Viewing namespace in SAP BASIS 7.11

I am browsing through the SAP BASIS 7.11 in the Enterprise services Builder. When I right click on the component and choose "Open Namespace definitions" a message pops up that states that the software component does not contain any namespaces.
However I can drill down to some data types in this component that is defined under a namespace?!
Whats up with this?

HI Pinangshuk ,
  The following thread discuss the similar issue .Please take a look whether it helps you out
       Re: No Objects for SAP BASIS 7.00
      Adapter MetaData problem (PI installation).
       Re: No Adapter Objects Present

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  • SAP-Basis System: Transaction Canceled 15   100 (          )

    Hi Gurus,
    i am getting this error message in event viewer at every night 12.30
    SAP-Basis System: Transaction Canceled 15 100 (          ) 
    what exactly could be the reason please help me ASAP

    Is there any errors in the SM21 log? What SAP kernel version and patch level are you on?

  • External Definitions under SAP Basis 7.10

    Hi All,
    We are trying with Directory API Developement using the following blog,
    [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]
    As per the blog we need to import External definition from SAP Basis software component(under the namespace we are not able to see any external definitions.
    Could you please guide us what are the extra setting needed to be done to get those external definitions.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hi Senthil,
    from that blog:
    Java proxies can be generated in NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS) from:
    1. Web service URL from the web service runtime of the JEE server, by using the "Web Services Navigator"
    2. External definitions in the "SAP Basis 7.00" SWCV
    You will find the external definitions in Basis Component 7.00, but not in 7.10. Just load the 7.00 into your ESR.

  • Release Transfer from SAP Basis 7.00

    Hi, I am trying to release Integration Process from SAP Basis 7.00 (name space to one of the SWCV I have been working on. The Release Transfer is not working complaining about name space does not exist in my SWCV, whereas I have created the
    Is there way to do this...?

    You can not use in your custom namespace.This is reserved for SAP Standard namespaces.
    Please change that to and then do a release transfer.
    Edited by: Aamir Suhail on Jul 6, 2009 9:58 AM

  • SAP Basis Security in Sales order pricing - Help required

    My requirement goes like this:
    The ability to view cost and margin should be restricted
    The ability to add discounts and update price should be restricted
    Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Revenue Recognition and members of the Sales Ops team will be allowed to view cost and margin
    Sales Directors will have the ability to add controlled discounts (i.e. up to a pre-defined % value)
    Sales Ops will have the ability to add discounts without restriction
    Sales Ops will have the ability to maintain price overrides
    These are governed by Condition types such as PR00 etc., can you control it by using Authorization objects in sales order Item Condition tab for the particular USER?
    In T.code: V/06
    For E.., EK01/EK02, double click on it....You can find a sub screen "Changes which can be made". There u can enable whatever required by tick marking ...e.g., amount, value, delete etc.,
    Pricing procedure will be normally designed for a sales AREA and group of customers/Documents.
    Condition type values are stored in the form of condition record by using T.code: VK11. It is stored in table KONV and KONP.
    So, actually client needs like:
    Some users should NOT be allowed to change the price/discount.
    Also some are to shown in DISPLAY mode only.
    Some can add some conditions types too.
    Is it possible through SAP BASIS security?
    I am waiting for your valuable suggestions.

    Yes it is possible to restrict authorizations for condition types using authroization objects. Some user exits need to be used to meet the requirement. Refer OSS Note 105621 which gives a detailed procedure for customizing Authorization check for the condition screen.

  • Career for SAP Basis consultant

    Dear Friends,
    I am into SAP Basis, most of the jobs have been outsourced in UK as such there are hardly any jobs in sap basis . Please can u kindly suggest me what is the next best option for SAP Basis for more career opportunities. Please kindly suggest me, I don't have job for last 10 months.

    I am trying to reply all the bullets in your post one by one.
    Some of the agencies (AtoS and some others) I have got in touch with to discuss this certification have suggested doing SAP SD or MM certification, keeping my experience in view. If I do it what is your guess how soon I could find a job with this certification.
    for training and certification you can go to any SAP authorized institute , you can find many depends upon which country you are presently staying.
    What kind of salary will I be able to attract if I do get a job. Currently I am getting good salary by auto industry standards (around $15K). As per the information I have got the starting salaries in these roles are some times less than half of what I am getting now.
    if you are already at $15K  (1,50,000 US Dollar if i correctly understand)  then you are earning much higer then a SAP consultant having a decade experience in SAP. Better look for management job. If salary is the criteria.
    Finally how fast is the growth in this industry? Let us say I do the certification spend some $500 and join a company with salary less than half of my current. After doing this, as per your experience how soon will I be able to reach or exceed the salary I would have been getting otherwise (assume I perform fairly well in my SAP role ;-).
    refer the above one
    So finally should I go ahead with the certification?
    Certification is optional , if you just have user level experience you may not be knowing all what comes within an module, i still recommend training as it give you all back ground about SAP and you can understand most of the master data piece to create a right foundation for a module.
    Hope this will help you.

