Deauthorizing broken computers: I'm getting grumpy here |

With three kids' computers and two computer of my own my family usually has our full 5 authorized itunes computers at all times. So I've just had my second dead computer within 12 months and guess what: can't be deauthorized. It's dead, inaccessible and the only way to deauthorize it is to do all computers which I won't be able to do until next October because I used my "once a year" for another computer.
So what is the deal here? Why can't they have a manual deauthorization process? Clearly this is an ongoing problem, I can't be the only person with 5 computers running into this problem. I would guess this has something to do with trying to control DRM issues but setting the system up so that it has a built in fault is seriously annoying.
On top of it all, NOW I find out after Apple replaced the hard drive on my iMac that manages our family's music that I should have deauthorized my computer before the repair to avoid a cascade of authorization problems.
Isn't there a "suggestions" email address here somewhere? I had it the other day and now I can't find it.

send an email to the iTS customer service using this form and ask the folks there to help you sort it out.

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