How to identify the open items of vendor/customers/general ledger

i would like to know the t.code for identifing the user wise open items for vendor/customer/general ledger.

You can use frequently used reports like FBL1N for vendors, FBL3N for GL and FBL5N for customer. You can exeucte open item report and drag Username field from the layout and sort the report in ascending or descending order.
Chintan Joshi

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  • Payment run didnt pick the open items of Vendor(special G/L for downpmnt)

    Payment run didnt pick the open items of Vendor(special G/L for downpmnt). The line item is due on 2.11.2010.
    The payment run was done on 12.11.2010. Why this line was not picked?
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    Hi Rudra,
    In order for the special GL's to be selected for Payment run, you need to define them in your configuration.
    Go to FBZP, click on All company codes, and double click on your company code, and check whether special GL is entered in vendors>Sp. G/L transactions to be paid.

  • How to identify the Open Schedule Lines.

    Hi All,
    I am writing an ABAP report which requires to identify the OPEN SALES ORDER SCHEDULE LINES.
    The requirement is to identify the Open Sales Order Schedule Lines for a particular month (user Processing month in the selection screen).  Here the Schedules line item could have been delivered already.  If it is not Billed then it is OPEN schedule line.
    Can anyone help me to understand the logic which I need to apply to identify only the Open sales order scshedule lines.
    I am using the following tables:
    VBAK,VBAP,VBUK,VBUP,VBEP.  Is there any other table which I need to use?  I am trying to avoid using table VBFA due to performance issues.
    Thanks in Advance
    Gopalakrishnan S

    Hi Gopal,
    If you want to find status of any sales order line item then you can find from following method from VBUP table.
    In VBUP table there is a field FKSTK.By this filed status we can find billing status of particular sale order and this field has four possible values and these are
    <i><b>field value  field value meaning</b></i>                             
    if this value is space then order is not Not Relevant for billing             
    if this value is  'A'  then order is    Not yet processed
    if this value is   'B' then order is Partially processed
      if this value is  'C' then order   Completely processed
    If you want to find status for the header then go to VBUK table and process is same as above.
    In these table we can find all types of status.
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  • How to uncheck the Open item managemant option in the G/L acnt Definition.

    Hello Friends,
    This is regarding Open Item Management.
    One of the bank account was checked with open item management, while creation of G/L account definition(FS00 Transaction Code). Now the User wants to uncheck the Open Item management option which is already checked at the time of creation.
    All the open items are cleared, there are no open items.
    The version we are using is 4.7 version.
    Pl let me know how this situation can be handled and how it can be resolved.
    Could you pl explain it in step by step.
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    If the account balance is zero and there is no open item, then you can switch off the OIM setting directly in GL right?
    Is there any problem for that?

  • How to clear the open items and parked items for customer

    Hi Experts,
    I need to clear the open items and parked items for customer.
    So any one could let me know the transaction code and procedure for clearing the items for customer.
    Best regards,
    Kesava balaji.

    Parked items will have NO RELEVANCE, unless you post it.
    You CANNOT clear parked items.
    You can clear the posted items using F.13 or F-32

  • How to clear the open item for non-leading ledger?

    Hi, Experts,
    I have two valuation area VA001 and VA004 and two accouting principle GAAP and IFRS.
    Then I assign VA001 to GAAP (post to leading ledger) and VA004 assgin to IFRS (Post to non-leading ledger "IF").
    There are two ledger group ,one is  0L and the other is IF.
    When i run TBB1, system generate 2 FI documentes.
    Then  I run F13E to clear the GL account, because some GL is open item management.
    But only ledger 0L is cleared, the other non-leading ledger "IF" is not cleared.
    I don't know is there any possiblity that system will clear open item for leading ledger and non-leading ledger together?
    TKS a lot.

    Hi Louise,
    you do posting in TRM, but clearing is done in FI, so I moved the thread.
    BR, Tomislav

  • F.5 valuation of the open item...Customers, vendors.....etc...

