How do I find my authorized computers serial number?

My computer has been stolen. I need to find my serial number from that device...does anybody know if iTunes holds my laptops serial number?
I don't have the box nor receipts. Many thanks!

Click here and follow the instructions.

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  • How do I find my Creative Cloud serial number?

    How do I find my Creative Cloud serial number?

    Hi Plaidlab,
    You can follow the article: Creative Cloud applications ask for serial number which will help you to resolve the issue.
    Let me know if it works or not.
    Ratandeep Arora

  • How do I find the time capsule serial number remotely from my mac?

    How do I find the time capsule serial number remotely from my mac?

    Hi All,
    I found it in my Support profile.

  • Installing LR 5 on my new mac, but only have upgrade serial number.  How can I find my previous LR serial number?

    I cannot find my previous version serial number.  How can I locate?

    Did you pass code locked it? If Find My iPhone is configured, you can do a remote wipe. Any way, go to the police and make a report, change your password in iTunes Store, really sorry, that's not much you could do. Is it authorize? If so you can deauthorize in iTunes when you select iTunes Sore under STORE (left panel) and click your Apple ID (top right)

  • How can I find out the intended serial number to install elements 13 if the number on the disk sleeve gets rejected?

    the installation routine says the serial number is on the sleeve and should be 24 symbols of letters and numbers, but the number there doesn't match 24 symbols and it gives me a wrong number rejection window.  I'll have to get a refund for this software purchase if Adobe can't get me registered with some kind of service.  Is that what I should do?

    if that first link didn't help you find your serial number, is there a 'redemption code' in your box?  Redemption Code Help
    but make sure you check that first link, first.
    if neither link helps find your 24 numeric serial number (6 groups of 4 digits), contact adobe support -

  • How do I find out what my serial number is? it is not on the cd case or sleeve...?

    I purchased my adobe package three years ago and I had to re install my software due to laptop problems. now I do not know how to get my serial number back.
    Please assist as this is urgent.

    There is no record of serial number with us unfortunately, please refer to

  • How do i find out what my serial number is? I cannot find the software and need to put it on a new computer. How do I do this?

    I cannot find the software and need to put it on a new computer. How do I do this? I do not remember where the software is yet it is on my computer along with Photoshop CS6 extended. I have that disk but cant find anything else.

    You can see (only) part of the registration number under Help>About Illustrator.
    If you have registered it with Adobe (optional up to CS4), you should be able to see it on your products page
    Otherwise, you may ask in a chat here (depending on version):
    Creative Cloud support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues, chat open between 5AM and 7PM PST/PDT on workdays)
    Serial number and activation support (non-CC, chat open between 5AM and 7PM PST/PDT on workdays)

  • How can I find the non-truncated serial number of CS4 masters collection installed on my Mac?

    I got CS4 Masters Collection about 3 years ago when I was still using a PowerPC G5 Mac. Since then, I've upgraded my setup with Intel machines. I'd like to use Adobe Premiere Pro on my MacBook Pro, as I cannot run it on my G5. I found a download link on Adobe's servers for the old Adobe Premiere CS4 trial, and I downloaded it. Since it isn't installed on the G5, I should be able to use it on my intel machine, right? So I went into Help/System Info on one of the other CS4 apps installed on my G5, and found the serial code, but it was shortened to 20 characters, when the registration requires 24. How can I find the last 4 characters so I can activate Premiere? I found a guide, but it only works for PC's. Please help, I'm tired of using FCPX.

    No, that is not rue, Adobe limits the supply of their software explicitly to Adobe themselfs and to their contract distributers. And the other problem is that the serial is stcked on the package of the DVDs. So, if someone passes his original DVDs to someone else he gives him also the serial. He has no possibility to hinder someone the use of these SN. So he has given away the proof of his licence.

  • How Do I Find My Dreamweaver CS4 Serial Number?

    How do i find dreamweaver cs4 serial number?

    If it's registered, you would just log into your Adobe account and it will be listed there under Applications and Subscriptions.
    Otherwise, it's either on your installation disk, or in the original email (which you printed and saved for future use, right?) that you got when you purchased the download from your online retailer of choice.
    If none of the above, you're probably stuck, Adobe no longer supports CS4.

  • I have an Adobe  Order number.   When I use Photoshop it says my trial version will finish soon.  How do I find a redemption or serial number for my account?

