Problem with the graphics

I am having problem with my hp desktop p2-1255il.<br>After installing windows 7. There is a problem with the graphics. The video is not playing in good quality.<br>And the screen resolution is not changing.<br>Please help me please<br>with regards

Here are the specs for your HP Pavilion p2-1255il Desktop Computer and here is the HP Software and Driver Downloads page for your computer. If you haven't installed any drivers and/or there are unknown devices in the Windows Device Manager, you will need to download and install the proper drivers from the drivers link above. This includes your video adapter being listed as "VGA" instead on "Intel HD xxxx".
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  • Mountain lion - problem with the graphics.

    mountain lion after installation I have a problem with the graphics.

    This is how it looks like for me. This accours on every Boot Up.

  • Satellite Pro A120: I have problems with the graphics driver installation for W2k

    I have installed windows 2000 on an A120 the system is fully service packed and up to date before I even begin installing the required drivers I am unable to restart the system. Once I install the drivers as recommended I have problems with the graphics driver as it will not install because it requires a restart and then I am unable to install any new programs that require a restart as the driver has not installed correctly.
    The laptop is a A120 Pro, 1 week old and came with XP home, because of this toshiba will not offer me support as I have changed the O/S even though they obviously support 2000 on this laptop as they supply the drivers.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    the reason the driver is not working is down to a problem with the windows 2000 not having the ability to reboot.
    When you select restart the system appears to power down then stays switched on. Now if I try to install software I get an error saying that the system needs to complete a restart to finish the install of the driver.
    The restart problem happens as soon as win2k is installed as although I have now shipped the laptop to the sales team I have another one which has just had a clean install of win2k without any drivers and the fault is present on this one.
    I am thinking it could be to do with power management but I'm not to sure as I have never come across this as I normally purchase machines which accept just about any O/S.

  • My macbook pro 2.2ghz, i7 , early 2011 having problem with the graphic card

    hi, just need clarification, that i was made to understand that the NVDIA graphic card installed in Macbook Pro, has a warranty of 3 years, eventough without Apple Protection Plan. Can someone clarify this , as i m having problem with it now.

    No, the GPU does not have a seperate 'three year warranty'... unless you purchased the extended AppleCare Protection Plan.
    If you feel that you're having problems with your GPU, take your machine to your local Apple Store or an AASP and have them run a free diagnostic test. If the card is faulty, and you don't have a APP, you'll have to pay to have the entire logic board replaced.

  • Satellite U500-1DZ DPC latency problem with the graphic card geforce 310M

    I have a problem with de DPC latency cause by the nvdia card driver.
    I use my computer for audio and it's really not possible to work.
    graph with geforce abled :
    when i disable the graphic card :
    Please give me an answer.
    My computer is a Toshiba satellite U500-1DZ, intel i5
    Thank you

    Hi, thank you for your answers.
    I have updated the last nvdia driver, the new bios and everything I found on this website, but It doesn't change anything...
    Apparently I'm not the only one to have this problem, but I don't know if it comes from Toshiba or from Nvdia.
    Do you know if it's normal to have four times "NVDIA High definition Audio" in the audio/video/games controllers ?
    When I seactivated it it's a litlle bit less worth (but still not good)...
    I'm using a preinstalled windows 7 64 bit version
    Thank you !
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  • Windows 7 has a problem with the graphics card of Presario M2000

    i installed Windows 7 with my Presario M2000 and i have just noticed with the drivers. the sound has been correctly installed but the sound quality is not good. the main concern of my M2000 is the graphics card driver. it is not compatible with Windows 7. ive tried updating my graphics card driver but still didnt detect it right.. i hope HP will find a solution for the compatibility of the Graphics card with Windows 7. looking forward for the solution.. Thanks

    Hi, I'm also have the same problem, and can't install any driver. LAN only working, Sound, Wi-Fi, ect,... not working. hp really update the new driver, please slove this problem.

