I've had a very bad experience with an Apple Service Center in my country. Is there any way I can report this to Apple?

I brought my laptop there to have my monitor fixed. They gave me a quotation of around Php 21,000. Then, the engineer texted me and offered me a repair without labor fee for around Php 10,000. I replied saying that I will think about it. After a few days, I texted the engineer my go signal for the repair at Power Mac and I will just pay the Php 21,000 fee. I called the San Juan office around after a month and it turned out that they didn’t know that I gave them a go signal and that I found out at that moment that I was supposed to give a downpayment. They were so surprised about it and told them that they will report the issue and investigate the person who texted me. They said that engineers are not supposed to personally text the customers. The manager even called me to apologize and asked me if I am willing to join the investigation and find out the name of the suspect.
They think they wouldn’t even have given me any discount at all until I asked. They gave me a small discount despite the issues.
I just claimed my laptop today only to find out that its battery life was decreased to 30 minutes from around 4 hours. I don’t know if the engineer switched my battery or they damaged it during the repair.
I don’t even know if all the parts of my macbook are still original. I have no idea if they replaced the others or not. I am really disappointed with the Apple Service Center. I still don't know howI am going to talk to them about the battery.
Do you have any suggestions where I can have my gadgets repaired? Please suggest good service centers. Thank you!

Hi Abbie. You have every reason to be upset. These issues normally happen in our country. You can send them an email regarding your concern here:
Regarding your battery, you can probably reset the SMC and see if that improves your battery life. Here are the steps.

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