Post vendor invoice to leading ledger

Dear all,
We have 2 ledgers, one is leading.
I want to post invoice to leading ledger by FB01L but this error occurred:
Postings to ledger 0L not permitted with account type K
Message no. FAGL_POST_SERVICE034
I checked Define doc type for general ledger view but hit this error:
Leading ledger does not require its own document number
Message no. FAGL_POST_SERVICE016
Please advise for how could I post transactions with vendors to leading ledger.
Thank you a lot.

Error message you encountered is FAGL_POST_SERVICE034.
The problem is caused by the GL account:
If the GL account to which the posting is made is open item managed,
then it is not possible (due to technical constraints) to post to
a single ledger or a ledger group only: The posting must be made
to all ledgers.
The alternatives to solve the problem are:
1) Change the IMG settings of the Real-Time Integration of Controlling
   with Financial Accounting so that the posting in FI is done
   not a group of ledgers, but to all ledgers in FI:
   Let the field 'Ledger Group (FI)' empty.
2) Do not use customer and vendor accounts as company code clearing
   accounts, but use ordinary GL accounts instead.
And Please go through the below points.
As by SAP standard, ledger 0L is always the leading ledger, so posting
to 0L results in posting to all ledgers. If you post a document to a
non-leading ledger or ledger-group not containing the leading ledger,
you could achieve via FB50L or FV50L.
Madhu M

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  • Error while posting vendor invoice in F-43

    Hi experts,
    while posting vendor invoice with Tax code , i am getting the following error:
    Posting is only possible with a zero balance; correct document
    Message no. F5060
    Here tax line item is not yet all displaying in simulation.
    If I posted with tax code with ZERO percentage it is posting correctly.
    where as same transaction I am able to post through transaction code FB60.
    What could be the reason?
    ramesh b

    Please check and correct the respective line items , because your selecting incorrect GL account with respective posting keys
    Example : You have exp gl a/c at first line items against vendor invoice posting's, normaly this vendor will post in first line item with posting key is 31 with vendor a/c and second line item 40 with exp GL a/c and same you will check any required inputs have missed out from this transactions.

  • Error 'No tax code found for difference' in Posting Vendor Invoice IDOC

    Hi All,
    I am getting error message 'No tax code found for difference' while posting Vendor Invoice IDOC into SAP. IDOC type is INVOIC02. There is no difference in PO price, Invoice price and even Standard price. then why this  error message? Other Vendor EDI settings are done ( OBCA, OBCD, OBCE etc). Is there any thing specific to be done in the config for this error?
    IDOC has PO  as reference document.
    I looked into several threads in SDN forum but could not find proper solution
    Can any ine help me with this issue?
    Thanks in advance

    You might be  missing the tax code for uploding through IDOC
    so you can use the t.code we02 and give the doc and find the error
    go to the WE19 to edit the tax  code
    and USE the t.code  BD87  to select the doc and process it

  • Error Message M8 534 when posting vendor invoice

    Hello Guru's!
    My client has a BSP application that the purchasers are using to approve and post vendor invoices.
    When the user is approving the invoice, we have a WF setup to automatically post the invoice to FI.
    We're using standard SAP functionality. BUS2081, method PreliminaryPost.
    First, this method is reading the preliminary invoice using method MRM_INVOIC_READ, then it goes on to try to post the invoice, using MRM_PARKED_INVOICE_POST.
    In about 50% of the approvals, the invoice is posted to FI but the other 50% kicks out with a message M8 534 - Balance not zero: &  debits: &  credits: &.
    Then the system is setup to generate a new WI in order to post the invoice manually.
    The issue, is that before the method PreliminaryPost is carried out, there is a check online to make sure the document ís OK.
    So, i know that there is no balance on the document, and it should be ok to post.
    This issue arised recently after my client went through an upgrade from ECC 5 to ECC 6.
    I have seearched OSS for notes, adn related notes are implemented.
    Any thoughts on this
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

    The functions that i'm using are SAP developed functions and used by the bapi 'BAPI_INCOMING_INVOICE'
    However, i found out from SAP that these functions are only supported from SAP using 3 standard workflows.
    WS20000397 Release of invoice blocked due to price
    WS20001003 Parking: Complete invoice
    WS20001004 Parking: Release complete invoice documents
    They hinted that i should try the function MRM_DBTAB_REFRESH.
    Havent had time to try this yet, but will do, soon.