  • Problems with the graphic card and adobe photoshop cs5

    i installed adobe photoshop cs5 for my sisters computer:
    Prozessor: AMD Phenom™ II X6 1090T Six-Core Prozessor(3,2GHz, 9MB Cache)
    Festplatte: 2x 1 TB SATA II
    Arbeitsspeicher: 8 GB DDR3
    Grafikkarten: VGA PCI-Express ATI Radeon™ HD5870 1GB GDDR5 (2x DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort) x 2 (2 von der sorte)
    Sound: 7.1 support
    Netzwerk: Gbit LAN
    Software: Windows® 7 Home Premium,
    Schnittstellen/Anschlüsse: Gehäuse-Front: Mic., Audio, 2xUSB 2.0, Front MCR, 1x Firewire, 1x eSATA Gehäuse-Rückseite: 8x USB 2.0, 2x USB3.0, 2x
    Firewire, 2x eSATA, 2x DVI, 1x HDMI, 1x Gbit LAN, 2x SPDIF, 6x Audio
    Besonderheiten: 80 Watt Netzteil
    as you can see, absolute new hardware...
    now photoshop tells her that her graphic card wouldnt fit the requirements, and allways switches to "software-sides" rendering.
    this can't be true, this mashine is running hardchore grafic apps, and has the newest ATI Raedon Gra-Card (2 of them) which even now has a native support for open GL.
    the computer has all latest drivers (no newer versions available)
    so what to do?
    i can't even tell photoshop manually in the settings to enable open GL...
    i defenitally reached the end of my knowledge here.. i tried everything, also changing (as suggested by photoshop) the open GL settings of the graphic card card. no changes ...
    need help with this one..
    thank you already for your time and hopefully help
    chris congrejo

    This forum is for suite specific issues only. Please post in the Photoshop forum.

  • Problem with the graphic

    I have a realy strange problem. After some time my PowerMac was going in to sleep state. No problem so far. After I woke it up (normal keypress) the graphic was compleatly distorted. I can barely see the windows and the colors are compleatly wrong (tendency to green). Also when I startup the Mac then there are three Apple Logos instead of one. I't is looking like the screen are smaller and mirrored to 3 screens. The Mac is connected via ADC to a Apple Flat screen.
    What could this be? Defect graphic card?
    thanks in advance
    M8689LL/A   Mac OS X (10.4)  

    Sorry for the double post, but here's something that just happened to me in the iMessage window:

  • Problems with the Graphic Equali

    Hi, I am having a very hard time with errors within the before i reinstalled windows, i had my Audigy 2 ZS Platinum working perfectly, without any flaws, the drivers would work, i can use all the programs and what not. But now that i have reinstalled windows, i did the automatic update through explorer and i downloaded/installed all the recommended and critical drivers, restarted when told to do so, went back, refreshed, and installed newer drivers, and i only see (in start>programs>creative>) 'Creative Audio Control' . Nothing else, everytime i start windows up, the cool little blue and white icon for the sound control wont pop up, instead i get the reg windows sound icon with default settings/options inside. The Graphic Equalizer won't work, nothing, so i cannot fine tune my system.... I tried unistalling it fully, even using the guide and re-install it, but the same thing happened...can someone please help me =)2nd) is there some kind of option i can do, maybe a 'fix.exe' i can run. lol- Sincerely - JoeThanks for reading and your post(s)

    I think you need to install all the software from the beginning from original CD.
    If you have drivers already installed then run start.exe found on Creative Driver/Software CD @ CTRun\ -folder.
    If you neeed to install drivers st then execute the ctzapxx.exe found on same CD @ \Audio\Drivers -folder.
    After this if you want to update your Creative drivers/software --> do it manually --> herefrom you can download all updates they have.
    ADDON: If you do not have the CD you find a link to DL it from here.
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  • Problems with the graphic card driver after update?

    First my brand new Macbooks main board had to be replaced since I couln`t charge the battery. After 3 weeks on service it`s back. Everything is fine until I update the drivers. After the restart the screen displays totaly wrong colors. Take a look below. What could be the problem, and can I solve it?

