Downloading the report out put for wchich split conatiner is used

hi friends i used split container for my report out put .here iam displaying two alvs in the two parts of the conainer.
i put some heading on the container in one box, is it possible to download all the out put into one excel file.

Hi sudheer ,
There is no standart functionality for this. You need to code for your custom excel output.

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  • Download the report out put.

    how to down load the report output.

    Hai Shyam,
    After getting output,<b>At the List</b> you have an option called:
    <b>LIST>SAVE/SEND>FILE and then choose the format that you want to save the report output.</b>
    Hope now you do this.
    <b>Reward points if it helps you.</b>
    Rama chary.Pammi

  • How do I download the Windows Support Software for MacBook Mid-2010 ?

    Hey guys, I've got quite a big problem at the moment... In December, I bought a MacBook7,1 (the Mid-2010 Unibody model) and used my OS X install disc whenever I wanted to install Windows XP/Vista/7 drivers to my Boot Camp partition. However, I've recently got quite a bit of a problem...
    See, I can't find my OS X Install Disc. So I have to use, from within the Boot Camp Assistant, the "Download the Windows support software for this Mac" function, to be able to burn to DVD/install to a USB stick.
    Now, this function up until recently used to work completely fine - no issues at all. However I need to reinstall my Windows 7  (again, I know, Windows has quite a few problems but I really do need to use it for what I do - gaming, etc) again, and whenever I try this option in the last... week, I'd wager, it comes up with "Download could not be continued" and "The Windows Support Software is unavailable" errors.
    I've checked on this forum and some people are saying that Apple removed the support software for some Macintosh computers? What on Earth? What about us lot who don't have our OS X install discs anymore?! I don't think it's fair they've specifically gimped a functionality that was working fine until a bit ago for no apparent reason. It's just... stopped working. Is this for everyone?
    Is there some alternative I can use? I've tried everything. I don't have someone I could just borrow the OS X install disc from and I think it's rather unfair if they expect to me to shell out for an OS X install disc again when I could previously do what I wanted for free!!!

    The point isn't whether I lost them, the point is that I was able to use the Boot Camp Assistant previously fine to download the Win Support Software and put that on a USB stick (which has since been formatted for other usage).
    Since this was made available as an option, I haven't really had much need for the OS X install discs (Unless I really, really needed to reinstall OS X at some point but I have no reason to fear that right?). To claim this being "okay" because I've misplaced the discs is rather outrageous.

  • How to debugg a script when the Required out put is like Fax  or email

    Hi this is Durga Prasad i have small doubt in scripts can any one clarify that one plz  normally we will do that one with activating debugger but when a special requirement is like fax or e mail    how we will do that one
    "how to debugg a script when the Required out put is like Fax  or email"
    Thanks in advance
    Durga Prasad.

    DEBUG Smartform:
    1) One way to debug smartform is to debug the Function Module of that smartforms.
    If you want to debug particular smartform node that the solution would be,
    insert a "Program Line" just above the node you want to debug and this program line write a normal abap breakpoint.
    So whenever you call the smartforms, it will stop at this breakpoint and you can debug onwards.
    2) SFTRACE can be used for debugging SMARTFORMS.
    Read More here.
    1). Use Tools - Word Processing - Layout Set (SE71). Enter name of layout set and then Utilities - Activate Debugger.
    It is of no consequence which layoutset you enter when selecting the SAPscript debugger. (Menu path: Tools-Wordprocessing - Forms, Utilities - Activate Debugger) The next layoutset called will invoke the debugger.
    2). Another way to set the SAPScript debugger is to run program RSTXDBUG.
    When you debug Print program it is same as you debug any other ABAP program. While when you debug SAPScript, you actually debug the code ( scripting) you have written SAPScript Form.
    As per ur question there is nothing new with script debugging,
    it is same as normal report debugging...
    For smartforms debugging you can do this.
    1. Execute the smartform (execute button in SMARTFORMS transaction)
    2. Take the generated function module and display it in SE80.
    3.Find the smartforms Elements (text elements, windows, code lines, loops) in this and set Soft break points.
    Correct name is SMARTFORM_TRACE. You have lots of options for adequate analysis
    Tcode - SFTRACE
    Re: How to Debug a Smartform
    Debug of smartform and sapscript.
    Debugging SmartForms
    Debugging of a subroutine pool.
    There are 2 separate kinds of debugging available when you try to debug scripts.
    1. Debugging the print program : This is the normal debugging we do for our report programs.
    2. Debugging the script itself : You Can debug a SAP Script by activating debugger in two ways:
    a .In SE71->Menu->Utilities->Activate Debugger, then debugger will be get activated and when your print program is executing Script Debugger will be in active and you can proceed with your debugging.
    b. Goto se38-> RSTXDBUG ->Execute this same as going thru in se71-> Menu, now debugger will be activated.
    refer to the link below
    Look at the BLOG here, it is well explained

  • How to Save Background job report out put in local / Network Drive?

    Hello Techies,
    How to Save Background job report out put in local / Network Drive.
    Actually we have option to send mail aftr complete but  i need to save in local drive or network drive .

    Hi ,
    Background job runs in application server , and your local /network drive is basically presentation server. So you cant save it in local /network drive from the job itself. But to download files, you can write the files to the application server using DATASET, in the background and then use the transaction CG3Y in the foreground to download the file.

