Delivery of two sale order in one delivery

Hiii Guru's,
                  Can we make one delivery for two sale order of same customer?
Plz reply fast.
Will assign points.

Yes, its possible. In delivery make Add new, select customer and then Copy From button on right down corner. Then select all orders you want and click ok.

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  • Can't combine Sales Orders into One Delivery

    A customer has started sending us 850's for their products.  Each 850 creates a new Sales Order from the ORDERS IDoc.
    We can not combine two different Sales Orders into one Delivery even if all the data is identical other than the Order Number itself.  The Error Message is VL067.
    The log reveals that the only data difference is the Address number.  Each time a new Sales Order is built SAP creates a new Address Number even though the customer is the same, and then it won't let you combine those two Sales Orders into one Delivery because the Adderss Number is different.
    We either need to make SAP stop creating a new Address for the same Customer, or we need to make SAP ignore the difference in Address Number when combining them into one Delivery.
    Any ideas?

    Hello Shiva,
    My apologies - I am too focused and forgot to say thank you for your tip.  I appreciate your time.
    I have discovered that the address check is only made if the value of ADRDA in VBPA is B or E, which both mean that the address was manually entered - actually, it came in via IDoc.
    Does anyone know how to control that value so it is not B or E?
    Thanks in advance.

  • How  to create one delivery for two sales orders?

    Hi Experts,
    I need to create one delivery for two sales orders. But it fails.
    The route, shipping point, ship to party are same for both orders but INCOTERMS are different.
    Delivery date, Good issue date, loading date,material availability date, transportation planning date for 1st order is 12/07/11 and for second order is 14/07/11.
    I have created delivery on 14/07/2011 but the delivery is created for 1st order only, the second order is missing in the delivery.
    It not happened because of incorterms.? different dates
    Kindly help regarding this.

    To understand splitting behavior, see SAP Note 546668 - FAQ: Delivery split when creating deliveries. And yes, incoterms happens.
    I think that with the help of question 6 you can try to force the merging of SO. Then, see SAP Note 166397 - Delivery split according to customer field ZUKRL, and handling the field ZUKRL in a VOFM in the copy rule I think that you can try to do it.
    Finally See  Note 4505 - Duprec when adding delivery (VL04, VL01, VL10*) to avoid problems while you are merging.

  • How to create a single delivery for two sales orders?

    Hi Experts,
    I need to create one delivery for two sales orders. But it fails.
    The route, shipping point, ship to party are same for both orders but INCOTERMS are different.
    Delivery date, Good issue date, loading date,material availability date, transportation planning date for 1st order is 12/07/11 and for second order is 14/07/11.
    I have created delivery on 14/07/2011 but the delivery is created for 1st order only, the second order is missing in the delivery.
    It not happened because of incoterms.? different dates
    Kindly help regarding this.

    Prerequisite for Grouped delivery
    1. Header data should be same like Inco terms,Payment terms
    Go to VL10A
    Enter the sales order Numbers and execute
    Select the sales order Nos  for the group delivery and select "Background"  Tab in Tool Menu Bar
    If delivery is created coloured line items will get generated
    Check the log for delivery docuements
    Check and confirm

  • Not getting single delivery for two sales orders

    Hi Sapians,
    I am getting one delivery for two sales orders in VL10A.  But in another case, out of two sales orders, for one order I went to partner functions and changed the address line of ship to party while creating sales order.(Since for that particular order the ship to address is different). then as usual I proceeded to VL10A. But this time system gives two seperate delivery document numbers instead of one which is given earlier. Can any of the experts help me in this regard.
    Thanks for your response in advance.
    Raksha Agarval

    Hi Raja,
    Just now I came out with exact problem. While creating sales order, in the header data partner function tab, if we select the ship to party line item and go for details tab and change the address first line item (that is street number), the same change is also if we do in second sales order also, then if we go for delivery in VL10A, then system gives two delivery documents instead of one.( though, all the requirements are met, like same plant, shipping point, shipping conditions, incoterms.. etc).
    Even after meeting the requirements, as per SAP standards also why system giving two delivery documents? is the problem.
    Please come with possible reasons
    Thanks in advance,,

  • Combined sales orders to one delivery

    is there a way other than vl10c to combine delivery and make one bill, I mean this is background and when combine three sales orders and one delivery document and when in delivery document says "in process"
    any foreground process?? if yes then what are the steps please tell me

    Split Invoice,in that case, please check the following in the two sale orders whether they are same.
    1) Payer
    2) Inco Term
    3) Payment Term
    4) Shipping Conditions
    5) Exchange rate at header level
    If either of the above differs in the two sale orders, then you will get invoice split.
    You can use split analysis to review why the system has split a billing document. It compares two billing documents and lists the fields which have differing contents.
    To display the split analysis for one of these screens, proceed as follows:
    1. Enter the number of the first billing document that you wish to compare.
    2. Choose Environment
    --> Split analysis.
    Enter the number of the second billing document which you wish to compare to the first in the dialog box.
    3. Enter the billing document number and choose Continue.
    The system displays the Billing document split analysis log. It is made up of three parts. The first shows the header partners and header fields which are different in the two documents while the second and third columns show the respective values for these fields...
    But for comination of delivery what ever transaction above are the ones available.

  • Combing multiple sales order into one delivery - help needed!

    basically, this is what im doing and maybe someone can direct me in the right direction?
    i goto vl10c, enter the shipping point and then goto the sales order tab and enter one sales order in sales document 1st field and then in the second field for sales document i enter the second sales order. it then opens up a list of the 2 sales order and i can check mark one or both sales order here. after i check mark both, im not sure what to do to combine the 2 sales order into one delivery document. anyone???

