Print HTML File Without Showing on Screen

Hi Everyone
Is there a way to print a file (in particular, an html file) from a java app without actually displaying the file on the screen.
ie. print from command line.
I am creating an html file from within java app and would like to print it in one step.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Heres some code from an app I wrote that prints out text. I've stripped out little sensitive bits.
// Procedure to perform when print button is pressed
   void printButton_actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
     int x, y, pageNo = 1, maxPageHeight, textHeight = 0;
     Date today = new Date();
     String tempLine = new String("");
     String tempString = new String();
     Graphics pg;
// Create date and time formats
     SimpleDateFormat dateFormatter = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yy");
     SimpleDateFormat timeFormatter = new SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm:ss");
// Create date and time strings
     currentDate = dateFormatter.format(today);
     currentTime = timeFormatter.format(today);
// Turn off double buffering
// Get a print job
     PrintJob printjob = getToolkit().getPrintJob(this, "<printjob name>", null);
     if (printjob != null) {
       maxPageHeight = printjob.getPageDimension().height-(rowHeight*2);
       pg = printjob.getGraphics();
       if (pg != null) {
         pg.setFont(new Font("Courier", 0, 10));
// Print header
         textHeight = topOfPage;
         pg.drawString("Report      Date " + currentDate +
                       "      Time " + currentTime + "  Page " + pageNo,
                       30, textHeight);
         textHeight += rowHeight;
         pg.drawString("File: " + dataFile , 30, textHeight);
// Print errors
         textHeight += rowHeight*2;
         pg.drawString("Errors", 30, textHeight);
         textHeight += rowHeight;
         pg.drawString("------", 30, textHeight);
         textHeight += rowHeight;
         pg.drawString("col1         col2 col3                 Value        Reason",
                        30, textHeight);
         textHeight += rowHeight;
         pg.drawString("------------ ---- -------------------- ------------ --------------------",
                        30, textHeight);
         if(errorData != null){
           for(x = 0; x < errorData.length; x++){
             textHeight += rowHeight;
             if(textHeight > maxPageHeight){
               pg = nextPage(pg, printjob, ++pageNo);
               textHeight = topOfPage + rowHeight*2;
             tempLine = "";
             for(y=0; y<columnLengths.length; y++){
               tempString = errorData[x][y] != null ?
                            roundLength(errorData[x][y].toString(), columnLengths[y])
                            : roundLength(" ", columnLengths[y]);
               tempLine += tempString + " ";
             pg.drawString(tempLine, 30, textHeight);
         pg.dispose(); // flush page
   }Hope that helps.

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    Please read this post then provide some details.  What printer model? What operating system? 
    Bob Headrick,  HP Expert
    I am not an employee of HP, I am a volunteer posting here on my own time.
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