Goa line item sequencing issue

Hello experts,
I am facing a problem in GOA line item sequencing in SRM 4.0.
I create a GOA with lets say 3 line items and distribute it successfully to the backend.
Now if I want to add extra items using option 'Add Calaog items' from R/3 material and service catalog. The new items that I select and tranfer to SRM are created under line item 53 54  and so on..
Why is this gap in the line items and why I can't I get the new line items in proper sequence?
Please help.
Thanks and regards,

Hello CM,
Have you received any repsonse on this? we are facing same issue.

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  • Line Item Sequence

    Hi Gurus,
    When I create a F2 or F5 invoice, the line item sequence copied is different to the sequence in the sales order. Could you tell me how I can overcome this?
    Many Thanks

    Hi ,
    Please check the copy control setting from sales order to Billing in the transaction VTFA.
    In the there is one option   / check box  copy item number.
    The functionality of it is , it  will copy the item number from the source document to the target document.
    Hope this clears.

  • PO line item locking issue

    Does anyone had this issue before?
    In ECC5, we lock the PO line item using FM ENQUEUE_EMEKKOE, but SAP still lets you create/confirm Transfer Orders for Inbound delivery, however, the same FM is not allowing you to create/confirm TO's in ECC6.

    Dear Poster
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    Jason Boggans
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  • Order Line Item Status Issue

    The way that order line item status is determined in SAP is causing confusion with our customers how are using our ECommerce for ERP module.  The line item status does not take into account the line item's delivery statuses.  For example, a line can be complete in SAP, even through its delivery is partial.  From a customer's standpoint, the line item is not complete until all the deliveries are complete.
    I would love to hear how are other companies are addressing this issue?  Do they enhance the ECommerce module, or ECC?

    Check the [Modification Guide|https://websmp210.sap-ag.de/~sapdownload/011000358700000469462006E/]"  for the tip. See the section on Replacing calls to standard function modules.
    Register the function module within WEB-INF/xcm/customer/modification/modficationconfig.xml
    <param name=u2018fm:CRM_ISA_SHOP_GETLISTu2019 value=u2018Z_CRM_ISA_SHOP_GETLISTu2019/>
    Instead of the standard function module, your function module will be called during runtime.
    Easwar Ram

  • Confirmation Reversal - PO Line Item Edit Issue

    As per the business rule, if you reverse/delete the confirmation on a line item on the PO, you should be able to edit that line item.
    However, in my case, even after deleting confirmation also, PO line item cannot be changed.
    Generally when you delete the confirmation, where(which table) does this info stored and where shuld I look for this info - which Badi, FM?. 
    Currently what is happening is that when you change a line item, the program looks in table bbp_pdbei table and if the entry exists, it thinks that that line item is confirmed.  Is that ok or should this entry be deleted from this table if the confirmation is deleted. 
    Any help will be highly appreciated.

    Dear Poster
    Your thread has had no response since it's creation over
    2 weeks ago, therefore, I recommend that you either:
    - Rephrase the question.
    - Provide additional Information to prompt a response.
    - Close the thread if the answer is already known.
    Thank you for your compliance in this regard.
    Jason Boggans
    SAP SRM SDN Moderator

  • FS10n Line item display issue

    When we are displaying line items in credit side of FS10N (double clic option), the result shows some line items with positive sign (It supposed to show only minus sign in all items). Is it correct? Is there a reason? Is it a bug?
    If someone has an idea please let me know,
    Thanks in advance,
    Roberto C.

    Hi Roberto,
    please check, whether the mentioned items represent negative postings. Check if BSEG-XNEGP ='X'.
    Please check note 1258687 as well.

  • Line item number issue when manually created PO is attached to Auto PO

    Initially, we have an automatically-created PO with 4 line items. We created another PO in R3 system and added the line items to the auto-PO. When this was added as 5th line, the item number listed was 14 (instead of 5). Could you help me investigate on this?
    Thank you!

    please check the number assignment for your PO document type...
    whether there is serial number profile assigned to that Doc type or not....

  • Line item dimension issue

          I am on development system and want to know the fact and dimension % as I need to create line item dimesion.
    One solution is executing program SAP_INFOCUBE_DESIGN.
          But if I want to use this same program in Production system, it will take a lot of time and will engage resources......
          Kindly suggest me as to how to find out which dimension should be made a line item dimension?

    Use RSRV.
    Execute RSTRV and here you have the option of single cubes.
    This takes the ourput from the same tables where the SAP_INFOCUBE_DESIGNS takes.
    All Elementary Tests -> Database -> Database Information about InfoProvider Tables.
    Give your infocube name here and execute.
    It gives you a good detailed output.

  • Header line item mapping issue in LSMW

    Hello experts,
    I am trying to map my data in LSMW with header and line items.My structure looks like this.
    1header col1 col2 col3 (2item) col1 col2
    1header col1 col2 col3 (2item) col1 col2
    In the line item col1 changes its posting key.
    Header is reapeating for every line items how to map the above in LSMW .
    How to upload the data only when the Reference document number is changing??
    Thanks and regards,
    Vijay Simha CR

    Hi ,
    at Step 3-->maintain source fields -->Double Click on the Key Field -->Tick the check of Selection Field....
    here you need to decide which one is the key field...if you dont have key field in  Item level then create one.