  • Post vendor Invoice without Purchase order.

    Hi all
    good afternoon
    how can i post vendor Invoice without Purchase order.
    And any option

    Use following transactions to do so;
    1. MIGO - Goods Receipt > Others
    Here use movement type as "501" and enter material, vendor, quantity, Plant, storage location, etc... manually and post the material document.
    Here following A/c entry will appear;
    (BSX) Stock Account - Dr
    (GBB-ZOB) Expense A/c - Cr
    2. FB60 - Post Vendor Invoice
    Here following A/c entry will appear;
    Vendor Account - Cr
    Expense A/c - Dr
    3. F-53 - Post Payment w.r.t. the Invoice posted in step2.
    Here following A/c entry will appear;
    Vendor Account - Dr
    Bank Account - Cr
    Note: - If you don't want to carry out inventory transactions then follow only steps 2 & 3.

  • Default profit center when posting vendor invoices thru MIRO, FB60 and FB65

    My requirement is to default profit center at item level while posting vendor invoices using transactions MIRO, FB60 and FB65.
    can anyone please provide some inputs on this.
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi,you need to customize doc splitting.
    1.You need to clasify all accounts from future document in  Document Splitting-Classify G/L Accounts for Document Splitting(e.g. all accounts 2000) 03000-VENDOR. IMG: Classify Document Types for Document Splitting    check for Document type  transaction and Variant (e.g. Doc=KR, Trans.=1010, Variant= 0001)
    3.In IMG:  Activate Document Splitting   check  assigned method(e.g. 000012)
    4. in IMG- Document Splitting-Extended Document Splitting-Define Document Splitting Rule
    For find your method and transaction(e.g. Method=00012, trans.=1010) and double click on Item categories(on left of the top of screen)
    There'd be record with category from first step (e.g. Cat.=0300), select one and double click on Base item cat. - there'd be Category 0300 and with check box Automatically split.
    I hope it'd be helpful

  • Problem with posting vendor invoice (MRHR) due to posting period

    Good day.
    Recently, due to the closing of posting period 12 2006, a new posting period was created for 2006 to reconcile some unproccessed posting for that year. This posting period 13 2006 was created in FI (OB52).
    Unfortunatley, even though posting period 13 2006 is available. When creating a vendor invoice (MRHR) with reference to PO, specifying the posting perio 13 2006 would create an error message
    <b>"Allowed posting periods: 01 2007 / 12 2006 / 12 2006"</b>
    I debuged the program and tracked down the source in the table MARV, which seesm to be maintained in the transaction code OMSY.
    However, when I tried to change the data for the company code a message would apperar
    <b>"The company code <ccode> can no longer be initialized"</b>
    I also tried tcode MMRV and allowed posting to previous period, but that didnt work.
    What actions do you guys suggest so that the Vendor Invoice/Invoice Verification can be posted in period 13? Thanks and good day.

    Thanks very much, i'll check it when my internet is stable. Unfortunatley the earthquake in Taiwan messed up our internet
    Award points once I see it!
    If there are any other tips that may prove useful please feel free to post them.

  • Posting period for Non leading ledger

    I am having Leading ledger & Non Leading ledger.
    I am posting a document on a particular date. The period relating to that date in leading ledger is open & in non leading ledger is closed.
    As per SAP standard the system will check the leading ledger & allow the posting.
    Is it possible to write a validation for the following scenario.
    If a document is posted the system should check the posting period in both  leading & non leading ledger, if both are open then only the document should gets posted other wise an error message should be displayed.
    Kinldy help me to address this issue.

    You have a few options here.
    1 make sure your periods align each other
    2 Use both selection options in OB52 and allow certain users to restricted periods
    3 Use authorizations to validate the user if they can post into a period
    4 Create a user exit on the save accounting document function module to check the rules.
    Please award points if this is useful.

