P2055 randomly runs a Print Page before a job, and randomly when computer is on

Before many print jobs, the P2055dn prints a page that is blank except for the follwing at the top of the page:  GET /DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml  HTTP/1.1
How can I make this stop?  I have the latest print drivers.  Running Win 7 64 bit.

2605dn has same problem as P2055 randomly runs a Print Page before a job, and randomly when computer is on
Before many print jobs, the 2605dn prints a page that is blank except for the follwing at the top of the page: GET /DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml HTTP/1.1
How can I make this stop? I have the latest print drivers. Running Win 7 64 bit.
The fix for the 2055dn does not work on the 2605dn so does anyone have a fix for 2605dn - tech help and driver useless as usual

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  • Run the Report as a Background job and Get the Output in Excel in Local PC

    Hello Gurus,
    I have one following requirement.
    One should be able to run the report as a background job and it should be possible to get the report in Excel format, also when running the report in background. The excel report should have the same information and look as the current SAPreport.
    Please provide some solution.
    Any helpful answer get surely awarded.
    Thanks a lot,

    GUI_* WS_* Function In Background, CSV Upload
    GUI_* and WS_* function modules do not work in background
    When scheduling a job in the background the appropriate statement to read in your file is OPEN DATASET, and the file must be on the file system that the SAP server can see.
    At anytime, a user can switch of the Personal Computers even though the job is still running in the background.  Therefore GUI_* and WS_* function modules are not designed to work in that way, as they need to access your personal computer  file.
    To choose the correct download method to used, you can check the value of SY-BATCH in your code,
    if it is 'X' use OPEN DATASET and if it is ' ' use WS_UPLOAD.
    *-- Open dataset for reading
      dsn(20) VALUE '/usr/test.dat',
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
        READ DATASET dsn INTO rec.
        IF sy-subrc <> 0.
          WRITE / rec.
    *-- Open dataset for writing
    DATA rec(80).
      TRANSFER rec TO '/usr/test.dat'.
    What is the difference when we use upload, ws_upload, gui_upload function modules?
    UPLOAD, WS_UPLOAD, GUI_UPLOAD, are used in BDC concepts.  ie., Batch Data Communication.
    Batch Data Conversion is a concept where user can transfer the Data from non SAP to SAP R/3.  So , in these various Function Modules are used.
    UPLOAD---  upload a file to the presentation server (PC)
    WS_UPLOAD----    Load Files from the Presentation Server to Internal ABAP Tables.
    WS means Work Station.
    This is used upto SAP 4.6 version.
    GUI_UPLOAD-------    Replaces WS_UPLOAD. Upoad file from presentation server to the app server.  From 4.7 SAP version it is replaced.
    How to Upload csv file to SAP?
    Common File Download Upload Questions:
    How  you upload the data from text file to sap internal table?  From my knowledge its by upload or gui_upload. 
    How you download the data from sap internal table to text file?
    How  you upload the data from xls (excel) file to sap internal table how you download the data from sap internal table to xls(excel) file.
    You can upload data from presentation server to an internal table using gui_upload. Use gui_download to download from internal table to flat file.
    Use fm ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE to upload data frm excel.
    Use function module GUI_UPLOAD
    The FILETYPE refer to the type of file format you need: For e.g 'WK1' - Excel format , 'ASC' - Text Format etc.
        FILENAME                      = 'C:\test.csv'
       FILETYPE                      = 'ASC'
        DATA_TAB                      = itab
       FILE_OPEN_ERROR               = 1
       FILE_READ_ERROR               = 2
       NO_BATCH                      = 3
       INVALID_TYPE                  = 5
       NO_AUTHORITY                  = 6
       UNKNOWN_ERROR                 = 7
       BAD_DATA_FORMAT               = 8
       HEADER_NOT_ALLOWED            = 9
       SEPARATOR_NOT_ALLOWED         = 10
       HEADER_TOO_LONG               = 11
       UNKNOWN_DP_ERROR              = 12
       ACCESS_DENIED                 = 13
       DP_OUT_OF_MEMORY              = 14
       DISK_FULL                     = 15
       DP_TIMEOUT                    = 16
       OTHERS                        = 17.

