I can't preview RAW files in Bridge CS5 or open them in Camera Raw

I've been using Photoshop CS5, Bridge and Camera Raw 6.7 with no problems whatsoever.  I recently upgraded the OS on my MacBook Pro to 10.8.5 and can no longer preview RAW files in Bridge, or open them in Camera Raw. 
I've downloaded the Adobe DNG converter, but would much prefer to using my existing workflow if possible.
Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance for any help!

Adobe doesn't support CS5, an when I spoke to Apple, I was told that this is a known issue with OS 10.8.5 and that they're working on a patch.  In the meantime I'm using Adobe's DNG as a workaround.
Have not heard before of this Known Issue, also find it hard to believe being true. But can't test my self because I only have CS6 and CC installed and always use Photodownloader to convert to DNG upon import. I have just installed the 10.8.5 update and checked in Bridge CC pointing to an attached card reader. no problem in showing the CR2 thumbs, it works as always and as expected.
To my knowledge Bridge CS5 is already 64 bits and I can't think of any valid reason why an OS update would cause this problem so suddenly (but I'm not a technician I have to confess…)
However, I would first try a check and repair permissions from Apple Disk Utility and also try Cocktail (good and cheap 3th party maintenance application for Mac) to clear caches and check permissions.
Also try a new user account just for testing to rule out your current account as the culprit.

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    I recently purchased and started using a Canon EOS 7D Mark II.  I found that with my Photoshop CS6 I was unable to open my RAW files in Camera Raw, so I downloaded an update of Camera Raw, viz. version 8.7.1 from the Adobe website.  Now I can open the RAW images from my new camera in Camera Raw.  However, I have lost the capacity to display a thumbnail image of a RAW file when using the open function of the file drop down menu in Photoshop. Now when I single-click on an ID number of a RAW image from the list of images, I see only a blank thumbnail.  I save lots of time using image thumbnails for selecting images for editing in Camera Raw.  Is there some way to restore the ability to see RAW image thumbnails in Photoshop prior to opening images in Camera Raw?

    Which operating system are you using?
    Are the blank thumbnails only for the files from the canon EOS 7D Mark II camera?
    An alternative is to use Bridge CS6 or Mini Bridge to see the photos before you open them in photoshop cs6.

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    I have just purchased a Fuji X30 Camera and cannot view the .RAF RAW files in Bridge CS5... I have a Mac OS 10.6.8
    What do I need to do?  Thanks, Webb

    webbc14686789 wrote:
    …They all have a slightly soft look, which I know is not the circumstance of the f/stops/shutter speeds. Does it happen in the conversion process?  -Webb
    Blame the photographer nor the camera or the software.—unless it's a [email protected] camera or lens.
    The DNG Converter does not touch your raw pixels at all.  It just takes them from the RAF wrapper and puts them in a new DNG wrapper.

  • Can't preview NEF files in Bridge to see/sort/rate

    I've purchased CS6 and cannot view my new nikon d800 NEF files in Bridge.  I can see them in Lightroom, but have always used bridge to sort/rate my images before importing them.

    Update Camera Raw to 7.4.

  • I can't  preview svg files in bridge cs6 on mac 10.6.8. Help!

    Hi, I want to know why can't I preview svg files in bridge cs6 on mac 10.6.8. It's really frustrating as an increasing number of Illustrator files are saved in this format and I need to check through a gazillion of them. Help!

    Thanks for the promt reply Omke!
    That was the reason why the thumbnail icons weren't showing up in Bridge. Saving to include XMP data somehow brings in the previews in Bridge.
    I don't really need SVG files for print jobs (prefer .eps or .ai), however this appears to be the preferred file format at the picture library where I bought the vector images.
    Darn, I was hoping that was not the solution, as in order to view the images in Bridge, I will first have to open and  re-save them.
    Seems painful but thanks all the same. Would there be a way in Bridge to batch open and re-save files in another format, say from .svg to .ai ?

  • Why do JPEG files with LR Develop settings open in Photoshop Camera Raw?

