MTO with componets supplied by Customer.

Hi Experts
i have a senario in my company. where we are going to produce materail for a special Customer requirment.
as far as my understanding it is a MTO senario. but here some of the componets are supplied by customer. how can i handle this senario.
please advice.

Hi dear,
You have to create a new material type for the customer supplied material. Create material code for them when ever the customer is supplying the material to you upload the stock by MB1C 501 E.Sice the material is belonging to customer it should have no value.Once the material is uploaded in syetem you can use it as and when required.

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  • Mto with roh material supplied by custmer

    iam working with MTO ,AND Custmer supplies the one of the row material  from my BOM. SO WHAT IS THE MATERIAL TYPE FOR ROW MATERIAL AND FINISHED product.remaing mateials in bom i will purchsed and do the production.and supplie the finished product to the custmer.
    what is the process in sap
    thanks and regards

    You can define as material supplied by customer in BOM with ROH type go to the item details of BOM in Staus/Long text tab you will get the Material Provision Indicator as customer. And remove the costing relevancy.
    Or else create these raw materials as Non-Valuated Materials(UNBW) and you can use a purchase order to recieve the material. When the Purchase order is created in the item level you need to activate the check box for "Free of charge" item.
    You can receive this material via MIGO + 501 / or you can create a FOC PO for this as well. You can add this material to your BOM of the FERT material and Issue it against the orders.
    Hope clear to you.

  • MTO with Forecast question

    Please share your ideas with the below business process and suggest me..
    We are going with forecast for FG so that we can procure ROH materials in subcontract mfg process, So I would like to go with PS 50 so that we will be able to enter PIRs and which generates planned orders which can not be converted to production orders, at same time requirement is passed to ROH and later will convert ROH purchase requisitions to POs. Here do I need to use any planning strategy for HALB to pass on demand to ROH from FG or keep blank for HALB and ROH, also ROH materials should be consumed by sales order quantity.
    Also if possible could someone provide some general guidelines or best practices for subcontract mfg companies..

    Thanks for you reply...
    Yes, we have FG, HALB, ROH structure...just need to procure ROH based on FG forecast..also HALB will be supplied by customer which will have batches and used in making said HALB as sales order, what is that our scenario we are cretaing SO for FG which has to consume ROh materials...HALB consumton does not matter since it will be supplied by them when tehy raises subcontract this case do i need to maintain any strategy at HALB or at ROH or can i keep blank for both?
    In that case, you do not need to maintain any stratergy to HALB. Since it will be supplied by Customer and it will be consumed as any other material. you are not producing this halb in your plant, so do not need a stratergy for HALB.
    Yes, Use batch managment, from FG to ROH, to trace and track you consumptions. so, maintain all FG, HALB and ROH in batches and FG is manufactured based on Sales order.

  • Has anyone successfully implemented a drop shipping eCommerce solution with MULTIPLE suppliers?

    Hi there
    I have read a few BC forum articles on this subject, but none seem to have clarified whether a drop shipping eCommerce solution with MULTIPLE suppliers can truly be implemented successfully in BC.
    In particluar, my concern is with splitting up ONE online order with products from MULTIPLE suppliers ... and split up the order into its individual supplier components and thereby calculate freight costs for each of the suppliers i.e. the freight cost should really be calculated for each of the suppliers SEPERATELY and not for the order as a whole.
    Forum post addresses this issue and Liam Dilley [as always] kindly responded. But his response indicates this is not possible with BC.
    If this is the case, drop shipping in BC is quite useless unless:
    1. you had only one supplier
    2. or, you somehow restricted each order placed to products from only one supplier - which I am unsure is even possible even with JQuery
    Any feedback from the community would be most appreciated.

    You have two requirements:
    1. Once ordered, split the order into suppliers, contact the supplier of the product, give the information of the order to the customer. Supplier ships it. This could be done manually but a pain in the ***. I would assume you want it automated.
    2. When ordering, multiple products require mutliple shipping rates. As the shipping from location could be different for each product you can't just use the ship from one location option.
    1. This is the easier one, you record the supplier in the product via a form or in the product item itself. If you wanted to automate here you could via API, if you wanted to do it manually you also could.
    2. Shipping calulator, to make things easier you would have to do everything by weight. Use Javascript to remove the default shipping option on the checkout page, pass all the items in the shopping cart. Use a lookup table function in Javascript "item name to weight" then have another function item to (from) shipping location. Work out the shipping and display it and force change with Javascript BC's shipping price (so the customer pays the correct amount).
    Like Liam says, it's not something BC does too well at the moment and the above solution is more of a workaround but does work.