  • Error while Downloading the Report

    Hi All,
    I am facing a problem when I try to download a report to Powerpoint. I used Pivot table and graphs.
    Please find the error below:
    **Sax parser returned an exception. Message: Unterminated entity reference, 'L', Entity publicId: , Entity systemId: , Line number: 17, Column number: 252**
    **Error Details**
    **Error Codes: UH6MBRBC**..
    Kindly help ...
    Thanx in advance

    i also encounter this problem when trying to download the report in Powerpoint
    Sax parser returned an exception. Message: Expected an element name, Entity publicId: , Entity systemId: , Line number: 328, Column number: 3
    Error Details
    Error Codes: UH6MBRBC
    is there already a solution for this?

  • TF244069: An error occurred while checking the provisioning status of the reporting database schema for a PWA instance.

    The command TfsAdmin ProjectServer /RegisterPWA causes next error:
    TF244069: An error occurred while checking the provisioning status of the reporting database schema for a PWA instance.
    Project Server returned the following error: "Server was unable to process request. ---> The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.".
     (type ProvisionException)
    Exception Stack Trace:    at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Sync.Provisioning.ProvisionPwaDBSchema.HandleSoapException(SoapException soapException, String errorResourceString)
       at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Sync.Provisioning.ProvisionPwaDBSchema.IsDBSchemaProvisioned()
       at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Sync.Provisioning.ProvisionManager.Provision()
    I installed SharePoint 2013 and Project Server 2013 as farm and TFS 2012 and my account has permissions everywhere. I read article and gave full permissions for TFS account to SQL and Project, Project app pool account to SQL, but still have an error.
    How can I find out what exactly permissions are not enough???

    The problem was in claims authentication. Changed to Windows and all worked out.

  • How to Download the report from the workitem?

    I have one typical requirement that is to download the report from the Workitem by the manager?
    Would any body please give the solution and procedure?
    If you have any sample code for that give it tome?
    Early reply is appriciable.

    If it is an ALV report you don't have to do any coding. You don't say which report it is.
    If it is a report that uses write statements you can also export to a spreadsheet, but of course the cell matching is not quite as for ALV reports since the report creator decides the alignment. Use the menu item "System" => "List" => "Save" (the menu item names may be a little different since I have translated them from Norwegian).

  • How to download the report data in xml format

    Hi All,
    how to download the report data (sql/interactive) in xml format...

    You will want to do something like this:
    except customize it for xml.

  • Getting report out put in another language (other than english).

    Hi all,
    can any one help me out in getting report out put in proper language (english).
    actually i am running my layout through show in english at report level but when i publish with oracle application it showing the out in another fassion.
    please kindly help me out in this issue.

    In the language preference panel of the system preferences?

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    LisaK78 wrote:
    I am trying to upgrade to Snow Leopard but I cannot figure out how to do it online. Do I actually need to purchase the disc and install it that way? Is there no way to download the update?
    Software update, upgrade--what's the difference?

  • HT202794 Why can't I download the free Apple apps for my new iPhone 5S? It was set up in store and restored from my iPod Touch 5.

    Why can't I download the free Apple apps for my new iPhone 5S? It was set up in store and restored from my iPod Touch 5.

    Are you logged in with the same account that was used to activate the phone ? If you are, and the apps aren't showing as free, then try logging out of your account by tapping on it at the botto of the Featured tab in the App Store app and then log back in and see if they then show as free.

  • Configration of Email out put for Billing document

    Hi Gurus,
    I need step by step configration document for email and print out put for multipal sold or payers. it will be a great help if you provide this document .
    Thanks & regards

    Hi kiran lahari
    As you have maintained many key combinations in your access sequence and as you are telling you have checked exclusion indicator.
    My suggestion is maintain the key combination Sales Organization/Billing Type or billing type  and assign this in the last step and don't check the exclusive indicator. As system picks the last key combination only.
    Now maintain condition record VV31 for any of the these key combination of the above two and check system will give the output.
    if you have copied the standard RD00 output into ZD00 output change in the output procedure the output type to ZD00 from RD00. and assign it to the billing document type

  • Where can i download the IOS 5.0 for apple iPhone 4?????

    Where can i download the IOS 5.0 for apple iPhone 4?????

    Even if there was a way, what good would having 5.0 do, especially since 5.0.2 is out very soon?
    Finding the correct .ipsw file and performing the DFU process is a risky process.

  • Help: I have recently downloaded the newest software version for apple products. I have a iPod touch. After the process of updating my software, my photo app doesn't work anymore.

    Help: I have recently downloaded the newest software version for apple products. I have a iPod touch. After the process of updating my software, my photo app doesn't work anymore. I can't take pictures or view them at all. Every time I try opening the app it kicks me out of it and sends me to the home screen. I have tried turning off my iPod and back on multiple times. Even double tapping the home screen button and closing my opened apps. And I tried looking for the photo app in the app store but I did not see it. So I am wondering what can I do? And is this due to the new software update? Does anyone else have this problem?

    No, I have not tried any backup tools. I havent restored my ipod back to factory settings yet and then sync everything back on it. I am kind of scared too because I dont want to lose anything. I have just been hoping some new apple software update will come out because I know several people have had problems when updating to the newest version available.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How to Broadcast BI Reports in the latest version of MS Excel

    Dear Friends I am broadcasting BI reports to our field team, and many of them are using mobile phones. But they are not able to view these reports in their mobile. I am broadcasting it as Excel and it is going in the format .xls. We have other BI too

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    I have a G4 dual 500 MHz sawtooth with a 40 GB hard drive and 1 GB of RAM. I don't have any PCI slots left and I was hoping to add a second drive. Is this possible? Does this model have the ribbon and power supply for a second drive? I've been search

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