Add categories to DataGrid header

Is there a simple way to add categories to the DataGrid header? Basically, instead of just a single row with headers, I want an additional row that sits above that row and describes sections of the grid (rather than individual columns). E.g., in html, I could do something like this:
    <tr><th colspan="2">Name</th><th colspan="2">Data</th></tr>
Is there a reasonable way to do something like that in Flex? I've looked at Alex Harui's DataGrid footer, but after playing around with it a bit, it doesn't seem that it would be easily adapated.

So I'm trying to generalize this to more than two subcolumns. I got the item renderer working fine, but when I include the modified SplitDataGridHeader as a custom header renderer, it fubars the whole grid (even the other columns). I assume something I'm doing is making the Player very unhappy, but I don't see any errors when debugging in FlexBuilder: the entire Grid just shows up as plain white, with no styles applied and no data at all (even for the columns using standard renderers). Any idea what could be causing issues like this?

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    Thanks for the quick response.
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  • I'm working in Pages 4.1. I want to add text to a header but for it to appear only on that page in stead of duplicating itself on all pages of the document. How can this be done?

    I'm working in Pages 4.1. I want to add text to a header but for it to appear only on that page in stead of duplicating itself on all pages of the document. Can this be done?

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    When invoke an external webservice, SOA Gateway provide a method to add new customized SOAP Header, via extending seeded java function "WebServiceInvokerSubscription".
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    Look at your Payment Process Profile. THere should be a reporting subtab and within that subtab is a Separate Remittance Advice region. I believe that is where you specify the format for the remittance advice document (which is built in XML Publisher). Take a look at that.
    John Dickey

  • How to add item in column header

    How can i add an messageStyled item(or any item) in column header? if so how can i do this

    Standard framework feature allows to add only a sortable header bean in a column header which holds some of the UI and runtime properties for that column.
    If you can explain your requirement, we can suggest the way to achieve that.

  • Hi Experts, oo hierarchical alv, how to add checkbox on every header?

    Hi Experts,
    I am working on oo hierarchical alv, how can I add checkbox on every header? thanks in advance!
    Kind regards

    Hi Dawson,
    Just refer the below program & pass the check box functionality (mentioned in bold) in REUSE_ALV_HIERSEQ_LIST_DISPLAY in your program.
    TYPE-POOLS : slis.
    DATA : BEGIN OF itab OCCURS 0.
    DATA : flag tyPE c,
    END OF itab.
    DATA : alvfc TYPE slis_t_fieldcat_alv.
    DATA : alvly TYPE slis_layout_alv.
    Select Data
    SELECT * FROM t001 INTO TABLE itab.
    *------- Field Catalogue
    i_program_name = sy-repid
    i_internal_tabname = 'ITAB'
    i_inclname = sy-repid
    ct_fieldcat = alvfc
    inconsistent_interface = 1
    program_error = 2
    OTHERS = 3.
    alvly-box_fieldname = 'FLAG'.
    it_fieldcat = alvfc
    i_callback_program = sy-repid "<-------Important
    i_callback_user_command = 'ITAB_USER_COMMAND' "<------ Important
    is_layout = alvly
    t_outtab = itab
    program_error = 1
    OTHERS = 2.
    FORM itab_user_command USING whatcomm TYPE sy-ucomm whatrow TYPE
    LOOP AT itab.
    itab-flag = 'X'.
    MODIFY itab.
    ENDFORM. "ITAB_user_command

  • Add categories to personal budget template

    I am trying to modify and add categories into the Personal Budget template in iCloud.  The problem is whenever I go to add a category on the  "Budget" tab, it doesn't cross over to the drop-down menu in the "Transactions" tab.  When I add a new category in the "Budget" tab, it populates into the graphs as expected, I just can't get the drop down menu to populate the new category names. 

    Is editing pop-up menus not allowed in the iCloud version?
    It doesn't seem to be there.
    Numbers 3 on the Mac makes it particularly easy to edit Pop-Up Menu, as described here and here and here.

  • Add image in Group Header

    Hi All
    Cud anyone tell me how to add/upload image in Header of element "Group"??

