Storage Location Type

Is it possible to tag the stock in an Storage Location as MRP Nettable but not available for production without using the Quality Stock type?

You can play with the stock type (QI stock type mentioned by you), you can set resctricted status to batches (if components are batch managed) or you can store them (compoenents) in a different storage location from the issuing storage location.
Maybe the last one is the most sensible solution: there's a production storage location and there's raw material storage location. When production needs the components they can et it via material staging.
Please specify your question if my answer is not relevant.

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  • Could WM setup same location in different storage location type ?

      Now we have same part  but which is bought from different vendor by currency RMB or USD.
    We hope when we receive material,  it will receive material by currency into different storage locatio type , Or Could we use mb1b to move mateiral in different storage location type ?
    If there is any advice, please tell me , Thanks

    Hi, Expert
    Really appreciated for your help. Currently for same part, we possibily buy it by different currency . Somteimes it's RMB, sometimes it's USD.
    We use migo to receive these mateirals , most are in WM module, Some in IM module.  Currently, when we receive po, in stock, we only track the qty. but now we hope to find a way if we also could mark the currrency on the same materails. 
      To provide matierals to production , we still need place the material in on location. Since when we delivery material /componet, we don't care its currency.
    So we think if in WM, we could use different storage locaiton type for one location and seperated by different currency ?

  • AzCopy error "The destination azure storage location type cannot be inferred"

    Hi All,
    I'd like to try out Microsoft Azure File Service.
    I created a storage account with File Service support. I created a File Share. I was able to mount this File Share using "net use" from my Azure VM. I can manage files from this VM.
    Now I'd like to copy files from my home computer.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Azure>AzCopy /Source:c:\mydir /Dest: /DestKey:%key% /S
    I get an error:
    [2015.02.21 11:08:21][ERROR] The syntax of the command is incorrect. The destination azure storage location type can not be inferred. Use /destType:blob to specify the location type explicitly.

    AzCopy version 2.4 now supports moving your local files to Azure files and back. Please check if the AzCopy version is 2.4 or higher.
    In addition, empty folders will not be uploaded. Please make sure that the source you defined is not an empty folder.
    Best regards,
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  • Storage location labels

    I have an issue with barcode label config. Company has decided to decrease the size of the barcode label that is used on some of the storage locations, storage types and bins. Label design is already created but I want to know what are the necessary configurations we have to carry at IM and WM level for using this decreased new label design.
    I understand that current logistic procedures ( like GR, picking etc) are not going to be changed. Only change I observe is the size of the label. Previously the label size used is 54 and now they are planning to use 32 and as I said this change is only for storage locations, types and bin's to identify their addresses using scanning devices.

    Hi Pritesh,
    You may refer note 493316 for some details:
    storage location will almost always appear - except when it is at this
    time a clearly identifyable case in which no storage location is
    necessary. These cases are:
    1.  GR for a purchase order with account assignment (Account assignment
        without special stock E or Q) for a material managed according to
    2.  GR for a purchase order with account assignment (Account assignment
        without special stock E or Q) for non-stock material.
    3.  GR for an assigned stock transport order (Account assignment without
        special stock E or Q).
    4.  GR for a purchase order in the GR blocked stock.
    5.  Postings with special stock indicators O, P, V, W.
    In particular this means that you can first enter a goods movement for a
    non-stock material with storage location. This is not prevented during
    the entry. Only when you try to post the document, the system issues
    message M7097: "No stock posting possible for this material".
    Thanks and regards,

  • Addresse of Storage location

    Does storage locations must assign address or it is ok not to assign address to storage locations? I am having difficulty assigning address to my storage locations.
    I highlighted Storage location then on left side pull down menu, I click on Address of Storage then I get lost what to do to assign address to that particular storage location.
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    It is ok to not assign the address for storage location, but if you want to do that so,please select one storage location, and then double click addresses of storage location,type a number then click "new address" icon on the top of the window, here you are able to type new address of it.