    I will suggest you to go through the link []
    I request you to search the SD forum before posting the issues. You will get plenty of treads on this subject.
    Check the required confiquration for "combing multiple sales order into one delivery" and if still problem persists then you post the error you are getting for resolution.
    Best Regards,
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    Edited by: Bashir on Oct 16, 2009 8:58 AM

  • Two sales order and single delivery

    hi friends,
    can we do delivery  for two sales orders in a single step????
    (SP , SH BP, PYare same and delivery date also)

    Hi manu
    to combine multiple orders into single delivey check wheather the follwoing are met or not
    Shipping Point
    Ship to party
    Inco Terms
    Transportation Group
    Exchange rate
    Delviery date
    Unloading point
    To combine multiple deliveries into a single billing document check wheather the following are met or not
    Billing date
    PO number

  • Two sales order generated, one during quotation release & other during RRB

    Hi All,
    I have configured some of CS functionalities.
    But the problem is:
    When I accept qtn in IW32, system creates a sales order.
    When I do RRB, against the same service order in DP90, the system creates one more sales order.
    During RRB in DP90, if I put first sales order that was created automatically during qtn acceptance, the system says that this sales order does not have DIP. (even if it is created automatically during qtn acceptance in IW32)
    Please let me know the right process.
    In my understanding, it is not correct to have two sales orders for one job.
    Also the system allows to create billing documents for both the sales orders. This is also a problem.


  • Two Delivery dates in Sale Order against one item

    Dear All
    I need two delivery dates in sale order. one is default at the time of creation sale order. second i need actual delivery date which will be confirmed by production planning department after analysis the order whether material can be ready on that delivery date or it need to change. Actual delivery date may vary from original delivery date and both need to preserve in system. kindly provide solution. best regards.

    You need to select the Availability & Transfer of Req. check box in Schedule Line Configuration.It will transfer the req. to PP.So while creating the sale order , schedule Lines will be confirmed as per the Available Stock.
    System will give you the Default Delivery Date as the Date added after Lead Time in days in the Configuration.Else system will give the Current Date.
    Best regards,

  • Changing proposed delivery date in sales order for one specific sales org

    Hi All,
    I want to change proposed delivery date in sales order automatically for one specific sales org only without changing lead time in VOV8.
    For that can I use MV45AFZZ. But it is asking access key to make changes. Is there any other user exit for the same. And how does exactly change it.
    Thanks in advanced.
    Points will be awarded.

    EXIT_SAPFV45E_001 has nothing to do with this - it is meant to update the purchase order from a sales order. It might not even be triggered if the sales order has no link to a purchase order.
    USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT is not really good for this either, because the delivery date has to be changed before that. If memory serves, it also influences the schedule lines and probably the ATP check and such. I would strongly advise against it. One of the other routines in MV45AFZZ should do just fine, USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAK for example.

  • SD scenario (collect few sale order into one delivery or TO)

    I am looking for following SD scenario.
    customer send as few orders
    order-1 material-1 quantity-10 input date 01.12.2009  req delivery date 20.12.2009
    order-2 material-1 quantity-15 input date 03.12.2009  req delivery date 20.12.2009
    order-3 material-1 quantity-20 input date 05.12.2009  req delivery date 20.12.2009
    This order should be processed by ATP and reserve stock separately according input date.
    start of problem----
    But our warehouse need  single item  (quantity 45)  in transfer order document  to optimize internal processes (pack processing VS single pc. processing).
    Any ideas?

    Yes it is possible to have single delivery for many sales orders provided you have similar criteria between sales order and delivery like:
    Shipping Point
    Inco Terms
    Delivery Date
    Ship to Party
    Payment Terms
    The transaction code to be used is VL10A

  • Multiple Sales Order in one Delivery Order

    Is it possible to create a delivery order with multiple sales order in it ? Does it need any additional configuration or the basic SD Module in SAP can support this kind of transaction?
    Anyone can advise me on this issue as my experience in SAP SD Module is not more than a year. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Hi Heng,
      The sales orders can be combined in one delivery if the following parameters are same for those orders:
    1) Delivery date for the materials( schedule line tab)
    2) Ship to party is same for them
    3) Shipping point is same for all of them.
    If all the above parameters are same then you can goto transaction VL10A and can put your aboce 3 parameters and execute the transaction.
    All the orders will have one delivery order in that case.
    Reward points if it helps.

  • Automating delivery blocks in sales orders

    We have a delivery made with ref to a sales order. The goods are third party warehouse managed.When the goods are no longer needed, a third party warehouse sends an idoc in our system. This idoc deletes the delivery in our sap system and as soon as the delivery is deleted, the system also puts a delivery block(VBAK-LIFSK) in sales order at header level so that no further deliveries are made with ref to sales order.
    There is an issue at present that this delivery block is not set in sales order when the delivery is deleted.
    could anybody pls help where the code might have been written to automatically put the delivery block in sales order when the delivery is deleted.

    Just code the delivery block logic in DO user exit MV50AFZ1 routine "userexit_delete_document".
    Thus, when DO deleted then system will auto set delivery block to SO.
    Hope this help.

  • How to create one delivery for multiple sales order

    Hi!! Friends,
    Can some one explain the steps to be followed in creating one delivery for multiple sales order in SAP SD.
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            AKASH TAMBI

                  You can combine different orders in to one delivery ,But for the customer Order combination should be checked in  the sales area data of the shipping tab,we can combine orders but the ship to party,Route,Inco terms,Shipping date,shipping point should be same,you can do in T.code VL04 & VL10
    REWARD if helpfull
    Thanks & Regards

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