Adding a 2nd and 3rd Drive

I just added a 2nd and 3rd ata drive to my 450 MHZ tower. The motherboard had an open plug that said ata.
I plugged in the cord (strip) that came with the drive into the board and into the additional hard drives.
(fyi) I took both hard drives and strip from a working unix server.
I plugged in power to each.
I started up the mac. It shows the 1st drive on the desktop, but no others. Disk utility doesn't see the new drives either.
What did I miss?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
PowerMac G4 (AGP graphics) (version =2.9) Mac OS X (10.2.x) 9 GB SCSI
PowerMac G4 (AGP graphics) (version =2.9) Mac OS X (10.2.x) 9 GB SCSI

Hi omoriginals ,
Welcome to the Discussions.
Your computer can only mount two drives unless you add another ATA controller card in an empty PCI slot. There's one bus that has the ability to control two drives.
The additional drive and cable you installed will need to be removed. The other that you attached to the existing data cable needs to have its jumper set to "slave" and then attach it to the center position on the cable. The jumpers are small plastic and metal blocks that connect two pins located next to where the data cable attaches to the drive. There should be a diagram on the drive for the settings. Just set it, reinstall then format it with Disk Utility (in your Utilities folder).

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    This has been a bit of a ongoing problem, so I'll provide a bit of background.
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    Literally out of ideas. Am I chasing a Unicorn on this one? Would love some help.

    Good to know your Apple IDs are fine.
    So I've been experimenting with de-authorizing and re-authorizing computers and devices and the symptoms you are experiencing are reminiscent of devices and computers unable to authenticate with Apple's servers.
    What I would do is try de-authorizing and re-authorizing computers and devices to see if things return to normal. Start with the computers first. You can quickly de-authorize the computers by logging in to your iTunes Store account and using the 'Deauthorize All' button. After clicking the button wait a few minutes for it to propagate. You will know that the computers have been de-authorize when the Account Information page says "0 computers are authorized to play content purchased with this Apple ID." Other devices like Apple TV and iPads and such do not count on that list.
    Once de-authorized, re-authorize them from the 'Store' menu in the iTunes app. You will know all three computers have been re-authorized when the Account Information page says "3 computers are authorized to play content purchased with this Apple ID." Now try and play your content with Apple TV. If it still doesn't work turn Home Sharing off on the Apple TV and then re-enable it using your Apple ID.
    Hopefully this brings back your Home Sharing functionality.

  • Video card to run 2nd and 3rd monitors cs5.5

    Hello all,
    I have a powerful system with multiple hard drives that I use to cut HD DSLR footage on in CS5.5.  My GTX 570 runs my 1st monitor and my 9600GT runs the 2nd and 3rd monitors with great success.
    1st monitor = timeline
    2nd = bins
    3rd = full screen preview (Highest quality preview)
    The reason I use the gtx 570 to run only the first monitor is because it idles much higher and hotter connected to two monitors.  (Disables the down clocking feature on the card when connected to multiple displays).
    Well the 9600gt has died.
    I don't want to spend alot of money here but I am not sure what video card I require for my 2nd and 3rd monitors.  Keep in mind the 3rd monitor is the full screen preview.
    I know premiere pro uses my 570gtx for the MPE but I have no idea how this effects (if it does at all) my 3rd preview monitor since I have had it plugged into my 9600gt.
    There for I am not sure if I can get away with a cheap card like a $50.00 Nvidia GT 610 or do I need something at least equal or greater then my old 9600gt?

    Thank you for the reply Harm.  I have an x79 board with a 3930k @ 4.6ghz.
    I will take that advice on board.. I might have to fork out a bit of extra money.  Shame I only purchased the 570 gtx a couple of months ago!
    Found this card....
    Gainward GTX550Ti 1G DDR5 DVI HDMI
    Internet Price:    $111.00
    Barcode  :  
    GPU  :  
    GeForce GTX 550 Ti
    GPU Clockspeed  :  
    900 Mhz
    Memory  :  
    1024MB GDDR5 192bits
    Memory Clockspeed  :  
    2050 Mhz
    Pixels per clock (peak)  :  
    Bandwidth  :  
    98.4 GB/s
    Ramdac  :  
    400 MHz
    PCI-Express 2.0
    Cooling  :  
    2-Slot Fan
    Video-Features  :  
    Connectivity  :  
    DVI-I + VGA
    Would this be sufficient??

  • Added a 2nd internal SCSI drive into my 7500/100 does not show up.