  • Stock report based on stock type with a storage location

    Is there a standard SAP report that will give me the stock information based on the storage location and stock type (unrestricted, QI, blocked, etc?)...for instance if I want to find all QI stock in a certain plant/storage location?  I want it to show a list of materials and their quantities, not on an individual basis as in MMBE.

    Thanks again for your response.  I've used your last mentioned method before but with MMBE you have to enter a material number.  We want a report of all materials in a particular stock type.
    I was able to achieve this by goign to MB52 and setting up a filter on a layout.  My users can now select that filter on the selection screen to get the desired result.
    Thanks again for you attempts to help!

  • Storage Location or Storage type

    Hi Experts ,
    Here is the complete scenario .....
    <b>W1</b> -- Warehouse1 which has Supplies and Pharma
    <b>W2</b> -- Warehouse 2 which has Supplies and Equipments
    <b>W3</b> -- Warehouse 3 has Pharma only
    <b>W1 and W3 are in one Physical structure with partition
    W2 is across the road...</b>
    1. Supplies move from W2 to W1 when supplies go low in warehouse 1 (W1) this is <b>done almost daily</b> .
    2. Supplies from W1 are moved to W2 if there is any overflow or supplies come in excess which happens <b>few times a week</b>.
    3. We have  <b>3 shipment points</b> where they perform shipping and receiving each for W1,W2 and W3.
    4. we have 6 staging spots for staging of international shipments on W1
       and we have about 10 staging spots in W2 ....We need to know the exat location of where the shipping pallet is located for compliance purpose (Inspection )
    5. Most of the receiving is done in <b>W1 (about 85 %) </b>where it is inspected , arranged and then put away is done accordingly ....
         If the shipment contains only equipments or Beds then its received  in W2.
    6. When there is an<b> overflow of Pharma in W1</b> then some of the supplies in W1 are removed and put in W2 so that they get space for Pharma storage .....
    7.  Warehouse 3 (W3) has high value  Pharma, basically used for domestic shipments (in US) or the pharma products which dont have space in W1.
    8..  Moving of Pharma products for storage  from <b>W3 to W1  happens rarely</b>;
    9.  Moving from W1 to W3 happens <b>almost daily</b> ..cause when ever the products get over in W3 then they move it from W1.
    10.  Picking for international shipments takes place from W3 and W1 and are shipped from W1 in big Pallets.
    11.  When they receive the product in Big pallets in W1 some pharma products go to W1 and some in W3 , depending on the value .
    12.   Some times the domestic Shipments are in  large quantity so its taken  from W3 to W1 and staged for shipment in W1.
    13.  Domestic (within US) shipments is done through Fed Ex ....which is <b>done daily ....</b>
    My Question is will it be wise to
    <b>OPTION 1:</b>make these 3 warehouses into <b>3 storage locations.</b>..(1 plant >3storage locations>1 warehouse )or
    <b>OPTION 2:</b> is it wise to make these 3 warehouses into <b>3 storage types ......</b>  (1plant --->1 storage location --->1 warehouse -
    >3 storage types -->1 section under each storage type )
    Will there be any problem to define <b>shipping point,carry physical inventory,stock transfers and work with RF devices</b> in future if i choose<b> option 2 </b>
    Your Advise is precious to me ....Please do let me know the <b>pros and cons</b> .....for options ..above ....