    Some user post that when they reset the pram and pmu and change the resolution screen to its native (biggest) resolution, it will solve the problem.
    Do some more search on discussion search column on your right upper corner.
    Good Luck

  • Problem with the ATI 200M graphics card in a Satellite A110-334

    The computer is used both for office and home use (playing games, music etc)
    Only one problem after 6 months of use, but I can't get around it.
    When I start up Quake 3 all is well I can play for let's say 10-20 mins.
    After that I get a Blue Screen of Death saying that there was some memory error connected with the graphic card.
    Windows "tells me" to change the video card (it's not something i can do with a laptop ;) ) or to contact the hardware producer to change the bios because something could be wrong.
    Well only think I could do on my own was to change the drivers (I found some compatible with my card) but that didn't help. I also tried to change the amount of onboard memory used by the card (It uses x amount of available RAM), but to no avail

    which drivers youre using?
    Did you checked already these drivers out:
    Maybe it helps. Otherwise you should send your machine to an authorized service partner for a hardware checkup since your machine is still in warranty and it wont cost you anything.
    Heres a link to find the nearest ASP in your country:

  • Problems with the NVS 5200m Discrete Graphics on T430s

    Hey all,
    I just received my T430s in the mail this last weekend, and I've been having some trouble with the Blue Screen of Death. It has happened twice so far, and both times the graphics card is unrecognized after the reboot. The first time it happened, I tried to do a system restore, but that didn't do anything. I reinstalled the operating system back to factory settings using the recovery partitiion, and that did the trick.
    The Blue Screen of Death just happened again, and the exact same problem cropped up again. After rebooting, the system no longer recognizes that it has a discrete graphics card. When I try to start up the Nvidia control panel, it tells me that it can't detect a discrete graphics card in the system.
    I did a quick search of the forum, and I can't find any thread with a similar problem. I found this in Lenovo's support area, but it's not relevant to my hardware <>
    On the NVIDIA website, I can only find "Beta" drivers for the NVS 5200M <>. After downloading the driver and attempting to install, the system gives me the same error, that it can't find any compatible graphics hardware.
    Here is my hardware configuration:
    Thinkpad T430s
    i5 3320M 2.60GHz
    NViDIA NVS 5200m
    4 GB RAM (stock)
    360 GB HDD (stock)
    Go to Solution.

    It is set to Optimus. I don't think there is a discrete only.
    I called the Lenovo support center and found out there was a new graphics driver. Haven't had a problem with the blue screen of death since. Looks like that was the problem.
    Once again, if it recurs, I will be sure to post here.

  • I am having problemas with the screen. The graphics look like taken with infrarred, i am having problemas with the screen. The graphics look like taken with infrarred

    I am having problems with the screen. the graphics look like infrarred and there are stripes in the Blue screen i am using now.

    If Demo's suggestions don't help, and the iPad is out of warranty, try giving it a solid smack or two on the back with your knuckles or your palm. Hit where the Apple logo is or just above it, and be firm but not harsh.
    Something internal might be a touch loose and a good smack or two may sort things out

  • Were there graphics card problems with the 2006 Mac Pros?

    I'm curious about the ATI 2600 graphics card issues occuring with the new Mac Pro's using Leopard...
    Did this just start occuring or were people also having problems with the NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT cards on the 2006 Mac Pro's while running Tiger?
    The reason I'm asking is my Dual 867 has finally given up the ghost and needs to be replaced and I have the opportunity to buy a new 2 Dual-Core 2.66GHZ Mac Pro with Tiger loaded in lieu of the newer, problem ridden models.
    Thanks for your responses.

    the 7300 has had no widespread problems.

  • Problem with the volume keys on my keyboard.

    Hey everybody,
    I have a problem with the volume keys on my keyboard. This started a couple days ago and I can't seem to figure out how to fix it. When I press the volume up or down buttons, the graphic appears on the screen as it normally would, but has no effect on the volume of the sound coming out of my speakers.  Therefore, the only way to change the volume of music or whatever I am listening to is to use the volume control within the program/website itself (itunes, youtube, etc.) Even changing the volume on the volume icon at the menu bar on top of the screen does nothing.  If anyone has an idea of how to go about solving this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

    First look into the Preference > Sound > Outpur whether internal Speakers are choosen.
    The only Preference to delete I can discover is in your home Library folder. You can try to move it out to the desktop for example, not to loose all your settings. Restart and see whether the problem still persists. If you don't know how to do this here some Terminal (Applications > Utilities) commands. Enter them by copy and paste followed by <enter>
    mv ~/Library/Preferences/ ~/Desktop/
    to get it back:
    mv ~/Desktop/  ~/Library/Preferences/
    confirm with "y" if you are asked to replace this file.

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