    Hi Dear Friends,
    In our company, we have different Reconciliation acct. for different supplier and customer.
    but in our system we have only one valuation acc. number for supplier and one valuation acc.number for customer.
    I want to create valuation acc for each related reconciliation acct number 
    for example;
    Current status in our system;
    1200002000 Domestic customer
    1200003000 International customer
    1200004000 Domestic customer-Related Parties
    1200009999 Customer Valuation acc.
    desired status after improvement;
    1200002000 Domestic customer
    1200002999 Domestic customer valuation Acc.
    1200003000 International customer
    1200003999 International Customer valuation Acc.
    1200004000 Domestic customer-Related Parties
    1200004999 Domestic customer-Related Parties Valuation Acc.
    is this possible? if it is possible how can I configure this?
    Thank you very much.....

    In OB09, you define a valuation GL to each reconciliation Account..So what you are asking is quite possible.
    Go to OB09 maintain as you want..

  • EC-PCA :the open items in Dummy PC

    Dear all,
    In our company, the profit center accounting is activated after SAP going live.
    So, a lots AR/AP open items will be posted to dummy pc after F,5D and 1KEK.
    My question is how to repost these open items into proper profit center.
    Maybe we can use the distritution to allocate the open items according to centain percentage in the initialization phase of PCA.
    But the following problems:
    1、the result of the distribution is not exact.
    2、After activation of PCA, some of the open items which were posted  to dummy PC will be cleared, how to handle these items.
    Can you give me a more better solution in this case?
    Best Regards!

    Dear Sreekanth,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Your meaning is that i can repost these AR/AP open items using 9KE0
    But the fellowing problems:
    1、The AR/AP open items are so great,  i can repost these open items according to the  reconciliation accounts in initialization 
          phase of PCA. but how to handle the open items which will be cleared in future?
       For example:
       In initialization:
       DR: GL 12011011     120000 USD (9ke0)
      After PCA going live:
      some of the items are cleared.
    CR: GL 12011011 9000- USD
    DR: CASH 9000 USD
    After F.5D and 1KEK, the cleared item(9000USD) will be also posted to dummy pc.
    so i also need to repost the cleared items into proper profit center using 9KE0.
    But the job will very great. so i think it is not the best solution for this case.

  • How to process Customer Open Items? If that Customer is also an Vendor.

    Hi All,
    I need some help for  the below configuations,
    1. How to process Customer Open Items? If that Customer is also an Vendor to the Company. ( How to adjust these open amounts)
    1. How to process Vendor Open Items? If that Vendor is also an Customer to the Company. ( How to adjust these open amounts)

    Hi Chandra,
    In addition to all the above, if the Customers and Vendors are in different company codes, then, you would have to also do the following configuration.
    Execute transaction code <b>OBYA</b>, when prompted, type in 1st coy code, say A and then 2nd coy code, say B. This would take you to the "<b>Maintain FI Configuration: Automatic Posting - Clearing Accounts</b>" screen.
    In the first frame, where you have
    Posted in : A
    Cleared Against : B
    Under Receivable
    Debit Posting Key : <b>01</b>
    Account Debit : Account Number (The account can be a G/L account, a customer account or a vendor account)
    Under Payable
    Credit Posting Key : <b>31</b>
    Account Credit : Account Number (The account can be a G/L account, a customer account or a vendor account).
    In the second Frame
    Posted in : B
    Cleared Against : A
    Under Receivable
    Debit Posting Key : <b>01</b>
    Account Debit : Account Number (The account can be a G/L account, a customer account or a vendor account)
    Under Payable
    Credit Posting Key : <b>31</b>
    Account Credit : Account Number (The account can be a G/L account, a customer account or a vendor account).
    So, if you are using the Customer/Vendor approach, company A must be set up as both a Customer(Use Txn Code <b>XD01</b>) and a Vendor(USe Txn Code <b>XK01</b>) in Company B and vice versa.
    Once you have completed this set-up, you can then use transaction <b>F.13</b> and/or <b>F13E</b> to carry out your automatic clearing.
    However, if you intend to use the G/L approach, then the account numbers would be Inter-coy G/L account for each coy code as defined in the chart of accounts.
    I hope the above helps.
    Do not forget to award the points please.

  • F.05 - Posting Logic - How are the open items grouped?

    I am trying to understand how the posting logic works. We are on ECC 6, Classic Ledger and use F.05 for the revaluation. I am trying to revalue a Open Item managed balance sheet account, that has open items since 2009. It has  a total of 480 open items, but after reval system posts only 19 entries. I am trying to understand how SAP groups these open items, what criteria is used to group open items to different documents. The totals are matching, but I am failing to understand the how SAP combined these different open items into a smaller set that were actually posted. Can anyone please enlighten me with this logic?