    I have an Adobe Order Number [removed by moderator] for a 12 month plan.
    When I use PHOTOSHOP is says my trial version will run out soon.  But when I sign in I need a redemption number.  How do I find my redemption number??

    Hi Janet,
    Welcome to the Adobe Forums!
    I have verified your account and everything is alright in our end. You don't need any redemption code as you subscribed on June 29, 2014.
    If you have any trouble to launch your Adobe product and has been revert to trial and/or prompt for a serial number, please try the steps below:
    1. Sign Out and Sign In back following the steps:
    Sign out, Sign in | Creative Cloud Desktop app
    2. Delete the OPM.db file:
    Close the Creative Cloud application.
    Navigate to the OOBE folder.
    Windows: [System drive]:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE
    Mac OS: /Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE
    Delete the opm.db file.
    Launch Creative Cloud.
    Show hidden files, folders, filename extensions | Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
    Access hidden user library files | Mac OS 10.7 Lion
    3. Reset your Hosts File: (follow the steps 3 from the link below)
    Sign in, activation, or connection errors | CS5.5 and later
    Please, let me know how it goes and if the issue still stand after following scrupulously the given steps.

  • How do I find my ipod touch serial number on icloud?

    I am trying to find out how to find the serial number for my ipod touch 4th generation on icloud. I lost my ipod and I've been using the "find my device" tool on icloud but it keeps on saying it cannot be located. I then clicked on the "notify me when you find it" tool and it asks me for my contact number but doesn't let me type in my number. I'm frustrated and I can't even talk to a live person and that's making me even more frustrated.

    The Article included this:
    If you have access to your computer, but not your device
    Go to the article and click on that.

  • I lost my ipod touchm how can i find it using the serial number??

    As the title, how can i find my ipod touch using it's serial numberm Becouse i did'nt install find my iphone and mostly it's out of charge!!

    I'm sorry to say you have NO specific way of finding it under those specific circumstances, other than filing a police report.
    Hope this helps
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  • My ipod was stolen from a friends house i called cops they cant do nothing so how can i find it with the serial number

    how do i find it

    No, The SN will only help identify the iPod as yours if it is replaced.
    - If you previously turned on FIndMyiPod on the iPod in Settings>iCloud and wifi is on and connected go to iCloud: Find My iPhone, sign in and go to FIndMyiPhone. If the iPod has been restored it will never show up.
    - You can also wipe/erase the iPod and have the iPod play a sound via iCloud.
    - If not shown, then you will have to use the old fashioned way, like if you lost a wallet or purse.
    - Change the passwords for all accounts used on the iPod and report to police
    - There is no way to prevent someone from restoring the iPod (it erases it) using it.
    - Apple will do nothing without a court order                         
    Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product                                        
      - iOS: How to find the serial number, IMEI, MEID, CDN, and ICCID number

  • TS1292 How do i find my itunes card serial number

    My itunes card voucher does not work and i meed the card serial number where might i find this ??

  • How do I find my iPod's serial number if it's been stolen?

    My iPod video was stolen two weeks ago, and the police told me that, if they somehow recover my iPod, it'll make it much easier for them to return it to me if they have the serial number. Unfortunately, I've had the iPod for several years so I don't have the original packaging or the receipt anymore, nor is the iPod registered in my Support Profile. I know that, if I had it, I could hook it up to my computer and the serial number would show up in iTunes, but I obviously can't do that. However, I have obviously hooked the iPod up to my iTunes before, so I was wondering if there was any way to go back into my iTunes history and retrieve the serial number that way somehow. Any ideas?

    I'm doing this in iTunes 11 on Windows.
    So, in iTunes, if you don't have the menu bar showing, hit ctrl+b.
    Now, make sure you have something to write with handy, as you're going to need to be fast.
    When the menu bar pops up, hold down ctrl and click Help and then About iTunes (hold down the ctrl button the entire time).
    A small screen will pop up with some scrolling information, a couple seconds in you'll see 'iPod S/N:'
    Write down the list of letters and numbers that comes after that, as that is the serial number of the last iPod that was plugged and synced with iTunes.
    You can repeat this process several times to be sure you get all the characters.
    You do NOT need to have your iPod plugged into iTunes to acces this information, the only necessary thing is that your iPod has been plugged into and synced with iTunes at least once (which you have, so good). For posterity: if it's never been plugged in, and you don't have the box, you might be out of luck.

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