  • Line item confirming issue

    We have a probelm with TAPA/TAN orders confirming the product. The TAPA line may "confirm " the entire amount requested , but the TAN line only confirms what is available even with the complete button checked on the order, therefore, if the sales person doesnot notice that the TAN line is not fully confirming, we may ship partial loads of orders. this is a manual process that is causing problem to the customers. How to resolve so that both item line confirm or donot confirm. Plz help.

    SPROSD-BFAC and TOR-ACAC with ATP-Define default settings
    Here configure the last field with B-Full delivery.
    This will solve your problem. If you keep as B, it will confirm only the full quantity for the material, else it wont confirm at all.
    Rwd if it helps.

  • Config - Line Item Sequence

    As parts are automatically added using config (guided selling) when the user makes guided selling selections, can we control the sequence of the parts being added?  We would like the more important parts to be listed first.  And unfortunately, the more important parts are not always the most expensive which rules out the option to sort the parts to price.

    Hi ,
    Please check the copy control setting from sales order to Billing in the transaction VTFA.
    In the there is one option   / check box  copy item number.
    The functionality of it is , it  will copy the item number from the source document to the target document.
    Hope this clears.

  • Help on GOA screen control at line item for only material

    Hello All
    1. create a GOA
    for a material with has alternative UOM ( CAR - ORDER UNIT ; 1 CAR - 34 ea) . So i created GOA FOR MATERILA LINE ITEM.
    FOR CAR .
    2. I released GOA and distributed GOA for CAR as Oeder Unit UOM.
    3. now my buyer  go to GOA and change UOM as EA and price I AND CHANGE THE PRICE IN THE SAME  LINE  ITEM.
    4. No PO released against the COntract in the ECC 
    5. Unfortunately buyer could change this UOM from CAR to EA. now GOA shows as EA in the line item
    6. this info taken to ECC via IDOC but this info  never updated in ECC contract.
    7. my PO release as CAR forever rather than EA since my ECC contract always shows  as CAR
    i can lock this item i can create  a new line item, no issues.
    how buyer knows each time ? if the system allows buyer always try to change rather than entering new item. it is not buyer fault. it is srm fault.
    Now ican u suggest some code in ui control badi , if the PO not releases system should not allow to change  the UOM in the GOA line item for a material.
    PS:- once PO released against contract  . srm will not allow to change the UOM . that is fine.
    SAP has to correct this problem and release the note.

    Hi Donald/SCot/ kiran/ jay...
    are you having the same problem in SRM 700. front end validation is required here toooooo...
    please help me.
    I could not accept this functionality ..
    why SRM allows to change the UOM by the buyer after  release the GOA for the same line item
    if srm allows to do edit, SAP SRM and ECC has to update the same UOM in the existing purchasing contract. IDOCs carry all new uom but why not updated in ECC purchasing contract.
    decided to write own logic in ui badi to protect this. what to do

  • Partial Quantity and Line item not showing in MIGO

    HI All,
    My User create STO and after save it is automatically created OBD and PGI through BARCODE now problem is at the time MIGO it is take partially quantity.when i going to do manually rest quantity it is not showing all line items.
    Issue 1. It is showing only one line item instead of two line item Qty.
             2. When i am going to select purchaseorder at migo instead of OBD its showing two line item.
    Please suggest what to do.

    HI Please check i am sending screen shot

  • EBP PO : Unable to duplicate/copy  item,GR_NON_VAL issue

    I am using SRM 5.O .
    In Process PO when I go to create the PO with more than one line item following issue comes :
    When I entered one line item and check its ok when I click on  <b>Duplicate Selected</b> Item or <b>Copy</b> push button than check  following error appears .
    <b><i>Flag 'Automatic Settlement' at item level is different; Change not possible 
    Flag 'Invoice Expected' at item level is different; Change not possible </i></b>
    Thanks ,

    I have debugged whole program and found when there is single line item everything is fine & when i clicked on <b>Duplicate Selected  Item</b> the value of GR_NON_VAL indicator set in first line item and second Items indicator as it is blank .Where single line Item indicator was blank .
    When I am copying the line item than its working OK .
    Due to mismatch in items followinng program raise error message .
    PERFORM downward_inheritance USING     p_hgp_ecom
                                       CHANGING  ls_header.
    Is there any idea why system behaving like this ?

  • Issue with sorting of TO line item while using LM05 / LM07

    We have found an issue in using LM05 / LM07 trnasactionwhile performing picking activity using the RF transaction.
    1. Transfer Order is created for the same Material and Batch Combination with multiple line items. So when we display the TO the materials appear in the sequence of TO line item say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc.
    2.  When we try to confirm the transfer order using LM05 the system is not picking the line items in the order that the TO was created. It is pickinga a random line item from the order and selecting an item from the lower line items of the TO's.
    We have debugged and found that there is no specific sort sequence which is changing the sequence of line items as all the sort eliments have the same values except that there are few empty fields. The statement where the sort sequence is changing is 'SORT TMP_SORT_TAB BY NLTYP SORLP NLENR MATNR CHARG' but my concern is it is not sorting by this sequence specified in the code after execution.
    If anyone has seen this kind of an issue and has a solution please let me know.
    Thanks in Advance,

    As for std SAP ME59N - make sure there is not rounding value is activated in the Material master as well as info record
    If this is not the case than check any custom code is activated for ME59N
    becuase generally in many compnay when they use ME59n they don't want the same material from diff PR to create the diff line item in the PO so using the custom logic in the user exist they trick the code
    it might be the case for you where you have issue.

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