    In terms of open item valuation, open items are grouped by the Vendor/customer and the transaction currency of the open item. But if corporate group of the vendor/customer are same and group vendor/customer is checked in settings of valuation method, the grouping will be based on corporate group and transaction currency of the open item.
    For example: You have 6 open items (say invoices)
    Local currency is USD
    1. Vendor ABC (GL account 160000) - 100EUR => diff 3$
    2. Vendor ABC (GL account 160000) - 150INR => diff 2$
    3. Vendor ABC (GL account 160000) - 200AUD => diff -2$
    4. Vendor ABC (GL account 160000) - 300EUR => diff 1$
    5. Vendor XYZ (GL account 160000) - 350EUR => diff 1.5$ (corporate group - A123)
    6. Vendor TTT (GL account 161000) - 200EUR => diff 0.5$ (corporate group - A123)
    If you carry out foreign currency valuation now, Assuming that each of these 6 open items gives valuation difference.
    1 & 4 will be grouped together and 5 & 6 will be grouped together.
    Once the open items are grouped, the following logic applies into each group.
    If post per line check is checked in the settings of valuation method, then each differences will be separate line item.
    If post per line check is not checked, then all the gains will be grouped as one line item and losses will be grouped as one line item.
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  • How to catch due Items for open Items for vendors

    hello everybody,
    How to catch due open Items amounts for vendors
    for 0-30 30-60 60-90

    You have to get the open items from BSIK and then calculate the due date (there's only the baseline date, ZFBDT, in BSIK), you can use fm NET_DUE_DATE_GET to do it:
         I_ZFBDT =  I_BSID-ZFBDT
         I_ZBD1T =  I_BSID-ZBD1T
         I_ZBD2T =  I_BSID-ZBD2T
         I_ZBD3T =  I_BSID-ZBD3T
         I_SHKZG =  I_BSID-SHKZG
         I_REBZG =  I_BSID-REBZG
         I_KOART =  'K'
         E_FAEDT =  DUE_DATE
    Now you can calcultate the range:
       IF DELTA_DAY < 30.

  • How to calculate with holding tax for the open item

    Dera all,
    Can you tel me how to simulate with holding tax for the open item? i will try do it using FI_WT_F110_CALCULATE FM  but it dosnt work. plz help me

    Hi Sushil,
    can you please elaborate on how you resolved it. we are facing the same issue with BAPI not calculating the withholding tax data.

  • Windows Explorer - How to select the first item once we open the explorer?

    In Windows Explorer - How to select the first item once we open the explorer using keyboard shortcut. I typically use downward arrow, it goes to the 2nd item in the list, then I again have to use upward arrow to go up.
    Is there a shortcut to select the first item in the list using keyboard? This is not specific to Windows 7, it has been the behavior even in previous Windows OS versions.

    Opening a Microsoft Ticket is probably your best option. Unfortunately the change will not happen immediately and it will require multiple users to send in a ticket. I hope this ends up being resolved though.
    Good luck Mallik
    Also, don't forget to mark the post as answered so that it does not show up as unanswered to help others who search the forums.
    Agreed, MS wont change it easily. :)
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  • How to see open items for vendor.

    What condition I should put to select values from Bseg to select open item amount for vendor.

      to select open items for vendor you should read from table BSIK.
    After this you can read table BSEG with BSIK-BUKRS, BSIK-BELNR, BSIK-GJAHR.
    ( Bseg is a cluster table and selections for vendor are slower than bsik)
    for example:
      select * from bsik
      where bukrs = company_code
      and lifnr = vendor_no
      select * from bseg
      where bukrs = bsik-bukrs
      and belnr = bsik-belnr
      and gjahr = bsik-gjahr
    Regards, Manuel

  • How to reset an open item that was suppposed to have been cleared.

    Good Day
    how to clear an open item, when you have already paid the Supplier but on the system it still shows as an open item instead of a cleared item.
    Moderator: Please, avoid asking basic questions

    Hi ,
           First u need to check against the payment made as Partial or Residual or else you need to check the Vendor advance payments for this u should clear the open Items through T.code F-54 after You need to clear final T.code F-44 Complete clear Item.
    Pls check for Against Advance payment you need to go F-54 and clear F-44.

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