When I play movies on MPlayerX the audio delays and when on VLC its pixilated?, When I play movies on MPlayerX the audio delays and when on VLC its pixilated?

When I play movies on MPlayerX the audio delays and when on VLC its pixilated?, When I play movies on MPlayerX the audio delays and when on VLC its pixilated?
My Macbook Pro is 15-inch, Early 2011
4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
running on OS X 10.9.1
100GB free

Willy, the procdedure you describe works perfectly for AppleTV G1. In fact, I frequently play DTS music discs ripped to my iTunes library as Apple Lossless (ALAC) and synched to the ATV. What happens is that, as far as iTunes and the ATV are concerned, a conventional stereo 16/44 audio file is being played; however my reciever detects the DTS data stream, and instead of outputting static, it decodes the 5.1 channels correctly. This process parallels the way DTS discs were designed to be played back: a conventional CD player is connceted, via digital out, to a DTS-aware reciever/pre-amp and the two channels of static are recognized as 6 channels of DTS-encoded audio.
However this process will only work if the player (CD, ATV, PC, etc.) sends a "bit-perfect" 16 bit/44.1 khz data stream to the decoding device. In the case of ATV G2 and G3, as has been discussed elsewhere, the unit resmaples all audio - including 16/44 PCM (Redbook CD)  - to 16/48. While this is not a big deal for conventional audio CDs, MP3s, and AAC files, it mangles the fragile DTS datastream and renders it undecodable. The resulting static that you hear is just like the static you would hear if you played a DTS CD on a non-DTS capable system.
Sadly, I'm not aware of any easy way around this. You could use a program like Foobar (and the DTS plugin) to convert your DTS CDs to 6-ch .wav or .flac file. From there you could transcode the file to AC-3 and then mux it into a video container that ATV supports. You may need add a dummy video track, for iTunes/AppleTV to be ok with the file, though I'm not sure. This may be a lot of work.
Sorry for the bad news. I wish that the iTunes/ATV ecosystem had better multi-channel audio support.

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