    Hi Nikhil,
        First Put the Required Image in the following Path
    1.)If it is Web Dynpro Project
    Go to Work Space --> <Project Name>\src\mimes\Components\<Package Name>\<Your Required Image>
    2.)If it is Development Component
    C:\Documents and Settings\<User Name>\.dtc\LocalDevelopment\DCs\<Vendor>\<DC Name>\_comp\src\mimes\Components\<Package Name>\<Your Required Image>
    after that in the Group header properties go to the imageSource = <Image Name>.<Extension Name>
    Ex:- imageSource = Flower.jpg (Image Name is Case Sensitive)
    Note:- Web Dynpro Supports Jpg/Jpeg & gif Images.
    With Regards,
    Roop Kumar.
    Edited by: Roop kumar Annavarapu on Sep 1, 2008 8:30 AM

  • Remove Flex DataGrid Heading Rollover Color

    How can i stop rollover color change in Flex 3 DataGrid heading ?
    Can i override the following mehtod if yes how can i do this ?
     drawHeaderIndicator(s, r.x, 0, visibleColumns[i].width, cachedHeaderHeight - 0.5, getStyle("rollOverColor"), r);

    To do what you want to do requires a fair amount of work as the rollover color is set as a style, you can change the color but it seems the rollover can't be disabled(not without a custom datagrid).
    A quick fix is to try and at least reduce the difference in the rollover color, this could be done as per below, which basically makes the rollover color the same as the lighter shade of the header gradient.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" minWidth="955" minHeight="600" creationComplete="appHandler(event)">
    import mx.controls.Label;
    protected function appHandler(event:FlexEvent):void
    var colors:Array = dg.getStyle("headerColors");
    <mx:DataGrid id="dg" x="234" y="198" width="619" height="360">
    <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Column 1" dataField="col1" />

  • How to add month to dashboard header?

    Hi Experts,
    we have calmonth coming from a cube and that is supplied to a query and this query is the source for the dashboard. i need to add calmonth to dashboard header ? please give ur inputs..
    we are broadcasting to portal with bex broadcaster settings.
    points will be assigned.

    You can place rectangle in header section on master page which would be applied on sub pages and then fill rectangle with color.
    If you are after a specific color then simply use color code and fill.

  • How to add a image to header of exporting pdf in devexpress gridview

    hi guys ;
    how to add a image to header of exporting pdf in devexpress gridview content

    Hi Aly14,
    I am not sure what the type of your project was, is it a C# project or an project?
    If would be helpful if you could share us more information about your issue.
    In addition, I made a research about your issue and I think the links below might be useful to you:
    # ASPxGridView insert an image for Header and Footer sections for pdf export
    # Adding an "Export Header" to PDF export in MvcGridView
    Best Regards,
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  • Multiple rows in Datagrid header

    Can anybody help me in creating a datagrid header as shown in
    the below link.
    Thanks in advance...

    Upgrade to Flex 3 beta 1 and use AdvancedDataGrid component
    or use the technique shared by Alex Harui:

  • How to turn off DataGrid header rollover?

    Does anybody know how to turn off the background rollover
    color in a DataGrid header? I have seen how to set
    useRollOver=false to turn it off in the body of the DataGrid but so
    far I can't see how to turn this off in the header. Thanks.

    I found a way to fix this but it seems like a kludge. In the
    table's style:
    headerColors: #D4DBE1,#D4DBE1;
    useRollOver: false;
    rollOverColor: #D4DBE1;
    useRollOver:false works for the data rows, not the header.
    Then setting rollOverColor will be ignored by the data rows, but
    will turn off the rollover for the headers, as long as the color is
    the same as the header colors.

  • How to add color only in header

    how to add color only in header and arrange a background color selected from desktop

    You can place rectangle in header section on master page which would be applied on sub pages and then fill rectangle with color.
    If you are after a specific color then simply use color code and fill.

  • [svn:fx-3.x] 8510: Eliminating Datagrid header flicker which occurs under various circumstances .

    Revision: 8510
    Author:   [email protected]
    Date:     2009-07-10 11:48:49 -0700 (Fri, 10 Jul 2009)
    Log Message:
    Eliminating Datagrid header flicker which occurs under various circumstances.
    Reviewer: Alex
    Bugs: SDK-14571.
    QE Notes: Opened a new item to track the remaining performance item (e.g. header is still regenerated too often).
    Doc Notes: None.
    Ticket Links:
    Modified Paths:

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