    Why does an image that has been altered by Lightroom cause the RAW Converter to open when trying to view it in Photoshop. Perhaps this might help; if I import, enhance and convert a RAW image in Lightroom to a jepg image it will open in Photoshop without issue. However if I then alter the jpeg image in Lightroom, update the Metadata and try to view it in Photoshop it cause the Photoshop's RAW Converter to open. Is the alter image's information held in a side car file (xmp) that can'r be read by Photoshop? If so would I need to re-export, (convert), the image again in Lightroom to embedd the changes thus making sure it could be read by all the various programs that are available to view images. As is I send photographs to newspapers and print houses it is important for me to know if they would be receiving fully adjusted images or only the adjustments that were made prior to converting from RAW to jpeg. Just in case...I am new to Lightroom. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    When you update the metadata for a JPEG, it is saved internally (there is no sidecar). Any JPEG with Camera Raw develop settings saved in its metadata will open in the Camera Raw plug-in in Photoshop. That is the only way for Photoshop to deal with the Camera Raw settings. Camera Raw settings can be added by the Develop module of Lightroom or from the Camera Raw plug-in dialog in Photoshop or Bridge. To prevent the file from opening in Camera Raw in Photoshop, you have to remove the develop settings and other metadata that ties the file to Camera Raw.

  • 70D RAW files in Bridge CS5

    I have upgraded my Canon camera from a 40D to a 70D and Bridge tells me it can't read the RAW files HELP

    The 40D should work, but the 70D will not.
    The 40D requires Camera Raw 4.2 or later. The 70D requires 8.2 (http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/camera-raw-plug-supported-cameras.html)
    CS5 only goes up to 6.7 (http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/camera-raw-compatible-applications.html)
    To make 70D file work in Bridge, you'll either have to upgrade or convert them to DNG
    Windows: https://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=106&platform=Windows
    Mac: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=5645
    Double-check that Camera Raw is still installed by going to Help (Windows) or Adobe Bridge (Mac) > About Plugin > Camera Raw.

  • Bridge cs6 . I can't select more than 1 file even when I use ctrl and select a few files. Bridge will just open them indivudually.It was working properly a week ago.

    I cannot open multiple files on Bridge cs6  on my pc. I hold down ctrl. but it just opens them individually. This function was working in the past. caps lock is off, nothing has changed....help.

    As I select a file, it will launch its application automatically. Therefore I can not select multiple files or just single files without opening the application.
    I did not have this problem before. I started having this problem after I updated my system to OS X Yosemite.
    I tried to reset Bridge preferences, installed updates, but nothing worked so far.
    Can anybody help?

  • CS4 Bridge does not open JPEGs in Camera Raw 5.6 which is grey

    I downloaded Camera Raw 5.6 onto my iMac (Snow Leopard).   I have an Olympus E-620.   ORFs (raw) open in bridge, but the Camera Raw is greyed out in the file menu.   Also, Camera Raw does not show up under "open with".   My husband has iMac (same configuration) - his Camera Raw 5.6 shows up and he can open up JPEGs in RAW, which I cannot.   I checked his settings against mine - seem to be the same.   Suggestions???

    Purge the cache for those folders and if that doesn't work, trash the Preferences for Bridge.

  • Why will Camera Raw 6.7.1 in CS5 not recognize Raw files from a Sony DSC RX100M3?   The Camera Raw site indicates this camera is covered.

    I have a new Sony DSC RX100M3 and Camera Raw (6.7.1) in Photoshop CS5 (on a Mac) will not recognize the Raw files from this camera.  What must I do?

    Well, I guess the sentence
    The table below lists all cameras that the Camera Plug-in (versions 1.0 through 8.5) supports.
    could be interpreted to mean that even version 1 supports all those cameras’ raw formats.
    And even the sentence
    This powerful plug-in has been frequently updated to support more cameras and include more features and is available as part of Adobe Photoshop CC.
    which should make clear that older versions of Camera Raw usually support fewer cameras does not unambiguously make clear that only the most recent full version of Camera Raw is being updated.
    So I kind of understand how you arrived at your assumption.

  • Raw Files from LR do not open automatically in Photoshop raw processor

    I like to edit my images in Photoshop. Could you please advise why after I upload raw files into LR and using photoshop as external editor, the file opens but not in the PS (photoshop) raw processor. I have to work around this by first finding the image in windows explorer and dragging this file into PS. Shouldn’t the file open automatically in the PS raw processor ? 

