My ipod won't sync. keeps coming up with error message saying ' itunes could not back up ipod because a session could not be started with the ipod' help?

My ipod won't sync to my itunes. Keeps coming up with the error message 'itunes can not back up the ipod because a session could not be started with the ipod? it has been coming up with this message for the lst 2 weeks now. Will let me charge it but won't let me sync anything. Really not sure what to do or where to start or anything!

Follow these instructions to completely remove Apple software
Then use free Ccleaner to repeatly repair your registry until it's fixed.
download iTunes again from Apple.
If you have 64bit Vista or Windows 7, look for the seperate download of iTunes for that further down the page.
Once installed, use the Apple Software Update under your Start Menu to fully update all Apple components.
Your content will remain on the drive in the Music > iTunes Folder, nothing is deleted.
You  should be making backups of your content regularly, either through  iTunes or via copying the iTunesFolder in your Music folder to a  external drive.
Windows  is notorious for having "other" issues that make it unstable, we as  volunteers helping others can't always resolve those issues.

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