    I added a 2nd internal SCSI drive into my 7500/100. It does not show up on the desk top. I rebuild the desktop reset the cuda and ran SCSIProbe. The computer starts up on the newly added drive. No sign from the original drive. Please help.

    there are jumpers on the drives that need to be properly set. Both drives are set with the terminating resistor on, one needs to be off. Carefully note nthe placement of the existing jumpers then remove the jumper from the drive in the middle connector.

  • Boot partition on 2nd or 3rd Drive?

    How does one tell the installer to partition the 2nd HDD or 3rd HDD.
    It defaults to the root drive \dev\cd0 but I want it on a different HDD.
    Is it possible to boot solaris from the 2nd or 3rd drive. Is it possible to have fdisk change drives??

    Please select mode as Interactive for installation.In this mode system will prompt many questions which need to be answered. Under disk configuration window you will observe all the drive on left window. You can select appropriate disk and click On button indicating >> to select boot disk which will be shown on right window after selection. There on you need to partition the disk and continue.
    However, after installation you need to use DCA floppy to select appropriate disk to boot the system.
    I hope this tips help to solve your problems.

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    Line items should reach minimum number of days, referring to the due date of net payment, to reach a certain dunning level.
    In FBMP check you dunning interval. If line item has reached interval maintained for 2rd and 3rd level then items will not be dunned.
    Also check dunning levels for your dunning procedure in FBMP.
    If you find no problem with dunning settings then, activate additional log for the dunning run to identify exact reason for the problem.

  • What's the difference between 2nd and 3rd generation

    PLEASE HELP! New Apple user and looking to purchase a used 2nd or 3rd generation ipod touch.
    what's the difference between 2nd and 3rd generation?
    apparently I am told that the 2nd gen does not have the capabilities of listening without headphone? and the 3rd gen does??

    Hi maximumslowness - (great name),
    The 2nd gen Touch has one internal speaker, so you can listen to it, (both left and right channels) without headphones.
    However - it's a small single speaker and it is not very loud. It's not designed for quality listening (neither is the speaker on the 3rd gen as far as I know) and probably will not be adequate if there is a lot of background noise nearby.
    One option is to drop the iPod (not literally!) into an iPod Docking station so that the sound can play out through a self-contained mains-powered amplified speaker, which will also charge your iPod. There are many on the market. On the bottom of the iPod is the 30-pin dock connector which can be used to feed the audio to a docking station. Another option is simply to use a cable to connect from the headphone socket to the audio input on any amplifier.
    Yet another is to plug in a small fold-up style speakers, such as f=sr_1_84?ie=UTF8&qid=1332326622&sr=8-84
    or ef=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1332326656&sr=8-6
    I've no idea how good the sound is, you'll have to judge that for yourself. The links are both to a UK store, but most countries will have a similar option.
    I do not recieve any form of payment or compensatiion for the above links.
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    In Os X Server 10.4.6, when we activated our first website (the default) it's home directory is /library/webserver/documents
    When adding a 2nd and third website to host, should their home directories be children of, or siblings of the original Documents directory?
    And when I create them, what's the best way to create them to ensure the permissions are correct?
    And for that matetr, what should the permissions be if I'm not using Webdav, and using FTP or SFTP to allow webmasters to update the sites?
    I want to be sure the new websites inerit the same features (like running php, weblogs, webmail as the original website.

    >When adding a 2nd and third website to host, should their home directories be children of, or siblings of the original Documents directory?
    There's nothing special about a web site directory (other than permissions). /Library/WebServer/Documents is just Apple's default suggestion.
    However, if you store the other domains in subdirectories of /Library/WebServer/Documents then they'll be accessible under the first domain, which probably isn't what you want.
    For example, if you create your second domain in /Library/WebServer/Documents/www.domain2/ then it'll be accessible as
    Therefore if you're going to use /Library/WebServer, create siblings, not children of Documents.
    >And when I create them, what's the best way to create them to ensure the permissions are correct?
    Web content needs to be readable by the 'www' user, and directories need to be executable. This means you can either save your content as owned by 'www' or, more commonly, make sure it's world-readable, that way other users can create and edit the content while apache can still serve it.
    >And for that matetr, what should the permissions be if I'm not using Webdav, and using FTP or SFTP to allow webmasters to update the sites?
    The user in question would need write access to the content in order to change it, whether locally or remotely. As mentioned above this could be that the content is owned by the user, but world readable, and that's probably the commonest setup.