  • Error on WAS no. 10054 SAP Basis System: Operating system call

    Hi All,
    Error on WAS no. 10054 SAP Basis System: Operating system call
    we got the following error message in the syslog of the WAS:
    SAP Basis System: Operating system call  recv failed (error no. 10054)
    The system still works. What can we do?
    Best Regards,

    Please check the folloiwng notes
    Error no. 10054
    34116 - Syslog: "Operating System call xxxx failed"

  • Error while installing Mini SAP Basis system 4.6D test suite

    Hi Gurus,
    I am getting error while installing Mini SAP Basis system 4.6D test suite on my laptop. I trying to install this version under Windows Xp. I tried so many times to rectify this error but no use. i followed the instruction in the readme file.The error is below in quote.
    "InstController MakeStepsDeliver:108 connection to GUI of installation tool has been cut  off.Installation has been stopped."
    your help very much appreciated...

    is win xp supported for mini sap 46d?
    -> try netweaver 2004s instead ...
    GreetZ, AH

  • Dependencies between the SAP R/3 Plug-In (PI) and the SAP Basis Plug-In (PI

    Hi All,
    SAP declare:
    "SAP R/3 Plug-In Support Package 10 for SAP R/3 Plug-In 2004.1 (scheduled for delivery in November 2005) will require SAP Basis Plug-In 2005.1"
    I have an R/3 4.6c with PI 2004.1 and a BW 3.0B with PI_BASIS 2003.1.
    <b>Why using a mistake combination I work right?
    Are there some restriction using this combination?</b>
    Davide Ivanov
    [email protected]

    Within SAP R/3 Enterprise, the SAP Basis Plug-In is a prerequisite for the SAP R/3 Plug-In, and both components always have to have the same release level, e.g. PI 2004_1 and PI_Basis 2004_1. When planning an upgrade for the SAP R/3 Plug-In within SAP R/3 Enterprise, you have to upgrade the SAP Basis Plug-In as well. As of SAP Basis Plug-In 2005.1, the releases will no longer need to correspond. However, the SAP R/3 Plug-In Support Package for  PI 2004.1, which contains new interfaces, will still require a specific SAP Basis Plug-In. SAP R/3 Plug-In Support Package 10 for SAP R/3 Plug-In 2004.1 requires SAP Basis Plug-In 2005.1. ...

  • Queries related to sap Basis.

    Dear  All
                     Can any body tell me queries related to sap Basis.
                     Which data sources need to be installed and what are the cubes and dso's  which gives information related to SAP BASIS.

    It might not be installed in ur system Thats y u are unable to find.
    Goto rsa1->BI Content ->Infoproviders by infoareas....There u shall find 0DBH infoarea. It is Database performance.
    In my client Basis people are using some of the cubes from this infoarea.
    But datasources are generic.
    Hope this helps.


    I am a network professional working in the past 20 years supporting Novell and Microsoft OS and applications. Now I am looking for a path to start a different career.
    I have chosen SAP system to start the new career, but I got many questions because its career options (many of them) and after get some information from a friend of mine that has been working as SAP Consultant since long back, I am thinking about SAP BASIS career.
    Does someone could let me know if SAP Netwaver training are the correct path to start SAP BASIS career?
    Does someone has idea about the salary average for SAP BASIS professionals?
    Does someone has information about how this role is going on the job market in Canada?
    Thank you.

    visit SAP education site -
    required courses for SAP Basis are:
    ABAP Administration:
    ADM100 – ABAP Administration
    ADM102 – AS ABAP – Administration II
    Database: One of the database course (oracle, DB2, MS-SQL, Maxdb etc)
    For example:
    ADM505 – Database Administration Oracle I
    ADM506 – Database Administration Oracle II
    Portal (JAVA)
    ADM200 – AS Java 7.0x – Administration
    Solution manager:
    SM100 – SAP Solution Manager Configuration for Operations
    Not all these courses are required if you have some experience in SAP Basis module. If you are fresher and then I would suggest go through these. The java / solution manager documentation you can find on the
    The companies will have installation of combination : ABAP, ABAP+java, only java etc...

  • Under which group i have to post issues related to SAP - Basis

    Hello All,
    Can some one tell me
    Under which group i have to post issues related to SAP - Basis

    As such there is forum which is dedicated to basis. But there are number of forum where you can post issues depending upon what type of issue you have e.g.
    If you have issue related to database then you can post in SAP on Oracle, SAP on DB6, SAP on MaxDB etc.
    If it is related to OS then SAP on Unix, SAP on window etc.
    If it is related to ERP/EHP upgrade then SAP ERP 6.0 upgrade, Enhancement Package installation.
    If its related to netweaver then on SAP Netweaver administrator, SAP netweaver platform.

  • Configuring Outgoing Email in SAP Basis Services

    Hi gurus
    Can any body tell me the step by step procedure for how to configure outgoing Email in SAP basis services
    Thanks and regards
    S.Satyanarayana Raju

    Hi Satya,
    U can configure out going mails from your SAP system by using SMTP.
    have a look on the below link.. u can get complete picture of the mail configuration.
    they have explained every thing clearly there and also have a look on the below note.
    SAP Note 1205132 - Configure SMTP Destination to use multiple email servers
    Cheers and have fun.

  • SAP-Basis system: Transaction canceled 15

    Dear Gurus,
    We have ECC 6.0 on DB2 9.1 fp 5 on windows 2003.
    I am getting this error in syslog.
    SAP-Basis system: Transaction canceled 15

    Thanks for reply
    This is the log in SM21.
    Can you tell me how to do this in sap or database level.
    When the update data is reorganized, it deletes inconsistent
    (incomplete) update requests. While one user is carrying out a
    transaction, the the update data is often in a state of incompletion.
    When the transaction is completed and the update begun, the data becomes
    complete. If the data is reorganized in productive operation, temporary
    inconsistencies may get deleted. A data inconsistency with incomplete
    data can therefore arise.
    Reorganize the update tables only where there are no users logged onto
    the system.

  • SAP-Basis System: 1 possible network problems detected - check tracefile

    Dear Gurus,
    I am getting this error in syslog in MMC for ECC 6.0 on windows with db2.
    SAP-Basis System: > 1 possible network problems detected - check tracefile and adjust.

    can you look at this

Maybe you are looking for

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