  • Tax error when posting vendor invoice

    Dear Friends ,
    I am posting this 3rd time, I am geting this error when poatin vendor invoice , I am geting this error in production system before GOLIVE ,when we are doing live data entry test . All the seting related to taxes has been testing more than 10times , But we are unable to find the problem . We had checked with all past messages and best possible solution in SDN ......but problem is not solved . Said error is as follows ....
    Tax code V0 country IN does not exist in procedure TAXINN
    Message no. FF713
    You entered a tax code which is not defined for the country of the company code to be posted to in the tax calculation procedure.
    System Response
    Check and, if necessary, correct the entry.
    Procedure for System Administration
    If it is not an input error, check and possibly change the system settings.
    To do this, choose Maintain entries (F5).
    Check whether the company code is assigned to the correct country and whether the correct tax calculation procedure has been entered for the company code country.
    Create a new tax code if necessary.
    Since it is possible that the tables in question are being updated at a different time on another computer, it can take a certain amount of time for the tax code to be on all local machines in client server architectures after saving the new code.

    go to ftxp choose tax code v0
    here in first input field give 00
    then select that field and click on gl acct tab
    here mention a gl or go to ob40 and mention gl for the acct key of that field
    try finding
    Tax code country IN does not exist in procedure TAXINN
    on SDN u will get many threads
    Tax code XX country IN does not exist in procedure TAXINN (MIRO Error)
    conclusion is u must get acct for at least one condition in the tax code
    award if helpful

  • Getting error while posting vendor invoice

    Hi, I was trying to post a vendor invoice and am getting an error  "Balancing field "Profit Center" in line item 001 not filled"
    I have changed the field status of the posting key and the reconciliation account but am still getting the same message.
    Can anyone please help?

      check the below links
    balancing field "profit center" in line item 001 not filled"
    Balancing field "profit center" in line item 001 not filled
    This is a frequently asked question. Please search in the forums before you post a thread.

  • PO field not appearing while posting Vendor Invoice

    While posting an entry using FB01/ F-43, for posting key 31(Vendor Invoice), despite making Purchasing Document (Purchase Order) field optional in the field status group of both the posting key 31 as well as the Reconciliation (GL) Account, the Purchasing Document field is not appearing. Please provide the solution if it's possible to get this field while posting the entry.
    Thanks and Regards,

    If you try to book vendor invoice through F-43 or FB01 t codes, then, the system would always show PO open for invoice verification.
    In case of a PO, IV should always be done through MIRO t code.

  • Line items posted through the non leading ledger

    Hi Sap Experts,
    I have activated non leading ledger to which assigned fiscal year variant.
    I want to post line items through the non leading ledger.
    Can any body please me advise.

    Use the tcode FB50L and FB01L.
    It is Ledger group posting without LeadLeadger.
    Madhu M

  • Posting Vendor invoice details using  BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST

    Hi Techies
    M uploading f-02 data using bapi: BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST.. But m facing a problem while uploading vendor invoice details.. here goes the vendor line item data ..
    doc type : KR
    posting key :40
    vendor account :410000
    Amount :100
    cost center: 1000
    Text: text.
    in  BAPIACAP09(bapi for vendor item) i cant find costcenter which i can see in GLdata... where should i pass this cost center value???

    For vendor invoices GLaccount will have cost centre data.the first line is always of vendor when you create vendor invoice in which vendor number is passed.
    In GLaccount apss your cost centre data.

  • Correcting Cost Centers on a posted vendor invoice

      If I posted a vendor invoice with an expense account posted to wrong Cost Center, is it possible to correct it FROM FI and not within CO. I know we can allocate the costs within CO but I want the correction to be made within FI as well.
    A workaround I was thinking is re-posting the following in FB60:
    Debit Expense 1000  old Cost Cntr
      Cr Expense  1000    new Cost Cntr
    but this won't let me post an invoice with 0 in the "Amount" field in header.
    Any other options?

    If you can reverse the transaction i would suggest doing that using FB08 and re-key to the correct cost center. If you cannot do that, then you can post journal entry you mentioned using transaction FB50 or FB01 and NOT FB60. Since it is a transaction between two GL Accounts you cannot use FB60.
    Hope this helps.

  • Posting Vendor Invoice

    This might be a silly question but i needs to understand.
    Why shouldn't I use F-02(Document Type SA) to post a vendor invoice ?
    I am still going to use the same posting keys , GL DR(40) & Vendor Credit(31) .
    Still my entries are correct and hitting the same accounts.

    It is to differentiate the document types and number ranges, other wise you can use F-02 as well.  There is no specific reason.  But to control vendor documents serially you need to follow one document type that has seperate number range.
    I hope it gives clear understanding.
    Assign points if useful.
    Sarma BH

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