  • Problem with iChat changing my custom away message after 30 minutes

    Lately, I've been having a big problem with iChat changing any custom away message that I put up to "Away" after 30 minutes or so. Is there anything I can do to make it stop? Another issue I'm having is that sometimes when people on my buddy list change their away message, it doesn't show up on iChat unless I go offline and then sign back on. Any idea why it's doing that, and what I can do to get it to stop?
    - Danielle
    G3 iMac   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Hi ienjoyanime,
    Go to the General Section of iChat Preferences.
    Does it say you are set to Go to Away when you log off/QUit iChat ?
    is the computer going to Sleep at this point ?
    10:59 PM Saturday; April 1, 2006

  • How to create a contract with one supplier and two dealers?

    Hi Gurus,
    I have a contract with a supplier (eg. Apple), but the products and services are supplied by two dealers.
    The supplier is the manufacturer and with whom the negotiation of prices is made.
    The dealers are those who make the delivery of the products and services and who the payment is done.
    How can I create a contract with these characteristics in SRM 7.0?
    I don't want to create two contracts with same products and services for two suppliers (Dealer_1 and Dealer_2).
    How can this be handled through business partner type "Vendor"?
    In "Partner" section in "Header" --> "Basic data", I can only add 1 vendor.
    The system is:
    Component software: SRM_SERVER
    Release: 700
    Level: 0008
    Support package: SAPKIBKV08
    Thanks in advance and best regards,
    Alonso Valenzuela

    Hi Wadim,
    I have a similar requirement to create order lines in an existing contract with reference using  BAPI_CUSTOMERCONTRACT_CHANGE.  The order lines get created in the contract. However, the condition types from the order line which i'm referencing are not getting referenced and are not getting added in the Contract's line after referencing.
    Did you come across any such issue ? If yes , could you suggest the solution ?

  • Digusted with the lack of Customer Service and Complete disregard for Inconvenie​nces

    Its a shame I have to come here in order for my voice to be heard. I have spent many hours on the phone with technical support and customer service and it has been to no avail. As a longstanding verizon wireless customer I assumed the high level of customer service experienced there would be translated when I decided to pay MORE money and switch from DirectTV to Verizon FIOS. The last few days have proven me wrong as I still remain without internet, tv, or phone service due to a technical issue beyond my fault. I spent an hour on the phone yesterday only to find out a technician would need to be scheduled and sent to my home today. Working in sales, I have reports I must complete each day requiring use of a WIFI connection so this was already becoming an inconvenience on top of the fact I had to be available between 8-12 and miss a half day of work. Not only did the technician never show up but lied in the notes and stated he/she made an attempt to reach me by phone. My call log shows no incoming phone calls during anytime between 8-12 today. When I called tech support to check on the status of when they would be getting someone back out they informed me I would have to wait until tomorrow afternoon before someone could come out. I expressed my extreme displeasure with having to miss more time from work (which is additional money lost) and inconvienece as I would have to move my day around to find a place with free WIFI after work hours to complete my reports. Traffic in DC is not friendly and this has completely turned me off. Veriozn FIOS is unreliable and the level of service I have received to date has been sub par to put it politely. Offering me 2 pro-rated days back on my service doesn't even begin to compensate for the missed time out of work nor the gas and inconvience of running to the nearest free WIFI so I am able to do work required of me. I decided to switch to FIOS because of the verizon name assuming the quality of the product and level of service would be one I could depend on. This has been the farthest thing from what has taken place. I now have another appointment tomorrow and quite unsure if anything at all will happen. I need some somebody from corporate to receive this message as it took me forever to find this forum to express myself and try to come to some resolve to make things right in this situation. None of your customer service reps possessed any information on how to contact corporate and due to my experience I can see why. You all would likely have to hire full time stafff to accomodate the level of complaints coming in. Pending how this situation is resolved, I may or may not take my story to social media and as many review and blog sites as possible. Verizon FIOS has ruined my day and I hope that someone will care enough to make this situation right.

    Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Before the agent can begin assisting you, they will need to collect further information from you.
    Please go to your profile page for the forum, and look in the middle, right at the top where you will find an area titled "My Support Cases". You can reach your profile page by clicking on your name beside your post, or at the top left of this page underneath the title of the board.
    Under “My Support Cases” you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions.
    To ensure you know when they have responded to you, at the top of your support case there is a drop down menu for support case options. Open that and choose "subscribe".
    Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.