    Hello Albert,
    It's always suggested to have very simple organization structure so we can avoid extra transaction.
    Now in your case, if you define three Plant/SLoc/warehouse then you are going to end up with more and more transactions at inventory level and followed by warehouse transactions.
    I suggest to have one Sloc and one warehouse for this kind of organization and maintain different storage type for each physical location. This will reduce the IM level transactions. Now when moving material from one facility to another facility you can maintain one more storage type for the Transport Equipement (i.e. Cart/Forklift etc) so when you move from W1 to W2 at that time you can do bin to bin transfer.
    Also you want facility for overflow in one facility so this can be achieved with allowing two storage type for putaway.
    for different kind of Supplies and pharma, I am sure you will plan different material type for them so that will help to get reports for each category.
    Hope this helps.
    Arif Mansuri

  • Storage type to be assigned to particular storage location

    As per clients new business requirement, 2 storage locations of a plant are assigned to same warehouse.
    But as the storage types comes under warehouse they come under both the storage locations. Is there any configuration to assign specific storage types to a particular storage location.
    I tried in SPRO under interfaces>IM>Storage location control but it does not allow.
    Please advice.

    I feel the solution given by E060123 in his first reply should work well.
    Did you first define the storage location refernce and then in the same config node under "Control of Assignment "Plant / Stor.Loc. - Whse Number" assigned the sloc reference to the respective storage location
    And then assigned the reference to the search table as mentioned previously.

  • Serial numbers are not copied to new storage location for 311 mvt type

    Hi Guys
    I have 10 stock of material A in 001 Storage location ,which all the quantity is serial number managed
    I have transfered 10 quantity of Material A to 002 location from 001 location using 311 MIGO
    But serial numbers are not copied to 002 location after transfer posting
    001 and 002 are both are WM linked and belongs to same plant
    Can any body suggest good solution,how it can be done

    1.Check in material master whether serial number management is active in Plant data/stor Tab and serial number profile is assigned
    2. Check while doing MIGO once if u enter the material and transfer qty you are getting the serial number tab or not
    3. If everything is ok, then after posting the document check the serial number status in IQ09, check the stock type and the storgae location in the serdata tab
    Amuthan M

  • Can i restrict a movement type with respect to storage location

    Is there any way to restrict the movement type for a particular storage locations.
    For eg.
    If am using a Mvt 311 tP btwn storagelocations.
    If there are 10 Stlocs in my plant i want to restrict 311 only for 7Slocs.
    Is it possible
    Guide me

    Please contact your BASIS security team , with the help of Authorization roles you can restrict
    Reward if helpful
    venu gopal

  • Inspection lot for Mvt type 311 between two storage location only

    Hello all,
    I want to create an inspection lot only whenever my material transfer between two particulars storage locations. e.g if i have multiple storage locations, then i need an inspection lot to be created whenever my material transferred from say X S.Loc to Y S.loc only. For other transfers i don't need to create an inspection lot even from Y to X.
    For more clarity, suppose i have ten storage locations. i have also created one storage location for my Lab. So I want an inspection lot to be created only when my material transfer to my Lab storage location from any other storage location, not when i transfer from my LAB to any other S.Loc or between two S.Loc other than LAB.
    I have activated inspection type 08 but it does not have a restricition on S.Loc.
    So please suggest some solution for the same.

    Dear Amit
    In this case what you can do is make a copy of 311 movement type, say Z11. Deactivate QM for 311 and activate QM for Z11
    So whenever you want inspection lot to be created use Z11.
    You can activate and deactivate QM in QCCO > Quality inspection > Inspection lot creation > inspection for goods movement

  • Storage location is not updated after posting GR with Mvt type 107(Valuated GR blocked stock)

    Hi experts,
    Before posting GR through Movement type 107 (valuated GR blocked stock) we can see the storage location field in MIGO screen and able to enter value into this field. But after posting GR when we retrieve the material document we are finding that the field (storage location) is blank, i.e. it's not updated at all. When we check the stock in MMBE we find that no quantity is updated for valuated GR blocked stock.
    We want the storage location to be updated while posting GR with 107 Mvt type.
    Any idea Please?
    Points assured.

    SAP describes it in Since the material is not to be added to the inventory yet, do not enter a storage location.
    If you require a storage location, then I assume that your design does not match with the design of SAP, you are using a function to solve a gap which is not foreseen by SAP for this case.
    Especially the 107 is usually representing stock which is still in transfer but you are already the legal owner and have to show the value of those goods in your books.