  • 375o switch in stack, only 2nd and 3rd switch reboots

    In customer place we are having three 3750 switch and it was stacked and working fine. Few days back the in stacked switches 2nd and 3rd switches are rebooted continuously and found in the show version command as: Data TLB Miss Exception (0x1100)!.
    From last 4 days we are not found any reboot. Please let us know any software bug is triggered to cause this problem, if upgraded please let us know the image to be put in all the three switches. I am sending the show tech output of all the 3 switches and show stack output.
    Thanks in advance.

    This URL should help you:

  • Itunes 7.5 freeze between 2nd and 3rd song playback of CD

    Good Evening!
    I am experiencing a problem with my itunes 7.5 freezing playback of a CD between the 2nd and 3rd songs of the disc in normal playback mode. What happens is that the 2nd song completes...transitions to the third song....plays a few seconds of the third while still displaying the info and time of the 2nd song and then freezes.....a spinning disc is displayed.....I am forced to force quit itunes.
    I am at a loss to determine the root of this problem and turn to you fine folk for any advice in rectifying this issue. Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
    Green Miler

    This post is in the wrong topic!!!

  • Does the Ipad 2 3rd generation have the two cameras? What is the difference between the Ipad 2 , 2nd and 3rd generation?

    Does the Ipad 2 3rd generation have the two cameras? What is the difference between the Ipad 2 , 2nd and 3rd generation?

    All iPads have the camera except the very first generation. You can only buy an iPad2, the new iPad (4th gen) and the iPad Mini now. You can compare for yourself.

  • On the 2nd and 3rd page of my ipod touch, none of the apps work You touch the screen and it starts to go, the doesnt. This started today. I've reset the ipod, but still not working.

    On the 2nd and 3rd page of my ipod touch, none of the When you touch the screen, they start to "go" then return. This started today. I have reset the ipod, but this still happens. What do I do now?

    Ahh, looks like I remembered correctly
    To the OP:
    This is directly from the KB article lllaass linked to:
    3. Install another app from the App Store
    If all user-installed apps are not launching, it could be an Apple ID authorization issue. Download and install an app that isn't already installed on your device to reset this information.
    Note: If you have installed apps using multiple Apple ID accounts, you may need to perform this step for each account.

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    OK, my original iphone has just completed a factory restore. It's connected to my laptop, and ITunes restored it to firmware 3.1.3. Now, I can't connect to the ITunes store. I get an error message every time stating connection timed out, or something to that effect. Well, both my IPod Touch 2nd gen and 3rd gen connect perfectly to ITunes, so I doubt it's related to proxy settings, firewalls, or anything of the sort (believe me, I've spend 15 hours researching this without an answer). So, is there a problem with the original iphone with version 3.1.3 syncing with ITunes version 10.5.1 (the most recent one)?
    I would LOVE an answer as this is driving me crazy.

    Mine had a SIM in it. Originally, when I took out the SIM and tried to restore it with nothing in it, it wouldn't work without a SIM card. So ... I took the SIM that was in that phone previously, put it back in and completed the system restore. I then proceeded to go through the process with AT&T of adding a data plan, which I did, and then it successfully completed the system restore. However, now if I run diagnostics on it, it will not verify ITunes Store. If I try to connect to ITunes store, I'll get the network connection timed out error I referenced earlier in this thread. I'm considering jailbreaking it and putting on an earlier software version. Your thoughts?

  • Any difference 2nd and 3rd 8gb?

    I've asked this before but is here ANY difference between itouch
    2nd gen 8gb and 3rd gen 8gb besides version update?

    No, there were no hardware changes. Actually there is no "3rd generation" 8GB iPod touch, not as far as official Apple terminology is concerned. Some dealers refer to the 8GB with the 3.x OS as "3rd generation" but that's erroneous terminology.

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    I have 3 SATA drives in my desktop.
    all ext3.
    I installed, and set up sda as /, but then it asks if i want anything else mounted. I want to put in sdb and sdc, but I select ext3, and it says it will wipe it.
    I installed Arch before, but i can't remember what i did. Those drives are full of stuff, so i don't want to risk formatting it just to mount it.

    SyXbiT wrote:
    Would yo ulike to create a filesystem on /dev/sdb1?
    This will overwrite existing data
    are you saying it will keep my data intact?
    If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to mount X partition with a pre-existing filesystem.  It has pre-existing data, and you want to keep that data intact.
    If this is the case, answer "no" when it asks "Would you like to create a filesystem on /dev/sdb1?"

Maybe you are looking for

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