  • BW Authorizations - Query variable with processing mode as "customer exit"

    Iam new to BW authorizations and have not yet worked on customer exit before. I was going through the documentation at various sites but I could not get the end to end description on how the query process( when using a variable for an InfoObject) works in case of customer exit.
    Let's assume that I am using  a query variable with processing mode as "customer exit" and at the exit I  write some code to extract user's authorizations from a z table. if this is the case, then when an end user runs a query,how will the the system know what value needs to be filled in the variable for the requesting user. Are the user details  also sent to the code along with the query variable? If so how. If I mis-understood the process then forgive me and let me know the correct process.

    welcome to SDN!
    customer exit variables need programing by user. so if you create a customer exit variable, you got to right a program which extracts values into this variable. we can do what ever we want in program, SAP will not deal anything ´with customer exits.
    with regards
    PS n:  Assigning point to the helpful answers is the way of saying thanks in SDN.  you can assign points by clicking on the appropriate radio button displayed next to the answers for your question. yellow for 2, green for 6 points(2)and blue for 10 points and to close the question and marked as problem solved. closing the threads which has a solution will help the members to deal with open issues with out wasting time on problems which has a solution and also to the people who encounter the same porblem in future. This is just to give you information as you are a new user.

  • I am working with ADOBE  "Classroom in a Book," with a supplied DVD. I have downloaded all the lessons, and in Lesson 5 I am able to find only (05A) but not 05B, 05C, 05D, and 05E.  My disc seems not to have those...only 05A. I need your help?.

    QUESTION: I am working with ADOBE 'Classroom in a Book" with the supplied DVD.  I have copied all t he Lessons to my hard drive, and have completed Lessons 1-4. However, in LESSON 5, my disc shows me ONLY one of t he 5 examples shown in the book.  I see ONLY "05a," BUT not the following which are in the book: 05B, 05C, 05D, and 05E.  I need help to work with lesson #5.

    See who published the book and contact that web site. There should be a place to download files pertaining to the book.

  • Trouble with some documents: no custom icon, only generic appears

    I tried anything: rebuilt launch servcice, permission repair, daily, weekly, monthly scripts (using maintanace, onyx, etc...) BUT all the documents associated with Openoffice have no custom icon. I also tried reinstalling oo with no success. It happens with textedit and keynote (using "get info", open with, apply to all) and don't know why?
    Can anybody help me?

    You could create a new admin user and move the data within each of these folders to the corresponding folder on the new account: Desktop, Documents. Library, Movies, Music, etc. You can di it most easily IMO, by copying your Home folder to DVD first. Alternatively, you could use Users/Shared for the data.
    But it would really be best to sort this issue in your present user.
    It would be a good idea to test with a new user though to see if the problem exists there.
    Create a new account, name it "test" and see how your OO & TE work in that User acct? (That will tell if your problem is systemwide or limited to your User acct.) This account is just for test, do nothing further with it.
    Open System Preferences >> Accounts >> "+" make it an admin account.
    Let us know and we'll troubleshoot this further.
    [email protected]

  • Blocking of production order with respect to particular customer

    Hai Gurus,
    Is there is any provision to stop processing of production order with reference to particular customer.
    sekar chand

    This is not possible directly in standard SAP. You need to use user exit in production order to sgtop creating production order for perticular customer.
    During production order SAVE user exit or BADI, You can call up for sales order resposnsible for PO and check for SOLD to party in sales order and throw error message if it is not intended customer.
    Check and revert,
    Santosh Sarda

  • Can't access my user profile with the supplied user information from Oracle

    I can't access my user account at with the supplied user name and password supplied by oracle email.
    user = [email protected]

    I have deleted all cookies and files, can you please give me some feedback asap. I am registered on an Oracle event that I need to be able to unregister but I can't do it since I can't access

  • Crystal Reports with BEx Query using Custom Exit Variable

    We have BW BEx Query using Customer User Exit variable to derive  the Fiscal Week for Last Year (called it VAR2) based on another user input variable Current Fiscal Week (called it VAR1).
    VAR2 is derived from VAR1 in CMOD via some codings and thus it DOES NOT have the "Variable is Ready for Input" flag ticked in the BEx. VAR1 is user input variable, so it has "Variable is Ready for Input" flag ticked in the BEx.
    When we create a Crystal Reports with the BEx Query using variable VAR2, and when we run it we got an error message saying "Failed to execute query; '[]<java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: No Selection State Support!ZP_MI_LYPUBWEEK>'. Redesign your query or contact the data source maintainer to solve the problem".  (note: ZP_MI_LYPUBWEEK is VAR2 in this case).
    Could anyone please assist? Surely, CR supports BEx customer user exit variables like the above, right?. I also refer to the forum below as it seems to have a similar issue (except mine with an error message), but it does not provide a solution in it.
    Crystal Reports with BEx Query using Custom Exit Variable