  • Restriction on movement type,storage location on USER ID

    Dear Guru's,
    I have to restrict movement type 311 on some storage location for some user ID.Following is already done but not able to restrict the movement of material on other storage location rather than defined:
    1) Maintained authorization objet M_MSEG_LGO with two storage location ST01,ST02 and movement type 311.
    2) Using BADI MB_MIGO_BADI and maintained Z table with USERID,Mvt type 311,storage location ST01,ST02.
    Still we are able to do Mvt 311 on other that defined locations in authorization objet M_MSEG_LGO and Z table....
    Kindly give ur valuable suggestion to resolve the issue......
    With Regards.

    For your requirement only I have suggested to create multiple role. In one Role you specify SLOC & MOvt type(only 311) in auth object M_MSEG_LGO & M_MSEG_BWE for slocs where you want 311 movt. In other Roles of goods movt you also specify other SLOCs & all other movt except 311. I mean in the other Role you cant keep the movt type as * in auth object M_MSEG_BWE.
    So its a combination of SLOC & MVT tye. Try & give feedback
    Edited by: SHAKTI BEHERA on Jan 14, 2012 12:15 PM

  • Transfer material from Storage location to Storage type.

    At the time of usage decision we are posting the stock in "To Reserve stock" for that we have created seperate storage location ie for Sample material.
    we having two samples one is customer sample and other is in house sample both the samples we are posting in same storage location.
    Client want to differentiate these two samples, so we have created two storage types.
    Now My question is " can we transfer the samples in different storage types from Storage location.
    This is the QM and WM integration.
    Please advice
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Anil
    I don't think you can transfer from storage location to storage type.
    If your purpose is to differentiate these two samples, then why not use different Sample types with different number ranges and thus identify them. You don't have to get into QM-WM integration just for that.
    If you want you may also set up 2 different physical sample locations: That would be ideal.
    SPRO/IMG/Quality Management/Quality Inspection/Sample Management/Define Physical-Sample Types
    SPRO/IMG/Quality Management/Quality Inspection/Sample Management/Define Number Range
    SPRO/IMG/Quality Management/Quality Inspection/Sample Management/Define Physical-Sample Locations
    On the application side you may use the sample management procedures to deal with samples. See the following link:
    Does that work? Let me know.

  • Multiple receivng storage locations on Reservation (movement type 311)

    We have a requirement where we create a reservation document either using BAPI or BDC (MB21). At the time of creation we require to maintain different receiving storage location on the reservation. Currently SAP allows to maintain receiving storage location on the header field RKPF - UMLGO only and then copies the same value on all line item field (RESB-UMLGO)..The line item field is not editable or set as I/O field therefore working on finding a user exit or BADI to update fields RESB - UMLGO in background. Has any one had this requirement and in case yes can you please advise how was this addressed.

    If my understanding is correct. You want to transfer post a stock of material from one storage location to another ( IM perspective ) and from one bin to another bin belonging to different storage types but same plant ( WM perspective ).
    As this transfer posting does not involve any Sales order what is the logic behind the selection of movement type 311 E.
    I hope you can very well make use of 311 movement type for the transfer posting in IM which will lead to the generation of a PCN in the WM side. On confirming the same you will be able to do the reflection of Transfer posting in WM side also.
    I would suggest you to follow the above steps.
    1) First check the transfer posting 311 E which you have already completed a PCN in the background. If it is availble, just try to confirm the posting Change notice which will clear off the negative entry and a correponding postitive entry in the receiving storage type.
    2) In case if the system have not generated the PCN, then better to cancel the material docuemnt and re do the transfer posting to carry out the process from the start with the movement type 311 which will yield a PCN which can be confirmed to see the stock in the required storage type and in the respective bin accoring to the strategy set.

Maybe you are looking for

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