    Are you using Photo > Edit in Photoshop (or Ctrl/Cmd+E)?
    Are you getting any error messages? Does Photoshop open at all?
    Marek Mularczyk
    Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor
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  • I upgraded to PSE 13 so I could edit RAW files from my Sony a6000 but PSE 13 is not recognizing any of the RAW files. My Sony a6000 is on the Camera Raw list and uses version 8.4. PSE 13 uses Version 8.6. Why isn't it recognizing the files?.

    Why isn't PSE13 recognizing my Sony a6000 RAW files?

    Not sure if upgrading to 8.7 would make any difference.  Photoshop has 8.7 so worth a try:
    I don't use PSE13 yet so don't know if this upgrade is available for it.

  • Thumbnails change in Bridge before opening them in Camera Raw.

    Images look fine then change dramaticlly to dark, over saturated. I've looked through other similar posts but nothing seems to work. I'm sure something is set wrong but don't know what. Also strange is if I look at the thumbnails before clicking on them (unchanged correct looking) and to a "print screen grab", that image has the dark, saturated images instead of what I see.

    PiettLives wrote:
    Did that and still have the issue. Purged the cache, unchecked all auto boxes with no luck. Anything else that may be set wrong? I'm gonna pull my hair out.
    You never addressed my second suggestion, about monitor profiles, comment 3.
    If you have a bad monitor profile, any image displayed in a fully-colour-managed application will look bad.
    Are you on Windows or Macintosh? Are you using a monitor calibrator?
    I don't do Mac, but in Windows, you should check your monitor profile. Maybe try an old profile, or one supplied with the monitor, or sRGB (if appropriate), to see if it makes a difference. Windows (Live) Photo Gallery or Windows Photo Viewer are fully managed apps, as are Bridge and Photoshop, if a known good JPEG looks bad in those programs then it's probably a bad monitor profile.
    Is this a new installation, or have things suddenly gone wrong? Did you do an update? What version of CS are you using?
    There's still a lot you haven't told us.

  • Can't open NEF with Camera Raw from Bridge

    I recently updated to CS6 and got a new Nikon D600.  Downloaded the lastest DNG converter but when I pull up files in Bridge I can't open them with Camera Raw anymore.  My process was to open in Bridge.  Select the NEF files I wanted then click mouse+control, which gave me a menu to open in Camera Raw.  Now my only option is Photoshop CS6.  I downloaded the trial for Photoshop CC and Bridge CC but still can't select to open with Camera Raw.
    What is going on?  I have never had issues like I have been.  HELP Please.

    From your description it sounds as if Camera Raw isn't installed, or is installed incorrectly. In Photoshop go to Help/about plug-ins/Camera Raw and verify that you have it installed correctly. Since you are on a Mac, I cannot advise as to where it should be installed.
    The other thing I have been thinking about in your situation is, how were these images downloaded from your camera?if you used an older version of Nikon Transfer it can alter the files so that they cannot be opened in Camera Raw.
    Do you have other software like ViewNX2 or CaptureNX2, and will those programs open your files?

  • Can't preview RAW files in Bridge CC, administrator issue?

    Can't preview RAW files in Bridge CC.
    When i try to upate Bridge, it says:
    Bridge is unable to check for updates, cause it can't connect to the internet or user is logged in as a non-administrative user.
    So then i have to log in as a administrative user to the Bridge...and update..
    Can't it be done easier???
    I must also say i have also Bridge CS6 installed on pc and there everything is working fine.

    1/ Adobe Bridge should be possible to open without administrator issue.
    By default it does, something seems wrong with your install
    2/the images DO appear first for 2 or 3 seconds , then it turns to a RAW file icon.
    Again indicating a wrong install, you see the embedded jpeg previews briefly but then the Raw thumbs should be build. When you see the generic Raw icon this means you don't have the correct version of the ACR plug in installed to match your camera or no converter at all.
    Try this page:
    3/i only succeed in openening Bridge descently , so with ableing to see RAW files , WHEN i go to c:/progamfiles/Adobe/AdobeBridhecc/Bridge.exe
    When, If i copy the exe file for opening Bridge CC and i put it on the Desktop, it DOES NOT Preview the RAW files.
    Here you have lost me. As a Mac user I'm afraid I don't know nor understand anything about .exe, I download the .dmg file for an application which then automatically opens and I just click on the install icon, provide admin password and serial number once and then start using it without bothering about install ever again

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