Hope it helps.

  • Balance Transfer

    I have a query about the balance transfer. we have a G/L Account 2045440. It has some balance in it. I want to make that balance to zero, meaning to move the balance from one account to another account.  I know that we can make a journal posting in FB50 and move it but one of my colleague said that we need to make a Goods Movement as we need to go according to material and plant stuff.
    work i made till now:
    1) I pulled the Balance Amount of the G/L Account from T-Code FS10N for Fiscal Year 2007.
    2) I pulled all the related postings and the corresponding materials from T-Code SE16 and Table BSEG. I found that there are materials more than 500 and like 30000 postings.
    My Colleague told me that we need to do the Goods Movement from Inventory Account to Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Account, but for that we need to create a sales order and rest of the things. can you please tell the corresponding Movement Types involved.
    I am trying to understand the scenario but can someone help me in this regard.
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            shriya mathur

    baller4life wrote:
    Don't count on Chase to give you a high enough limit to do a bt. They are notorious for giving low limits on Slate for some reason.Always consider the source.  People applying for BT cards tend to have high utilization.  High utilization will restrict the limit that one qualifies for as well as APR. buttercup0427 wrote:
    What are my chances of getting a CL high enough to combine balances?
    We can't tell you that.  However, you need to keep utilization on the card you intend to use for BT'ing.  If you need $X to cover the balances then you'll need quite a bit more than $X to keep its utilization in check.  That is, unless you intend to pay off $X within a few months. Keep in mind that the general advice is do not exceed 30%.  You could probably push it to 50% for a short period of time.  Short term high utilization generally isn't an issue but prologned high utilization can lead to adverse action. buttercup0427 wrote:
    How quickly does an inquiry show up on a credit report anyway?
    Immediately. buttercup0427 wrote:
    I'm in No Cal. Which bureau would Chase pull from?
    Google the Credit Pulls Database but keep in mind that multiple pulls are always a possiblity.

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