  • In the Firefox browser, when i click button in ADF page, then popup  the OAF page in iframe tag,and then when i  click the PPR bean in  OAF page, then Firefox  browser reload to ADF page. This is not the right response,browser should not reload the ADF pa

    In the Firefox browser, when i click button in ADF page, then popup  the OAF page in iframe tag,and then when i  click the PPR bean in  OAF page, then Firefox  browser reload to ADF page. This is not the right response,browser should not reload the ADF page.It should stays in OAF page or goto another OAF page. and in other browser such ad IE,We get the right response.

    hello, normally such issues are caused by a firewall/security software which doesn't recognize & therefore blocks new firefox versions. please remove all program rules for firefox from your firewall and let it detect the new version of the browser again.
    [[Fix problems connecting to websites after updating Firefox]]

  • Count printed pages per email-address and charge to User

    Is it possible to count printed pages per email-address in order to charge users (e.g. hotel guest) for using the e-print service?

    Try resetting the Page Margins to what you were using before deleting the prefs file.

  • Problem printing page numbers in black and white

    Using Pagemaker 7.0 and creating a PDF file that I send to a printer. The interior pages of this newsletter get printed in black and white.  The page numbers do not show up in the black page number background oval.  The printer says that that is because the two colors used for the page number and the oval background both get converted to the same gray scale value.  He suggested that I set the page number to white and the background to black.  Is there any way to set the colors that are used for the page number and the background?

    You should make sure that anything on your interior pages is black and white, never trust someone else to convert things to B&W for you. If you are using a master page for the page numbers, that should be black and white too. You can have two master pages, one for color page numbers and one for black and white page numbers.

  • "Print page" doesn't work as intended when using lengthy tables. (Brother MFC 6490CW, possibly others)

    I had originally thought this was a printing driver problem, but further testing indicated that this was not a problem in Internet Explorer and it was a problem in Firefox.
    When printing some web pages using Mozilla Firefox, particularly those having sizable tables which would extend beyond the length of a single printed page, the remainder of the table is not printed even though the remainder of the web page itself is printed. The behavior is also noted when using Print Preview. See, for example, this web page which I created: http://alltherightwaystowrite.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-basics-capitalization.html
    I inquired of other bloggers to see if they were also experiencing this issue. See, for example, the discussion I began here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/blogger/EpD6K2ezIZE/a5mPu8CV0HwJ
    As you can see, the only response I received indicated it was not an issue for that person with a different printer. This leads me to believe the problem is with either the MFC6490CW printer (unlikely) or the MFC6490CW printer driver (more likely) or perhaps with Firefox, or some combination of those three. This problem is duplicatable by me on successive attempts to print with any web page with a table extending beyond the length of a single page of printed paper. The output error occurs whether printing in portrait or landscape mode.
    Saving a web page as "Web Page Complete" and opening up the web page in Microsoft Word created a variety of formatting errors, but otherwise, the entire contents of the page would have printed. Of course, this is not an ideal solution in any event. The entire document should print seamlessly across multiple pages without losing any data or content in the process.
    As indicated above, as an additional test, I attempted to print the same web page in Internet Explorer and did not note the output errors described here. The web page printed correctly under those conditions. As a result, I believe that the most likely culprit is Firefox since Internet Explorer was also a good test case for my printer and printer driver, and it passed that test case.

    https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=521204 - this is a META Bug which is tracking all the Bugs which are related to '''Wrong page splitting / Missing page content when printing''' - 34 different Bugs, 14 of which are marked as solved.
    IMO, that page would be better served with a print css script ''(as jscher2000 mentioned earlier)'' to make that a "printer ready" page, if wanting that page to be "printable" is your intention. As it now is that page is shrunk by about 50% with the "Shrink to Fit" feature engaged. Look at that page in Print Preview when the Scale is set to 100% instead of Shrink to Fit, and see that the page is so large that it shows that about 1/2 the width. Then decrease the zoom level in Print Preview to 50 or 60% to get that page to fit horizontally with the "Shrink to Fit" feature disabled. Looks like a case of "garbage in - garbage out".
    I think the css used for that page uses too large a font which ''(IMO)'' forces Firefox to shrink the font too much to make that page fit to a letter size sheet of paper. And relying first upon the Print to Fit feature in the four different major browser engines ''(Gecko, Trident, WebKit, and Presto)'' and then the hundreds of print drivers out there is just looking for failures such as you are seeing; it works for some viewers and doesn't work for other viewers. What appears on the '''"screen"''' doesn't always translate to the '''"printed page'''" too well without proper instructions via style sheets, especially since "screens" are oriented horizontally and most "printed" pages are vertically oriented unless the user shifts to the Portrait view.
    http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS2/media.html#media-types <br />