    Hi Vibhav,
    We have the SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise XI4.0 Version 14.0.0. Not sure if SP0 or other SP, got to check with Basis Team later.
    We tried that "mandatory" option and did not work either.
    Anyway, SAP has now come back again saying it is something they will fix it in next release/version. We got a phone call from them and a reply below to our OSS.
    23.08.2011 - 08:20:49 CET - Info for Customer by SAP  
    I have raised this issue on the Idea#s Place as an enhancement request
    on the below link:
    This ER contains the information of including the customer exit
    variables in the report without checking the #input for ready# option.
    This ER can be considered for being implemented in the future
    versions. You can refer to SAP Note: 1515837 - How To: Enhancement
    Request Process - "Idea Place" for more information regarding the Idea

  • Hello.  I upgraded my MIFI 2200 (had no contract on it) to a Jetpack (with a contract) when customer service told me this 4G device would use less data because it was faster.  This was not correct.  Anyway, I got the device, had problems, did tech support

    I upgraded my MIFI 2200 (had no contract on it) to a Jetpack (with a contract) when customer service told me this 4G device would use less data because it was faster.  This was not correct.  Anyway, I got the device, had problems, did tech support, re-activated my MIFI.  1.  Decided to return the device. Spent hours with Customer Service, then finally up to Management, they agreed to take it back and void the contact, I sent it back immediately – and instead of voiding the contact they transferred it to my MIFI! Please cancel the contract on the MIFI. 2.  During the short time I had the Jetpack I continually received overage alerts, took it all the way up to 30 GB, each time I backdated the new data plan except twice when customer service did and failed to back date the increase, and once the computer locked customer service out and could not increase.  The end result is I have a $495 bill, many of these alerts were false since I ended up with only 14 MG for the month, etc.  I am asking that my bill be reduced significantly to reflect no overage and to compensate for these problems. Please open up a ticket for this.

    I had Verizon JetPak and you will find it will eat data like crazy. I opted to sign on to ATT Uverse and configured my phones and other devices to the WiFi on the Uverse system. It took about 5 minutes to completed the configuration.  I was using 10 to 12 GB monthly to support 5 devices. Even if you use Verizon DSL, you are still subjected to same GB allotment.  In my area, Verizon DSL is not available. With Uverse, I have 250 GB monthly to use, and I have not even come close to using anything of that magnitude. I reduced my GB package with Verizon to 2 GB per month and since having ATT Uverse, I never use more than 1GB a month with Verizon.
    I have no problem with Verizon cell phone service as we get a much stronger signal where we live than you can with ATT or any others.  It is just my opinion, but if you are running multiple devices off Verizon Jetpak, you will eventually spend a fortune to keep pace.  I pay $60 a month for 18 Mbps speed, although ATT have packages that cost much less. But, it saves me a bundle each month. The cost of Uverse alone is worth not having to run everything through a Jetpak.  
    If you have the  option to use another DSL service provider in your area, I recommend dumping the Jetpak and sign on with another carrier.

  • Different salesman with different group of customer

    Dear all,
    would like to know how to set for the following:
    User01 cannot create SO/Quotation with the user02's customer.
    If fact, we have 10 salesman and they have their own customer individually, each salesman is only enable to use their own customer to create SO/Quotation and they are not allow to see other's salesman's customer or SO/Quotation.
    please kindly help.
    thank you very much.

    I think that you can try to create your own auth.object with tcode SU21 with these parameter and ACTVT (create, modify, view, delete,...). Set it in subroutine userexit_check_vbak in report MV45AFZB and finally manage for each user in PFCG (user profiles).
    I hope this helps you

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    Hi gurus. I have to solve this problem: We post a PO in year 2009, affecting the commintment budget; then post the invoice in 2010. We need the Invoice ONLY affect the payment budget without consuming the commitment budget. How could I do that. Thank

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    Hi I want to ask if there is way to control the display of report column depending on the value of cloumn itself, for example if the value of the coulmn is null, the column will not appear note: the report return one row Thanks in advance

  • Can we improve performence using usage tracking

    hi all wat is the use of usage tracking in obiee by using this can we improve report performance Thanks Sreedhar

  • Materials

    Hello friends, I have some bought out items which go along with my main product range as a mandatory accessory. i donot charge any price in the invoice for the same. The main product 's price is taking care of this add-on material. My question is tha