  • Run report that show "BOTH" campaign name AND contact when getting integration error message that relates to Lead Campaign Association

    When running an External Calls Failed report for Lead Campaign Association (e.g.Attempted to add a campaign member where either the member id 00Q70000015ngo5 or the campaign id null is null.), the report show me the contact but not the campaign the contact was trying to associate itself to in SFDC.  In order to see the campaign, I have to click on the downward arrow and click on the "view external call details" FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL CONTACT.
    Is there a report I can run that shows me both the campaign and contact for the error? I can't efficently trouble shoot issues in Eloqua if I have to view each individual record with two or more clicks.
    Any advise?

    I am getting the same error when opening the J2se Development Kit 5.0 Update 8 after I press the Run button. ( "This installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and than you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package").
    Is there a solution ?
    Luck 08/21/06

  • Running a SSIS package with SQL Job and Linked Server

    I have a SSIS 2008 package. In one of the Script task I am calling a stored procedure which is  using Openquery using linked server. I deployed this package with protection level as "EncryptWithPassword" and gave a password to the package.
    Created a SQL job and edited its command line to include the password. If I login to SQL Server Mgmt Studio with Windows Authentication and run the job manually it runs fine. But when I schedule it then I get an error that "The Communication link to Linked
    server failed".
    Please help 

    Hi Vivek.B,
    The issue should occur because the SQL Server Agent Service Account or SQL Agent Proxy account under which the job step runs doesn’t have sufficient permissions on the linked server.
    If the job owner is the sysadmin fixed server role, the job can be run under the SQL Server Agent Service Account or a proxy account, then please make sure the SQL Agent Service Account or the proxy account has corresponding login on the linked server. If
    the job owner is not a sysadmin fixed server role, the job must run under a proxy account. In this case, make sure the proxy account has a corresponding login on the linked server.
    Mike Yin
    TechNet Community Support

  • Should icloud be left running on all devices or turn off and on when required

    Should iClioud be left running on all devices or turned off and on as required

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Leave it on, things will likely get messy if you don't.

  • When I resume my laptop from sleep/hiberante, firefox is hung. It will prompt me with a dialog when I quit, so it is still running, but the page display is blank and will not refresh. I noticed this since about beta 7

    Firefox is running when my laptop comes out of system standby, but the page that was displaying when the laptop went into sleep mode is now a white canvas that does not refresh.
    The application is not hung, because I get prompted to save tabs when I quit, but for some reason, I can't prompt Firefox into refreshing the screen.
    I'm running Firefox on a Thinkpad T400 which has Intel 4 series Express integrated Graphics.

    This also happened if the network adapter is disabled then enabled. My computer is Windows 7 x64. Firefox needs to be killed from taskman before it will load a new instance of the application. I can also reproduce with all add-ons disabled.

  • My print page set up is correct, but when I print, it prints extremely tiny. I can't fix it. Please help.

    I print from Firefox all of the time. Last week, when I hit file print, the documents turn out very tiny and a two page item print 15 pages or more. Very little on each page. I have the page set up as I always have .2 for left, right, top and bottom. I really need to have this fixed. What do I need to do.

    You should download the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller and
    remove the flash player completely. Then reinstall the flash

  • I'm having a minor problem with "screen drift" - the page moves slightly up and down when moving my mouse around the screen, and continues to do so after stoppi

    I've installed the latest version of Shockwave, updated the driver from Logitech for my mouse (Logitech M525), tried both full screen and regular modes, restarted Firefox repeatedly. This drift is very annoying - I spend the majority of my time on FB - seems like the amount of drift varies from not at all to "damn it, I can't even place my mouse on an object without the screen moving".
    I'm on Windows 7 with an Acer V5-671 laptop - help please!

    You can check for problems with current Flash plugin versions and try these:
    *disable a possible RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension for Firefox and update the RealPlayer if installed
    *disable protected mode in the Flash plugin (Flash 11.3+ on Windows Vista and later)
    *disable hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).
    *Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe Mode start window or otherwise make changes.

  • Can i connect the printer to a wireless network and a usb computer conneconnection at the same time

    Can I connect my Officejet Pro 8600 by Usb and wireless at the same time, I have a very slow Network at this time.

    Hello gilldenc
    To answer you question yes. You can have one computer attached via USB and to a wireless router at the same time. What router are you using? Is it your internet connection that is slow? Usually your internal home network is much faster than your internet speed.
    Don't forgot to say thanks by giving "Kudos" to those that help solve your problems.
    When a solution is found please mark the post that solves your issue.

  • Since Firefox 4 I get error messages before F. opens and also when F. closes. I can click through, but I want my F 3.6 back please.

    Upon opening Firefox 4:
    This version of "Password Manager Autofill Engine" does not support your web-browser.
    Please, contact developers: [email protected]
    Reason: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [nsIComponentRegistrar.autoRegister]" nsresult: "0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://kpmautofill/content/kpmOverlay.js :: kpmGetAutofill :: line 856" data: no]
    Upon closing Firefox 4:
    Error uninitializing preferences
    [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80570018 (NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_IID) [nsIJSCID.createInstance]" nsresult: "0x80570018 (NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_IID)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://kpmautofill/content/kpmOverlay.js :: kpmRemoveAdditionalEvents :: line 821" data: no]

    Create a new profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problems. <br>
    See '''Creating a profile''':
    If the new profile works then you can transfer files from a previously used profile to the new profile, but be cautious not to copy corrupted files to avoid carrying over the problem <br>
    '''Profile Backup and Restore'''

  • Evny 4500 only printing page and a half of two page document, does anyone know how to resolve?

    Can anyone help? I've just bought a new printer and  printed first copy  of 2 successfully (double page), second copy only printed half number of pages (12 of 25) and even when I've tried printing per page same thing happens. Any idea how to fix this problem?

    Hi @Cherry_B ,
    I see that you are having issues printing a full page and multiple pages. I can help you, but I will need some more information.
    In the mean time, download and run the Print and Scan Doctor. It will diagnose the issue and might automatically resolve it. Find and fix common printer problems using HP diagnostic tools for Windows?
    What operating system are you using? How to Find the Windows Edition and Version on Your Computer.
    How is the printer connected? (USB/Ethernet/Wireless)
    What application are you printing from?
    Try another application to see if you have the same results.
    What were the results when you ran the Print and Scan Doctor? (did it print or scan, any error messages)
    Have a great day!
    Thank You.
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos Thumbs Up" on the right to say “Thanks” for helping!
    I work on behalf of HP

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  • MSI Big Bang XPower II - Firewire and PCI issues

    Hi all, yesterday i recieved my new MSI Big Bang XPower II and got some really strange issues: First of all ill let you know my hardware: MSI Big Bang XPower II (BIOS v1.4) new Intel I7 Extreme 3960X new G.SKILL 64GB RAM Kit 1600 new Palit NVIDIA GTX

  • Yet another high cpu using flash issue

    Salutations. What I'm about to tell you won't come to you as a surprise as there have been many similar topics discussed here. In fact, on the first page, there were two. So let's get on with it! hp pavillion entertainment notebook dv6 e2170ee window

  • IPhone should give the choice for a Keyboard or Keypad!

    Apple should release an update that allows the user to select KEYBOARD or KEYPAD when typing text. What i mean is that the use can have the choice to use the conventional number keypad and use T9 (like regular cell phones) therefore the keys can be b

  • Warning message box pops up when opening Flash CC in Flash CS6

    See attached image. Is there a way to get rip off the message? I had turn off all warning box under Preferences > Warnings, it still poping up! Thx.

  • Sales Dashboard, the customer is looking to change the 'Opportunities

    In the Sales Dashboard, the customer is looking to change the 'Opportunities' title label to 'Acquisitions'. I am having the same difficulty personalizing the "Opportunities" as well as the "Leads" title labels on my internal test environment. The ot